Chapter - 361 Episode 361. Then what should I do? (1)

"Daeju! It's a big deal!"

A man kicked the door into the room.

Struggling at the scent of his nose, he quickly came to his senses and shook his lying on the floor to wake him up.

"Get up, big man! Big man!"


The lying-down tooth distorted his face with annoyance. And I kicked the guy who shook me to wake me up.


Without looking at the man rolling around, he shouted.

"Why are you making such a fuss in the morning? My head is ringing to death!"

"That's because Daeju has been drinking all night!"

"If you know that, get out of here!"

The kicked man stood up calmly and shook the man who lay on the floor again, as if this had happened more than once.

"That's not the time! Please stand up!"

"…Did he eat something wrong?"

Normally, I would have stepped down at this point, but making such a fuss meant something must have happened.


The man eventually grabbed his head and slowly pulled himself up.

"Uh……. My head is about to break."

"You can't just blow the poison. If the world's enemy, Yeopyeong, grumbles over a hangover, the world will laugh at you!"

"I told you to laugh. So what's going on?"

"Jong-nam did the bongmun."

"Yes, the gates of the gate of the gate.…. What?"

The body of a man called Jeoksado exuded fierce force.

"What did you just say?"

"Jong-nam did the bongmun! It is said that external activities are prohibited for at least one year from now."

"…Are they crazy? What's wrong with you all of a sudden?"

"Why do you need to know? What's important is that they sealed the gates."


The equator slowly lifts up.

"Open the window."


A man, Goeho-ri, quickly opened the windows wide. Then the liquor piled up in the room quickly faded away.


Jeoksado calmly walked to the chair as if everything he had been struggling with hangover was a lie.

"Tell me again in detail. Are you sure it's sealed?"

"Yes! I'm sure."

Joksado Yoppyyong glared at the screeching bladder with incredulous eyes.

"How many things were right, considering you said you were sure! If things go wrong again, I'll rip your mouth off! Do you know that if you believe that and the Jong-nams break the gate, we'll be the only ones who'll see trouble?"

"This time, I'm sure!"


Bang Seung said with a smile.

"Right now, in the West Bank, the Wasans are opening their doors and receiving their disciples."

"……Huh? Are the Jongnam insiders watching it?"

"That's why I'm telling you! Hawsan's native people are all over the place, so they can't even use their hands! Which means!"

"…Jong-nam has no intention of breaking the gate."



Yeopyeong caressed his beard, which had grown drily.

'Hwasan's son, who says he wakes up in his sleep, is just watching how he's doing in the West Coast?'

If this is true, it means that Jong-nam really did a memorial service.

"Lord, this is an opportunity you can't miss! Didn't the ark tell you that you must take over the West Bank? That's why we've been hanging around the West Bank all this time."

"That's right."

"Jong-nam has been so strong that he has never been able to find a break, so wouldn't it be okay to go out so aggressively now?"


Yuppyeong nodded quietly and was lost in thought.

"The ark was too much.'

What is the West Bank like?

It is like Jongnam's master bedroom, which is classified as the strongest among the old file rooms. How could it have been easy to expand power to such a place?Of course, the realm is not so divided as to draw a line, so it must have meant that the ark should just permeate in moderation.

But the problem was, those men showed a morbid obsession with managing their areas.

A little push made me jump in like a crazy dog and bite it, but I didn't have the talent to hold on.

Bang Seung said that it was all because Jong Nam had a memory of losing his master bedroom and getting beaten, which was none of his business.


"So now is the perfect time?"

"That's right!"

"What if Jong-nam uncovers the gate later?"

"What's wrong with that? It must have been a good time. If you tell me to go out, I'll just go out."

"And so is he."

The comments were still appealing.

"But I heard the Wasans are here. I heard that Hwasan isn't in a normal mood these days."

"Isn't that what they're like? Where would you compare yourself to? When I hear Joksado Yoppyyong is here, I'll pee and run away."

"Don't flatter yourself. You're a fool."


Yeopyeong stopped touching her chin and narrowed her eyes.

