Chapter - 368 Episode 368. We didn't see anything. (3)

"Hahaha. Did you see the faces?"

"I saw it, every time I saw it. How can you not see it when you have snow? My 10-year-old congestion has gone down."

"Hahahahaha! That's right. Yes!"

The loud laughter continued at Hwajeokmun Gate, a village in Jongnam, north of the West Bank.

"How can those Hawans not even speak!"

Some of the servants of Jongnam's inner family, who rushed to Hwayeongmun and pressed Hwasan's disciples, gathered at Hwajeongmun to hold a drinking party.

"You're right!"

Johobang, the gatekeeper of Hwajeongmun, laughed and shouted.

"What kind of land is this West Bank? I don't dare say it's a place where Hwasan's miscellaneous ships can step in."

"That's right, that's right. You mean this?"

Moon-ju of the other Jongnam clapped and agreed.

"If Jong-nam hadn't visited, how dare Hawasan step into the West Bank?" I guess that flock of cats slowly reached out to the West Bank, and it's not going to happen as long as we're here!"

"Now they know that the West Bank is not a green place."

Their voices were as pleasant as ever.

Although they were respectful to each other by calling each other Munju, they were also involved in their own distribution. Can you tell me about the bondage?

Moreover, now that everyone is working together to drive out the external(?) situation, it is inevitable that each other feels stronger and better.

"But why did Nam Moon-joo leave so early?"

"I think it's because of Bongmun."


Johobang nodded heavily.

Jongnam's funeral was a sudden event that had not been discussed with them.

"Do you really need to go that far?"

It is not easy for a huge literary group like Jongnam to do a memorial service. No matter how far away the great gatekeepers seek to learn from the world, there is no way not to communicate with the world as long as they have mouths with them.

"The damage would be severe if you had a year-long funeral, so why did you make such an extreme choice?""

"Well, how do people like us know what he means? I just believe and follow."


When Johobang salivated, Yu Haesang, the gatekeeper of the compound gate, smiled and poured alcohol into his glass.

"At times like this, we need to cheer up more. How happy would you be to see that we have kept the West Bank when the long man unsealed?"

"Yes, that's right."

Johobang, who was slightly relieved, nodded continuously.

Then I gulped down the drink from the glass.


Putting the glass down, he said firmly.

"To do that, we need to get those English words out of the West Bank."

"Of course, but would that be easy? Wasan will be the one to apply. It wouldn't be too difficult for Hwasan to run Hwagyeongmun for a year or so, even if it didn't involve any of his students."

"Hehe. That's one thing you know and you two don't know."


"Hwasan, don't you have face? As time goes by, there will be rumors that Hwasan opened a shorthand in the West Bank that none of his disciples were involved, so how can we hold on to it?"

"Oh, yes, indeed."

"Wait and see. It's a month at the most. If you push for just one month, you'll have to run away from the West Bank without anyone noticing. Hahahahaha!"Johobang's laughter resonated with delight.

Moon-ju of Jongnam's inner family, who sat in front of him, burst into laughter.

And just then.



"What the f*ck is he?"

Everyone who was sitting at the sudden loud noise woke up in fright.

Still, they were quick to grasp the situation, and they kicked out the door without even exchanging eye contact.

"This, this?"

And everyone was surprised with their eyes wide open.

So did he, the main gate, which had been intact, was completely shattered and scattered in the smoke and mirrors.


The name of the English sentence came out of someone's mouth.

Well, the only people in this West Bank who are now hostile to them are Hwagyeongmun and Wasan.

"Oh, no. Hey!"

However, the doorkeepers of the inner family who saw those coming in soon noticed that the prediction was wrong.

Of course, it is true that Hwasan has become unorthodox. But those who are entering now had a distinctly different temperament.

sticky and sharp

It was a wave that could not be felt by political factions.

"What are they?"

Johobang screamed threateningly, historically. But after hearing his roar, they didn't react much.

