Chapter - 356 Episode 356. What's going on? (1)


The sword split the Ho Gong.


One more time, one more time.

There was not a single inch of disruption in the repeated repetitions of the black being struck from top to bottom of the head to head to head.


It was a perfect move to be called the essence.

Like this.

However, even if the sword does not change, the human body inevitably changes.

The clothes of the sword-wielder were completely soaked in sweat. Every time he swung a sword, the sweat on his sleeves was scattered everywhere.

Six, seven, forty-nine!'


The sword swung again.



I pressed down hard on the ground as if my toes would pierce my shoes. To repeat the same motion perfectly without a single degree of shaking is more like an act of asceticism than training.

But this young prosecutor was doing enough to perfect the near-adventure training.


"The death penalty!"

But then the sudden voice made the perfect sword end shake.


Isong Baek kept his mouth shut and looked at the tip of his sword.


The goal was to make 10,000 perfect hits. However, the tip of the sword was shaken once.

The owner of the voice hurriedly apologized for his appearance.

"Oh….sorry, I'm sorry. Death penalty."

Isong Baek shook his head wiping the sweat off.

"It's not your fault."


"There is no use in real life if you are swayed by such a small thing. It's because I don't perform well. On the contrary, I should be grateful that you made me realize my weakness."

At his calm words, Pfixodo couldn't hide his admiration.

'He's a very different man.'

Of course, Isong Baek in the past was not ashamed of the title of Gijang.

However, after the Zhonghua Branch, he became a man who could not compare to the past. The change was so rapid that it was once ostracized, but now many of Jongnam's disciples were trying to imitate Isong Baek.


A small but big change has already begun.

"But what's going on?"


Pixodo nodded loudly, recalling what he was about to say.

"The death penalty is that Hwasan is breaking up the West Bank."

"Hmm? Wasan?"

"Yes! I heard you're building a war cabinet."

Isong Baek made a slight frown.

"What's all this fuss about?"

"No, the death penalty! Because of that, Hwajeonggum and Hwasan Sinryong are staying in the West Bank now!"

"The Chung-Myung seal?"

Isong Baek's expression changed completely.

"Is that true?"

"……Oh, yes! It's true."

The pixel, who delivered the words to the fierce response, was even more surprised.

Isong Baek, who was always so serious, has never been so surprised in recent years.

"The Chung-Myung seal……."

Isong Baek murmured quietly and glanced down the mountain.

He was so lost in thought that he smiled around his mouth as if he had regained his coolness.

"I'm telling you, you're a man who never rests."

How long has the show been over and you're starting a new job?

'Don't get ahead of yourself like that.'

He is a man of no heart.

Shouldn't you be thinking about what's going on with the pursuers?

"Did the elders know that, too?"

"Yes, you do. But he didn't show any particular response."

"I suppose so."

Isong Baek nodded silently.

Jongnam is not the time to pay attention to such a place.Jong-nam realized what mistakes he had made at the Cheonhwa Bee Stage.

If we go like this, Jong-nam will lose his soul.'

Jang Moon-in also seemed to have realized the fact. Otherwise, we wouldn't have made such a bold decision.

It's not easy to decide that at least a year, we'll ban all external activities and have a period of internal governance.

One might say only one year. But…….

'That's not it.'

As one faction grows, of course, interest will be bound to be involved accordingly. Just a year's rest alone will cost Jong-nam enormous financial damage, and perhaps he will lose his influence.

But didn't that Hwasan show that it's all in vain without the root of 'no learning'?

Jong-nam needs to regain his roots. No matter how long it takes.

"Never mind."

"But the death penalty...…."

"Whether the West Bank falls into Hawasan's hands or he shakes the world, it has nothing to do with us today. We must learn what they have done, not what they have produced."

Pixodo nodded quietly.

"Yes, death penalty. I'll keep that in mind."

Isong Baek nodded and grabbed the sword again.

"But the death penalty...…."


Pfixodo hesitated a little and said,

"If you're done with your personal training, can you guide the priests? Many people want to learn from the death penalty."

Isong Baek smiled.

"Don't worry about my personal training in the future, and if you have any questions, tell them to come anytime."

"Would that be all right?"

Isong Baek nodded with a smile on his face when asked by the bright pixel.

'Chung-Myung stamp would have said so, of course.'

Personal strength means little to him.

It's not him, it's Hwasan growing up.

I learned from Chung-Myung that this is a faster way in the end, even though it seems like a waste of time right now.

"Don't do that. Let's make time for training together. If anyone wants it, tell them to come to my training place from tomorrow morning."

"That's what I'll tell you, death penalty! I'm sure a lot of people will love it!"


Isong Baek, who was looking at the pixel island running out of excitement, called him up again because he suddenly remembered something.



"…Did the ambassador hear the story?"

Pixodo looked back and tilted his head.

"I don't know. Because you're so busy."

"Well, I see."

"Yes, of course."

When he disappeared, Isong Baek sighed that he had endured.

Jin Geum Ryong, who returned to Jongnam after the Cheonjabi Festival, rarely showed up, traveling only between accommodation and underground training ground.

'It's almost like a closed-door training.'

There were also voices of concern and concern, but Isong Baek was not as worried about Jin Geum Ryong as other students.

The death penalty is a strong man.'

He also saw Jin Geum Ryong.

A wall that can never be crossed like this.

Then there is one of two things to do. Give up, or try something more than you've ever done.

Perhaps Jin Geum Ryong is testing his wall again. To jump over the Chung-Myung seal.

'Well...' He's a bully.'