'But it's not wrong.'

Whasan says the reviewers are the most talented people in the world, but that's only the reviewers. How can you say that you're the enemy of all men who are one of the gods?

"West Bank……."

Yeopyeong smiled, showing her teeth.

"The ark will love it. Get ready, we're going to the West Bank!"


Five Sapa who misrepresented the world.

One of the best places in the world. The enemy squad of all men began to move westward to seek a vacuum in Jongnam.

* * *


Hye Yeon, sitting in the reception room in Hwayeongmun, cried out her disapproval. In the meantime, I didn't forget to sneak around.


"Thank you."

He grabbed Chung-Myung's teacup with both hands. Then he stared at Chung-Myung quietly.

"My my."

Hyun Young smiled lightly as if the situation was funny.

"So, you've already stopped by Hwasan?"

"Speak less, Elder. I'm just a draw for Shaolin."

"Can you do that?"

"Yes, that's right."

Hyun Young smiled and nodded his head.

'I'm sure you learned well.'

I only saw Hwasan's students who were becoming more and more alive after selling them all out of manners and nonsense, and when I saw Shaolin's student, I felt like I was opening my eyes a little.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I like Hye Yeon.

"So, anyway, you've already stopped by Hwasan?"

"Yes, I'm on my way back from meeting Jang Moon-in. He told me to ask for permission here because what I want is here. Amitabha Buddha."

Chung-Myung squinted and asked, looking at Hye Yeon, who was clamoring for disapproval.

"Well, let's see. So why are you here?"


Then Hye Yeon's eyes were on Chung-Myung exactly.

"I'd like to stay here for a while."


Chung-Myung tilted his head.


"Amitabha Buddha."

Instead of replying right away, Hye Yeon simply said no.

In fact, there are many things I want to say, but to say it in front of these people was to be someone in his private affairs.

"Because I thought there was a way out here."



Chung-Myung's face was distorted.

"Anyway, these dorks are all very open-mouthed questions! I'm going to send you to a village and teach you how to speak again.….up, down."


Hyun Young smiled and covered Chung-Myung's mouth with one hand.

"Ha ha. You understand generously. As you know, Chung-Myung is so direct.""Well, that's fine."

A cold sweat ran down the back of Hye Yeon's head.

'That's more than I've ever seen on a unarmed floor.'

At the time, I thought it could be because I was very angry, but now I think I'm that kind of person.

Then Hyun Young said.

"But what I don't understand is the same for me. Did you say your way is here?"

Hye Yeon nodded quietly.

"Yes, I saw and felt a lot the other day at the arena. And... I didn't even feel right about my personal statement, which I thought was so honorable."


Hyun Young nodded with a heavy face.

"I thought I couldn't go any further without addressing this topic. That's why I'm going to learn from this place by looking at what path I should take."

"Wait, what are we going to do?"

"…to see and learn…"…?"



Hye Yeon just tilted her head without knowing what was happening.

Is this such a strange thing to say?

"…I mean……."

Hyun Young peeked at Chung-Myung's profile and turned to Hye Yeon again.

"Who are you looking at to learn from?"


With Chung-Myung, who proudly threw out his boat,

Is this guy out of his mind?

Hyun Young looks like he's saying that. And Hwasan's disciples whispering behind him.

Hye Yeon also looked at everyone alternately, embarrassed by the unexpected response.

Did I say something wrong?'

Then, Baek Cheon, who was listening to the conversation in the back, coughed low and opened his mouth.

"I…… Monk Hye Yeon."

"Yes, please, Mr. Baek Cheon."

"Why does he have to...…. No, what are you going to learn here?"

Hye Yeon took a deep breath.

"Because I felt it all right."


Baek Cheon asked back, and he nodded quietly.

"As well as the gate, walking through the fire is like fighting constant seduction. It's never easy to follow your path in front of so many topics in the world. I'm also just a monk who is shaken and shaken."


"But I felt an unshakable will from St. Chung-Myung. Therefore, I try to learn with my own eyes how to have such an unwavering will."


