Chapter - 407 Episode 407. No! I understand. I can't stand it. (2)

a middle-aged man who looks calm

His neat combed hair and neat beard gave him a good idea of his tendencies.

On the surface, he looked like a pure middle-aged civil servant.

But it's a feeling from the eyes of ordinary people.

The difference between a person who eats a knife in Kang-ho was inevitable.

Green cloth ( 녹

Full-body rust and sleeves twice as wide as normal clothing.

Any Kang Ho-in will have no choice but to come up with a name.

Jang Nilso stared silently at the middle-aged man for a while with a quaint look.

Walking alone into the Great War of the Man Man, which is feared by all the people in the world, he looked relaxed and relaxed as if this was his home. That fact got on Jang Nilso's nerves.

"How dare you come in without permission? You don't know what manners are."

The answer was immediately returned.

"Of course I'm a man of courtesy.…."

The middle-aged man of rust glanced around.

"Nobody stopped me. He didn't even give me a heads up. That's why I can't help it."

At that, Jang Nilso glared at the man who rushed inside with an irritated look. The man who received his gaze shook and bowed his head.


Jang Nilso would not have tolerated that disgrace under his command. But now I don't feel like blaming him.

"My kids have a quick grasp of the subject. Unless you have two lives, you will not dare to stop the king."

a man of rust

The poison king Dang Gunnak smiled lightly.

"I can't believe Jang Nilso recognized me right away. I don't think I've wasted my life."


Jang Nilso looked at Dang Gunnak, kicking his tongue in disapproval.

It's Dang Gunnak.'

Jang Nilso was also internally agitated, although he was seemingly nonchalant. Who would have imagined that a clique of a clique would walk alone in the middle of a crowded room?

"Are you here to give me your neck? The neck of the poison king Dang Gunnak is not a bad gift."

"It's not too difficult to give, but how dare a crowd handle my neck?"

The two smiled facing each other.

The expression was so soft, but those who watched it didn't dare to breathe under the pressure.

It was Jang Nilso who spoke again first.

"So, what's going on?"

"I'm here to warn you, loser."


At the word warning, Jang Nilso's eyes drew a fine line.

Hoga Myong bit her lips at the sight. That was because I knew well that look came out when Jang Nilso was dying.


It's not hard to kill a poison king now. No matter how much you are a poisonous king, you cannot live in the belly of the crowd.

But the problem is after that.

Losing family members is a different matter from losing a long writer. If Dang Gunnak gets angry here, it is clear that the party will come into the room with all its might.

"Warning….Warning. I don't think you've ever been warned by anyone in your life?"

"Then this will be the first time."

Jang Nilso smirked.

"Dang Gunnak, the poison king. I've heard it's a big shot, but it's worse than I thought. Yeah, let's talk about it. You have to hear it. So you won't be curious after you kill him."Even after hearing the words of life, Dang Gunnak spoke calmly without a moment of hesitation.

"Get your hands off Hwasan."


Jang Nilso's eyebrows wriggled slightly.

He was ready to be sarcastic no matter what he said, but now that horse was too far from what I expected.


"That's right."

Jang Nilso stared at Dang Gunnak with a look of unknown English.


A light scratch on his face without a beard, he asked back with a face full of absurdity.

"What does a good leader of the Tang family say to enter the room alone without a escort, get out of Hawsan?"


"I don't think you're going to be bored and play games. So... the great Dangarist thought the whole world was too insignificant? How dare you say such a warning?"

Jang Nilso, who had been smiling crumpled all along, stood up from his bed, stiffening his face.

At the same time, a stormy aura emanated from his body. The giant snake was in a delicate and creepy mood as if it were flying its long tongue while raising its sleek body.

But Dan Gunnak, who actually gets the momentum, still seems insensitive.

"Let's calm down for now."

"Do you have to?"

"I told you to calm down."

Dang Gunnak faces Jang Nilso with an expressionless face.


The presence of the two giants confronting each other in Daejeon groaned under pressure as if a huge rock were being pushed down.

At that time, Jang Nilso, who was staring at Dang Gunnak with oily eyes, suddenly sighed and sat down again. The energy that was coming out disappeared like a lie.

"If you tell a boring story, I'll cut you off."

Dang Gunnak nodded.

"It's not my will, it's the will of the party. If all the people are going after him again, then we'll have to deal with the Four Thousand Dangs, not the Wasans."

"……What's the connection between Dangga and Hwasan?"

"The party formed an alliance with Hwasan a long time ago. So it's natural to fight together."

"Ha... ha ha ha? ha ha?"

Jang Nilso burst into laughter and asked, as if he was dumbfounded.

"The party will fight the whole crowd for one of those little clans? Is the Dangga crazy, or does the crowd seem easy?"

"Of course neither."

"Well, did I take the Sichundang too lightly? Was it a place where the Four Thousand Dangs could easily deal with 10,000 people?"

