Chapter - 422 Episode 422. If you're late, you'll die. (2)

"Elders, what the hell is going on here?"

"There's no fuss."

As soon as the morning came, Mundos of the ghost gate looked at Ojang Song with puzzled eyes.

"What do you mean race?"

"……why? You weren't confident?"

"No, it's just ridiculous. Who are we? Aren't you a student of the Ghost Gate?"

Ojang Song nodded pleased with the spirit.

"Yes, if it's a new law, it's the door to the ghost gate, which is second to none in the world."

"Yes, but race? What nonsense is this...….”

Ojang Song waved his hands lightly at the students' complaints.

"There's no needless to say. All you have to do is beat them."

Then he turned his head slightly and looked at the disciples of Hwasan, who were camped on one side.


He bit his lips.

So why did this happen is...….

"Did you just say proof?"

Ojang Song looks at Chung-Myung with a frown.

"Yes, proof."

"You're going to prove that you're compatible with training?”

"Yes, exactly as you said."

Ojang Song raised his voice with a frown.

"Hey! You're not going to say that you're going to be trained naturally because you're going to carry a lot of things with you're not going to say that.”

"You know very well."


Ojang Song looked at Chung-Myung with a despondent face.

"Look, painting, water training is meaningful when the exact method and the map are combined. No matter how hard you work alone, how can it be trained?"



Chung-Myung grinned.

"It's just a comfortable way for a teacher. What's important is the passion that pushes the exact goals and limits."


Ojang Song looked at Chung-Myung with a puzzled face.

"No……, what the hell does a cattle stamp know…"….”

"O Elder, refrain from speaking. This is the wasaan Divine Dragon Chung-Myung, called Kang Ho-jail's posterior."

And that Hwasan Divine Dragon isn't even a sign that explains this completely crazy guy!

"Hwasan The Dragon?"

At Dowon Chan's words, Ojang Song looked at Chung-Myung before his eyes.

This young man who doesn't feel like Doga's regularity is the Hwasan Divine...….

"Well, I guess so."

However, once he learned about his opponent's reputation, he could not treat him as harshly as he has ever been. He spoke in a slightly soft voice.

"But I don't agree with you in this regard, no matter how much you are the Hwasan Divine Dragon. Especially when it comes to the new law, our ghost gate does not need to be taught by any of the literary circles in the world."

"That's the problem, it is."


"The world develops and changes. A few hundred years ago doesn't mean you've been successful ever since.”

"What are you saying now……".”

"I mean!"


Chung-Myung tapped the table with his palm.

"It's a powerful thing, but I'm right with my mouth, and you're right, it's useless to argue. There's only one way to prove who's right in the strong.”

Ojang Song opened his eyes slightly at his words.

"Are you fighting the new law?"

"That's right."

Chung-Myung grinned confidently.

"That's the fastest way."

"Ha ha. Why do we have to...….”

Chung-Myung looks at Ojang Song and speaks sternly.

"If we lose, I'll return the Master Jang and get out of the ghost gate without a doubt.”


"Instead, if we win, the elder, please cooperate unconditionally in what the Lord of Lowercase is trying to do."


Ojang Song briefly agonized and let out a voice of acupuncture. But the worry didn't last long.

"You must be scared.""…what?"

He stared at Chung-Myung with his eyes wide open.

"What did you just say?”

Chung-Myung calmly put his hands behind his head and whistled.

"I didn't say much.”


"No, I'm just saying, I'm not really confident that the disciples of the Ghost Gate are the fastest in the world.”


Ojang Song, who burst out laughing out of words, twisted the corners of his mouth as if he was displeased.

"Hwasan was looking for a good way to avoid being humiliated, fearing that he would be put in a position of lowercaseism, so the seal would never avoid me!

You're gonna say, "Oh?”

"The Ghost Gate does not shy away from challenges. So, how would you like to conclude?”

When Chung-Myung finally heard the answer he wanted, he smiled and loosened his hands behind his head.

"It's obvious how. If I beat the elder myself, it's the most obvious, but it's a test of ability, not training. I mean... we'd better fight the new law against the death penalty and the disciples of the Ghost Gate.”

"What about you?"

"Do you really need me to do it?”

Ojang Song said with cold sinking eyes.

