Chapter - 369 Episode 369. We didn't see anything. (4)


Nam Jamyong looked at the scene in front of him with trembling eyes.

'What the hell is this all about overnight?'

The door of the house was literally smashed.

Mundos moaning on the floor because they have not yet been transferred to Congress, and war ministers who have been destroyed and destroyed everywhere.

Without a sudden robbery...….

No, it's not a robbery.'

Nam Jamyong bit his lips. The gatekeeper Johobang was still lying unconscious.

"…Mr. Moon."

Yu Haesang, who was the first to inform Nam Jamyong of the news, stamped his feet in confusion.

"What the hell am I supposed to do about this?"


It's a question you ask for an answer, but Nam Jamyong didn't have much to say.

I can't believe it's a crowded room.'

My spine cooled.

I've known for a long time that all the people are aiming for the West Bank. But I didn't expect it to be such a surprise move. Even so boldly.

"Shouldn't we come up with a plan?"

Nam Jamyong nodded quietly. But unlike the action, his mind was almost empty. I couldn't think of anything that could be called a countermeasure.

What am I supposed to do with the whole room?'

What kind of place is a bay?

It's one of those Shin Juopae.

If there is a gufile room and a great sega in the political faction, there is a Sinjuopae in the Sapa. In other words, Shin Juopae is a huge clique that can compete with that old file room.

So, Jongnam's inner family will deal with the enemy of the Man Man Manbang, one of those Shin Juopae?

"Master Moon, how...…."

"Ee, first of all!"

Nam Jamyong shouted out loud.

"Gather all the doorkeepers of the shorthand! Right now!"


Yu Haesang quickly disappeared, and Nam Jamyong murmured despondently as he looked at Johobang, who was unconscious.

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

One, no one answered what he said.

"What does the coffin say?"

The gatekeepers of Jongnam, who gathered at Seowolmun Gate, sat around a large round table.

Most of their expressions were poignant. Considering the expression of the scene when he was screaming in Hwagyeongmun, I wondered if he was the same person.

"……I won't come forward."

"The people have been mutilated by robbers, and they don't come forward!"

"…That's what a coffin is all about."

Dongbang Hwae, the gatekeeper of the gate, sighed deeply and said,

"And they're very clever. He completely smashed the door and didn't kill a single person. In addition, while making such a fuss, Yang Min didn't touch a single person. So the coffin doesn't seem to have any justification to get involved."

"You're not afraid to mess with everyone?"

"…Mr. Moon, I think you should cover your mouth."


Nam Jamyong coughed loudly.

No matter how angry you are, there are things you can say and things you shouldn't say.

"I was a little excited."

Dongbang Hwae sighed again as Nam Jamyong admitted.

"I think I should meet the Holy Father in person because I can't communicate with him."… I'm still requesting, but the answer is……."

I'm sure it is.'

Nam Jamyong also sighed with his eyes slightly lowered.

It's frustrating and frustrating, but I can't blame them.

The work of the herd is a group.

It was the principle of those who lived in the strong.

Unless the universal forces touch the people, the coffin will never intervene. Even if all the Jongnam insiders fall into ruin."So where are those evil enemies now?"

"As soon as the day broke, he left the West Bank. Maybe……."

"I'll be back tonight."

"That's right."

Nam Jamyong washed his face dry enough to make a rustling sound, and squeezed his face as if it were not enough.

If only Jong-nam hadn't done Bongmun!

Although many people are strong, Jongnam is also one of the top ten in the world. If Jong-nam hadn't visited, all the people would not have dared to step into the West Bank.

"What happened to the person who sent you to Jongnam?"

"I'm back, but...… the door won't open."

"You're saying you don't even break the veil under these circumstances?"

"Nam Mun-ju……. You know, bongmun isn't something that's easy to solve, is it? Bongmun, which was implemented as the Jangmunryeongbu, cannot be solved at will even if it is a long-standing writer of Jongnam. Even if external enemies come in and war breaks out, isn't it a rule that a sealed gatekeeper should not be involved in anything outside the gate?"