His eyes were far away at the bottom of the mountain.There is a west bank under the mountain. And there will be Chung-Myung in that West Bank.

"The next time I see it, it'll definitely be different, Chung-Myung painting."

Me too.

And South Jeolla Province.

It's still a long way off, but the important thing is to take a steady step towards that path.

And Isong Baek was confident that he would be second to none in the world in that respect.

Looking down the mountain with his sunken eyes, he smiled and grabbed the sword tightly.

I think Chung-Myung is doing his best to train.'

I won't lose.

Like Chung-Myung, if you have a passion and passion for thinking about the mission, you will be able to reach where he is someday!

* * *

"What? Lie down?"


Wiso Haeng drooled from his mouth.

'Something's wrong... Something's wrong.'


It was not until this point that Wiso Haeng realized that there was a huge gap between what he thought was "training" and what Hwasan called "training."

What is Munpa's training?

Isn't it a great way of disciplining a Munpa that the preceding lead the following, and the following do their best by looking at the back of the preceding one?

But it's like...….

"Is it hell?"

My eyelids cramped up.

My mouth smelled sweet, and my whole body was soaked with sweat, which made me shiver.

Was training this hard?'

Of course, training is a difficult thing. Isn't that too obvious?

However, the intensity of his training now was different from what he thought so far.

'Ee, you're going to die like this way.'

Wiso Haeng managed to turn her head away. Then, literally, Hwagyeong Mundo was seen as a rag.

"Turn it off……."

"Lord, you're dead...…."

Those who are struggling tend to be better off.

Those who fainted with crab foam in their mouths are so terrible that they can't see it with their eyes open...….


No, wait.

I think I just saw Wirip San among the faint.

Am I mistaken?

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk."

Then I heard Chung-Myung kicking his tongue in Wiso Haeng's ear.

"That's why I'm opening up a family."

Chung-Myung sat with his legs crossed and his chin rested with a sour face.

Despite Chung-Myung's pathetic view, Wiso Haeng could not even refute it.

I thought it was easy.'

I just liked watching how Hwasan was playing.

Wiso Haeng, by the way, is also a con artist of Hwasan. How could it not have been fun to see Bonsan enhance its reputation and overwhelm other clans?

However, while Wiso Haeng watched Chung-Myung and his group with his eyes, he did not pay much attention to how hard they had been training.

'Yeah, there's no way you'll get anything for nothing.'

On the other side of the fallen Hwayeongdo Island, Hwasan's disciples were still training.

"You're out of place, you bastards!"


Baek Cheon went back and forth between them with a ghostly face.


They were struggling to withstand even bare training, and Hawasan's disciples were digesting several times as much training as they did, with heavy lead hanging all over their bodies.

He's even still alive.

"Argh! I'll kill you one day!"

"Just let me be strong! It's the death penalty, it's just!"

"Chung-Myung! Chung-Myung has to kill the baby! Chung-Myung, you're a b*tc*!

Oh, of course...….

I think I'm out of my mind.It's great to be able to continue that training, mindless or not, anyway.

Wasan's strength was Wiso Haeng, who thought maybe it was not swordsmanship but the robustness of that body.

"Well, still."

Chung-Myung nodded as he peeked through the Hwayeong Mundos.

"I think I can breathe."

"……but with this, teaching my students……."

Wiso Haeng sighed upside down.

Did we think too easily?'

Hwayeongmun is the genus of Hwasan.

However, now that I think about it, Hwagyeongmun was not good enough to claim the title of the "Munpa" but the "Munpa" of Hwasan, who began to make a name for himself.

Think about it.

Hwayeongmun is the representative of Hwasan's inner family. However, didn't Hwayeongmun ask for help from the main mountain because it could not handle Jongdogwan, one of the many shamans and many shamans?

Can we really do this?'

Wiso Haeng's facial anxiety is beginning to grow young. Then Chung-Myung smirked.

"Why? Are you scared to do it?"

"Well, it's not like that, but...…."

Wiso Haeng forced herself up.

Having barely sat down, he lifted his trembling jaw and looked at Chung-Myung.

"Rather than being frightened…… we've found out how much we're lacking. Let's just open the door like this...…."

"What's wrong?"


Chung-Myung stared at Wiso Haeng with his chin propped up.

"You're more arrogant than I thought. Were you thinking of making a perfect door-to-door party from scratch?"

"…Of course not."


Chung-Myung pointed his chin at Hwasan's disciples.

"A few years ago, I wasn't like a man."

"What are you saying?"

"No, it's not wrong."

They were the disciples of Hwasan, who screamed with their mouths and never stopped training.

"It's not all about accepting new students. It's just an increase in the number of doors. The key to this transformation is to strengthen the English language itself."


"Can you do it?"

Wiso Haeng bit her lips.

"I don't know if I can do it or not, but...…."

And soon, I saw Chung-Myung, shining eyes.

"If I endure this training, can Hwayeongmun be as strong as Hwasan?"

"You're saying the obvious."


At Chung-Myung's convincing words, Wiso Haeng's heart stretched out.

"At least I won't give up."

Chung-Myung smiled and nodded.

"You should."

He looked at the disciples of Hwagyeongmun one by one. Everyone was looking at this side without dying.

I don't know if something better will be made than I thought.'

Oh, my.

Not only Wasan, but also a shorthand!

Death penalty!

Long sentence death penalty!

Shouldn't the death penalty acknowledge me at this point?

It's a hundred years away, man. When I was young. I mean...

Oh, it's done. It's done!

Anyway, you old man!

Come on!

So it's almost time for Hwasan's new shorthand to open in the West Bank.