Chapter - 412 Episode 412. I'm so hot-tempered. Oh! (2)


After struggling to speak, Dowon Chan soon closed his mouth again. I couldn't figure out what to say.

In front of his eyes, kneeling people were sitting in a row.


It was strange that everyone kneeled down, but it was even stranger that the devil at the end was standing alone with his arms up.

But does that work?'

A man hit a man and he soared to the sky. What's so hard for a master to kneel down and raise his hand?

It's just a matter of face...….

"Don't you eat it right!"

The demon, who tried to gently lower his arm, raised his arm again at Hyun Jong's shouting. Although he has a sulky face, it was just amazing that he listened well.

You said you were the Hwasan Divine Dragon.'

That's... No, that's him.

The Hwasan Divine Dragon.

It was hard to describe Dowon Chan's feelings as he watched the "he" Hwasan Sinryong kneel down in front of his eyes and be punished.


Hyun Jong shouted, twisting his face.

"But the Taoists! Now you're threatening someone else's door-to-door stuff? Threatening?

"……No, it's……."

"It's noisy!

When Hyun Jong shouted, the Baek Cheon group, who sat on their knees, bowed their heads in unison.

Since Hyun Jong doesn't usually get angry easily, he was three times more scared.

"Baek Cheon!"

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

"You should've stopped him if he was in trouble. Why did you follow me to the West Bank?"

Baek Cheon couldn't speak with his mouth shut with a look of limitless emptiness.

a lengthy writer

I'm confident that I can throw myself into the blazing fire when Jang Moon-in orders me.

But that's because it's something I can do. What should I do if you tell me to do something I can't do even if I die...….

"The same goes for you guys! You're giggling at a guy named Do-sa who can't stop this evil?"

"I didn't giggle...…."

"Shut up!"

When Jo-Gol tried to make excuses, Yoon-Jong elbow into his side.


Yoon-Jong, who neatly dealt with Jo-Gol, bowed his head. Yoo-Esul also kept his mouth shut with a sullen face.


Hwasan-like anger began to erupt in Hyun Jong's eyes.

"You're... You're an elder...….Ouch, the elder...…."

"Long story short!"

"Calm down, Jang Moon-in! You're not feeling well!"

"Water! Get some cool water! Come on!"

Hyun Jong's hands tremble as he looks at Hyun Young. Hyun Young, who was always complaining, turned his eyes to see if he could handle the anger at this moment.

"Eh, you malko bastards!"

It was a scene where the Taoist shouted at the Taoist, "Malko."

Hyun Jang hugged and pulled him from behind when Hyun Jong tried to rush back.

"Come on, Jang Moon-in! There's a foreigner! Foreigners!"

"Foreigners? What about foreigners? Now that you have threatened a man with another man's door-to-door commanders, what better way to show him! Is there anything more to be ashamed of?"

"Hey, calm down for now.

When Hyun Jang caught him and could no longer rush, Hyun Jong took off his remaining shoes and threw them at Hyun Young.

Hyun Young shrugged his head and avoided flying shoes.

"Get out! Get out! Guys, I'll give you a spot over there, so live in the open! More than this bandit!"Chung-Myung was looking around and whispered to Hyun Young.

"You seem very angry.…."

"It's all right. When wasn't it? You'll calm down soon."

Hyun Jong sat there as if the sky had collapsed and sighed deeply.

"How did this happen to Hwasan?"

"But it's better than it used to be."

"You shut up! You!"

When Hyun Jong glared, Hyun Young coughed and turned his head again.


Hyun Jong sighed and then looked back at Dowon Chan.


DOWON CHAN, stunned by the storm-swept situation, flinched.

"……Yes, that……."

With no energy left, Hyun Jong said limply.

"I'm so ashamed of myself. I didn't teach them properly even though they said they were my disciples.This is all my fault for being a long writer, so please speak ill of me."

"Oh, no, no! Long story!"

I didn't even want to swear at Hyun Jong.

And even if you wanted to swear, what would you say when a man on his knees and raising his hand is grinding his teeth with his "say something" eyes?

What the hell is this place?'

Still, I have been associated with various literary groups, but I have never seen such a place.

This ridiculous place is the most famous in the Middle East. I felt a sense of betrayal.

"Of course, the Order of the Long Moon……. No, it's not. It's also our fault for not managing it properly. I don't have any complaints if I can just take the command."

It's been a long time since I decided to ask Hwasan why.

By all appearances, this clique was not something Dowon Chan could afford. It was best not to get involved as much as possible, but to retrieve the Jang Moon-ryeongbu and return.

"Of course, I'm going to give it back to Master Chang."

"But that's what I found...…."


Chung-Myung, who was about to sneak in, was pouting at Hyun Jong's scolding.

"But I'll have to check one thing before that."

"What? What kind of confirmation...…."

"Are you really the master of the ghost gate, and are you the rightful heir to receive this command?""

Hyun Jong's eyes were the eyes of a writer who was stern.

"The Commander-in-Chief is the most important thing. It's not enough that you came from the ghost gate. There's a knack in the Chinese clique. I don't want this general to cause confusion in the ghost gate."


Dowon Chan looked at Hyun Jong with new eyes.

I thought he was a frivolous man after seeing him throw off his shoes a while ago, but he was wiser than I thought.

"Yes, a long writer. It's true that there was a fight inside the ghost gate, but it's all sorted out now. As soon as I return with the command, I will be the gatekeeper of the ghost gate."

"Can you prove it?"


Dowon Chan blurted the end of his speech with a slightly troubled face. There was no way to prove it unless they were taken to the ghost gate.

"It's a little difficult, Jang Moon-in."


Hyun Jong is a little worried. I opened my mouth.