"Principle! Principle! What kind of principle is that when you're about to die?"


In the end, Nam Jamyong, who couldn't stand it, hit the round table violently.

The teacups on top were turned upside down and ruined, but no one blamed Nam Moon-ju. It's because they were the same way that they were rotting inside.

"If I do, is there no way to calm down?"

"…What can I do? We have no choice but to work together and fight back."

"Do you want to be the counterpart?"

"Huh? What do you want me to do? You're saying let's leave the West Bank and run?"

The doorkeepers began to squabble.

"What is the reason why the people of the West Bank favor Jongnam's inner family? Because we are trusted. But if the Sapa run away when they come in, what shame can they come back to the West Bank after that?"

"Those Sapa don't touch the people of both nations!"

"What's wrong with Sapa? Now, yes, but how do you know when and what's going to happen!"

"So you're saying we're gonna sit here and get it?"

"It's better than running for shame!"

"Then lock the door in here! I need to live."

"What and what?"

Nam Jamyong buried his face in his hand as the ancient castle came and went.

God d*mn it.

He used to act like a noble gentleman, but as soon as the crisis came, everyone was showing signs of a back alley.

Do it.

It is useless to blame that. People can only relax as much as they can.

Even the king who commands the world must turn blue when his enemies flock to the front of the castle.

"Oh, my God!"

"This guy? Did you just say this guy?"

"You didn't forget that I was your death penalty, did you?"

"For God's sake, when did the shorthand start allocating?"

"As soon as I heard it, I thought it's..."

He was about to draw a sword. Nam Jamyong, who was watching the two people raising their voices, hit the round table with all his might again.

Oh, my god!

The round table, made of strong jadan wood, literally rolled on the floor with two sides.

Moon-ju, who had been arguing for the appearance, looked back at Nam Jamyong with their mouths shut.

"Look at the ugliness."

"…I'm sorry, Master Moon."

"I'm ashamed of myself."

As the surroundings became quiet, Nam Jamyong pressed down on his stinging temples.

Jokssado Yoppyong.

Nam Jamyong has also heard the name several times. He is famous as a master of the province even in the crowded area.

In the first place, it is clear that he is the master of a force force that only exists in a dozen people.Even in that Jongnam, some elders and outstanding disciples must be able to deal with.

How the hell are we supposed to stop him?

I'm sure they'll come back in at night.'

It was when Nam Jamyong groaned at a time when there was no answer.


Someone's muttering penetrated my ear.

Nam Jamyong's head slowly turned.

"…What did you just say?"

Frustrated by the unexpected remark, he blinked and asked again.

"…Hwasan, so why don't you ask for help in English?"


The humbled answer came back. Nam Jamyong looked at the speaker with a mixture of bewilderment and embarrassment.

Danbyong Nip, the gatekeeper of the Taepyeong Gate, blushed with an awkward face. Nam Jamyong didn't like him very much because he usually had a weak head.

"To put it bluntly, if Jong-nam can't solve the feud, it's hard for us to block the enemy's formation alone. But we're not alone in the West Bank, are we?"

"……so Hwasan?"


Danbyong Nip nodded loudly.

"At this moment, Hwasan's native disciples are at Hwajeongmun, and above all, there are people like Hwajeonggum who are famous in the world. Besides, didn't Hwasan Sinryong and Hye Yeon come?"


That's right.

Hwajeonggeom is also Hwajeonggeom, but Hwasan Sinryong or Hye Yeon will never lag behind Jongnam's great disciples.

They might be able to deal with that Jokesado Yoppyyong.

"The biggest problem is that there's no one to deal with that criticism.'

The influence of an absolute master on the battlefield is beyond imagination. Without the criticism, it would not have been so hopeless no matter how many enemy forces came.

Danbyong Nip said with a little voice.