"Hwasan The Dragon, called the Hawsan Jail, doesn't have to step up?"

"Yes, so isn't that a better condition?"

"…I guess our ghost door looks very shallow. All right, I'll take that challenge. Instead!"

Ojang Song shouted, banging the table once.

"If you lose in this match, just step back and let go of the command. If Hwasan is confident of his faction, he won't go back on what he said."

"Go to bed and I'm a man of my word once I say it.”

It was Chung-Myung, who is good at lying when his students hear him, foaming at his mouth.

"…I feel like I've been tricked."


"No. Nothing."

Ojang Song shook his head.

The young cow's tongue was a bit dry, but it didn't matter.

This is an absolute advantage for them anyway.


"Yes, Elder!"

Ojang Song looked solemnly at Akso in front of him.

"This is a game where the honor of the ghost moon is at stake. We must win."

"Don't worry, Elder!"

Akso, who answered confidently, turned slightly. Half-spread Hwasan's disciples were seen in the corner of the training.

Seeing that there was not even a grain of tension, the anger rose for no reason.

You're saying you're a hot moon para, aren't’

Of course, ghost doors are small doors that cannot be compared to Hwasan. Besides, it's safe to say that Hwasan is now the most famous Munpa in the world.

'But that doesn't mean you're ignoring people.….’

It was just that moment.

"Why are we, you son of a b*tc*!"

"You run, you run! Why should we take care of what you've done?"


"Amitabha, get out of here and die, Shizu."

Akso flinched at the thunderstorm of criticism and resentment from Hawsan's disciples.

"What is it?"

They were roaring at one person like a cat.


Baek Cheon opened his mouth with a bubbling face.

"Isn't this a good place to do business in the first place?"

"That's right."

"But why are you doing it again! Why, again!"

"Oh, I can't communicate!"

Baek Cheon grabbed his chest.

"I'm sure you don't understand! You!"

"I agree."

The public opinion seemed to be not good at all. But it wasn't Chung-Myung who cared about it.

"I tried to make it work for the best of me.""But!"

"But the old man says they don't have to listen to him because they're much better at his job.”


Baek Cheon opened his eyes wide, slightly hardening his face. Chung-Myung gently scratched his pride.

"Can you stand that?”


"You must have been the first one to beat me."


Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung with a sullen face.

"How could they have done that first? I'm sure you scratched me gently."


And others didn't believe Chung-Myung.

"You look like a nice person. Did you really do that'

"You're a liar every time you open your mouth!"

"How many people have suffered like that so far? I'd rather trust that way than trust you!"

Chung-Myung grinned with a bitter look and protested violently.

"I'm telling you it's real?! Why don't you believe me...….”

"That's enough."

"Hit me!"


It was crazy, but there was no way to prove it.

"Anyway, really.”

Then Baek Cheon, scratching his head as if he were going crazy, looked at the doorways of the ghost gate. Apparently the other side was very motivated.

Sighed deeply, he opened his mouth weakly.

"This bastard may have caused an accident, but it's true that once it happened, Hwasan's honor is at stake."

"Then you do it yourself! Why are you losing your weight?”

"That's what I'm saying!"

Come to think of it, Baek Cheon stared at Chung-Myung in an angry way again. Chung-Myung just shrugged back.

"Because if I step up, I can't work. And it's not about who's fast."


"That little club, kak!"


Looking at me like a blade, Chung-Myung seriously pondered whether puberty had come to the death penalty these days.


Baek Cheon said sternly, as if he had cleared his mind.

"No matter how you start, you have to win and watch the fight."

"That's right!"

Dang-Soso clenched his fist.

"That's what my father did. If you do something wrong here, just beat it up! It'll cover the wrong way."

"……No, it's too much…….”

Well, I didn't see you like that, but you're very aggressive.

After wiping the sweat off, Baek Cheon cleared his throat.

"Apology is an apology, and a game is a game. Anyway, you can't hear that Hwasan is worse than a ghost gate!"

"Of course!"

"Of course."

"Let's go!"

Baek Cheon led Hwasan's disciples to the center of the training.

In line with that, Akso led the priests to the center of the smoke and mirrors. The two groups began to confront each other in the center.

