Chapter - 378 Episode 378. You did such a great job. (3)

"Oh, don't push me!"

"I'll be in line up! The string!

"I'm not ashamed to look at you, Mr. Wasans! Get in line!"

The next morning.

Cloudy crowds gathered in front of Hwagyeongmun, which opened the door.

He never said he would take his student again, but those who wanted to enter were camped in front of Hwayeongmun as soon as the sun rose.

"There! I'm not going to let anyone cut in line!"

"Well, there are not many students that Hwagyeongmun can accommodate, so you don't have to be in a hurry!"

"Oh! Don't cut in line, please!"

And Hwasan's disciples were busy controlling the crowd.



Chung-Myung smiled brightly and put the bottle in his mouth.

I'm going to the worst one.


I don't even need a snack.

Seeing people gathering after a sip of alcohol makes me feel more refreshed than drinking pure water in the valley water.

"That's all money, that's all."

Hyun Young burst into laughter when he heard that.

"Ha ha ha. Money, you son of a b*tc*."

"Isn't it?"

"A lot of money."


"It doesn't end once, but it comes in steadily once a month!"

"…Calm down, Elder."

He's better than me when I see him once in a while.

……I understand as long as it's in my heart.

Now that all Jongnam's inner family has fled, Hwayeongmun is the only place to learn martial arts in the West Bank.

Nam Jamyong, who still has lingering feelings, seems to be trying to do something, but the public sentiment is that once you leave, you never come back.

"This is a monopoly!"

"All that's left is rake money in!"

Chung-Myung and Hyun Young looked at each other and giggled.

And Baek Cheon and the crowd shook their heads at the scene.

"…Living in private."


"Don't you think you should like it better if you've given them a common name?"


"Yes, boarding house."

"Those two...…. No, one person and one person should not be understood from a normal perspective."

"…I'll keep that in mind."

In fact, that's what I'm saying, but my smile didn't go away from their mouths either.

Jo-Gol, in particular, looked still excited even until the sun rose.

'That's why strong people collaborate.'

Helping someone and receiving their grateful eyes was a touching experience that was hard to put into words.

For Jo-Gol, who couldn't understand what he was saying even though he had written in the conduit, last night was a big shock.

It was Jo-Gol who now understood a little why Yun-Jong tried to save the people by committing such a foolish act.

Not only that, but also the faces of other disciples showed an indisputable sense of pride.

Of course...



……except those two.


"My way...…."


"Oh, no. Nothing."

Jo-Gol shook his head slightly.

It's too early. Yet

But like Chung-Myung said, you'll have to think more and think more. Someday he'll be walking his own path.

Isn't that a province?

While the disciples were thinking about many things, Chung-Myung and Hyun Young were busy calculating their income by watching the crowd.

"By the way, the reaction is better than I thought."

"I know. I didn't think about this much."

The two people looked around with a slightly curious look, and suddenly a heavy voice came from behind their backs."It's because of the painting of Baek Cheon, the Hwajeong sword."


When Chung-Myung turned around, Hong Dae Kwang stood proudly with a solemn face.

"Hwasan's review is rumored to be the best in the world, and it's probably all over the West Bank. But people don't fully believe what they haven't seen with their own eyes. Besides, it can be a fluke once. But this proved not to be a fluke."

Hong Dae Kwang straightened his shoulders as if he was more proud of me.

Chung-Myung nodded pleasedly.

"When there's a fight, I can't even see my nose out, but I'm putting pressure on my shoulders as if we were fighting together after the fight. I'm going to fold my shoulders!"

"…I, I'm not a fighter. Besides, if you guys lose, we'll have to get reinforcements...…."

"You lose?"

Chung-Myung blinked his eyes.

"Are those eyes holes? Who's going to lose?"

"Cough, cough.

Perhaps because of the crime, Hong Dae Kang coughed loudly and quickly avoided the eye contact.

Who would have imagined that Baek Cheon's seal would break the bad reputation!

It wouldn't have been predictable even if it was an open ark, not him.

"I, if I thought you guys were going to lose, I would have already run away yesterday."

"Because your feet are fast. I'm sure you were confident that you'd run away even later."


Hong Dae Kwang quickly changed the subject.


"Well, since Hwasan caught that Joksado Yoppyyong, the Hawsan Postman's performance is a complete test."

He fixed his eyes on Hyun Young, turning a blind eye to Chung-Myung, who was desperately criticized.

"In fact, this may not be the case for Hwasan, but if this had happened at other gates, it would have been a mess by now. He, who is only a two-time disciple, has found a reputable enemy."

Hong Dae-wang spat and spoke enthusiastically, as if he didn't like their simple attitude.

"This kind of achievement is a great event to be nominated right away for the next generation of the First People in the World. So Hwasan's performance is now proven."



Suddenly, Chung-Myung gestured as if to be quiet.

"Don't be ridiculous. No one can take responsibility if our colleague gets wind in his lungs. You're still a jerk. What are you talking about?"


What's he really thinking about?

Hong Dae Kwang, who was deeply impressed by Chung-Myung's face against the enemy squad yesterday, was now falling vertically again.

No matter how good the fight is, Chung-Myung is Chung-Myung.


Hong Dae Kwang, who coughed in vain, changed his voice.

"On the other hand, there will be a lot of risks."

"Did you say danger?"

"Yes, Elder. So far, Hwasan hasn't made a big enemy."

"If Jong-nam's kids listen to it, they'll rip off a door of bongmun and froth.""