Chung-Myung slid out his stomach next to him. Baek Cheon's face turned red and blue when he saw it.

"You don't shake when you don't think, you idiot!"

That's not a good thing!

People should look left and right and shake!

In Baek Cheon's eyes, now Hye Yeon seems to be jumping on her own feet in a fireball.

Why would you walk into hell on your own because reality is hard?

Hyun Young, who had been listening, asked again.

"Did the head of the earmoon grant this?"

"You didn't give me permission, but you didn't stop me. Illegal is a law that must begin by straightening itself up. Even if the director blocks me, there should be no hesitation in the choice."

Chung-Myung blatantly stung his ears.

"Be brief, be brief!"

"…I just came. He did stop me."

"Yeah. How nice to say that."

Chung-Myung smiled pleasedly.

But Hwasan's disciples watching the scene had to soothe their grievances.

Is it already starting?'

"That monk is out of his mind, too. What the hell are you gonna learn from a guy like that?'So this is how another guy goes.'

Hyun Young opened his mouth while watching how things were going.

"I mean… you want to stay in Hwasan and learn something?"

"Yes, Elder."

"Did the writer ask you to come here for permission?"

"Yes, you said the permission of the person I want to see and learn is important."


Hyun Young's eyes are on Chung-Myung.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Well, there's nothing to think about. There's no reason to push me back when I'm going to come and roll myself."


Hye Yeon tilted her head.

Did I say that?'

But before he could ask, Chung-Myung approached and put his arm around his shoulder. With a very gentle expression.

"Welcome. Welcome."


"Oh, this is human destiny. If you get acquainted with it somehow, come find me that I'll roll...…. No, it's a good relationship and stuff like that. Don't you think so?"

"He, he is……."



Chung-Myung's smile has become slightly subtle. He looked directly at Hye Yeon and said,

"There's no free meal in Hwasan. Instead of feeding you and putting you to sleep, you'll have to work properly."

"Amitabha, that's natural. Shizu. Shaolin doesn't give free meals to people who don't do their jobs either."

"Oh, really?"

Chung-Myung smiled delightedly and patted Hye Yeon's shoulder.

"Then it's simple. You can do some work instead of staying here. Then there's no problem!"

"Are you giving me permission?"

"There's nothing to do with permission. Between us."

"Ah…. Amitabha Buddha! Thank you, Xizu!

Hye Yeon's face was bright.

I came without a plan, but I didn't know they would accept it so easily. If you don't accept it, I was ready to beg for 10 days and a month in front, but it was solved much easier than I thought.

It's wide and wide.'

If Hawasan's student had asked Shaolin to do this, what would Shaolin do?

It was Hye Yeon who thought that Hwasan was a place where there was no more open door.

"Then what do I have to do?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Something very simple. It's too easy for you."

"…what if you say it's easy?""

Chung-Myung giggled and laughed.

"Don't worry. I'll start right away, so you'll find out soon."


Hye Yeon smiled awkwardly after seeing Chung-Myung smiling wickedly.

The next morning.

Hye Yeon looked up at the sky with a vacant face.

His face was red and his eyes were wet.

The winner of the non-military competition! The world's best review! This is Monk Hye Yeon of Shaolin! Everyone! For those who are entering Hwayeongmun, this monk Hye Yeon will give you the Shaolin card! Let me teach you the power of Shaolin, the best martial arts in the world!"

Instead of pollen, plum swords fly in all directions.

The crowd cheered like clouds.

"Is it really Monk Hye Yeon of Shaolin?""

"Are you gonna lie about that?"

"Oh, my God. What do you mean Shaolin's monk teaches kwon in Hwasan's inner family? What the hell is going on here?"

"Do we have anything to think about? I'll teach you, and you'll learn!"

"You son of a b*tc*, I'll have to go and learn! Shaolin in the West!"

Surrounded by thunderous shouts, Hye Yeon eventually closed her eyes tightly."Dear Sezon.

I felt keenly that something was going wrong, but it was already too late to turn back.