Chapter - 426 Episode 426. What friends are for? (1)

"Then take a look!"

"Eat well and rest well!"

The rumor of a ghost door...…. No, Dowon Chan, now the gatekeeper of the ghost gate, grinned as he held Chung-Myung's hands tightly.

"Thank you very much, small stamp."

"Come on, you're welcome."

Looking around, Chung-Myung whispered quietly so that only Dowon Chan could hear it.

"Please do what I told you.”

"All the people?”


Dowon Chan nodded still.

"Don't worry. If my panhandlers show any suspicious movements, I'll forward them to Hwasan immediately."

"If you do, there's nothing more to ask."

"But... Is there any reason to go that far? Openness……."

"Oh, that's it, right?”

Chung-Myung glanced at Hong Dae Kwang, who was far away, with his eyes wide open.

"It's like. I can't say that I don't trust him at all.….”

Hong Dae Kwang shouted from afar, as if he knew he was talking like a ghost.

"Huh? What did you say to me, Hwasan The Dragon?"

"No, no, nothing."

When Chung-Myung waved his hand, Hong Dae Kwang tilted his head.

Dowon Chan smirked a bitter smile.

"……I got it anyway."

It's not that Chung-Myung doesn't trust Hong Dae Kwang. You don't believe in openness. And furthermore, it's more like not trusting the old file room than opening it up.

Now that there is a clear distinction between political and religious factions, the old file room should be in favor of Hwasan, but haven't they experienced enough that they could quickly change their position based on their needs?

Chung-Myung wasn't stupid enough to be beaten once again.

At least until Hong Dae Wang gained a firm position that no one could ignore in the open, he had no intention of trusting the open completely.

'It just so happens that the ghost gate is in you, so it's close to Gwangseo, and it's fast.'’

There has never been a better gatekeeper to keep an eye on a crowd.

"If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us at Hwasan."

"Of course I do."

While Chung-Myung and Dowon Chan were talking, Hwasan's disciples and ghost gate Mundos were also saying goodbye.



Akso and Baek Cheon's eyes were blazing again in Ho Gong.

"Don't get beaten up anywhere."

"Run a little faster next time we meet. It's slow, it's bursting."



The two, who were growling at each other, turned around as if they had made a promise.

"Then I'll see you all next time."

"Goodbye. People of the Hwasan!

Chung-Myung shook his hands and grinned. Then he looked at the upcoming Baek Cheon herd and chanced to his side.


Before I knew it, the iron balls that Chung-Myung had taken out were huddled together.

"You have to kick it."


Baek Cheon and his other disciples sighed and clasped a lump of iron in their limbs. Then Chung-Myung's fierce eyes went somewhere else.

"Mr. Beggar. Don't try to slip away and kick quickly."


While expressing his dissatisfaction with his mouth, Hong Dae Kang also wore a rock-iron ring on his wrist and ankles.

"I'm going to turn it off now."


Everyone clung weakly to the cart at the word.

"Let's go!"



The heavy cart rattled and began to move forward.

Akso, who was standing while watching the cart getting farther away, frowned lightly.

"That son of a b*tc*...….”

Then his priest, who was guarding him, muttered in a discontented voice."Don't you think that guy, Baek Cheon, is undercooked? I'm trying to beat you to the end.….”

Even before the word was finished, the disciples of the ghost gate complained.

"It was a bit of a drag, though.

"Be frivolous!"

"The Taoists!"

Akso's brows crumpled as the voice rose higher and higher.

"Who ate less?"

He gave a cold scolding.

"You know, that white guy named Baek Cheon. The……."



Only then did the disciples of the ghost gate, who felt unusual, shut their mouths and glanced at Akso's

Akso glared at them with cold eyes.

"Although I have pride in myself, ghost doors are not yet a door-to-door comparable to Hwasan. And that Baek Cheon is a rising master who is famous in the world for his nickname Hwajeonggeom. If we had met outside, not here, we wouldn't have even dared to talk to each other."


"And it's best known by that guy, Baek Cheon. If he thought he was an orphaned disciple, he wouldn't have talked to us in a complicated way."

The priests nodded at the words one by one.

In fact, isn't it something everyone knows how much a good student is?

"But how was he? He gritted his teeth, swore, and got angry at us. Do you know what that means?"

"…bad personality?”



