Chapter - 441 Episode 441. What kind of bandit is this? (1)

Baek Cheon's eyes trembled.

"......No, you son of a b*tc*! Is that what you're saying in this situation?"

But Chung-Myung got angry, turning his eyes back.

"That's what I'm saying! So what do you say to this situation?!"

"But the man who is a disciple of the sect, with the bandits in front of him, what? Ji Sung In? Ji Sung Yi In? Hey, you son of a b*tc*! If bandits are intelligent, beggars are cultural!"

Hong Dae Kwang, listening to the conversation in the back, coughed low in vain.

"Well, that's the wrong thing to say.….”


"Don't step up, Daehyeop."

Hong Dae-wang, who was cut off at once, looked at the distant sky. Somehow the sky looked blurry.

'I've been so ignored lately.….’

How did he come to be treated like this when he was called an ark candidate and promising talent in the open?

Whether Hong Dae Kwang was grieving or not, the two quarreled the whole time.

Baek Cheon said with a scaring look in his eyes.

"Don't make a fool of yourself and pull your sword out!"

"You know what's gonna happen when you pull out a sword?" Hey, Jin-ryong!

"No, but? Why, first time!"

At that moment, a cold voice flew into their ears like rain and stuck in their ears.

"Be quiet, both of you. If you don't want a knife in your back."


"I'm sorry."

Yoo-Esul's voice, which seemed to be in the midst of a north wind, both of them shut up in a bitterness.

"Hhhhh. How dare they farm before us?"

At that time, a huge man like a steel tower walked up with a thud, and lightly pulled out a huge road inserted in the front of the cart.

"I wonder if you can make fun of your snout even if you skin it alive!"

Chung-Myung and Baek Cheon made eye contact with each other with the brutal lines.

"That must be a sales line, too, right?"

"I know. It's similar."

The man flinched slightly.

"…...doesn't you know who I am?"

And shouted more and more like a mountain.

"This body is the ruler of this mountain, the owner of Daehochae! It's Lee Gwang, a monocouple!"

Chung-Myung and Baek Cheon sighed at the same time.

"Tiger again."

"I know. It's a tiger again.….”

Are all bandits obsessed with tigers? Why can't we all have tigers in our names?

They're asking why Byulho is so grand.

Chung-Myung sighed and asked with a tired face.

"So, why did you block it?”

"Hhhhh. What a fool. I can't believe you're asking me that.”

"This guy is so tight, so tight. You don't think I'm really? I was going to say something nice.”

Chung-Myung twisted his neck from side to side and grabbed the handle of the black plum sword. Then Mussangdaedo Igwang snorted.

"You're going to rebel? The little one is fearless. I can't believe you're so determined. I'll let you know with his life that his spirit was a charade!"

The glare was quite extraordinary.

"They're gonna have to...….”

It was then.

"Get out of my way."

"Get out of the way."

As if a low and cold voice was heard, the bandits surrounding them began to shake little by little.


Baek Cheon tilted his head and looked there. The bandits, who had been moving their tongues in a ferocious manner, quickly opened the way in a frightened deer-like shape.

Along the open road came a group of people dressed in green uniforms.At the moment, Baek Cheon's eyes were dimmed.


Those who appeared now looked different from these bandits at a glance. If the people I've seen so far are just bandits, I'm sure they're armed.

Among them, the most eye-catching was the leading man.

I wonder if she'sir? It was impressive that his body looked a little small because he only saw such a large bandit.

The man looked around with a cold face as if he had covered a layer of ice, and slightly distorted his expression.

And soon he turned his eyes to the light.

Lee Kwang visibly flinched when his eyes met the man.



"I'm sure I told you to serve me politely.”

"What? He, so you did what you said?"

"What does that mean?"

"You asked me to serve you with respect. Isn't that what you're talking about?"


The man looked at Lee Kwang quietly, lowered his head, and sighed deeply.

It was Baek Cheon, who felt an unknown sense of sympathy when he saw his limp shoulders.

"…I meant to serve you politely, literally. I didn't mean to ask for guests."

"That's what you're gonna say.….”

When Lee Kwang mumbled, the man shook his head as if he didn't want to hear it.

"Bite everyone."

"What? Sales…….”

When the man stared with cold eyes, Lee Kwang flinched and waved his hand.

"Get back! Get back now!"

All the bandits who were looking at the situation stepped back without a murmur.

"Pull that out, too."

"Get rid of that! That!"

Returning bandits rushed back to retrieve the chariots they had put around the cart.

Yoon-Jong looked back at Baek Cheon with a face that he didn't know what to say.

"What the hell is going on here?”

"I don't know……."

While working with Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon has experienced many things that even most of the members of Roh Kang-ho of the group have never done before, unfortunately, what he goes through has only become more and more bizarre every day by day.

As the bandits finally rolled back, a green, unclothed man approached them.

"Excuse me."

The man bowed his head deeply toward them and captured them.

"There must have been some misunderstanding. I told you to serve me well.… 말귀를……."

The man gritted his teeth instead of talking.

Every time he gritted his teeth, the light in the back flinched.


The man, who controlled his mind with deep breathing, looked at Baek Cheon with a faceless face again.

"I'm Kwak Min."


At that moment, Hong Dae Kwang, who was hiding behind the cart, jumped up and shouted.

"Kwak-min? So you're Kwak-min in the dark night? One of the Green Lip Youngs?”

Then, a man named Kwak Min nodded as he looked at Hong Dae Kang.

"That's right."


Chung-Myung tilted while watching Hong Dae Kwang.

"What kind of a man is he?”

"It's Green Lim 10 Young. It's Green Lim 10 Young. It's the elite of the green forest, escorting the green forest king."