But Hong Dae Kwang smiled a little vaguely.

"Jongnam is a political faction, so even if there is a relationship, we won't rush into each other's extinction. Because there's a position. But everyone's room is different. They don't have anything to protect."

Hong Dae Kwang took a deep breath and continued.

"In addition, the universal room is one of those who misrepresents the world no matter what anyone says. In fact…… it's still hard for Hwasan to deal with.""Well, that's right."

Although I hit it because it is not something I can give up on, the whole room is definitely a scary opponent.

Even if the enemy forces were defeated neatly, there are more than five armed forces in the room, and there are masters who do not necessarily lead the battalion.

Including those in charge of various special duties, the number easily surpasses that of Jongnam, and their power is comparable to that of the clans belonging to the old faction.

As HWASAN, who still needs to grow up more, he is a burden to fight right now.

"That's the only way they're sapa cubs."



"Oh, no."

Hong Dae Kwang shook his head shut.

All right. Well.

What am I gonna say to you?

"And you don't have to worry so much about the Sapa pups."

"How come?"

"They don't do things that are not profitable."


"They are loyal to themselves, so they talk about it, but they don't sweat a drop of sweat when it comes to no money and no gain. If they had grit, they wouldn't have become Sapa."


No, it's not that wrong to say...….

"What's the benefit of those bastards coming to the island and playing against Hwasan? What kind of place is Hwasan. Isn't it the only area you have that's a small chord, and the building is on top of the barren Hwasan in the middle?"

"He, he is."

"You're going to come with the headquarters to eat there? They? Hey."

Chung-Myung smiled and waved his hands.

"If they wriggle, I'll get my hands on them."

"Well, you have a point, but unless Hwasan is stuck in the harmony of the Isles, one day it will be a problem."

"Why is that a problem for us?"


"If we're not stuck in harmony, they'll be nervous. I'm going to hit the raw fish."


Chung-Myung distorted his face as if he were slightly annoyed.

"Oh, I'm angry again. Did I put up with it too much because the kids were watching? If you have a temper, you need to grind it and give it to me with manure."


It was Hong Dae Kwang, who vowed not to be enemies with him no matter what.


Roughly organizing the conversation, Hong Dae Kang saw people flocking as if they were feeling new.

"There were so many ups and downs, you've got the West Bank anyway, Hwasan The Dragon."

I couldn't help but admire it.

It's said to be ups and downs, but it didn't take too long. Considering that it has only been 15 days since Hwayeongmun was created, Chung-Myung has completely calmed down the West Bank just a month after the fire came in.

"There won't be any roughness until Jong-nam comes out of the gate."

"It's the same when you open the envelope."


Chung-Myung shook the bottle and grinned.

"We can't run it in just one place when it's crowded here. I'm going to buy all the angles next to me, push them away, and expand them."

"…more here?"

"You have to row when the water comes in."

"At this rate, Hwagyeongmun will be bigger than Jongnam."

"Sure thing."

Chung-Myung shrugs his shoulders.

"Anyway, by the time those bastards unwrap the gate, they'll have no needle in the west. You're gonna have to hit the ground and make me regret it!"

"…What did Jong-nam do so wrong to you?""A day is not enough, so to speak."

One day is really not enough.

Thinking about it makes me angry again. You bastards!


"What are you drawing? We have to go back."

"All of them?"

Chung-Myung nodded.

"Hwamundo, if your skills get better, you'll lose it without hesitation. The reason why we created the shorthand in the first place is because we want to be influential even if we don't have our own property, but if we're stuck here, it's Jugaekjeon."

"…I don't think it'll be enough just to write in English."

Chung-Myung shook his head firmly at the worried murmur.

"Don't ignore it."


"The power of a shorthand comes not from force, but from pride in one's real estate. The reason Jongnam's family became so helpless is not because of his lack of power. The subtle distrust of Jongnam made the situation that far."


Hong Dae Kwang looked at Chung-Myung with admiration once again.

I think he's usually crazy, but there are times when he gets to the point like this.

"Hwasan's power is no longer weak, as he saw it with his eyes and was right next to him to defeat the enemy forces. You may not have enough force now, but it will be solved soon. If you really want to help Hwa Youngmoon, you should not stick together, but go back to your hometown and make Hwasan's reputed."

"It's a theory!"

Hong Dae Kwang nodded coolly.

Hong Dae Kwang, the largest force in the world, now knows what Chung-Myung is saying better than anyone else.

The increase in the opening tax was not when the branch officials were excellent, but when they issued a threat to the world.

After all, the important thing is to get people together. It is no exaggeration to say that everything depends on the reputation of the family.

"All right."


"I'll help you."


"Don't worry. I'll spread it to the world that within 15 days, the Hwajeong sword has knocked down the Jeoksado Island! Even those who live in the mountains will know the name of Hwajeong Sword!"

"……Uh, wait a minute. The……."

"If it helps Hwasan, of course it does!"

"Well, I don't think that's necessarily a good thing."

"Tsk tsk tsk. What's wrong with you like a baby?"


Chung-Myung opened his eyes firmly as if he had made a big decision.



"The fire sword or something."


"Other than that, I heard that Dong-Aeng is also called Oryong or something."

"It's a term that I don't use very often anymore. But why?"

"Let's change it to a collegue."


"So every time I hear the sign, every time my name rings, I'll be a little humble."


"It's good for each other. giggle giggle."

No matter how hard I think about it...….

This bastard is clearly the devil.