Chapter - 359 Episode 359. Someone's rolling in. (4)

"Can I leave you alone?"

"…what can I do?"

Nam Jamyong distorted his face.

I wanted to make a mess if I could. Whether it is excellent or not, the fact that Hwasan's swordmanship unfolds in the middle of the West Bank itself has a symbolic meaning.

But there's no way to stop it.

It's not too much of a risk to keep Hwasan's family in check as a long-term shorthand. This is because Hwasan has face, so he can't go into the business of shorthand. If they don't use their hands directly, they can minimize their involvement.

But it's not a Hwasan event, it's a Hwasan event.

I know it's blindfolded, but I couldn't risk anything more than the disciples of the Hwasan faction and the elders of Hwasan who hosted the event.

If only Jong-nam hadn't done Bongmun!

I don't think they ever set up in this West Coast!

"But don't you think we should try to stop it?"

Nam Jamyong answered someone's question in an irritated voice.

"How great would Hwasan's swordsmanship be? There is no reason to be tempted by those who have lived by Jongnam's sword. I'm glad you don't get humiliated!"

Nam Jamyong glared at Hwasan's disciples as if he wanted to take a look.

"It's a Hwajeong"?

He's heard of the nickname and name countless times.

The man who defeated Jin Geum Ryong, who is expected to become the next eldest son of Jongnam, and brought Jongnam's reputation to the ground.

"But that's the only way to say the least.'

You may be superior to your peers, but how good and how good would you be? It's only a review.

But seeing Baek Cheon with his chin slightly raised, I couldn't deny that he was good.

Frustrated, Nam Jamyong rolled up his sleeves nervously.


Hawasan's disciples pulled a sword in unison as Baek Cheon shouted in the lead.

The actions fit perfectly as if one were doing them. It was evident from the simple movements how well his disciples had trained.



And the response immediately returned.

Even those who are not familiar with martial arts felt great in this constant movement.

Hwasan's disciples who took the upper hand in unison. In the lead, Baek Cheon moved the sword slowly.


At the command, Hwasan's disciples all performed the cardinal ceremony of the Sixth Sword.


"Hehe, something looks great."

Baek Cheon with a white hero gun on his forehead had the power to make the viewer nod.

"You're saying he's a pyrostat?"

"He's said to be a great student of the Hwasan white porcelain ship."

"Then one day I'll be a writer."

Curious eyes.

And eyes full of anticipation.

With all that in one body, Baek Cheon firmly commanded.


Hwasan's disciples took one step at a time and swung a sword.

Oh, my god!

There is no such thing as a rough showing of a sword, but there is no such thing as a rough showing of Hwasan. Like training, an all-out sword pushed the surrounding air away, creating a gale.

The sudden wind startled the people watching and stepped back.

But in the meantime, Hwasan's disciples unfolded the sword without a hitch. It was a scene where the word "as expected" came out automatically.

"Hwasan reviewers are the best in the world."

"That's why Jong-nam had to die.""It's like we're all honoring each other, isn't it?"

The perfect fit of the black, as if one were performing, was as exciting as watching the group dance.

Oh, my god!

The wind pressure of the sword raised Nam Jamyong's hair as he watched the demonstration from the front.

There was a thunderous reaction around.



Nam Jamyong looked around in embarrassment.

'What's so great about all this fuss?'

It was just a basic swordsmanship, and it wasn't worth making such a fuss.

But contrary to his opinion, most of the people watching the demonstration were literally enthusiastic.

Nam Jamyong's face is obviously distorted.

'These beetles... 'What the hell is all this fuss about!'

And Chung-Myung, watching from afar, was busy giggling and laughing.

It's hard to understand.'

It's not swordsmanship that's great, it's this situation.

In fact, swordsmanship doesn't mean anything.

Those gathered here are now ready to surprise Hwasan's disciple by digging the ground with a pickaxe, not a sword.


That's obvious. Where in the world would you see a group of famous disciples demonstrating swordsmanship?

In the first place, whether it's Jong-nam or Hwasan, they don't hang out with the people of the world.