Instead of


A signboard split in half flew into the firearm.


Johobang opened his eyes wide.

A Hyeonpan is an object that symbolizes one's literary circle. Isn't it too obvious what the act of cutting and throwing it means?

"How dare they know where we are!"

Johobang shouted again, full of history.

It was intended to intimidate the opponent, but it was to bring in disciples who did not know the situation yet.

Whether his intentions worked or not, a group of firemen carrying swords rushed out from the inside.

"Master Moon!"

"What the hell are they?"

Then in unison, he pulled out the sword with a sharp sound.

The fire doors, which had been quiet a while ago, quickly heated up with tension.

But then.

"Tsk tsk tsk."

A man walked out leisurely, breaking the taut air.

"Well, I don't know why political factions all sound the same."

Then, giggling laughter and words of sympathy leaked out.

"I think I've heard them a hundred times in my life."

"I know. If you broke the door, you have a clear purpose. We can just pick a knife and fight, who cares who it is."

Lee and Yuppyeong, who are moving forward, grinned and said.

"They're going to be smashed anyway."


"……Mr. Moon…………."

Suddenly, a groan came out of Yu Haesang's mouth, standing next to Johobang.

"Hey, it's Yuppyeong."

"…What did you just say?"

"I'm Jokessado Yoppyyong!"

Johobang's eyes became teary after recognizing his opponent belatedly.

"Ma, the enemy's squad?"

"Well, I think so."

He looked at Yuppyeong with a vague eye.

Why does the enemy force of all men suddenly appear in the West Bank and invade the gate of the house?

'The situation is not good.'

The Man-in-bang is a huge clique that can compete with Jongnam alone. Isn't one of the most powerful factions of the Sapa against the political factions, the entire population?

Even in the bay, if the enemy is the main force, it is not a person who can dare to confront the fire doors.

Johobang's back was soaked in a cold sweat in an instant.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

When I heard that, I laughed a lot.

"Are you going to stop by to say hello? You're a rat, you're a rat."Johobang bit his lips at the obvious laugh.

Of course, that doesn't mean that he doesn't know why the enemy squad came here. The fact that all the people have been looking for the West Bank means that everyone knows about Jong Nam's song.

However, he has not dared to enter the West Bank under the influence of Jongnam.

I should have thought about this possibility!'

As long as the great wall protecting the West Bank, Jongnam, has disappeared, enemies can invade at any time. Originally, all of Jongnam's inner family would have gathered to prepare for this situation.


'For the d*mn Hwasans!'

He was distracted by Hwagyeongmun and neglected to defend the real enemy.

Johobang's eyes were dim.

"What the f*ck are you doing? Can you handle this after all this?"

"It's not something you should worry about."

"If Jong-nam uncovers the gate, you won't be safe."

Jokssado Yoppyyong giggled at Johobang's words.


"Yes, Archbishop."

"As expected, political factions are very good. I don't know how you're so worried about your enemies. Are you all Buddha?"

"You have to worry about me."

"I know."

Yuppyeong smiled as if he was having fun.

"What are you doing? If you're going to keep listening to crap, I'll take a nap."

Then, the enemy squad, which was watching the situation, pulled out the provincial government altogether.


The sound of feet echoing at once, as if it were picked by one person, cooled the hearts of the Hwajeok Mundos.

"Oh, by the way."

Yeopyeong, who looked at the scene as if it were natural, shrugged and said.

"Don't kill me. If I kill them today, I'll be lazy from tomorrow. If too many people die, they can get out of the coffin."

"Can I cut my arms and legs?"

"Put it on if you can. Minimize the intervention of the coffin and get only what is to be gained before falling into it."


"Kill me!"


The enemy squad, which was about to rush forward, stopped walking in unison and looked back at Yuppyeong.

"…...Oh, it's become a habit. Hit it!"