"Let's do this. I will give my funeral order to one of my disciples. Then take the student to the ghost gate. Then I'll ask you to give me the command book as soon as you confirm it.""Oh! That'll do."

Dowon Chan is all smiles.

The Jangmunryeongbu is an important object that can control the prestige of the Munpa. If the person who holds the command has a bad mind, there will be a great amount of harm in the Munpa.

Therefore, even if it is cumbersome, they will check it and hand it over to prevent great anger from entering the ghost door. It was a thoughtful enough solution.

And as soon as I confirm, I'll return the command. Aren't you talking?

He was worthy of following the good faith.

It's just...

"It's a long way to the ghost gate. Would that be all right?"

"There are a lot of kids who are used to going long distances, so that's fine. Just……."

Hyun Jong changed his face and looked back at Chung-Myung and other students.

"……It's a matter of being able to go calmly. Behave yourself!"

Then Chung-Myung turned his head.

"Jo-Gol death penalty. Jang Moon-in is singing."

"It's you! It's you! It's you!"

"…Shut up, both of you. Please."

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth with a crying face.

In the past, he, who had been expected by all HWASAN adults as the upright ambassador of the white porcelain ship, is now kneeling down and being scolded in return for failing to prevent what Zasil had done.

I wish they were all dead, really.

Back Cheon, swept away by the aftermath, was in despair, but no one was daunted.


"I'm sure I'll get that snout...…!"

"No, no, no. I really have something to tell you!"

Hyun Jong sighed as he looked at Chung-Myung with a face that he couldn't trust.

"What else are you going to say?"

"Come on, Jang Moon-in. Did I tell you to come and go for no reason? I'm Chung-Myung! Chung-Myung!"

I know.

I'm like this because I know you're Chung-Myung.


Hyun Young also helped Chung-Myung.

"It won't be a bad story for ghost doors. I didn't do this without thinking, so let's hear it for a second...…."


Hyun Jong, who was agonizing, sighed deeply again.


Chung-Myung quickly lowered his arms and jumped to his feet. And came right in front of Dowon Chan and grinned.

"……why, what's wrong with you, small stamp……?"

"Excuse me, Master Moon. No, Lord of Small Words!"


"Don't you want to make some money?"


Dowon Chan's face went blank.

A little later.


Dowon Chan's eyes trembled.

"Because the new law of the Ghost Gate is the best in the world.…."

"Right! It was really fast."

"Using the new law……."

Not enough snow, but now Dowon Chan's lips are slightly cramped.


"No, it's not a sign. It's express delivery."


Dowon Chan looked at the young man in front of him.

You said it was the Hwasan Divine Dragon.'

Isn't a dragon something that you don't dare to grasp? In that sense, it was a really good nickname. I don't understand what he's talking about!

"Hey, hey, cow stamp."

Dowon Chan stuttered open his mouth.

"I understand what the small seal is saying, but...…. No, we're unmanned, not markers."

"What is a warrior?"

"The warrior……."

A man who uses a knife and punches.

But I couldn't answer literally. Chung-Myung said first on behalf of him, who was speechless.

"I'm a warrior, but I'm also a Taoist."

"He, he is."

"I mean, there's nothing strange about a warrior having another job. Why can't you do that? There are so many people who learn martial arts and become guards or get jobs in the country.""That's true, but...…."

Dowon Chan turned his head slightly and looked at Gay Hong. He was also looking at Chung-Myung with a puzzled face as if he had never heard it before.

"I understand what you mean by the small seal. But isn't that what many countries already do? What's the point now?"

"Come on, it's different."


"Jo-Gol death penalty!"


Jo-Gol, who was listening from the side, peered his head.

"How long does it take to send the goods from Sacheon to Beijing?"

"To Beijing?"


Jo-Gol frowned slightly, agonizing.

"It may vary slightly depending on the season or situation, but it will take at least three months from the Holy Land to Beijing because it is over five thousand miles."

"Three months?"

"This is also a minimum. In fact, it takes twice as long to move the items because you have to stop by other places from time to time."

"So it could take up to half a year?"

"That's right."

Chung-Myung turns his head and looks at Dowon Chan.

"Do you understand?"

"What, what?"

"If it takes half a year to get an item, how would a hot-tempered person live?"


"How long does it take for the Ghost Mundos to get from the Holy Land to Beijing?"

"…It's a thousand miles a day, but I'll be there in about 500 miles, so it'll take ten days."

Chung-Myung reached out and grabbed Dowon Chan by the shoulder.

"How many more people would pay if I gave it to you in 10 days?"


Dowon Chan's head is starting to feel dizzy.

"Mu, there's someone who's paying extra to get the stuff earlier?'

No matter how much it goes from half a year to ten days...….

"There can't be people like that.…."

"There is."

Jo-Gol said emphatically.

"We're already making this effort in a number of countries. In exchange for pulling the schedule and not stopping elsewhere, I pay twice or three times as much for the ticket."

Jo-Gol grinned.

"There are quite a few people whose time is more important than money."

Chung-Myung nodded in Dowon Chan's ear.

"He looks like a gangster in the neighborhood, but he's the son of a man in his 40s and 10s."

"I can hear you, you son of a b*tc*!"

Jo-Gol's squealing was not even heard by Dowon Chan. He was dumbfounded.

This is money?'

It was tempting for a moment. But Dowon Chan quickly came to his senses.

"Mu, I understand what you mean. But it's not a matter of money. First of all, our duty...…."

"What you don't know."


Dowon Chan's head turned to one side at the intervention.

Hyun Young opened his mouth with a gentle expression that would never happen again.

"Moonpa is money."


"I know because I've done it."


Dowon Chan is speechless.