Chapter - 390 Episode 390. If I had to die, I'd be the first to die. (5)


Chung-Myung's feet hit the ground with all their might.


At the same time, the ground exploded like an explosion, and his body shot across the ground and ran away.

"Gasp! Gasp!"

Then, after him, Baek Cheon and Hong Dae Kang clenched their teeth.

Chung-Myung would have kept up with them normally, but now he couldn't afford to. Even at this moment, someone might be collapsing in Hwasan spraying blood.


Chung-Myung bit his lips without realizing it. Finally, the blood from the torn lips was scattered on the face of the droplets.

I've seen enough of that already.

Even if he dies, he can't see the scene again.

How am I supposed to deal with that deep sense of helplessness and the burning of the soul again?

"I was complacent.

The world never flows as Chung-Myung expects.

If he had been able to work with the world on his palm, the death penalty would not have died at the top of the d*mn 100,000 mountain.

I knew it.


Tendons sprang out of his jaw.


Chung-Myung's head turned at the sound of a call from behind.

'Even if you cry, you can't delay it any longer.….'

"Don't worry about us, run more!"


Baek Cheon shouted loudly with a white face.

"I'll follow you even if I die. You don't have to fit us!"


Chung-Myung nodded slightly and turned his eyes forward again. The clenched fist gave me more strength.

"It's going faster!"

"Got it!"

Chung-Myung's speed is even higher. At the same time, the group squeezed out all the strength they had been breastfeeding and followed him closely.

Running at full speed, Yoo-Esul's gaze did not fall from Chung-Myung's back.

I could feel it just by looking at it like this.

How angry he is now. How urgent you are you are.


It is not just that.

You look like a crying child.'

Yoo-Esul, who stared at his back without saying a word, bit his lips.

'It's not the time to think otherwise.'

Wasan is in danger. I didn't want to imagine the death penalty or the situation in which a long writer lost his life.

Other death penalty cases desperately kicked the floor as Yoo-Esul stepped up his performance.

"Hurry up!"

Wasan, surrounded by clouds, was getting closer and closer.

* * *


The gate made of hardwood was smashed and debris flew everywhere.


Talmyongdanchang Sonwol took a step through the hazy dust. Walking into Hawsan's prose, he quietly swept around.

"…What is it? Is that it?"

Then he slightly distorted his face.

In front of the wide-ranging practice, there was a line of Hawasan's doorways. However, there were only about a hundred people by any count.

Aren't they more likely to have their own?

"I can't believe I'm sending you to catch some of these little fish. Are you getting dementia from both sides of the military?"

"Watch your mouth."

That's right away.

Do Kyulso walked in slowly behind him.

"And don't look down on them. If you don't want to be in the same shape as the enemy."

"Where do you bring that jerk?"

"One in a million."

Do Kyulso twisted his lips and looked at Hawasan's doorways.

"If that happens, you won't die beautifully, either. I'll have to face the wrath of the ark.""…a terrible sound."

"You're not wrong."

Yado trudged into the prose with a smile on his face. He was followed by the armed forces of all men.

"I can't let my guard down every time, but isn't it the situation? The ark seems to be angry, so I'll do my best when I catch a rabbit."

The Asylum Squad glared at Yado and Do Kyulso with a look of disapproval.

"You're talking like a horse."

It was a blatant hostility, but the two people did not pay much attention.

"More than that…… there seems to be a big shot coming out there."

That buck.

Hwasan's long story, Hyun Jong, walked slowly in front of Hwasan's disciples. Then he opened his mouth heavy.

"They're not polite. If you broke the door of someone else's house, you should apologize first."

The defector slowly twisted his head and looked at Hyun Jong. Glittery flesh headed for Hyun Jong.

"Is the old man a long storyteller of Hwasan?"

"That's right. It's called Hyun Jong."

"Hhh, it's an honor to meet Hwasan's last writer, isn't it?"

Hyun Jong's eyebrows were slightly wobbly.