"So why don't you ask Hwasan for help?"

"Are you saying that?"

But Yu Haesang screamed and protested before Nam Jamyong could answer.

"A man should know shame! How could you ask those hwasan's lords for help?"

"……one situation…"…."


Yu Haesang's face was distorted.

"We've done this to them! They will help us well."

"No, no, no. It's not something to think about."

Danbyong Nip smiled awkwardly, wiping his sweat with a towel.

"Anyway, aren't they a prestigious faction?"


"It's the Hwasan faction. No matter how bad our relationship is, we cannot deny that they are prestigious and political."


"Those who claim to be famous and political factions have been invaded by the Sapa, and they won't just be watching. Of course, because of the circumstances, you won't have to reach out your hand first.… If we bow our heads first, we'll pretend we can't win and hold hands."

Nam Jamyong, who had been listening in silence, frowned slightly.

"Do you really think so?"

"Of course. There's a real reason."

"The real reason?"

"Would everyone go after Jongnam?"


Danbyong Nip's voice was more determined than ever.

"If they're really after the West Bank, they won't end up organizing Jongnam's inner circle. Of course Hwa-young-moon will be the goal after us."


"So Hwajeongmun, or Hwasan, should join hands with us. Otherwise, shouldn't you fight the enemy alone?"

"I'm sure it is."

"It's too reckless and stupid. Even if we can win, we don't have a strong man to choose such a difficult path."Nam Jamyong nodded.


I don't really like bowing down to Hwasan, but...….

'Actually, that shield isn't common.'

I hate to see them, but you can't be more reliable if you'

"Good idea."

"Nam Mun-ju? Are you sure you want to do that's what you're going to do?"

Nam Jamyong said with a fishy smile.

"Of course, it hurts my pride. But if you can afford to lower your self-esteem and use it, why not?"

"Well, that's right."

Nam Jamyong shook his hand firmly as if nothing more to say.

"I'll be the one to bring in Hwasan, and the others will crack down on the gatekeepers. And Dan Moon-joo!

"Yes, Master Moon."

Danbyong Nip rose from his seat and approached Nam Jamyong.

"Come with me."

"I see."

There was no further delay. He left the room with Danbyong Nip.

Then he walked silently for a moment and hinted.

"Hwasan, will you please help us?"

"They can't help but help us."

"Why? What I said isn't everything?"

"Because they are political factions."

"…That's all?"

Danbyong Nip gave a slightly complicated smile at Nam Mun-ju, who was slightly frowning.

"It sounds obvious, but there's a lot to it. What would the people of the West Bank think of them if they were to stand by even though the Sapa invaded them?"

Nam Jamyong, who had been listening, nodded. Danbyong Nip goes on.

"Of course, you'll hear some bad news, but eventually they'll help us out. Then we can put them as shields to stop the enemy's army, and we can drive them out again later on."

Nam Jamyong rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Then all I have to do is lower my head."

"The lower the posture, the better. A giant does not spare his knees if necessary."

"Ha ha ha. Then where do you want to be a giant?"

Nam Jamyong smiled pleasantly.

But they didn't know.

Whasan is, of course, a political faction, but it is not the one they know who leads him.



"Oh, I mean. Did we?


Nam Jamyong's cheeks began to tremble.

So did he, the young man with the bottle of alcohol, lying halfway down on the table, kept giggling at them.

The expression of accusation on the face was so blatant that I couldn't say anything.

"Hahaha. You're making a funny joke. Hahahahaha!"


Nam Jamyong's face is horribly distorted.

Staring sideways, Danbyong Nip, who was confident that Hwasan would help them, slipped away. Nam Jamyong closed his eyes tightly.

Then Chung-Myung, a young man who was drinking with a sound of disgust, shouted.

"Sasook! Get the salt!"

"Spray it on these people?"

"What are you talking about? Spray it at the entrance, man!"

Once in a while, it was Chung-Myung who thought Baek Cheon was worse than me.