Chapter - 396 Episode 396. Walking together, not relying on. (1)

It wasn't the first time Chung-Myung was acting up.

Hwasan's disciples already knew that his dance was not even comparable to them.

However, considering all that, Chung-Myung's performance now was shocking. Moreover, what surprised the Hwasan Mundos most of all was in the hands of Chung-Myung, who was so cruel.

'Chung-Myung아……. You son of a b*tc*.'

Hyun Jong looked at Chung-Myung with a sad eyes.

It was too cruel a sword to be a monk.

But he didn't dare blame Chung-Myung.

It was because I knew how great the anger was inside the child's heart, but the bigger reason was that I felt sorrow, not cruelty, in that sword.

"You son of a b*tc*……."

Chung-Myung's sword wields self-criticism.

Hyun Jong bit his lips tightly.

The hall is already completely dominated by Chung-Myung. Not only the door-doers of the bayonet but also the archbishops of the bayonet couldn't take their eyes off him.

If he showed his ignorance like this, it would not be too difficult to lead this battle to victory.


"What are you doing?"

Hyun Jong's voice rang like a thunderbolt.

Hwasan's disciples were startled and looked at Hyun Jong. Hyun Jong kept his eyes fixed on Yado, who stood in front of him, without looking back.

"Is it the responsibility of the people carrying Hwasan's sword to let one celadon ship fight alone?"

The thunderous scolding forced Hwasan's disciples to bite their lips.

The hands holding the sword were strained. And he returned the sword, which had been hanging unknowingly, to its place. To the enemy.

"It's none other than you who protect Hwasan. No one can protect Hwasan alone!"

This was for the Mundos of Hwasan who were relying on Chung-Myung. But at the same time, it was also a message to Chung-Myung.

'That's insignificant.'

I felt so spotty about myself.

If he were strong, if Hwasan were stronger, he wouldn't be so furious and wielding a sword.

Enemies have invaded the gate, and someone is injured and lost.

That's a sad thing. It's a pity.

But how could it be Chung-Myung's fault?

"Raise your sword!"

There was indisputable anger in his voice.

"Prove yourself that you are a proud prosecutor of Hwasan!"

No more.

Show me you can win without anyone taking care of you!

At Hyun Jong's command, Hwasan's disciples shouted loudly and rushed at the enemies in front of them.

'...for God's sake.'

Yado's face is severely hardened.

The atmosphere of the battlefield was reversed in an instant. Considering the impact of fraud in such a large-scale battle, it is no exaggeration to say that the victory of the entire population has almost fallen.


Whasan's Mundos are courageous enough to shake off more fierce swords than ever before, while the Mundos of the Man's Room are obviously not doing their best.

It was a matter of course.

With a criminal approaching from behind, who can focus on the fox in front of them?

Everyone was looking forward, but the mind was all focused on Chung-Myung behind his back.

Unless one stopped Chung-Myung, it was clear that I would not be able to show even half of my skills.

This is why it is said that the battle of the strong determines the existence of an absolute master.

"That idiot!'

Yado gritted his teeth when he saw an exile spear that had turned into a miserable body.Talmyongdanchang Sonwol was never so easily beaten. It's true that Chung-Myung is a strong man who can't even touch Yado, but he wasn't that gullible either.

If I had shown my skills, I would have been able to survive at least a lily or at least a half. He's not the other one. He's the mainstay of the crowd.

Even if they were finally killed at the end, if they had shown how they mixed swords, the morale of the ways would not have plummeted this much.

But what can I do? That idiot didn't even live up to my name and died.

Yado glared at Hyun Jong in front of him.

'The old man...'

Even Hyun Jong, who was rapidly losing his momentum, regained his initial seriousness. Since this has happened, it is difficult to overpower the opponent easily.

When I peeked at Do Kyulso, he was also confronting Hyun Sang, who regained his energy.

"Are you going to hang on to your ankles? Then you'd rather let me go to him than die. Wouldn't that blue be better than you, the weak one dealing with me?"

Despite his subtle provocation, Hyun Jong's calm eyes were not shaken at all.

"What do you think is the difference between political and religious factions?"


"It's a shame."


Hyun Jong's bright eyes stare at Yado.

"Of course, that kid is stronger than me. Stronger than anyone here."

Hyun Jong's somber voice rang quietly.

"But that doesn't mean that I'm going to let him fight behind my back. If you know shame, if you know what you have to do, you don't dare."

After talking, Hyun Jong bit his lips gently.

I can't take care of you.

Can't lead.

Then at least you should be able to share the burden that weighs on your shoulders. If he can't even do that, what capacity would Hyun Jong have to claim to be Hwasan's writer?

"All the Mundos in Wasan are training and trying to walk with that child. Moonblue is not dependent, but walking together."

Yado twisted the corners of his mouth.

"I don't know what you're saying.…."

He couldn't understand what Hyun Jong was saying. Their paths were too different to understand each other.

But I knew one thing for sure.

Justice in power is for those who have proven themselves by force.

If Yado leads a crowd here and destroys Hwasan, Hyun Jong's words will be wrong. And vice versa, no one would refute Hyun Jong's words.

Yado has always been the victorious side.

"I'm sure…… but I think we're on the rise."

Yado rolls up the corners of his mouth.

"I don't want you to be sure that you've won."


Hyun Jong looked at him with questionable eyes.