"They haven't really learned how to do they?"

The defector raised his finger and scratched his forehead.

"Don't give me that sermon. I don't really like listening to sermons in the first place and...…."

Then he tapped a band-aid around his waist.

"I don't have a hobby of being preached by an old man who's about to die."

Much more blatant than before began to stab Hyun Jong. However, Hyun Jong's expression did not change at all while receiving the murder head-on.

"Ho-ho? That's pretty strong. It's a long storyline of a door-to-door faction that's all falling down."

"Aging is...…."


Hyun Jong said calmly.

"I'm going through a lot. So that there is no surprise about small and trivial things."

"… old man……!"

Just as the defector was about to have a seizure, Yado took a couple of steps forward.

"That's a good word."

And I smiled and faced Hyun Jong.

"But that's what you have to say after you survive today, right? It's ridiculous to talk about the experience of being decapitated."

Hyun Jong stared at him quietly.

There was a young glow around the slightly wrinkled eyes.

Slightly suppressed by his calm and heavy spirit, Yado unconsciously grasped Do and hardened his face.

"We're erasing Hwasan today under the orders of Jang Nilso, the defeated army of all nations. Regret and regret when you die for dashing to touch everyone."

"All of us?"


Hyun Jong's sword slowly came out.

The figure of Hyun Jong, who slowly stretched a sword in one hand, was as solid as an old pine tree that grew on the top of the mountain.

"Where do you think this is?"


Hyun Jong's voice slowly spread.

"This is Hwasan. It's not a place for all men to lift their necks. It is a place where our ancestors who have kept the negotiations in good faith are young. A group of sapas is not a place to put mud feet."

Soon Hyun Jong's sword slowly pointed at Yado.

"If you put down your weapons and step down, I will show you mercy. But if you want to fight to the end, don't blame my sword for a heartless blow."

Yado's eyes have faded.

"…I wish I could be as good as that."

Anger smeared from the twisted mouth.

"Get out of my way!"

But then the defector pushed Yado forward.


With a short pagong sound, he could hear two bars hanging from the waist of the defector's"Don't worry, old man. I won't kill you. Watch each and every one of your disciples die. You're the last one to give me a hole in my neck."

"No one dies until I die."


The eyes of the defector's spear glistened with flesh.

"Kill them all!"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

The men of the defection band, who were waiting at the back, raged loudly at Hwasan's disciples.

"Unam! Unsword!"


Unam and Ungum greeted the warriors of the bayonet who led their disciples.

"Hyun Sang!"

"Yes! Long story!"

"Don't let them go wild!"


Hyun Sang pulled out the sword without delay and rushed forward.

At the same time, Hyun Jong's eyes sank.

His eyes were on Yado, staring at him.

'We have to stop him.'

The battle of power is half the role of an absolute master. If those three archbishops are left to fly, there's no chance of winning for Hwasan.


Can you do it?

With an old body.

When did you put the sword on the pretext of leading Hwasan?

That buck.

My heart was filled with excitement. My fingertips have been cold, and my legs have been shaking slightly.



I'm so afraid. But…….

"I'm sure you know that you're no match for me. You're doing a good job. With those trembling legs."

Hyun Jong replied with a stiff face to Yado's


"…… hmm?"

There are times when you have to step up even if you are afraid."


"Come on, evil enemy of all people. I will engrave on you what Hwasan's sword is like."

Yado twisted his face and laughed.

"Let's take a look at the magnificent Hwasan sword."

His body jumped at Hyun Jong like a ray of light.

Love, love, love and sorrow!


I managed to stop the flying do with a sword. However, the weight and strength of the sword seemed to break at any moment.

'Go, you're strong.'

The face of the three great disciples, Cheonghwa, has been distorted.

I could only feel the strength of the opponent by exchanging numbers. Even if the reaction was a little late, he would have already collapsed spraying blood.

He managed to block it, but the situation was not good either.

That play!

The opponent came down with force. My wrists twisted and my legs wobbled.

