Chapter - 391 Episode 391. You won't die beautifully. (1)

The sword, which had been bent in a lush manner, flooded the enemy like it bounced back.


But the sharp-minded black man was blocked by his black hands and bounced helplessly.

Oh, my God!

Hyun Sang's face hardened quickly.

Do Kyulso's arm, black to the shoulders, shone eeriely.

Hyun Sang's plum sword, which can tear steel like a sheet of paper, could not even leave a scratch on that blackened arm.

'Is this the great pay of the crowd?'

There are a dozen armed forces in the bay. Each archdiocese is a powerful force representing the universal population.

Although there are plenty of ark, elder class, and non-dae strongmen on top of it, those in charge of the majority position mean that they are at least one of the top 20 strongest people in the world.

"He's the master of the bay on par with the old file room.'

A strange feeling rose.

Hyun Sang is Hwasan's footless drink.

Chung-Myung, who has now far surpassed him, is the man who did not let go of Hwasan's top position until he entered the country.

But now Hyun Sang was having a hard time dealing with one of the largest crowds.

If Chung-Myung wasn't the one he took care of, he might have already fallen to the floor with a cold body.


He exhaled for a long time.

My wrist is cold, my waist is tight. Unlike his old age, Do Kyulso still had vivid youth ahead of him.

But the reason Hyun Sang can't step down is...….

To protect your disciples? Or to carry on the name Hwasan?

I don't know.

Perhaps such a vain story means nothing.

He is different from Hyun Jong. I couldn't love my disciples so much.

And it's different from Hyun Young. Hyun Young would easily throw his life for Hwasan, but he couldn't do it for him so blindly.

He's just...

"You seem to have a lot on your mind."

Hyun Sang's eyebrows wriggled slightly at Do Kyulso's words.

The composure of the enemy's face made Hyun Sang's fingertips numb.

Do Kyulso kicked his tongue.

"It's a pity to be old. If we had met a dozen years earlier, it would have been a good game."

Hyun Sang smiled unavoidably.

The enemy's words penetrated the chest sharply. To the point where my heart aches.

"If you give up, you can kill it beautifully."

Hyun Sang looked at Do Kyulso with gloomy eyes at the conciliatory, not the last conciliatory.

What a ridiculous thing to do.

"I understand."

Hyun Sang raised his sword and aimed at Do Kyulso.

"What does the man in front of you look like?"


"An old scapegoat who's worn out by old age, or an old man who's been escorted under the false pretense of an elder of Hwasan?"

Maybe it's not all wrong.


"Keep that in mind your own business."

Inhaling deeply, he glared at Do Kyulso with his eyes.

"Standing in front of you is the history of Hwasan."

Hyun Jong had to protect Hwasan. Hyun Young managed to keep Hwasan from going under.

And Hyun Sang just dug into Hwasan's ignorance while they shed tears of blood.

Do I look comfortable at ease?

Don't we just have to learn how to do nothing?

That's ridiculous.

He begged and begged Hyun Jong countless times.

I'd rather go down the mountain and make money. The learned martial arts are not that light, so it can help Hwasan by making not a small amount of money.Every time that happened, the answer was the same.

- You can stand up again without money. People are bound to pick up again one day. But if ignorance is cut off, no matter how prosperous it is, it is not Hwasan. Hyun Sang, you have to protect Hwasan's ignorance.

What someone has to do.

Learning, restoring, and developing dried-up Hwasan's martial arts.

Hyun Sang has walked to death on that path, which is as painful as fumbling with his fingertips in the darkness without a speck of light. And for decades.

Who understands the pain?

Who can guess the despair?

Hawasan's martial arts have now begun to bear fruit and make forests.

Then is Hyun Sang's role over?

Should old and sick trees just dry up looking at future generations?

"Did you say give up?"

There is nothing left.

Everything he had to protect has already been passed on to future generations. It is no longer his job to develop HWASAN's ignorance, nor is it his job to teach his children.

A flower that has played its role just falls down.


"I've never been allowed to give up in my life."