"Really, this is why we can't ignore what the military says. I was wondering why they sent so many people to deal with this little doorstep."

Mumbled Yado suddenly distorted his face and screamed.


And clenched his teeth, scouring the surroundings quickly.

"You f*cking b*tc*! Can't you just crawl out of here? How many more deaths do you have to die to find out?"

At the end of Yado's yelling, which was unknown, a grating voice was heard scratching iron against one wall of Hwasan."Don't make a fuss."

Hyun Jong, with his eyes wide open, hurriedly raised his eyes.

A man wrapped in black bandages stood on the wall and looked at Chung-Myung.

"Hwasan신룡 Chung-Myung……."


Heukssi clenched his hand and opened it quickly, and the strange sound of bone sounded creepy.

I'm gonna have to cut off the guy who did the information.'

I can't believe he's just a latecomer.

"Hwasan Sinryong Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon the Hwajeong sword."

Hawsan's hands are full of people. This was not done by the prestigious factions of the prominent political party.

'This must be erased now.'

Heukssi determined that leaving Hwasan alone would pose a strong threat to the international community in the near future. If we could have realized that and erased Hwasan in advance, the lives of our two archriarchs would have been cheap.

"To do that……."

Heukssi's eyes are on Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung was also paying attention to this side from the moment he appeared, or even before he appeared. As if he knew ahead of time that Heukssi was here.


His hand again produced a strange bone sound.

"Black Jodan."

As soon as the little Heukssi's voice rang, black shadows began to line up from side to side.



On the wall, the fighters dressed in black, unclothed clothes looked ominous and dreary, just like a flock of black crows.

And you can tell at a glance.

The level is different from the ordinary armed forces of the bayonets that have been attacking.

The victory flag, which I thought I had caught at best, went away in an instant.

"You didn't have to do this if you had left from the beginning, you f*cking bastard!"

Heukssi's gaze slowly turns to Yado.

Yado, who was screaming as if he was really angry, closed his mouth and avoided his eyes when his eyes met.

I'm begging you.'

Black Jodan.

A special group under the direct control of the ark that receives only under the command of the ark.

The brutality and virility were to the point of slighting among the same panhandlers. In particular, Heukssi, the head of the Black Jodan, was a secret fear even for the majority of the population.

Not being able to face Heukssi, Yado looks away at Hyun Jong.

The pent-up emotions poured into Hyun Jong.

"Even if the inspiration talks like he is showing off, the situation has never changed. Nothing has changed if that Chung-Myung doesn't join us. He can't do anything by himself."

When Hyun Jong heard that, he stared at Yado with his deep eyes and shook his head.

"That's true."


"I can't do anything on my own."

The whole body was covered with wounds and the blood flowing out was wetting the floor, but this old man still hasn't lost its light.

"But didn't you tell me. Everyone's here not to make that kid alone."

"You guys?"

"Was it not enough.

Yado's eyes turned pale as if they were displeased.

It's annoying.

The moment the Black Jodan appeared, all the people took the lead in the battlefield. No matter how strong that Hwasan Divine is, he can't face the Black Jodan alone.


Even if it is possible, it does not change. Not a single man will survive the other Hwasan Mundos while he faces the Black Jodans.


Why doesn't the light disappear from this old man's eyes?

At that moment, Hyun Jong opened his mouth.

"Didn't you say it? I'm a man of shame.""…what?"

Hyun Jong shakes his head.

"Most of all, what makes me ashamed is that I am not the one who tries the hardest not to leave that child alone."

Yado's face was distorted by the utter incomprehensible words.

"I believe."


"Even if the day comes when Hwasan falls, the children will surely stand by him. That's why……."

Hyun Jong's gaze quietly touched Chung-Myung's back.

"I'm able to keep my place."

At that moment, someone in white unclothed jumped up to the sky from the cliff behind Chung-Myung's back.

Following that, several people appeared on the cliff. Raising their bodies, they landed on the left and right sides of Chung-Myung in unison.

When he got off at the front, his eyes turned to Ungum, who was being treated by Dang-Soso.

"…Living in private."

Biting his lips tightly enough to turn white, he also saw the scarred Hyun Jong. And then he distorted his face.

"Long story short!"

Anger spread over his pale face.

"These guys..."

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol also couldn't contain their anger.

In particular, Yoo-Esul couldn't take his eyes off Hyun Jong's wounds from the moment he got off the ground.

Her face, which had always been indifferent, was filled with deafness.

"…I'll kill you."


"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon, who climbed the cliff a little later than other Hwasan's disciples, came behind them as classmates.

"I'll help you."

Baek Cheon nodded silently.

Hwasan's disciples and Hye Yeon, standing on the left and right sides of Chung-Myung, stared at the whole room with cold eyes.

Baek Cheon said quietly, his eyes fixed.

"…It's a little late."

"It makes sense."

Chung-Myung replied in a low voice.

"You know that, right?"

"Of course."


Wasan Ogum.

People who are called that in the world pulled out swords in unison.

Baek Cheon opened his mouth quietly.

"Don't lose your cool."



Then he growled out.

"You don't have to keep things in your hands!"

Everyone replaced the answer by grabbing a sword. Short tension and firm determination swept their faces.


Baek Cheon, who took a short deep breath, roared.

"Hit them all and kill them!"

"I'm coming!"

Like five rays of light, the Hawasan Ogum flew across the top of Hawsan and into the bay.