"Hhh, you little bastards."

I could see the opponent's face behind the sword and province. Looking at the grim life-splitting face, I felt that I was really fighting for my life.

It was dark before my eyes.

Can we do it?

Did he?

Not Chung-Myung or Baek Cheon, but can he fight the warriors of one of those Shin Juopae?

Uh, when are you coming?'

Chung-Myung은? And Baek Cheon?

Can you hold on?

Until they arrive?

"Hhhhhh! How dare you blasphemy!"


A strong history came from the road facing the sword. Chung-hwa's legs were suddenly bent by the shock of the moment.

"You're thinking differently about this old man in front of you? I'll kill yourself!

A strong shot fell on his head that had been pushed back.


Cheonghwa, who predicted death, opened her eyes wide.

That's unstoppable...….


At that time, however, a loud explosion broke out and the island, which was flying into the head of a blue flower, bounced off at a high speed.

Cheonghwa, who didn't understand the sudden change in the situation, opened her mouth blankly.

Someone grabbed him by the arm like that."Get up."

"Oh, my lord!"

Before he knew it, Ungum raised him up and slowly moved forward without even giving him a look.

"Don't doubt it."


"You're also Hwasan's examiners who overcame the hard training. Don't be suspicious of yourself. And don't lean on me!"

Ungum's voice rang loudly.

"How long are you going to look at their backs? How long are you going to wait for them to lead you? Believe in what you've done, believe in what you've done! And!"

Ungum walked out with a sword.

"I'm going to give those who came back a hell of a smile. Don't you think so?"

There was no time to answer.

Ungum went forward and cut down the warriors of the bayonet who rushed in.

It is fast, accurate, and also serious.

His sword, such as the textbook of Hwasan School of Science, also violated the enemy.

"Oh, my lord!"

"Don't back off!"

Fungal screamed as he pushed his enemies hard.

"If you can't do it alone, protect each other's backs! If you can't take it down, start with holding out! That's enough!"

The hand of Cheonghwa, who grabbed the sword, gained strength.

Me, too!

He clenched his lips and stood firm on his two legs.

It's Hawasan's inspection.'

Even if you can't defeat the enemy, you can't show an unseemly appearance!


Ungum's sword stabbed and cut the enemy without hesitation.

In front of his sword, which took ten shots in a blink of an eye, those who rushed were forced to falter.


"Rain, d*mn it! Quick!"

Ungum's sword stabbed the shoulders of all the people and sprinkled blood on them.


When he stepped back, the ungum, which had been neatly cut down to his thigh, lowered his posture and stabbed the sword again.

In terms of the sword, Unkum was one of the top three players in Hwasan. There was no adversary in the same allocation.

In total, Hyun Sang, the footless owner, is better than him at best.

The funeral prosecutor knew that better than anyone else.

'I have to.'

These people here are inexperienced.

Aside from their skills, they have never experienced a real game. When such children are swept away by the atmosphere, they fail to show half of their skills and collapse.

So he had to do it unconditionally.

If he defeats his enemies in the lead, the children watching from behind will be brave enough to face them.

"Stay calm! Keep your head cold!"

It was when Ungum was about to cut off the enemy in front of him and shout.


With the sound of something spinning loudly, a tremendous amount of energy flew toward the fortune-telling sword.


Ungum turned over without turning his head.


The hem of the shoulder was torn off, and the skin of the face cracked long and gave off blood.

Like this.

When he got off the floor, Woon-gum turned his head with a nervous face.

"You know, there's a guy in Hwasan who can do it, right?"

a group of defectors

Holding a short dagger in both hands, he shook his head and was approaching the ungum.

"If I kill you, it'll be easy."

"That's what they're going to say."

"Hhhhhhh, the masters have quite a big mouth."

Blood stood in the eyes of the defrauded spear.

"I'll put a spear in your mouth!"

A single spear, which was spinning violently in his hand, was shot at the chest of the ungum in an instant.