In the end, the enemy forces began to attack the Hwajuk Mundos with a fishy smile on their lips.

"Hey, you guys!"

"Moonjoo, you have to avoid it!"

While Johobang was at his wits' end, the enemy forces quickly began to sweep away the Hwajeong Mundo.


"Argh! Argh! My arm!"

He was no match in the first place.

No matter how gullible they are, they are uninhabited people who are on par with their native disciples in Jongnam. Those who had learned martial arts were not able to deal with them.

The doorkeepers of the inner family who had been drinking with Johobang a while ago have already pulled their feet and started to flee over the fence.

"Well, those loyal men."

"Do you want me to chase you?"

"Leave it alone."

Yeop-pyeong gave a glimpse of those who ran away.

"As long as you don't leave the West Bank, you can run away."

And frowns at the situation in the hall.

"But can't we really kill him?"


"Well, why fight if you're going to club me?""

"This is in the West Bank. If a person dies here in droves, the coffin has no choice but to leave."

"…What's so scary about a coffin?"

"Think about it. In other words, if we don't kill, we can walk freely through the West Bank. Jongnam's tricksters beat them as they see them."

"Well, that's not bad either."

Yeopyeong saw Mt. Jongnam in the distance, shaking his head.

'Buddy bastards, they're gonna pay the bills?'I don't know why they sealed the gate, but it'll be the worst option that can't be reversed anyway.

When Jong-nam unwraps the gate, there will be no one in the West Bank who claims to be Jong-nam's inner family.

"Hey, you guys...Aren't you afraid of the consequences?"

Johobang, almost half out of his mind, began to approach Yuppyeong, shaking his whole body.

Yuppyeong laughed as if it were a joke.

"That's a very good man. I can't believe you're worried about us after all this."

"Jo, Jongnam! Jongnam will never forgive you!"

"Hahaha……. Bangseung."


"Did you say it's okay to break an arm or leg?"

"That's not a problem?"


He walked towards Johobang as if he were aching.

"Do you know what I hate the most? It's called the asking guard."

And finally it showed its teeth.

In an instant, he pulled out Do and hit Johobang with the back of the sword.


Johobang rolled the floor without even thinking about fighting back. When he fell unconscious and spread on the floor, Yuppyeong frowned pitifully.

"You've been making fun of me for not getting a job."

Then I looked through the enemy lines sweeping through the fire doors.

"Get it together! There are two more rounds within tonight."


A fishy smile sprang up around his mouth.

I'll destroy the West Bank in three days!'

At that time.

"……It's no joke."

"Oh, my God, this is...…."

Hwasan's disciples, who were looking at the situation of the fire gate on the roof of a far-off front, frowned unknowingly.

In front of him, Baek Cheon was flinching as if he were about to jump out.

"Don't you have to help?"

"…I don't see blood for now."

"Even so, the Sapa are attacking...…."

Baek Cheon and the rest of the disciples glanced at one side with eyes full of anxiety and discomfort.

I'm going to the worst one.



"Drinking Jokuna! Drinking while watching a fight is the best! Hehehehehehehehehehehe!

"My prime minister.'

Why'd you call him an ascetic?

If you made a mistake, take it back.

Everyone shook their heads when they saw Chung-Myung drinking with a smile.



"Can I really leave it as it is?"

"Then what?"

"……No, but to leave Sapa alone……."

"Who's going to let him?"


Chung-Myung drank again and frowned.

"I've never let a bunch of Sapa blabber in my life. They can't walk out."

"Then I have to go down now...…."

"Oh, by the way."


Chung-Myung shrugged and spoke deftly at Baek Cheon's words.

"Oh, my God. Did I overdo it? My back hurts. Let's take it slow."



Smiling innocently, Chung-Myung looked up at the sky.

"This is it! This is it! Admiral Lee!"

Right? A long sentence?

You son of a b*tc*! You're the master...….

What'd you say?

I can't hear you because it's a dead man.