Chapter - 402 Episode 402. Volcanoes are not your place to protect. (2)

"Sweep it all out!"

"How dare these bastards storm into Hwasan?"

"I'm gonna poke your belly!"

Hwasan's disciples roused the whole crowd with a ferocious spirit.

The whole crowd desperately resisted the surrounding situation, but it was not enough to stop those who had already taken the lead.


"The left is empty! Jo-Gol!"

"Yes, death penalty!"

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol, who run wild in harmony, were definitely outstanding in Hwasan, which is crowded with many people.

The love of the blood pressure!

Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong's swords moved exactly after the opponent.

Yoon-Jong's "The Black Standard" was a perfect match. A sword that is not too strong or too soft.

There is no bias in swords that have not missed the middle road.

Whasan may have a better examination than Yun-Jong, but if he were to pass on his sword to future generations, he would have no choice but to use Yun-Jong's sword as his sword as a textbook.

On the other hand, it was an anomaly rather than following Jo-Gol's black standard.

The swift sword was subtly misaligned. Although it would be difficult to get high evaluation in terms of the completeness of the sword, the opponent would be surprised at the speed that went against this bizarre tour.

Standards and anomalies.

The two swords, which were hard to blend in, assisted each other perfectly as if the cogwheels were engaged.

"Don't get carried away, boys! You can't relax until the last minute!"

"Come on!"

"Got it!"

Neither Jo-Gol nor the white porcelain boats showed any resistance to being instructed by Yoon-Jong.

Hasn't it been a long time since distribution became a very meaningless clique in the first place?

The distribution of Chung-Myung to those who have seen him go wild for years did not mean more than just a difference in the timing of his introduction.

Even if Yun-Jong had not made a name for himself as a member of the Hwasan Ogum, the white porcelain ship would not have hesitated to follow his instructions.

"I'm pushing you!"


On the other hand, those pushing the bay from the other side were also fierce.


The intensity is rather more this way. Those who were recruited to support Hwayeongmun in the West Bank were also elite in Hwasan. Their eyes were filled with anger as they looked at the evil enemies who had invaded the house while they were away for a while they were away.


"What are you doing? Can't you get rid of those bastards right now?"

"Yes! Elder!"

After hearing Hyun Young's thunderstorm, Baek Sang raised his sword to the sky and shouted.

Destroy the evil enemies of the Sapa!


Baek Sang, who is now a member of the Jaegyeonggak, is somewhat distant from the university, but his status as the right arm of Baek Cheon has not changed yet.

His vision of suffering frustration, knowing his own lack, and abandoning arrogance has become wider than in the past. There is no difficulty in examining much of the battlefield.

Therefore, Baek Sang was filling up Baek Cheon's seat brilliantly.

"Hey, you guys!"

"For God's sake!"

The warriors of the bayonet were pushed back little by little and let out a suppressed groan.

"What are these little swords so sharp...…!"

"Large, greater! What about the greater?"

"Blood, get away!"

It's falling apart.

The reason why those who claim to be political factions emphasize discipline is to gain solid immobility in any situation.

And these mental domains do not arise simply by repeating training.

a clear sense of belonging

persistent will

And a firm belief in one's own path.

On the other hand, those who can abandon their will for profit cannot exert their power where there is no profit.

As soon as I realized that the momentum was collapsing and the situation was distorted, I couldn't show less than half of my skills to the warriors in the crowd."The great, great, great, great, great, great...…."

A huge golden swim came into the eyes of those who were looking around in panic.


The Great Geumgangjang from Hye Yeon's hand flew grandly toward Do Kyulso.

Do Kyulso clenched his teeth and pumped black speculation from both hands.

"Rain, you f*cking middle man!"

Whoo! Whoosh!

It was as if a giant was hitting his palm. Do Kyulso's feet, which managed to block the Great Gold Steel by spewing speculation, soon failed to overcome the pressure and dug into the floor.


All-body twisting pressure. It seemed like a mountain fell on my head. It doesn't hit hard, it weighs down with ridiculous force. As if he was trying to kill the death.

This is Shaolin.….'

The martial arts of Shaolin is the martial arts of heavyness.

Continuous and repetitive training to the point of frustration.

