Chapter - 392 Episode 392. You won't die beautifully. (2)

It's not good.

Tang-Soso's face showed signs of nervousness.


Soon there was rain coming out of her hands.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

Vido, who flew like a ray of light, was soon lodged in a warrior in the bay who attacked Hawasan's disciples.

As the warriors of all men who were in full swing were caught off guard, Vido flew from square to square.



Baek-hyun, a white porcelain belly who managed to cut off his opponent by swinging a sword with a broken posture, unconsciously looked back at Dang-Soso.

"Thank you……."

"Don't turn your head!"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Collect the rain and throw it back! Quick!"

"I see!"

Dang-Soso clenched his teeth.

It's not good.

The war was not good at a glance.

At least the elder, the elder, and the Baekmagwanju are blocking the front, so they are still holding out.

However, the soldiers of the bayonet, who were making room for fierce fighting in the center, were slowly closing in on the siege.


The rain in her hands rubbed together and made a sound of iron.

'I thought I'd never lift you again.'

When she decided to abandon her status as a party girl and become a disciple of Hwasan, she held her sword with her lifelong secret weapon in her hand.

Now that I am a student of Hwasan, I have to write Hwasan's martial arts. So I swore I'd never use a bido again.

But now is not the time to argue that.

She was intelligent and knew better than anyone else.

At least at this moment, as a party leader who can memorize and use medicine, rather than as a prosecutor.

There's a lot of people who can replace her as a prosecutor.

If she hadn't caught the war from the back and helped the death penalty by flying a secret prayer from time to time, there would have already been a lot of casualties.

It's not good.

In the first place, power is no match.

The only thing to believe is the organizational difference between them fighting their own way beyond belief, and Hwasan, who is fighting shoulder to shoulder with each other.

But there is a limit to that, too.

In addition

Dang-Soso, who shifted his gaze, bit his lips.

The clothes of the blood-stained writer were painfully stuck in her eyes.

"Long-written man!"

My heart ached to tears.

Although the whole body was already stained with blood, Jang was standing firm and dealing with Yado.

But it was just hanging in there, and it didn't seem like the odds were in the dark.

Ungum and Hyun Sang are the same.

I can't do this.'

Dang-Soso busily rolled his head with his lips full.

But at that moment.


A sharp scream penetrated her ear.

At the moment, her face turned blue. A tearful scream broke out in my mouth.

Wassan's wounded pupil and Doe, flying with a frightening force toward his neck.


Three vitals were released from Dang-Soso's hands at a formidable rate.

Chaeng! Chaeng!

The flying rain also bounced off the opponent's do, but the last one precisely penetrated the opponent's heart.

Dang-Soso's eyes were shaking loudly.

'Lord, porridge...'


The person who was hit by the rain had cramps for a moment and then collapsed.


It was the first murder.

"I, I, I...."

Shaking like a man covered in ice water, she soon raised her hand and slapped her on the cheek.


Not only once, but several times in a row.

Soon the cheeks were red and swollen. And blood flowed down from the torn lips."Soso!"

"Don't look back!"


She raised her venomous eyes, scrubbing down the blood with her sleeves.

Don't be such a jerk, Dang-Soso.

It's enough to be surprised and shivering later.

In this situation, if he were shaken and one more person died, Dang-Soso would never forgive him.

"Those who are hurt, back up! Come on.

"Got it!"

Those who fell down by the enemy's sword flew back in an instant. And those who had not yet been injured filled the position.

Dang-Soso clenched his teeth and sprayed hemostasis on the wound.

Don't cry.

Tears kept emptying out.

The death penalty, which was laughing and training together and swearing at Chung-Myung in the back, collapsed weakly in front of the enemy's sword.

Fortunately, no one has died yet, but at a glance, there were more than one person seriously injured.

I'll never die! Never! I can't let you do that!

After suturing the wound with a hand gesture like an island war, she took the wedding fabric out of her arms with her blood-soaked hands. It was left to her by a long writer before the fight began.

Please, Soso. Please...

I could tell without hearing what was said.

To not let one person die.

Dang-Soso accepted the stupid, blind request.

"I won't die! Never! I'll kill you if you die!"

Hwasan's disciple, who falls again in sight of Dang-Soso, who screamed seizurally, caught the eye.


"Protect the real thing! Don't be misled by the enemy's attack! Put your back together and believe in the death penalty! Then all you have to do is deal with the enemy in front of you!"

Someone shouted out somewhere.

At the end of the sentence, Hwasan's disciples, who had cleared up again, began to attack, narrowing the gap between them.

"Injured! Quick!"

"Got it!"

Dang-Soso kept looking west unknowingly, pushing the shredded piece of mixed fabric into the mouth of the unconscious.

The death penalty.

Chung-Myung death penalty.

Please come quickly. please

"It's a nerve-wracking thing, isn't it?"


A speck of exile gushed toward the ungum.

This cold inspection, which prevented him, was simply a specimen of inspection. It was as cool as it could be and as cold as it could be. And even the sword that you spread is exquisite.



Every time I heard a scream behind my back, I could feel an inevitable flinch.