That's true. That's true, too.….

Akso coughed several times and opened her mouth again.

"He didn't think the disciples of the ghost gate were worse than them. Isn't it a matter of the same class to do dejabbing together?"


"Of course, it's rough and irritating, but...….Yeah, but he didn't look down on us. But what would we be if we cursed at it for being annoying!"

At Akso's words, the disciples of the ghost gate bowed slightly.

"Don't speak ill of those who reveal their true intentions without hiding. It's a hundred times better than those who hide their innermost thoughts and pretend to be polite!"

"……OK, death penalty."

"I'm sorry."

Dowon Chan grinned as he was still listening to Akso from the back.

'Akso got a good look at them.’

Of course it is radical and bizarre.

But they have a real intention of attracting people.

Now ghost doors will change a lot.’

Dowon Chan believed it would never harm the ghost gate.

He smiled quietly and stared at his disciples for a very long time, now a mole.

Take a look, seal.

"Oh, yeah.



The cart creaked westward.

Chung-Myung, who pouted his head above it, complained.

"It's a little slow, isn't it?”

"What, you son of a b*tc*?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Then you turn it off, too!"

As words like knives poured out, Chung-Myung quickly put his head in and stuck out again.

The executions have become violent.’


Hye Yeon아?

Come to think of it, I think you've been swearing since earlier...…?

After realizing that their patience was slowly reaching its limit, Chung-Myung grinned and opened his mouth for a moment.

"Well, then I'll give you a condition because everyone looks tired.”

"What's the deal?"

"What else are you going to bother me with, you demon!"

"I'm not listening! Get out!"

Chung-Myung shrugged.

"That's a good suggestion.""Oh, I'm not listening!"

"It's a little later than I thought."


"I won't bother you on your way back to Hwasan if you don't rest from here to the main gate. Oh, at the party gate."


Baek Cheon, who had been watching the front all along, finally turned around.


"What I'm lying about...…. No, it's not. This time it's real."

Chung-Myung secretly changed his words because he thought the answer was clear.

"What's wrong with this? So you can go back comfortably?"

"You're eating, not a brick band?"

"You don't sleep in grass at night, you sleep in the audience?"

"Amitabul! Aren't you telling me to eat the same grass on the floor anyway?”

"……sir, monk. Have you ever been subjected to such a thing?"

At the moment, at the reaction of the stunned Hwasan disciples, Hye Yeon's eyes were clouded with tears.

"There's no such thing as Mara."

That's Mara, Mara.

Everyone freaked out, but Chung-Myung was nonchalant.

"Yeah, it'll let you go back to normal. I'm going to sell this cart, too.”

All of the students of Hwasan looked at Chung-Myung in dismay at the far too unconventional proposal.

In fact, it's too natural to think about it. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? Just walk along the street, enjoy the scenery, and collaborate!

But Hawsan's disciples had never enjoyed such an ordinary trip.

"If you say something else later, I'll take off the real shell!"

"Really? You're really real this time?!”

"I'm telling you, man. There's a lot of doubt."

Chung-Myung grinned.

"Instead, we go to Danga with all our might. Okay? I won't rest even at night.”

Then everyone, especially Dang-Soso, was poisonous.

"Let's go, Sasook!"

"Come on! Let's go! Yeah, let's go for it!"

Baek Cheon grabbed the rod connected to the wagon.

"I go to Sichundang without a break!"




A golden flash began to shoot out of Hye Yeon's body.

"We'll speed up. Hold on tight, Si-ju!"

"Let's go, monk!"

"Let's go! Ddang-dong!"

"Who is it? What kind of guy is he?"

In the midst of the uproar, Hye Yeon started running with her strength as high as she could.


"You can rest if you go to the front door!"

"I'm coming!"

Hong Dae Kwang smiled as he ran along.

'Do the f*ck, the f*ck.'

Anyway, the cart started moving at the same speed as the wind.

It's Sacheon.

* * *

The Four Heavenly Hallows.

The ruler of the saints and the ruler of Sacheon, the clans were always silent. Due to the nature of the literary group dealing with poison and memorization, they were always forced to remain calm.

But that Sichuan Party was a bit noisy today.

"You still got a long way to go?”

"Oh, my God! I'm here! Here's 20 buildings of Gumnamchun! Twenty units of Baekhwaju! And Geumjoncheong and Oryangju!"