Rather than training, it is a study that builds up by walking and walking on a rough and long road that ordinary people do not dare to reach out.

The play of ignorance was now appearing in the world through Hye Yeon's hands.


Do Kyulso screamed and shook his hands as hard as he could.

But it's no use.

The fraud from his vultures was simply powerless in front of Hye Yeon's funeral, which contained the power of illegality.

A history of grandeur flowed endlessly, and wide open legs were firmly rooted on the earth.

Great tree.

Large, sturdy giant trees live for thousands of years, unshaken by typhoons. The martial arts of Shaolin engraved on Hye Yeon's body were enough to make him a giant.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

Blood spouted from Do Kyulso's pitch, which failed to overcome pressure.

God d*mn it.

Yado looked around quickly with trembling eyes.

It's not good.

In order to survive in the battlefield, the ability to understand the situation was essential. He survived so many battles that he was called Yado. I already knew that this battlefield was tilted to one side.

There is no chance of winning.

'You have to lose your body.'

There was no such thing as a hobby as dying with my minions. For some it may be romantic, but for Yado it just felt like a dog's death.

Where in the world is more important than your own life?

He also had to pull out before the situation got worse and the retreat was completely blocked.

Of course, the ark will be furious, but if it doesn't return to the crowded room, it's enough. Let's just relax a bit and...….

Love, love, love and sorrow!


Yado let out a heavy breath and blocked the flying sword.


The sword, which tapped lightly on the body, spun around and came in after Yado's neck.

As soon as the body was pulled back reflexively, the tip of the sword, which was poking in, trembled and shot out dozens of plum blossoms.

Yado's eyes were wide open.

"Oh, my God!"

His pottery soared two more inches. The potter, which exploded, swept away the Japanese apricot sword.


However, Yado's face was not comfortable at all, even though he prevented his opponent's attack.

'You punk!'

"You look pretty urgent."

A check-up of a white-clad, which looked like a parasitic orrabi, was smirking at him.

Yado bit his lips without realizing it.

'It's getting stronger.'

It's ridiculous, but this guy was growing up in the midst of a fight with him. No, it's not just him. All the guys here look different from when they first fought.

Growth? No, that's ridiculous.'

Growth is a master of training. Of course, it is said that a single stroke of the sword in action works more than a hundred times alone, but that doesn't explain it. They're not the first ones to grab a knife.'…First time?'

Yado's body flinches.

It was only then that he remembered. It will be the first time they have been put into a proper battle.

Is it more of a figment than a growth?'

Those who go into action are bound to be hardened. He, who wields a sword countless times and wields it to get close to perfection, is also likely to hesitate when he wields a sword at a non-Ho Gong person.

And that little hesitation warps the sword and eats away at its ability.

But this battle has taught them familiarity.

He is understanding with his head and body how the numerous swords that swung toward Ho Gong were used in real life.

So how can you not improve?

You got a good experience thanks to the crowd?'

My stomach swelled up.

It was Yado who believed in talent and sense rather than training, but at some point, he met a wall that could no longer be surpassed. Therefore, it turned my stomach to see the talent that has not fully blossomed yet radiate light.

However, for now, it was more important to live here and hide than to leave yourself to emotions.

But then Baek Cheon stared at him with sharp eyes.

"You're losing weight."


Yado looked at him with a slight flinch.

There were so many wounds on the road, but the young warrior's eyes were staring straight at Yado, with the perfect glow in them.

The eyes of a warrior who has no doubt of his path.

It was so blinding that I couldn't bear to look at it.

"Is it only when you face a winning opponent that puts your weight forward?"


"You know what the f*ck was saying. Eyes speak will, but feet touch reality. The most pathetic group are those who vent their anger with their eyes, but their feet fall back."

Baek Cheon's words were painfully lodged in Yado's heart.

"Do you want to run away? Then I'll show you the fastest way. If you cut me, there will be no one to stop you. Don't you think so?"

Yado's face turned red.

As he started drinking blood on the battlefield, he was talking as if he was looking down at a baby.

What other humiliation would there be?

I used to be...….'

Yado grasped Do with both hands.

There's nothing good about having a lot of thoughts. I like the simple side of the head.

"Good, boy! I'll make you regret it!"

"As much as you want!"

Yado shouted and rushed back.