Since it is a region, you may have seen Jongnam's sword once in a while, but most of them do not have the opportunity to see the swordsmanship performed by the disciples of the old file room.

Besides, who can ask them to show them how they use swords as a group in Jongnam?

So, the sight of Hwasan, who is in the midst of fame, taking to the streets and sword altogether is simply a rare experience that one would never see in one's lifetime.

The reaction is so enthusiastic.

If you show me the right swordmanship, I'm done talking.'


You can do it in Jongnam?

Then you can come down after you unpack it.


Chung-Myung grinned back.

At that time, the demonstration of Hawsan's disciples' carnivores was over. Then, as planned in advance, the twenty-fourth-peddle test began to unfold.

You have to take a long demonstration to make it less intense.

If you've attracted enough attention with a meat sword, it's better to hit it at once.

"The plum man!"

Plum blossoms began to bloom at the end of Hawasan's disciples' swords with the great command of Baek Cheon.


"It's plum blossoms! Plum blossoms!"

Everyone looked with surprise at the plum blossoms painted by Hwasan's disciples. The sword hanging from the tip of the sword is as if it is smoking plum blossoms in Ho Gong.

Of course, unlike the Baek Cheon crowd at the front, the students at the back have yet to produce a proper plum blossom. But what's important to those who watch?

There are people who bloom with swords in front of them.

"Failure minutes!"

With momentum, Baek Cheon began to perform more spectacular screening.

In terms of glamour alone, is there any place in the world to follow Hawsan's sword?

There was nothing more than plum-blossom technically, there was nothing like plum blossoms. It looks fancy and dangerous even to people who don't know anything.

"Jo, it's nothing like Jongnam's sword."

"That's why Hwasan has been in good spirits lately. I've never seen a sword like this before. What kind of swordsmanship is this?"

Just in time, someone raised their voice among the people."Two, twenty-fourths of the book market!"

"This Shaolin told me that Hwasan swept the arena with his twenty-fourth-year-old sword. It's the first time in the world!"

"I heard the old file rooms got in trouble with that sword."


"I see!"

People gathered here, so there was no way to know who was shouting. Everyone just said yes.

The disciples of Hwayeongmun, who performed their duties perfectly among the public, glanced toward Chung-Myung. Chung-Myung nodded pleasedly.

'There you go! Good job.'



Come on. We need some flirtatious people to cheer us up.

Fraud! Who do you think you are? I'm going bankrupt!

Fraud or not, the effect was absolutely fine.

Dance competition, and a file room. Finally, the twenty-fourth parallel.

Simple words were perfect for digging into people's minds. On top of that, spectacular swordsmanship and proper performance were supported, so viewers could admire the swordsmanship without any interference.

"That's great."

"Is this the Hwasanites?"

And there was an unexpected back-up shooting.

"Tsk tsk tsk. The former Hwasanites didn't even bring Jong-nam to Hwasan until they were destroyed by the Mahsans!"

"What do children know? When I was a kid."

"Jongnam? Uh-huh. I'm gonna have to bring up the old story again. I don't know if you've ever heard of the name Maehwa Inspection...…."

The gray-haired old people were excited and began to tell old stories. People who would have avoided it usually opened their ears wide to see if they were excited this time.

Back Cheon drew everyone's attention to himself at the festival site.

"Full of plum blossoms!"

Hawsan's plum blossoms are in full bloom.

Everyone here, even the doorkeepers of the Jongnam family, was mesmerized by the colorful plum blossoms.

Plum blossoms were in full bloom in the center of the West Bank.

As if the old tree, which had been dried up for a long time, bloomed again.


Baek Cheon slowly recovered the sword and pushed it into the sword. Then I looked up and looked around.

A dead silence.

Even though so many people were gathered, it was very quiet around them.

But that's for a while, too.


As someone began to exclaim and clap, others began to clap their hands, too.

"Hahaha! That's amazing."

"This is the Hwasanian! Indeed!"

"As expected, his disciples are extraordinary! It's nothing like Jongnam!"

Pouring applause and admiration.

On the other hand, Nam Jamyong's face as he watched it died black.

'Oh, my...'

I want to denigrate.

I want to shout that it's not a big deal.