People were clinging to the wooden cart inside the danga and carefully moving the shiny drunkards.

"What's this? I'm sure I told you to bring 30 dongs.”

"Oh, my God! I couldn't get so many of these precious things at once! I'm on my way to the rescue, so please wait a little longer!"

"As fast as you can! Do you understand?"

"Yes! Who are you saying that we're going to neglect!"

It wasn't just alcohol.

A number of carts came and went through the wide open gate. Dangga's kitchen was also busy preparing food."How's the preparation going?”

"Of course, sir! Don't worry!"

Despite the return of a reliable answer, a man called the commissioner looked around with a big frown.

"It's not that I don't trust you, but the costumer is very concerned about this feast. If there's a problem, it won't end up being criticized. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Well, that's obvious."

Suksu nodded his head in a cold sweat.

"It's a rare occasion for guests are coming. Make sure you make sure you don't mind."


Once again, the general looked around the kitchen and went outside at a quick pace. Where he was heading quickly was the place of Gazoo.

"Lord, it's a constant."

"Come on in."

When I carefully opened the door, I saw Dang Gunnak sitting at the top and Dang Pae and Dang Jan guarding the left and right.

"We're almost ready."

"You don't have to make such a fuss.”


This is what the owner told me to do.

Dang Pae coughed low when Dang Sangsu couldn't answer with a puzzled face.

Dang Sangsu, who recognized the signal, bowed his head.

"But we still have guests coming, so should we be away from the side of the dangga? Please understand how I feel as a general."

"If you really are."

Dang Sangsu holds the charges.

It's always a solemn and heavy Dang Gunnak, but when the name Hwasan came out, it felt a little lighter.

Of course, it wasn't that I didn't understand. What's more, your daughter who got married is coming back. How can you feel?


"Yes, my lord!"

Dang Gunnak shouted heavily and Dang Jan and Dang Pae bowed in unison.

"A close friend, but Kang-ho is a place to prove himself with his skills. You never need to act embarrassed in front of his disciples hwasan! "

"I'll keep that in mind!"

"And no matter how good Hwasan is right now, the party isn't behind Hwasan either. Be proud."



"Lord! We have Hwasan on our way!"



Dang Gunnak's seat, which had been solemnly speaking until a while ago, was empty.

Dang Jan and Dang Pae sighed as they stared blankly at the half-broken, dangling door.

"I hope you keep what you say."

Dang Pae kicked his tongue at the mutter of Dang Jan.

"Tsk. You didn't understand your father.”


"Didn't you tell us to keep it?"


"You're the exception."


It was Dang Jan, something that made sense but didn't.


"For God's sake, Dangga! Dangga!"

"Now, wait a minute, Sasook! My house over there! We……!"

"Shut up! Go to your house later!"

Hwasan's disciples, who neatly ignored Jo-Gol's lamentable cry for home, rushed to Dangga with blood in their eyes.

"Get out of my way!"

"Come on out! Oh, come on out!"

"Someone wipe your hair, monk Hye Yeon! It doesn't seem to be shining well! It has to sparkle to keep people from seeing it and avoiding it!"

"No, you've been asking me who I am! Where did you sell your character?"

(sighs) Whoosh!

The cart made an outspoken dash toward the danga. It couldn't have been faster if the horses on the tail were dragged.

The pupils' eyes were glistening with a mixture of venom and madness.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Arrive!"

"Arrived! Do……"!”

But the moment they push through the gate.

The wheel, which had been squeaking and screaming all along, bounced off and the cart overturned.



Hwasan's disciples, who rose to Ho Gong for the second time, began to sink into the ground one by one.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


The members of the Dangga, who were lined up inside the gate to greet the guests, looked vacantly at the scene with their arms raised awkwardly.


Dang Gunnak's eyebrows shivered slightly at the sight of the disordered Hwasan disciples.

And then.

Stand up.

One person who had fallen forward jumped up.


The man, who blew his nose loudly and pumped out the blood from the inside, proudly walked forward. It's like the equipment of Jangpanpa.

Dang Gunnak's eyebrows began to twitch more violently.


Finally, a tooth standing in front of everyone folded its back violently, opening its arms slightly.

"Father! Soso is back!"


It was a dramatic and spectacular return.