Chapter - 431 Episode 431. I'm not checking plum blossoms. (1)

It's burning red.

Red as if the sun were rising, red again and again.

The round jewel will be red...….


Hye Yeon, who dyed her round hair red, frowned.

'What does he have... '….’

I was confident that I was second to none in my age group. And this confidence was never groundless arrogance. In fact, his private affairs are not Shaolin, who has never come down from the highest position in the world.

Now standing next to him, Hwasan's students seemed more relaxed than Hye Yeon, despite pushing this huge history.

Was the history of the Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong stamps so strong?’

If you haven't eaten the ice caps somewhere, how do you explain this history?


"That platoon, that thing! Where'd you eat blood? Why can't you use that power?!"

"……You told me to just eat the grass.”

"Then I'm going to take the grass off the middle ear! You want me to feed you some meat?”

"…That's not what you meant."

It was hard to bite Hye Yeon's eyes when she heard conversation from behind. Of course, even that was quickly blown away by the heat of the furnace.

A man like a demon.

If the Buddha is truly looking at reality, why would he leave that demon like that?

No, this is not a matter for the Ministry. Isn't that the man that's a mastermind?

What the hell is a primitive man doing to keep an eye on this? We'll have to get off the lightning and figure it out! Solve it!

"Hey, hey! Look at you thinking about something else, again!"


Hye Yeon quickly focused on reinforcing her history.

"Once upon a time, the Shaolinites were so focused that they wouldn't know if a bird nests in their heads! These days, Shaolin, ying!"

"How can a bird build a nest there when you have a smooth head? You have to say something that makes sense."

"Once upon a time, birds had grit!"


Listening to the conversation, Hye Yeon closed her eyes tightly.

What a strange thing to do. I hated Baek Cheon, who stood next to him and responded to him more than Chung-Myung, who openly persecuted and bullied people.

Oh, my god!

Hye Yeon opened her eyes and stared at the brazier with a frown. I was suffocated by the heat that seemed to ripen.

How much longer do I have to do it?’

It's already been two days since I started a fire without sleeping. Everyone is exhausted now, no matter who you are...….

"Wow! This is a great drink!"


Oh, I hate it. I hate it.

Chung-Myung flipped the bottle upside down and shook it off. He pushed the last drop into his mouth and stretched his hand to the side and frowned.

"You don'

The table next to him was empty before he knew it.

Chung-Myung, who was looking around, laughed as he watched Dang Gunnak.

"Dang-ga-nim, we're out of alcohol.”


Dang Gunnak openly frowned.

"Others are using dragons now, is that what you're doing?"

"What? What?”


At Chung-Myung's question, Dang Gunnak glanced down instead.

When I saw Chung-Myung, who was half lying down in a big, comfortable chair and shaking the bottle, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

No, the chair is good. This is it.

But I couldn't stand the bottles lying all over the floor."Hey, Hwasan The Dragon!"


Eventually, he hardened his face and spoke with dignity.

"I don't want to point out your work. But isn't this over the top? Not only the elders of the Dang family, but also Hwasan's disciples and Monk Hye Yeon of Shaolin are suffering. Do you really need to drink in front of them?”


Chung-Myung soon bowed his head sullenly. Dang Gunnak, who was slightly softened at the sight, said.

"Drink as much as you want when you're done with your work. I can't allow alcohol here anymore as a member of the party."

"I understand what you mean."

Chung-Myung shook his head as if he had understood.

Dang Gunnak thought his response was a bit unexpected.

You're surprisingly good.’

Maybe he's weaker than I thought he'd be for someone who's going strong.….

But it was that moment.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah! The elder of the Examiner!


Dang Gunnak's eyebrows wriggled greatly.

Dang Hopyong, who was watching the workshop from the front at Chung-Myung's call, has been sprinting almost on all fours.

"Did you call me?"

Chung-Myung pointed his chin at the bottles and tables lying on the floor.

"Get rid of all this."

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's not polite to have a drinking party here. I made a mistake."

At that moment, Dan Hoppyong's head turned to Dan Gunnak as if he had broken.


In those eyes, Dang Gunnak crumpled his neck like a turtle.

"Jo, my grandfather. That's not it...….”

"Yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Dang Hopyong squinted at the bubble with his eyes wide open.

"I don't know what he's like right now! Don't you dare you!


No, if you don't recognize me, you don't even know who the Dangga-ju is. Why do you believe Chung-Myung's words this time?