Hyun Sang chewed on his lips.

"I have no intention of dying and becoming manure. I don't intend to be a blueprint for children's future. I'm Hwasan's examination, even if I'm old and shabby. If I had to die, I'd just die of inspection."



There is only one thing to protect.

It's just pride.

"Come, the villain of the crowd. I'll tell you exactly what HWASAN's science is today."

Do Kyulso's eyes got cold.

"You're a good talker. Let's see if we can talk after that neck is pulled out."

Do Kyulso's hands are black. At the same time, a blade of air began to shoot out of his body.

Undergoing the devastating wave, Hyun Sang stood entirely on the ground.

What was in this sword?'


I've never thought that far. It just unfolds the sword that has been wielding and wielding for decades.

There's a flower in the old tree, right?'

So why wouldn't plum blossoms bloom on his sword?

The tip of Hyun Sang's sword trembled.

Like the flame that rekindled from the ashes, the plum blossoms began to bloom.

Something I couldn't let go of.

Hyun Sang has been agonizing over his problems since the day when Hwasan's twenty-fourth-purchase test returned.

He knows, too.

The limit is stark when he gets stronger at his age. Rather, teaching children at that time and supporting them could be of greater help to Hwasan.

But I couldn't let go.

He's a prosecutor.

It is a test that has lived with a sword all his life.

How can not be stronger be a reason not to train?


Do Kyulso's face hardened when he saw the plum blossoms blooming like fireworks.

"There you go!"

He charged, swinging his arms across like a storm. A flying plum hit his eagle and bounced off.

The plum blossoms, which rose in layers with the black storm, targeted each other, flying fragments of the sword in all directions.

The one who tries to pierce and the one who tries to stop.There was a tight race going on without yielding an inch.


The flying province was pushed away by the sword.

Hyun Jong, who opened his distance from Yado after a short collision, breathed deeply.

'That's strong.'

The opponent's ability was clearly superior to that. At best, I'm in a hurry to defend.

Hyun Jong, who stole sweat from his forehead with his fingertips, looked around with his sinking eyes.

'Not yet...'

Thanks to the performances of Ungum and Hyun Sang, they were not far behind.

No matter how full of spirit, it is true that Hwasan's disciples here are still lagging compared to the warriors in the crowd.

A war is half-fed and half-eaten.

Hyun Jong It was obvious that if the three men dealing with enemy opponents, including him, collapsed, the victim would rise sharply.

Hyun Sang. Ungum.

So the two of you have to drag the time out as much as possible. Until the children who heard from the West Bank came running.

Of course it won't be easy. At a glance, the Asylum Danchang and Do Kyulso's dance are better than Hyun Sang and Ungum.

But somehow...….

"I can't believe you can afford to turn around with me in front of you. Is that really Hwasan's long story?"


Hyun Jong's eyes slowly turned forward again.

Yado slapped his palm with the drawing.

"It's good to be relaxed, but why don't you think about my pride a little bit? Long story?

He was smiling with ease, but Hyun Jong couldn't get rid of his stiff face.

"This isn't the first time I've been dealing with a long story of a faction, but it's definitely the first time I've been dealing with a long story of a group about Hwasan. I hope you don't let me down."

Hyun Jong stared at Yado with a transparent look.

Ho Seungsim?

There is no such thing.


It's been a long time since I've thrown that away.

All that remains is the heavy responsibility and burden of being Hwasan's long writer.

"Did you say you couldn't kill anyone if you didn't?"

"It is."

"That sounds good, but!"

At that moment, Do in Yado's hand flew toward Hyun Jong like a ray of light.


And before Hyun Jong could react, he cut his chest long.

The front leaves cracked long and gave out clear blood.

a sheath wound

But what the wound meant was never light. He did not respond to the attack, whether he was careless or not. Doesn't this mean there is an extreme difference between Hyun Jong and Yado?

"It's meant to be done by the strong. Isn't that right, Jang Man?"

Hyun Jong glanced down and looked at his long chest.

'That's strong.'

A man who has lived on the enemy's death row.