It was still a rough way to go. But the angry province was as strong as it would crush Baek Cheon's whole body.

Like the waves of the sea hit by a typhoon.

Baek Cheon slightly stiffened his face as he saw the potteries sweeping the front.

But I had no intention of backing down.

'I piled up.'

It doesn't run away.

While enduring Chung-Myung's radical training, he also performed individual training. Even if it's slow, he has held out firmly believing that he will one day reach the stage he thinks.

Those times will now be piled up under his feet.

'It's not something you can take with your strength.'

His sword is Hawasan's sword.

It's not a sword that you press down on with your strength.

Baek Cheon's sword tips tremble lightly. Soon, the plum blossoms, which had sprung from the stem, faced a storm in the province.First of all, one.'

I heard it so hard that I couldn't hear it.

No matter how colorful or colorful an attack is, there is a senior or a junior. The attacks that take place in a moment are only a series of flows that eventually unfold in turn if time is split and split.

Baek Cheon's world flows slowly.

The trajectory of Yado, which was only seen as Jung-gu heating, was clearly introduced.


Plum blossoms flowed into one place.

Sword and province.

You can't stop it with strength and strength. However, if you can't block it with one try, twice, and three times if you can't block it with two tries.

Blocking, blocking, and then just keep swinging until it's finally pushed out.

The Kaga River!

The sword of the plum blossoms burst into laughter as it hit a violent capitalism. However, after losing strength and falling, a new plum blossom bloomed again.

It blooms and bloom and bloom.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It's just enough to have a sword where you need it when you need it.

That is true.

It was the sword he had to pursue.


I was embarrassed in Yado's eyes.

Baek Cheon's sword was climbing another level higher. The sword, which had been jagged a while ago, began to move with a strange sense of stability as if it had sunk.

What the hell is this?'


And it's colorful.

However, the impression that this flow of colorful, soft plum blossoms gave him was rather a steel wall.


A wall that can't be surpassed.

Yado's face turns white at the moment.


It was just then.


A desperate scream rang out. Yado's gaze instantly turned to the sound.

'Do Kyulso!'

Do Kyulso, who was swept away by Hye Yeon's golden game, was bleeding out. Yado, who put the scene in his eyes, quickly turned his eyes again.

The maximum force was applied to his whole body.

A small gap.

A very small gap.

Just as he had no choice but to look away, it was clear that the little one was also fascinated by Do Kyulso and Hye Yeon's situation.

As proof of that, a small gap was formed in the sword that was flooding like a wave.

'Attack now... '…!'


His foot hit the floor.

But the side of his body facing was not the front but the back. The moment the opponent thought he had a gap, the body chose to run away even before the head could make a judgment.


The gap between the head and body disturbed the posture. The pottery, which had been stretched out, failed to exert its strength, and the legs that lifted up the body could not be properly loaded.


Baek Cheon's eyes glowed through the crack in the plum blossoms and his eyes clashed in Ho Gong.

Oh, my god!

The Japanese apricot sword scattered in all directions at once, and a sword was struck in between.

A clear, arrogant, and unwavering sword.


A flood of Baek Cheon's swords penetrated Yado's chest.


His chest cracked long with a creepy noise.

Like this.

Down on the floor, Yado looked down at his chest and looked up to face Baek Cheon.

I love you.

Baek Cheon, who had a lead sword, opened his mouth as he stared at Yado with his eyes wide open.

"As a result of the path you've lived."


Yado, who was pouting his mouth as if he was going to protest, collapsed on the spot.


Seeing him unable to close his eyes until the moment of his death, Baek Cheon looked up at the sky for a moment.'I'm still far from perfect.'

He humbly admitted. It was his defeat by ability.

If he fought alone, of course he would have lost, and if Yado did not choose to escape at the last minute, it would have been difficult for him to overpower himself.

It's just a victory that I won because I've won.


"I'm not like you."

I'm moving forward.

Accepting both defeat and bitterness.

Even if faced with something unaffordable, Baek Cheon would not run away like Yado. There's nothing that anyone who runs away from the path they have to take can get their hands on.

Baek Cheon turned around and shouted without hesitantly.

"I've knocked down the great master of the crowd! Surround the evil enemies!"

His voice roared over Hwasan.