Standing opposite Baek Cheon, Akso tilted his head over and over again to see if he didn't like something.

"You look like a mountain lion."

"Better than just looking, huh?"


Akso, who made a remark and didn't even get his money's worth, changed his teeth thoroughly.

"I wish my legs were as flexible as my mouth.”

"It's stiff, but it's about as good as you."

"……No, but this is…….”


As Akso burst into flames in his eyes, Elder Ojang Song shouted loudly and walked out.

"I'm sure you're all aware of the situation, so I'm not going to explain it. The way to win is very simple. Do you see that tree on the mountain?”


"What mountain?"

Hwasan's disciples tilted their heads to find the surrounding mountains. This is the mountain. Where the hell are you talking about?….

Soon their eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

I could see something hazy over the thick fog because of yesterday's rain."…...Excuse me?"

"Is that it?”

I can't even see well because of the fog...…. No, it was a mountain far enough to be invisible without fog.

"Do you mean that mountain, Elder?"

"That's right."

Ojang Song nods nonchalantly.

Then, Hwasan's disciples looked at Ojang Song with a look of 'What kind of human being is this?'

"Why? Do you think it's going to be hard? If you're having a hard time, you can give up now."

Unfortunately, however, Ojang Song didn't know how to deal with Hwasan's students.

"Are you having a hard time? In Hwasan, I go for a walk after eating."

"Oh, my. I was wondering if you were going far because it's Gyeongju. I'll crawl to you'll crawl.”

Hwasan's disciples looked at the distant mountain with a bubbling face.

"Let's take a picture of the tree on that mountain and the one who gets here first wins."

"Who's going to confirm that it's going to be filmed?"

"The Great Hyeop of Open has decided to take care of you."


Hong Dae Kwang?

"… somehow he went somewhere in the morning swearing endlessly.”

Baek Cheon also sincerely mourned the innocent Hong Dae Kwang.



It's a simple method that doesn't have to be asked.

The problem is...

Strangely, I'm not motivated.

Baek Cheon sighed deeply. No matter how hard I think about it, I couldn't figure out what this was doing.

"So five of you?"


He peeked back, answering. Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, Yoo-Esul and Dang-Soso were standing side by side behind him.

"There's nothing to drag on. Let's go!"


They all got into position in unison. Next to it, the disciples of the Ghost Gate also posed with a relaxed face.

Chung-Myung smiled brightly and cheered brightly.

"Hwasan, win!"

"You shut up!"

"That's awesome! For real!"

"You'll cut it."

"That burn, man!"

It was a moment of warmth between the death penalty.

With a sigh, Baek Cheon pushed a history into his legs. Anyway, we have to win first...….

"Let's go!"

With Ojang Song's signal, ten fighters shot forward.

In an instant, Akso slipped onto Baek Cheon, who was speeding through the mountain path after escaping the ghost gate.

"Hey, parasite orabi."


How could you talk to me so calmly while running so fast? They were certainly unbeatable opponents.


"Did you listen to the rules?”

"Shouldn't you just come back from the tree?"

"Tsk tsk. That's why sandals are.”

Ako shrugged her hand into her waist.



Oh, my god!

At the same time as he pulled out his hand, something flew into Baek Cheon's feet.

A long thread-like thing with a small pendulum at each end quickly wrapped around Baek Cheon's ankles.


In an instant, Baek Cheon, who was tied up in both legs, couldn't beat the speed at which he was running, and collapsed. Of all things, up the road that became muddy because of the rain last night.



The muddy water that had soared fell pitifully on his back.

Buried in mud, he didn't move much like a dead man. Akso laughed at the sight.

"I didn't tell you not to fight. Take your time. Hahahaha!

Little did I hear the last laugh of how quickly it was moving away.

And at that moment.

Wood, wood, wood.

Baek Cheon's hand, clutching the mud, flashed as if he were tearing it apart. The mud in my hand fell in lumps.Slowly. Very slowly, he lifted his head and slowly wiped the mud off his face with one hand. And I looked at Akso disappearing in the distance.


Soon after, a colder voice came out of his mouth than the snow of the North Sea.

"…...I'll kill you, you bastards."

Baek Cheon, who was filled with the will to the end of his head, started running like a beast with blood in his eyes.