Chapter - 382 Episode 382. Ghosts die and humans die. (2)

"…I feel like I'm going to die."

"Me, too."

Wasan's disciples, whose shading came down to the tip of their jaws because it was dark under their eyes, sighed deeply as they looked at each other.

How do you sleep? There's a ghost!'

'My heart drops when the wind blows.'

I'm trying not to care as much as I can, but where would a person's heart go?

There were already more than five people who witnessed ghosts. I couldn't help feeling anxious.

"That's a real ghost."

Chung-Myung couldn't straighten his face to pay.

It's already been trying to find the ghost's track for a few days, but strangely, the ghost didn't appear only to Chung-Myung.

Even though three more ghosts have already been seen since Cheongbong collapsed with bubbles in his mouth.

"Only if it's not a real ghost."

Does it make sense that Chung-Myung can't find it when his students see it?

"…Well, this kind of thing."

Hyun Young, who sat on the bench, sighed as if he was in trouble.

"The Mundos are agitated."

"Is it in English?"

"Yes, the new kids I got this time...…."


At the words of Wirip San, Hyun Young pressed his temples as if he was in trouble.

Who's most afraid of ghosts?

It is of course children.

Even adults were horrified when they said ghosts, but children could not be calm even after hearing such rumors.

"I'm trying to stop the rumor, but...…."

"That's what you get caught for. Two things that a person cannot grasp with his or her hands are horses and ghosts."

But now it's both bothering Hwagyeongmun at the same time.

That's why Hyun Young's stomach is upset.

How can there be no day for the wind to sleep like this much?

It was then.



Jo-Gol, who stormed through the door, ran with a bright face.

"Elders, don't worry! I've found a solution!"


Hyun Young sprang up from his seat at an unexpected remark.

"What do you mean, a solution? What did you do?"

"Wow! I'm Jo-Gol, Jo-Gol! I'm the only one who can solve things! I've searched the West Bank and brought in the bravest shaman! Now that ghost is over...…."

"Hey, you crazy man!"

Hyun Young hit Jo-Gol on the head with the teacup he was holding.


In the wind, Jo-Gol couldn't scream long and fell like a frog on the spot.

Hyun Young screamed as he saw him twitching.

"Which conduit calls a shaman because a ghost came out! It would make more sense to ask Confucius to teach me the Analects while holding a Confucian scholar passing by! I'm afraid it'll spread, so send it back now!"

It was Hyun Young who didn't realize that at some point, his hands went out before his words.

"Oh, yeah.

Jo-Gol grabbed his head and murmured as if he were innocent.

"Woo, we can't figure it out."

Speechless Hyun Young smiled for a moment and sighed.

Hwasan was also introduced in the past.

Of course, since Hwasan is a place with a strong tendency for shorthand, compared to other doors, the number of left-hand rooms dealing with the art of liquor was insignificant.

But it is true that it has been said anyway.

However, as Mahyo was born and concentrated on making a living immediately, no injection of Gyeongmyeon and Goehwangji were found in Hwasan.

"Well, there was nothing to do with sorcery in the non-paid class that I recovered.…."

Hyun Young was busy thinking, and suddenly someone cut off his troubles in a cheerful voice."Hey! Why do you need that?"


Chung-Myung was shaking his head and kicking his tongue.

"What era is this? Such a monster god!"


We're the big guns. You punk.

What if a guy flying in the sky with a knife said that?

"No, what if the people you're dealing with are afraid of ghosts? Are you afraid of ghosts? I'm a hundred times more scared of people!"

"……You can do that, but isn't it a problem because the disciples of Hwagyeongmun are scared? I'm afraid I'm the new...…."

"Don't be so nervous about that. This isn't some kind of demonstration! You can't come in and out when you want to!"

Since Chung-Myung has already watched his disciples enter and leave several times, it was no good to see him like that again.

"So shouldn't we solve it quickly?"


Chung-Myung scratched his head.

Until now, most of the challenges have been solved with strong fists and firm cowards. But this job literally doesn't work.

Jo-Gol, who was watching the situation, shouted proudly.

"As long as I'm here!"


"Why don't you move your entire angle?"


Everyone looked blankly at Jo-Gol.

"…It hasn't even been a month since we built it."

"You have to be cool-headed. Isn't it a haunted house in the first place? Would you have let go of the people who lived here first? I'm sure you've tried everything. But how do we solve things that we haven't solved yet?"


"So I'd rather quickly abandon the vestibule and buy a new one……."

Then Yoon-jong smiled and grabbed Jo-Gol's shoulder.



"Don't show off your rich son and shut up. Before I turn my mouth away."

Yoon-Jong's voice was mixed with subtle anger.

"Anyway, the son of a family!"

"It's a waste of money! I thought it was a waste of money!"

"Don't you dare!"

Jo-Gol shut up like a clam in the face of a torrent of criticism.

"Oh, no, Sang-do is supposed to be thrown away quickly...…."



"Shut up."


Jo-Gol quickly floats as even Baek Cheon frowned. Definitely, he seemed to throw away opinions quickly.

Chung-Myung shook his head as he saw it.

"No, isn't this what happened in the first place when you were all alone? Why do you keep going around alone when I'm told to pair up?"

"…What are you going to do when you're going to pee in the morning?"

"It doesn't even wake me up."

"Well, what about the Yoo accident?"


Chung-Myung is speechless.

'Yeah, definitely not like this.'

After a moment of agonizing, he looked at me. As time goes by, there will be no way but for the disciples who have gathered as much as they can, or to resell the war.

But the ghost comes out and there is another ghost in the newly built pavilion. Who would pay for it?