As a prosecutor, I don't know if he's trained quite a bit, but he's not used to this kind of battle.

You pretend you don't, but you don't know what to do because your back is bothering you?

"Hhh. How sweet of you."

The defector snuck up his pet peeve and taunted him.

"I didn't know there would be such a test in the ruined Hwasan. But that means he's just a housekeeper."


As if he would not comply with the provocation of the defector's spear, the ungum lowered its stance and shifted its center of gravity down.

However, the defector knew very well how to deal with themselves.

"You can't wait to knock me down and help me, can you?""


"Well, that's good. Come on, then."

"You don't have to tell me!"

Ungum took one step forward and rushed at lightning speed.

"I intend to!"

His sword cut through Ho Gong like a fantasy and embroidered, falling like a meteor, aiming for the lower body of an asylum spear.

I'm stuck!

With this level of skill, this first sword must be blocked. But the moment he crosses the dagger, he spills it...….It was that moment.

As soon as he looked at the sword flying at him, he had a strange laugh. Then he suddenly poked the dagger in front of him.


The eyes of the ungum were wide open wide.

Of course, if it was just a stab in the face, it wasn't an escape. But now that danchang didn't fly in after him.

Next to him, to be exact...….


Ungum hurriedly changed his sword path. His power supply shook and his history reversed rapidly, but he passed him without hesitation to block the front of Danchang, who was aiming at his disciples.


At the moment the sword blocked the dagger, another spear on the left side of the defection dagger penetrated Ungum's thigh at an invisible speed.


The sound of piercing flesh and tearing muscles resonated clearly.

Like this.

Ungum, who took a few steps back, glared at the Asylum Dagger with a pale face.

There was a hole in his thigh that would leave a child's fist in it.

Every time I breathed, dark red blood gushed endlessly.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk."

The defector licked the blood on the day of the dagger, which penetrated Ungum's thigh.

"Tastes like shit."


"And he's got a bad brain. You should have known that it would be good to hurt me in exchange for a student's death. LOL."

"This guy…….

Ungum might have been able to cut off his leg if he hadn't stopped the attack of the defection spear.

In return, however, the attack from Danchang would have definitely killed one person.

The disciples here are not capable of stopping this attack yet.

"It's not that hard to deal with people like you."

"…Don't you have the least pride as an unmanned?"

"It's a matter of efficiency."

The defector grinned.

"Even if we just fight, you're no match for me. Ninety-nine out of a hundred I win. But……."

Talmyongdanchang Sonwol raises a private bottle in his hand and points it to the side.

"There's a way to fight a hundred times and win a hundred times, why should I fight honestly? If you don't want to play, you just have to wait and see your disciples die. Hahahaha!"

In his hand, a band-aid, violently rotated, again directed at Hawasan's disciples.

"You crazy bastard!'

Ungum's eyes were bloodshot.

The trajectory of that dog-like dagger clearly belonged to his minions. It would have been more dangerous for his men who were showing their backs if he blew the dagger like this.

However, there was no hesitation in the hands of the defector. Like he's going to take his minions and Hawasan's disciples all at once.


(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

A single spear, which was rotating from the hand of the defector, was released at lightning speed.


The ungum flew out of his mind and blocked the front.

Kaga ga ga ga ga ga!

His sword and sword, which had been infused with history, penetrated a single spear. As if he was going to make a hole in the sword and throw it away, the rotating dagger splashed fireballs in all directions.


Ungum clenched his teeth in pain as if his wrist was broken.

It was never easy to block the single spear with a sword. Even more if the posture is not perfect.

Il-soon's defection led to a blue light in his eyes.

"What a fool!"

He threw out the end of the dagger with the other dagger left in his hand.


The powerful Danchang blew away the sword of the ungum and dug straight into the right shoulder.(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

The rotating window split the flesh and scattered everywhere. The sight of fibora and crushing bones was truly frightening.


Ungum slowly turned his head and looked at Danchang, who had pierced his shoulder.

The bone is broken and the torn arm is still attached to the body.

"You are……."

At that moment, the sound of the defector's dagger penetrated the ears of the crying sword.

"I die because of my student."


The danchang, which had stopped the rotation for a while, rotated again and penetrated Ungum's shoulder deeper.

Whoo! Whoo!

Blood was sprinkled once again, and the arm of the ungum, which had literally been torn off, soared to Ho Gong.


"Master! Argh! Argh!"

"Oh, no!!!!"

And the scene was clearly engraved in the eyes of the Hwasan disciples.

The image of his right arm soaring into Ho Gong, and the ungum that couldn't withstand the shock is thrown away.


Even though it was cut off, the arm that hadn't let go of the sword fell to the floor like an object.

all one’s life long

The arm that taught Hawasan's disciples the sword.

The arm, which had been seen to spread countless swords as the mainstay of the White House, fell off the body of the ungum.

The shocking sight was howled Hwasan's disciples.

"Sasook! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! d*mn it!"

"I'll kill you! That son of a b*tc*! I'm going to kill you!"

Sitting there with despair-filled eyes, Dang-Soso unwittingly gathered his hands in front of his chest.


Please, come on.