Why do you keep losing half your mind?

"This guy! Huh? This person! Plum blossoms! Plum blossoms inspection! Those special group of horsemen are the trembling Hawsan First Swordsmen, and they're like brothers to your grandfather's grandfather in private! What? A drinking board? Did you say drinking board?”

"…he, that's not what I said, my grandfather…"….”

"Shut up!

Dang Gunnak's eyes were clouded with tears.


This is so sad.

"How dare you let him drink like a pig! This person deserves to drink at Shaolin's Daewoongjeon!"

Hye Yeon, who was suffering from the inside at Dang Hopyong's Ilgal, turned her head in surprise.

No, sir. Shouldn't we listen to Shaolin's opinion?

It was regrettable that I couldn't speak because I was trying to bring back history.

The praise for the inspection of plum blossoms by Dang Hopyong never came to an end.

"Let's be the heroes of the heaven who have cut those evil masters countless times!"


"The world's worst, huh? The world's best! The world's best ale!


"And he's the biggest guest of the Sichundang family, and what and what? Your great grandfather didn't dare say that to him! The laws of the family are going backwards! Do I really have to listen to the whip to come to my senses?"


Changmyeong laughed and laughed. There was a thousand fire in Dan Gunnak's heart when he saw it.

No, why do you like it? Why!'

Then Dang Hopyong shouted, blood in his eyes.

"The answer is!"

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"Can't you come and see the table right now?”

Chung-Myung, who was lying on the chair again, hinted at his help."Soheung Province, too.

"Yes, Soheungju!"

"Sweet bamboo shoots."

"Yeah, bamboo shoot! Come on. No! Bring me all the alcohol you have! All kinds of things!"

Dang Gunnak hesitated and Dan Hoppyong blinked.

"Why? Should I go?"

"Oh, no, my grandfather! I'll bring you a drink table right away!"



When Dang Gunnak tried to run fast, frightened Dang Pae and Dang Jan blocked him.

"Oh, my father. We'll be there!"

"Here you are, here you are!"

As the two rushed, Dang Gunnak threw his eyes at the distant sky seen out of the workshop.

How did I make this mistake?….’

I should've stopped that Mangjong when he said he'd impersonate Maehwa inspection. Why would you allow that to happen to you?

Whether Dang Gunnak does or not, Chung-Myung asks Dang Hopyong.

"So, is it still a long way off?”

"It's almost done."

"What's taking so long?"

"It would have been over if we were just melting it. But you need more than that to make a proper scrap of iron. It's almost time to wrap up, so you have to help us again."

"Huh? Me?"

"Yes, at the end of the day, I had to turn up the fire power."


Chung-Myung woke up with a groan.

"Yeah, it's better to finish early. Let's go."

Then he strode toward the brazier.

"Lodge! Accident!"

"Got it!"

Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul quickly followed behind him.

"Everyone, come out!"

When Chung-Myung shouted, Hye Yeon, Jo-Gol, and Yoon-Jong gasped back.

Chung-Myung breathed out and grabbed the brazier.

Yoo-Esul and Baek Cheon also grabbed the brazier and began to build their own momentum. Dang Hopyong is back in front of the fire.

"Please push it as far as you can! Let the brazier burn to the ground!"


Chung-Myung's history began to swirl. Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul responded and assisted and pushed them to die.

Dang Gunnak exclaimed.

"Chung-Myung is a small stamp, and even so, the other students of Hwasan also have a huge history."

He gasped and asked Yoon-Jong walking out of the workshop.

"Do all of Hwasan's disciples run this strong?"

Yoon-Jong glanced back briefly and shook his head.

"No, everyone has a strong history, but...…it's usually a small one."

"Just a little bit."

Dang Gunnak turned his head slightly and looked toward Dang-Soso. At the entrance to the workshop, she and Baek Sang were snooping inside.

The two had a weaker history than the other disciples, so they were unable to participate in heating the furnace.

Yeah, that's normal.’

No. That's not even normal. Soso did not have a lower background than his peers, and after his visit to Hawasan, he had a higher background than in the past.

Nevertheless, there is such a difference...….

"It looks like the elixir worked."

"Did you understand?"

"I'm the head of a party. I don't know what you've done all the way to Unnam."

Yoon-Jong scratched his head humbly.

And that attitude made Dang Gunnak happy.