When it comes to being cold-hearted, Hyun Jong is not the type to deal with.

I can't guarantee that Hyun Jong, who couldn't even train properly to revive Hwasan, would face Yado if he had studied his martial arts for the rest of his life?


"You are definitely stronger than me."

"You're well aware of that."

"But that's not why I have to step down."


Hyun Jong hung his sword still.

"Naturally, ignorance is not designed to compete for strength. In a world where natural competence cannot be helped, there is ignorance, and the weak are able to deal with the strong. In the end, ignorance means that the weak are the means to fight against the strong.""Ha ha."

Yado smiles with his teeth revealed.

"So you're going to deal with me from the underdog's point of view?"

Yado has grasped the province again.


The barrage of questions and answers flooded Hyun Jong's head.


The raised sword let the do go. However, it was difficult to fully handle the power, so Bikindo tore a handful of Hyun Jong's shoulder flesh.


As the blood spattered out, Hyun Jong's blackness quickly turned dark.

Two attacks.

And two wounds.

The difference in ability is well established.

"What you say is meaningful when you achieve it. Don't you think so?"

Yado said in two weeks.

"I'm sick and tired of the politicians talking. Because you always use ridiculous sophistry. But those guys cry with a good sound when they're about to be decapitated."

Then he smiled brutally at the blood on the road.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the long man cry with a certain sound!"

Yado's degree is stretched out once again.

The speed of a war of islands, and the power of a formidable force that doesn't match that speed.

It was a chaotic and rough path that was worthy of the nickname Yado, but its speed and strength remained to cover the shortcomings of the rough path.

The pottery was raging. Just as waves swirled in the sea facing the typhoon.

And Hyun Jong's posture in the face of the pouring pottery was not disturbed.


The shot that flew bounced off. However, it was impossible for Hyun Jong to stop all the attacks that were pouring in for the entire body.


I cut my forearm.


Blood spurted from the calf.


The lightly cut side quickly turned blood.

However, Hyun Jong's eyes were not shaken even once while he was being cut everywhere.

In an instant, bloodstained, he aimed at Yado, taking a stop tax. Then Yado, who had once made a stormy attack, stopped the attack with a subtle expression.

What's this guy?

At least five places were cut down by a short close race.

No matter how hard I look at it, the author is not his opponent.


"Don't you know how to feel pain?"

No matter how disciplined I am, I have been trained. You're gonna take the pain of losing weight like that?

This was impossible even for Yado, who had suffered countless injuries.

'No. That's a position I'm prepared to cut in the first place.'

Even if there are cuts all over the body, only the centerline is firmly blocked.

From the head to the groin, you don't die unless you cut where the center of your body passes.

But that's something you can't even try without a lot of mindfulness. You're not a wild man living in the fields after eating a knife, but an old man who has lived comfortably in the mountains shows that much greed?

"Did you say pain?"

But then, Hyun Jong opened his mouth calmly with a faded face.

"I don't know what kind of life you have lived, but I haven't been comfortable enough to feel the scars of this skin as pain."

His eyes sank horribly.

The pain carved into the body is not comparable to the pain of the collapse of the gate wave in front of one's eyes. The severed limbs will heal one day, but the rotten insides won't heal.

Those who have been guarding Hawsan came all the way here with the pain.In comparison, such a wound is not as simple as a scratch.

"You seem to misunderstand the long story."


"Long-written people are not respected at the top. Rather……."

Hyun Jong's low voice penetrated Yado's ear.

"It means the last one who holds on to the last one. You're strong enough to cut my flesh, but you can't cut my soul."

Hang in there.

Even if all the blood in the body escapes and only the shell remains.

Hyun Jong will never collapse until the last drop of his soul is gone.

'I still have work to do.'

So you can't fall down yet.

"I'm a long writer of Hwasan."

His calm voice has tightened Yado more strongly than any other command or howl.

"The meaning."

Hyun Jong's sword aimed unwaveringly at Yado's neck.

"I'll let you know clearly."

Yado unknowingly swallowed his dry saliva and took control of himself.