Dang Gunnak smiled strangely at the sarcastic Jang Nilso.

"If the Sichundang family alone is not enough, how about Namman Beast Palace?"

At that, Jang Nilso's expression was noticeably stiffened.

"…what now?"

"Moonfani, who considers Hwasan a close friend, will not turn a blind eye to their difficulties. What do you say, loser? Are you willing to deal with Hwasan, Dangga, and the Beast Palace at the same time?"

The smile disappeared from Jang Nilso's face. His long eyes faded.

There is a subtle rift between the Old File Room and the Great King Oh. They all advocate political factions, but they were not as intertwined as water and oil.

But Hwasan from Gupilebang and the Five Seine clans formed an alliance? Even Namman Beast Palace, which is one of the five palaces of Sae-e-O-Gung that is covered in the middle ground?

If someone else had said this, he would have cut off his throat to stop talking nonsense.

But the man in front of me wasn't a load of crap. Isn't it Dan Gunnak, the poison king, no one else?


Jang Nilso gazed gently at Dang Gunnak with a strange face.

"Hwasan's Sichundanga, and there's Namman Beast Palace on board. Know the subject and stop tailing at this point?""That's a pretty rough interpretation."

"It's fun. It's fun. It's a suggestion I wouldn't dare make without looking at Jang Nilso as a city mongrel. Hahahaha. It's really fun."

Jang Nilso licked his lips with a smirk of laughter. An inexplicable look flashed through his eyes.

But Dang Gunnak only faces him without any reaction.

How long has it been?

After a close confrontation like a thread pulled tight, Jang Nilso pulled up the corners of his mouth.

Then, he opened his mouth with a shrug.

"Okay, I'll do what you say."

Hoga Myong looked at him in surprise at the unexpected response.

Defeat Jang Nilso.

He was a man who hated losing money. Just because a dangju came out of his way, he was not the type to back down.

Didn't you just try to carry out what you wanted by beating him who was dissuade him?

But you're stepping down like this?

What the hell are you thinking?'

Hoga Myong looked with a blank face, but Jang Nilso just smiled brightly and spoke softly toward Dang Gunnak.

"I'll have to make it up to you instead. You know what I mean?"

"What do you want?"

"As expected, I like it because it's fast."

Jang Nilso leapt up from his seat and began to approach Dang Gunnak. It was very dangerous for these masters to narrow the distance. But Dang Gunnak didn't exactly deter that action.

Closer to the side, Jang Nilso put his arm on Dang Gunnak's shoulder and pulled it close to him.

"I heard that you're making a lot of money from the car trade these days, so why don't you hand over the car to Gwangseo Castle, too? There's no way to sell this. What?"

Jang Nilso, who threatened to kill Dang Gunnak a while ago, was now acting as if he had been a friend for decades.

It was a sudden change that was embarrassing to anyone, but Dang Gunnak responded with a calm face.

"It's not difficult."


Jang Nilso, who once tapped Dang Gunnak on the shoulder, turned away with a long shot.

"It's a banquet! We have guests, so let's have a drink!"

"No, thank you. I'm not a very leisurely person."

"Come on. Not funny."

Up the stairs, Jang Nilso opened the chest by the bedside and picked up the cold bottle and threw it at Dang Gunnak.

"Then have a drink on your way back. Since it's Baekju, which is your specialty. I don't know about your mouth, but it's not bad for me."

Dang Gunnak accepted the drink he threw and nodded.

"Thank you for the gift."

And he turned around as if he had finished what he had to say. Then Jang Nilso's voice caught him from behind.

"One more thing."

He stopped walking.

"What's in Hwasan?"


Dang Gunnak turned his head slightly and glanced at Jang Nilso.



After a brief answer, he walked away from Daejeon with a limp

A moment of silence passed.


Jang Nilso, who took out a bottle of thin liquor from the ark, opened the cap and began pouring it into his mouth.

A clear stream of alcohol trickled down my mouth.

Hoga Myong looked at the ark and shook his head as if he didn't understand.

"My lord."


"It's hard to understand your intentions. No matter how much Unnam's car trade brings huge profits...….""Tea?"

"Yes, this is the face of the whole population.…."


Jang Nilso burst into a big laugh as he hit his knee.

"You've become dull with aliases. You're so cold!"


Jang Nilso stopped laughing for a moment and flicked his tongue like a snake.

"I'd rather have a car or something like that. That's just an excuse!"


"A pseudonym."


"Are you afraid of the Dangga?"

"No way."

"Then are you afraid of the barbarians in the Beast Palace?"

"You are the only one who can give me fear."

"Yeah, so am I."

"What if I do………."


Jang Nilso, who violently laid down the bottle he was holding, shouted.

"Map! Open the map! Now!"

Then, the guards rushed to the side of the war and opened up a map that had been rolled up on one side of the war.