But he's also a warrior anyway. As long as I saw this sword with my eyes, I could not bear to say it.


It's not a very good situation, is it?'

No matter how much we discuss flaws, those who see them will not be swayed. I don't know if it's a little later, but it was better to just shut up now.


It's a shame for him, but there was a man in Hwasan who wouldn't let time go.

"Come on, come on!"

Chung-Myung, who was watching the situation without being involved in the demonstration, quickly jumped forward to see if it was time.

Then he stood in front of Baek Cheon and spoke up.

"You can learn and smoke plum blossoms as much as you want if you enter the new English language!"

Of course, the swordsmanship allowed in the shorthand is seven...….

"Anyway, you can smoke plum blossoms with Chilmaegum.'

I didn't lie! You're lying!


Seeing the eyes gathering in an instant, Chung-Myung shouted firmly."For those who are entering Hwayoung Gate now, tuition fees will be waived for the next three months! I mean!"

And then he stamped his foot!

"Free! Free for the next three months! Just try it first, and if you don't like it, you don't have to pay!"



Who, regardless of all ages and ages, is not attracted to the word free?

Those who were fascinated by the swordsmanship they saw a while ago began to be tempted to hear that it was free.

"For the last time.

Chung-Myung pulled back Baek Cheon and pulled forward.

"The cadets who entered Hwajeong Gate are famous in the world from time to time! You can be taught by the Baek Cheon seal!"

"Ooh! Hwajeong sword!"

"Is it really a native disciple who teaches you?"


Very occasionally, I didn't lie.

'Fame is there to use.'

At least in this West Bank, the name Hwajeongbeok cheon is more popular than Hwasan's long man.

That's why I have to use it at times like this.

But then someone shouted.

"And who are you? Can I take that for granted?"

Chung-Myung grinned as if he had scratched the itch.

"I'm Chung-Myung, Hwasan's top three disciples."

"처, Chung-Myung?"

"Hwasan The Dragon!"

"That's the Hwasan Divine Dragon!"

A louder shout than the one heard so far came out at once.

"Oh, my God.

Even the world's Chung-Myung took a step back in surprise at the response.

"What, what, why do you like it so much?"

"……because you're the Hwasan Divine Dragon."

Baek Cheon stared at him as if he were dumbfounded.

What the hell does this guy think of himself?

The real winner of the arena and the world's best latecomer. On top of that, Chung-Myung is called the future world leader.

No matter how much Baek Cheon beats Jin Geum Ryong, can he rub it against Chung-Myung with his reputation?

"Hwasan, did the Divine Dragon come by himself?"

"So if I enter there, you're going to guide the Wasan Myron to the sword?"

"Oh, my God! Where is the second child now?"

There was an explosive response.

"Tue, what can I do to get into English?"

"Are we allowed to enter here now?"

Chung-Myung grinned as if he had been embarrassed.

You can't cool down the expectations of those who have heated up!


"Yep! Stamp!"

"What are you doing? Take the guest!"

"Yes! Please come this way!"

It is the Hwayeong Mundo Island, which is well-established to make a list of gambling games in Shaolin.

In an instant, some tables were set up and books and paper muks were prepared on top of them.

"Here's your support!"

As soon as the horse ran out, some rushed into it. Then, those who were just looking around rushed out.

"Me first! Take my son first!"

"Oh, if it's not you, get out of the way! I'm the newbie!"

"There's cold water up and down! Get out of the way! I want to be a part of it!"

The gatekeepers of Jongnam's inner family watched the crowd. After seeing Chung-Myung smiling triumphantly, Nam Jamyong shouted.

"…'ve done this with no face! How can you be so self-contained in a shorthand?"

There was a sign of frustration on his face. Chung-Myung grinned and shrugged.

"What's wrong with that?"

"…what, what did you say?"

"It's a problem not to do it. Why is it a problem not to do it? Wouldn't it be better if the original family worked hard?""……."

Nam Jamyong shut his mouth like a honeyed mute.

Chung-Myung chuckled and chocked.

"If it's unfair, ask Jongnam to do it, too.""

Oh, did you do Bongmun?

What should I do about that?

giggle giggle