Chapter - 437 Episode 437. If you're going to do it, you should do it properly! (2)




The three glared at each other with disapproving eyes.

"……You should know how to break your stubbornness."

"That's what I have to say."

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue at the Beast Palace and Dang Gunnak.

"Those who are old enough to be old have no shame.

"Age doesn't matter!"

"It's not like demeanor feeds you."


That's a perfect match for you.….

Even if there is a problem in the process of blindness, there is no need to worry after it is created. You have such a good chemistry.

The Beast Palace Lord Maeng So frowned slightly and suddenly sighed deeply.

"Tsk. Meng should be on the same wavelength in the first place. If we only talk about the benefits, what difference do we have to make?"



Dang Gunnak and Chung-Myung also bowed slightly at the correct words. Maeng So sighed once again.

"So you two give way like men."

"No, by the way, you son of a b*tc*?"

"That's not worth listening to.

The three stared at each other again with bloody eyes. Then he sighed at the same time.

"Well, let's talk about this later."

"…I'm sure. Maeng-ju, we can decide anytime."

Eventually, three people tired of persuading each other fell out.

Dang Gunnak gulped down the cold cold tea. Today's conversation seemed particularly difficult as there was no occasion to yell and fight.

He said, clearing his throat over tea.

"Anyway, it is very meaningful to meet these three clans."


"What's new.

However, the return response was very lukewarm. Dang Gunnak's eyes trembled.

'What the hell are these people... '….’

Chung-Myung alone is too much to handle, but why bother a big guy like Chung-Myung?


He coughed in vain and tried to come to his senses. If he got caught up in it, this place would be a mess. I think I'm already a bit caught up in it, but I can still turn it around.

"Hwasan The Dragon."


He spoke in a slightly subdued voice.

"It's not that hard to make an alliance. There's a will, there's a will, so it's just an excuse and formality. One problem is that as soon as blindness is created, checks are forced in."

"Well, in the Five Tales?"

"Yes, and the same goes for the old file room and the new palace.”

Maeng So grinned when he heard that.

"Of course. People don't want to let go of a grain of rice that's in their hands. There's no way they'll leave anything that could pose a threat to their power."

Maeng So, the palace owner, knew this better than anyone else. For example, how many civil servants in the Middle East have kept the palace in check?

When necessary, they come up to discuss the cause, but when it is unnecessary, they are persecuted by pushing them into orangkas. That's what the external palace has been through countless times.


'That's not just because the palace is out of the world.'

Gonnyun, for example, is in a place that is hardly even a middle ground, and Mundo is also hardly a middle ground. However, it is firmly establishing its position as one of the old file rooms.Therefore, there is only one difference between a difficulty and a beastly palace.

Do you respect their order?

"They only recognize those in their order. If Hwasan creates a Maeng with the Sichundangga and the Namman Beast Palace, they will recognize us as being against their order.”

Dang Gunnak nodded in agreement with Maeng So.

"You won't be able to pick a fight for a while. But in the end, you'll have no choice but to antagonize. I mean, it's hard to find a compromise of its own, just like the old faction and the Great Sega coexist."


Chung-Myung nodded without much response. asked Dang Gunnak.

"Have you thought about this?"

"What? What's wrong?"

"…I told you. We have no choice but to pretend to be Goofa or Oh Dae-segawa. But isn't it hard to deal with them with just the power of our three clans? Don't tell me, it's a futile plan to be stronger from now on and deal with them all, right?

"Come on, don't tell me."

Chung-Myung waved his hand in the suspicious glare of Dang Gunnak.

Of course, it's natural for Hwasan to be stronger, but no matter how Chung-Myung is, he's not that reckless.

"Then do you have anything in mind?"

At the question, Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at the map of the meadow on the wall of the household room.

"Well, isn't that obvious? If it's not enough, I'll raise it."


"I even gave it the name Maeng, but the fact that there are only three moonfas in it doesn't live forever."

"He's right, too."

Maeng So nodded his head.

"Then what kind of gatekeepers are you trying to conciliate?"

"Of course they're the gatekeepers around here.”

"…so simple?"

"It's not simple."

Chung-Myung shook his finger.

"What do you think is the reason why the Old File Room, the Palace of Foreign Affairs, and the Great Sega keep a subtle distance from each other?"