Hoga Myong buried himself in a prepared brush and brought it to Jang Nilso.

"Let's see! Let's see! Let's see!"

Jang Nilso quickly paced in front of the map as if he was really excited and began to dot the map.

"Unnam, Sacheon, Seomseo!"

Jang Nilso, who drew a mole on Ghosung, the castle, and Hwasan, tilted his head as if something were not enough. Then, he moved the brush again.

"Yes, there was West Bank, West Bank."

Jang Nilso, who also drew a dot on the west bank, drew a line with four dots. Soon a mad smile spread over his face.

"Hahahaha, you crazy people!"

"…An ark?"

"A pseudonym."


"Look, these lunatics are doing a lot of fun stuff."

What caught Hoga Myong's eye was a line across the western part of the midfield.

"Look, on the west side, there is at best a difficulty, and on the same side, there is a fortune teller, Ami, and Jongnam. But Gonnyun is always a benefactor, so it doesn't affect the world. Jongnam? Jongnam sealed the gate and handed over the West Bank's influence to Hwasan. Right?"

"Yes, right."

"Jumchang doesn't move in Unnam, and ARMY doesn't have much power. That's...…."

Hoga Myong replaced Jang Nilso.

"If it's true that Hwasan, Dangga, and Nammanbeast joined forces, then the West of the Middle East was completely under their influence."


Jang Nilso snatched at the map.

"Power is justification and power! And you need money to make it happen! It is making a lot of money from the tea trade, and it has the power of Dangga and the Beast Palace. Besides, Hwasan...... haha. Yes! Wasan has power, too. We proved it by bleeding."

"……That's right."

"So all that's left is a justification. What do you think would happen with that one thing?"

"…Are you saying you're going to be the ruler of the west of central China?"

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Alias, aliases."

Jang Nilso gently waved his hand.

"You only look at places that are too close? We need to look further away. What?"

"I'm sorry."

"Look, aliases. Those who are at the center of that place are the old factions of the past, and the influential figures of the Great Sega, and finally Sae-e-o-gung Palace."


"People like to divide the world. If you start calling them by sorting them out and calling them out, then the parties who are called them will take the specification for granted? It's forming a strong order right now. Right?"

"Just like those wicked greenlings and the Taiwanese are called the same people."

"There you go, there you go. We don't like it, but the world thinks it's inevitable. But these lunatics are now breaking the rules of power for hundreds of years. Look, Gufa and Oh Dae-se, and Sae-e-O-Gung are woven into one place.""…I'm sure……"."

"We broke down all the order that defined the existing powers and formed an alliance with each other. Hahahaha. This is totally new! If I have to say so...…. Hmm, yeah! I can say I'm Western blind."

Jang Nilso licked his lips quickly with his tongue out.

"Okay, this is fun. If this union becomes more clear, the strong will be a completely different place from the strong one so far. I mean, there could be a new wind."


Hoga Myong swallowed dry saliva. Jang Nilso's eyes were spewing a quaint glow.

"I don't know who the hell painted it, but it certainly makes sense. And that's what a madman did. I smell blood. Maybe the next war will be divided into East and West."

"But that's no reason to leave him alone in the bay."

"Who would have done this?"


There was an uncontrollable excitement in Jang Nilso's voice.

"What about the stupid orangkas? No, no, no. So those Sichuan dangas who sit in Sichuan and don't let go of their heavy buttocks? That can't be true!"

Jang Nilso, who slammed down the map, hit Hwasan with his palm. And grabbed it as if it were crumpled.

"It's these guys, these guys! The central point of western blindness is Hwasan. When Hawsan collapses, the Western blindness falls apart."

"…Is there any reason why it shouldn't be?"

"It's fun, isn't it?"


Jang Nilso's face, full of smiles, gave off a creepy vibe.

"Where there is a smell of blood, there is a smell of money, too. It's a good game. It's a very good game."

Hoga Myong still doesn't fully understand Jang Nilso's words.

But Jang Nilso turned to his bed, giggling as if he had no intention of explaining further.

'Now I've got to save face.'

Face is only necessary for the world. No one cares about face in the turbulent times.

It is power that matters in times of turbulence.

'If the wheel rolls slowly, just roll it a little faster. The turbulence is the world we enjoy the most.'

Jang Nilso, who smelled light blood in the wind rushing to Daejeon, smiled brightly and brightly.

"Hwasan. Hwasan이라. Yeah. You guys need to stay a little longer. You can't put out the fire that's supposed to burn the world already. Hahahaha!"

A sharp laugh rang out in Daejeon.

Knowing that every time Jang Nilso smiled, something must have happened, Hoga Myong bowed his head in a cold sweat.

"Let's have fun. Have fun! Have fun! Hahahaha!"

Jang Nilso's eyes, which seemed to have lost interest in everything in the world, began to shin like the days when he got the nickname of defeat in the past.