You don't even look away from SoSo.

Dang-Soso would generally be suspicious if Dang knew what they were trying to hide. However, they did not doubt Dang-Soso at all when they heard it.

It's a good place.’

I could see why Soso was so hung up on Hwasan.

"If you do……."

It was just that moment.Rumbling!

There was a huge noise coming from the workshop. I was surprised and looked at the white flames from the brazier rising above the chimney.

"…I don't know that much, really."

The end of the eaves began to burn in the heat.

In the workshop, the voice of Dang Hopyong, who was very excited, burst out.

"Bring me the frame!"


The party's gluttonouss rushed to fly with the mold. And carefully put it down in front of the brazier at the instruction of Dang Hopyong.

"Get closer, boys!"


Dan Hopeong's eyes were infested with almost madness.

"Get out of my way!"

Biting all the pine needles, he picked up a long iron rod and began to poke the bottom of the brazier.

"The iron is running out!"

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After hitting the bottom of the furnace over and over again, a hole in the bottom of the furnace began to flow out close to white.


"Oh, my God!"

Each of the party's far-off meals burst into admiration.

Flames rose from the iron water. It was as if a river of flame flowed along a long frame. How great the heat was, my face was burning even though I stepped back at least three pages.

That play! That play!

Dang Hopyong, who scraped the last iron water, threw out the iron rod and shouted.

"That's it!"

Chung-Myung, who took his hands off the stove, rushed out. And I glanced at the long-framed white iron water emitting heat.

Somehow, just looking at it made me feel purified.

"Now all I have to do is cool it down?"

"Yes, an adult. It's set to the mold, so once it's cooled down, a lump of iron is complete. Then you can tap it out and take the shape of a sword."

"Well, this isn't as much as I thought. I don't think I can make a lot.”

"No, it's not as good as you think if you make a sword with only one iron, it doesn't turn out as good as you think. I have my own secret. Mukcheol and Baekryeon Steel. And I'm going to stack up the magnetic iron from Unnam. Besides, Hawasan's sword is thinner and luscious than a regular sword. It's going to be a lot."

"Oh, really?"

Chung-Myung smiled as if that was enough.

I was worried, but he's a better craftsman than I thought.’

"Oh! It's already cooling down?”

Suddenly, Dang Gunnak, who was watching after entering the workshop, was amazed at how the end of the frame was cooling down. He had never seen such a large amount of iron in his life.

"Oh, my God, such a clear silver.”

When you cool down the iron from the furnace, it's usually black and rough. It is common to tap and grind the iron to make it clean, and this fountain season looked as clear and clean as snow from the moment it cooled down.

"It's really a late-life season. The half-melted items are half-designed!"

Dang Hopyong says with a shoulder strain.

"The iron that has been melted and cast properly is literally an iron that gives off a negative energy and cold energy. That's why it cools so fast."

"Well…, you're amazing, my grandfather."

"It's nothing."

Dang Hopyong waved his hand lightly.

But Chung-Myung tilted his head as if he didn't understand something.



"Why did you take this out so long? That means you only need iron smaller than your fist to make a sword, what are you going to do about it?”

"You can cut it.”

"……It looks thicker than the forearm. How can I cut that? It's already cold."Hahaha. What joke do you miss?"


When Chung-Myung still didn't understand and asked back, Dang Hoppyong giggled as if he was listening to the funniest thing in the world.

"Hanchul is the best iron, but isn't that iron? The iron you didn't even put on your work is like mud."


"Now, as you said, you can cut it off one by one. I'll show you the exact length."


Chung-Myung's eyes cramped.

Cut it?


One season?

The other day, I almost lost my back when I was cutting that thin iron, and now you want me to cut something thicker than that forearm?

Dang Hopyong, without knowing Chung-Myung's true feelings, excitedly picked up a brush and began to draw a line over the season.

All over the place. All over the place!


Five people were drawn with a finger-length line on a sheet of iron that was about to be laid down.

"Now! Old man, you can cut it like this."

"…I am?"

"Of course."

"I'm not a plum screen."

"Ha ha ha. You're joking too much. Please get started. Then I'll get ready to make an iron sword."

"…I'm telling you."

"Ha ha ha ha ha. You've become interesting. She's having fun.”

No, dude!

I'm not kidding, I'm not testing plum blossoms!

……It's driving me crazy.

a meeting room

Eventually, karma was bound to come back.