"Isn't that a check?"

"You're welcome. It's the street.”



Chung-Myung nodded and explained in detail.

"To put it simply, it's like this. For example, Dangga is located in the southwest of the Middle East, and Namgung is located in the east. Even Paenga is in the northeast. The others are similar."


"So if there is a problem with the party, it takes a long time for Namgung or Paengga to come to support us. What's the point of an alliance that doesn't help when you're in a hurry? That's why you keep Hyun Sang with a subtle distance.”


Maeng So nodded as if he could relate.

The palace is also located in the middle of the country. Therefore, it was not easy to get proper support if something happened to the Beast Palace.

"A close neighbor is better than a distant relative. First of all, we need a doorkeeper who can run to us when we have a problem. Now, let's put the region first, not the propensity like Gufa and Oh Dae-se."

Dang Gunnak looked at Chung-Myung with meaningful eyes.

"As expected, the West."


Chung-Myung smiled and nodded.

"So for now, we're going to try to seduce the people in the West. It's better if it's a file room or five."


"It's obvious, because they're weak. What's better than taking someone else's power?"

Dang Gunnak nodded loudly as if he had understood and smiled at Chung-Myung.

"Then let me ask you a question."


"As you say, there's one place that's in the West, that can be the first to run when there's a danger, and above all, it fits perfectly into the gateways that can greatly weaken their power.""…what?"

"I mean Jongnam. What are you going to do?"



As soon as the word Jong-nam came out, Chung-Myung's teeth split on their own.

"The…… uh…….the……jongnam…….Jongnam……."

Chung-Myung, who had been suffering for a long time, scratched his head nervously.

"Anyway, some kind of eye trouble!’

This is the problem!

The grand plan drawn by Chung-Myung is to gather the literary factions around the West and create a blind that really helps each other, unlike the past order.

However, Jongnam is the place that best meets all of these conditions.

It's right next to Hwasan, it's an old file room, and it's got a lot of power.

In other words, attracting that Jong-nam alone will pave the way for the blind. And in other words, if Jongnam is not drawn, the meaning of the blind will fade.

"Amina and Cheongseong can participate depending on the situation. It's more difficult than the West, so it doesn't have a significant effect whether you participate or not. But Jongnam is different."


"If we don't attract Jongnam, our voices won't be able to gain strength.”


Dang Gunnak grinned bitterly as he saw Chung-Myung grinding his teeth.

I've never enjoyed seeing someone in trouble in my life, but I think his personality has deteriorated a lot since he was hanging out with Chung-Myung. When I see something funny.

"Jongnam……. Jongnam, d*mn Jongnam.

Chung-Myung, who was muttering, secretly looked at the two and said carefully.

"Wouldn't it be better to just go into Jongnam and make him go extinct?”

"…Are you thinking of changing the sign to Safa?"

"Hahaha. That's a really hot horse. That's a hot word."

Maeng So, who burst out laughing, suddenly became serious.

"Don't talk nonsense.”


Chung-Myung looked at the cupboard with an empty face.

"……I'll think about it a little more anyway."

"It's a relationship between Hwasan and Jongnam, and I don't want to rush you any further, but it's something you need to make a decision soon. Whether to carry Jong-nam or really exclude him.”

"Oh, yeah. Okay."

Dang Gunnak nodded.

"Well, I guess we've got a rough idea. Make a alliance, and persuade the great literary community around you before you officially launch it. I'll be in charge of Ami in Sacheon at Sacheon."

"I'll try to contact the Beast Palace with the fortune teller."

Maeng So and Dang Gunnak looked at Chung-Myung at the same time.

"So, Hwasan is Jongnam...….”

"Caak! I told you got it!”

In the end, as Chung-Myung started to grind like a poisonous wildcat, Dan Gunnak and Maeng So's faces were filled with a refreshing smile that seemed like decades of congestion had fallen at once.

Laughing Maeng So said, glancing at Chung-Myung.

"Hey, Hwasan The Dragon."


"I don't know if it's part of your plan, but it's also a serious history. It wouldn't hurt to embrace them.”


Chung-Myung scratched his cheek.