The Hwasanian masters have run away, haunted war!

Chung-Myung looked up as if he had made up his mind.

"I can't help it."


"There's no way a real ghost can do it, so I think we should recognize each other."

"You're abandoning this place?"

"Well, is there a way?"

"No, it's him.…."

He swept his chin down with a serious face.

"Jo-Gol the death penalty isn't so wrong. You have to cut out what you'really. If there are rumors that we can't solve a ghost while we're clumsily holding out here, the trust we've earned may be destroyed. I'd rather get out with a good excuse.""Do you have an excuse?"

"Well…. There's a lot to be around. I need to get more students so I can move to a bigger garden."

"Well, I'm sure I can run away without much doubt."

"It's important to keep the disciples in check."

"It's not that difficult. Rumor has it that people in the West Bank still believe in Hwayeongmun."

Jo-Gol pouted his mouth as the horse came out at this point.

"When I said it, everyone cursed."

"Close it."

"Mouth! Whoops!"

Jo-Gol with the most resentful expression in the world went to the corner and squatted down. But unfortunately no one paid attention to him like that.


Chung-Myung says with a frown.

"First of all, find a place to sleep right now."

"Right from today?"

"……I think I should do that, given the death penalty and the fact that the people who live in the company are not comfortable with it's"

Then, everyone who couldn't sleep well because of the ghost nodded with difficulty as the shading went down to the tip of their chin.

But Hyun Young still seemed to have something going on.

"It will not be easy to find a man of this size overnight."

"No. No, Elder. There are so many people left."


Chung-Myung grinned coolly.

"There's a jangwon from Jongnam who packed his things and left. It's empty without its owner."

"It's not that there's no owner, it's that he's gone.…."

"That's what it is."

Hyun Young nodded slightly blankly for now.

And I seriously thought that I should teach Chung-Myung some common sense in the world one day.

"Is there any problem with using empty manuscripts? If you don't like it, tell them to come and argue."

"Yes, if you say so, no one will come."

They have to live.


Chung-Myung, who solved the problem of sleeping in a cool way, is a bit bitter.

"I've never stepped down before an enemy in my life.…. I didn't think I'd run away because of course."

"A step back for this step forward."

"You're not moving forward!"

Chung-Myung shouts and sighs soon after.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it."

I would do anything if there was an enemy in front of me and a knife was stuck in front of me, but now I couldn't be sure that the enemy would be stabbed in front of me without seeing the enemy.

"Because I can't fight ghosts. Now that it's like this, move fast. People need to sleep!"



"Oh, no."

Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung in wonder.

"I thought you'd be the one who couldn't sleep because of ghosts."

"……I thought I'd slap you on the head and put you to sleep."

"I thought I was going to roll all day because I had energy left and I couldn't sleep."


Chung-Myung opened his mouth shaking his face.

"Do you want me to do whatever you want?"

"Oh, no!"

"I'll find out right now!"

Everyone ran away like a shot. Chung-Myung sighed again as he looked at the back.

"Well, it's not working."

"What can I do? This is beyond human control."

"Yes, first of all...… First of all, we need to calm down the new students. I don't know if it's Hwasan, but you have to be careful with the English."

Chung-Myung smacked his lips and looked at the former as if he was sad.


In the darkest shadow of the pavilion created by the rising sun.

Not too far away, an unidentified eye was still watching Chung-Myung's sagging shoulders.The night has come without fail.

The war angle of Hwagyeongmun, where all the people had left, was very pathetic. The cold wind rattled the doors with a creaking sound.

There were not even small animals at the war angle where all of Hawsan's disciples had escaped.

Only the moonlight illuminated the surroundings.

How much time has passed?

Just a little by little.

Something began to wander in the dark shadows.

At first, the faint movement seemed to grow a little bigger, but soon something hazy began to move in the wind.


The hazy shape that landed between Korea and China in Jangwon was slightly shaken. Soon after, he slowly began to move toward the largest war angle in Jangwon.

The figure stopped moving in front of the tightly closed door of the war angle.

each angle

The big latch was neatly cut off and the door opened wide. The hazy shape moved into the fore angle as if it were floating open.



The ghost, who entered the hall, appeared to be thinking about something a couple of times.

But he felt the figure shrank for a moment, and soon the floor began to tear away.

"…...for God's sake."

A dreary voice leaked out slightly.

As the wooden floor was torn off and the soil was exposed, the milky splash became more and more intense. At the same time, the floor began to carve violently.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Soil and gravel quickly dug up and made a small mountain between Korea and China. The speed of digging the floor became faster and faster.

It was just when the ghost was digging down the floor for a long time.

"It's something to live and see for a long time."

The sudden voice stopped the ghost's movement.

And began to falter with apparent embarrassment.

"I've never seen a ghost digging in my life. Why? Dig a grave and go back?"

The front door, which had been closed, opened wide and Chung-Myung walked in grinning.


"Is it a real ghost?"

"There's no way."

"So what the hell is that?"

Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, who entered the big window, grinned and blocked the window, and Baek Cheon blocked the other door.

The escape route was sealed off in an instant...….

"Who's that?"

Chung-Myung frowned at the end of the door.

Then Yoo-Esul hid himself behind the door and stuck his eyes out.

"…Ears, ghosts."

"Don't you block it straight? Come on!"

There was a brief creak, but anyway, Chung-Myung, who completely blocked his way out, began to approach the ghost.

He grinned as he saw the raging ghost.

"I don't know who you are, but...…."

Curvy eyes were gradually twinkling as if they were funny.

"Ghosts die, men die!"