"I won't force you. I know better than anyone else how hostile they are to the midfield. It's certainly not easy to persuade and entice them."

Namman Beast Palace would not have joined hands with Hwasan without respect for Maehwa inspection. It's a case of great luck.

"Because I can't even get into that area for now.”

"That's why...….”

The Beast Palace Lord shrugged off his luck.

"For now, you have sent correspondence to the rest of the five palaces, except for the blood vessels.""You want me to join us.

"No, I can't get that far. I've asked you and your students not to be harsh on me because they might visit me."


"If you think about the relationships that the external courts have with each other, you won't be forced out of the way just because you're a heavyweight. So you should stop by when you have time."

"I get it for now. But I don't know if I'll be free time."

"Then there's nothing we can do about it."

Since then, the three have been further coordinated on several areas. After that, the approximate framework was quite established.

"Oh, it's hard."

Chung-Myung sighed and scratched his head.

"As expected, I'm not cut out for using my head like this."

"Hahahaha. Then leave it to me!"

The Beast Palace Lord thumped my heart, saying loudly. Chung-Myung looked at him with sad eyes and thought.

Is there any way I can seduce him?’

d*mn it, you're supposed to have a soldier on your own!

When Chung Jin was with him, it went smoothly without having to worry.

Argh! Death penalty! I told you not to do that!

How many times do I tell you to think before you swing the knife?

What the hell's on his head?….Argh! Why are you hitting me? What did I do wrong?

………No. This is what Long Jin should listen to.

"Well, that's about it."

Dang Gunnak also drank tea with a tired face. Then he opened his mouth in a slightly hoarse voice.

"Now there's one more important thing left."

He looked tired, but his eyes were so serious.

"The most important thing?”

"Simple but the most important thing. It's the name of the blind.”


Come to think of it, I didn't pick a name.

asked Dang Gunnak, nodding Chung-Myung.

"Do you have an opinion?"

Then Maeng So shrugged.

"Do you need to think about it? The Westerners of the Middle East gather, and they can call themselves Western blind."

"It sucks."

"……It feels like it's too rough."


Maeng So scratched his head awkwardly with his thick fingers.

Dang Gunnak says, squinting his eyes.

"In my opinion, the letter Seo should be included. The other letters are, um...….”

Dang Gunnak glances at Chung-Myung and goes on.

"How about using a "woo" sign to "woo-men"?

"Do you mean to be a friend who is intertwined in the name of blindness, but does not simply discuss benefits or hierarchy?"


"It doesn't sound so bad.”

Maeng So and Dang Gunnak looked at Chung-Myung with consent.


But Chung-Myung frowned as if he still didn't like it.


"Tell me."

"Do we really need a bastard in just because we start in the West? Starting in the West doesn't mean it ends in the West."


"If you name it West Umen, the people in the east may feel uncomfortable to participate. I'd rather take out the station."

"Then what?"

"Tell everyone who wants to come under heaven to come. Let's put in a thousand letters and make it a thousand."

"It's a thunderstorm."

Dang Gunnak smiled.

"We do not discuss the righteousness or the righteousness under heaven, but we discuss the righteousness. I'm sure there will be a unique blind.”

"You're not going after the cause, you're going after the cause?"

"I don't know much about causes."

Chung-Myung shrugged.

"The old file room will take care of the cause, so let's just get together and eat well and live well. How do you feel?"Dang Gunnak and Maeng So rolled up the corners of their mouths at Chung-Myung's words.


"The sea I hoped for!"

Three people looked at each other with hot eyes.

"Then I'll name it Chun Woo-meng, and I'll be ready to launch as soon as possible. Please prepare your own tasks first."

"I will."


It was only then that Dang Gunnak sighed and tapped on the table with a relieved face.

"Well, I'll call it a day.….”

"Wait a minute!"


Maeng So and Dang Gunnak looked back at Chung-Myung. There was a question written on his face whether he had anything else to say.

"So who's going to be the blind man?”

"We were supposed to talk about it later…….”

"No, you don't seem to understand."

A flame that wouldn't go out began to rise in Chung-Myung's eyes.

"No one can get out of here until the conclusion is made that our writer is a heavy drinker! Not a single step!"


"So what are you going to do?"


The two men who met the world's worst man covered their faces without saying a word.