What about that?

Chung-Myung saw Kwak Min again. Then he asked in a gentle voice.

"Are you Chung-Myung, the Hwasan Divine Dragon?"

"Yes, but?"

"You have been rude. The Lord of the Great Mountain wants to see you, so follow me."


Chung-Myung said, rolling up the corners of his mouth.

"Why are you waiting here when I told you to come to Dangga?”

"…ask him directly for that."

"Yes, well, I will."

When Chung-Myung shrugged his shoulders, Kwak Min chinned toward the inside of the forest.

"This way."

He did not give a specific answer, but he strode toward the forest without waiting. The rusty fighters who followed him also followed without a word."Well."

Chung-Myung jumped lightly off the cart.

"It's strong for a bandit."

"Hey, Chung-Myung. Are you sure you're going?"

"I'll have to go when they call me."

He giggled at the worried voice.

"Do you happen to know that this living quarters will be full of wealth?"


At this point, it was almost impossible to know who was the bandit.

While walking, Kwak-min glanced behind Yeonsin.



Boom! Boom!

At a glance, a steel cart that seemed to weigh no joke was climbing the mountain path.

He had endured it a couple of times, but at this point he couldn't bear it anymore.



"…Do I have to take that cart?”

"Oh, yes. You could actually leave it by the side of the road."

Chung-Myung replied with a bright smile.

"This isn't anywhere else, it's full of bandits, and I'm very nervous to leave my luggage behind."


Kwak Min's eyes were cramping.

What the hell does he look like?’

Just a moment ago, the name "Green Rim 10 Young" came out of Hong Dae Kang's mouth. And he kindly put the name King Noklim in his mouth.

But you're saying these things after hearing those two names?

Is it made of metal?

I was told to be careful because the Hwasan Divine is a rather unusual race, but this was beyond imagination.

"Do you usually talk like that?”

"What? What are you talking about?”

"Just a moment ago, a mountainous cloud."

"Oh, I don't usually get compliments like this. I'm rather stingy.”


Kwak-min did not readily understand the words and asked back.

"What do you mean? What do you mean a compliment?

"What? The bandits are people who steal money or things from others. Isn't it a compliment to say that you're good at your job?"


Chung-Myung laughed shyly.

"But you look like you're from a high place, so I said something nice to you."


Kwak Min no longer gave up talking to Chung-Myung.

Although the fire broke out in my heart and my teeth were chapped, I could not dare to do so to those who were invited as guests by King Greenlim.

Instead, he looked back at Chung-Myung with slightly cold eyes.

"You can say something to me."


"But you'd better watch your language when you see King Greenim."

"Oh, I'm scared. Shall we just go back?"


Let's quit.

Stop it.

Kwak Min shook his head and hurried.

"Let's go together!"

Chung-Myung smiled brightly and followed him.

Not long after he hurried, a large living quarters appeared.

It was a typical mountain house with a large wooden wall. But size and grandeur were no match for the janghochae they had visited before.

Hwasan's disciples were all in awe.


"It's so big! I can't believe I built such a building in the mountains.”

"…what? Hwasan builds a panorama on the top of the mountain."

"Oh, that sounds like it."

Jo-Gol realized how ridiculous Hwasan was.

"Is this the living quarters where King Greenim lives?"

Hong Dae Kwang shook his head when asked by Baek Cheon.

"That's true, and it's not."


"As I've heard before, this is a big hut. The place where King Noklim lives is called Nokchae. But King Greenim rarely stays in green vegetables. Usually, they go around the world to manage the living quarters."


"That's why there's a saying in Kang-ho. The place where King Greenim lives is green. So it's both a great and green vegetable."Baek Cheon nodded and looked at the magnificent mountain view.

At that time, Kwak Min arrived in front of the living quarters and shouted.

"Open the door! Here comes the guest!"

The gate, made of large logs, opened wide from side to side as if waiting.

"This way."


Chung-Myung swirled his eyes into the living quarters.

"Are you really going?”

"...what can I do when I have to go.”

Hwasan's disciples also followed him into the living quarters with an uneasy face.


Chung-Myung looked around in a spacious yard in the mountain quarters. Around the large wooden buildings and huts built here and there, the bandits of Daehochae were looking at each other.

"Mr. Beggar."


"Keep those bandits from touching this."

"What…? Me, you're not taking me?"

The answer came from Kwak Min's mouth, not Chung-Myung.

"King Greenlim asked me to meet only his disciples."


Hong Dae Kwang looked around with anxious eyes with a groan.

"Well, then monk Hye Yeon is here, right?”

"No, Ddangjung is a guest of Hwasan."

"What about me?"

"The man is the beggar in front of Hwasan."

Hong Dae Kwang's face was crumpled mercilessly.

"What am I supposed to do here alone, man?"

"Do you think you're going to kill him?”

Chung-Myung giggled and rushed Kwak Min.

"What are you doing? I'm not leaving."

"……come this way."

Kwak Min shook his head and headed inward. Then he stood in front of the largest building in front of him.

'Once again.'

His cold eyes swept through Chung-Myung.

"If you're rude to King Greenlim, you'd better not dream of going down the mountain with your neck intact."

"What are you talking about? Get out of the way."


Kwak Min swallowed words that he couldn't say and stepped aside with a boiling face.


Chung-Myung opened the door wide with his hands behind his back.

Baek Cheon took a subtle sorry look at Kwak Min and followed the death penalty.




"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

"…Oh, my God.

At the same time, exclamations of dismay erupted from the mouths of the Hwasan disciples.


Baek Cheon blinked incredibly.


Inside the inner room, there was a huge chair decorated with leopard print, on which he sat in an arrogant position that was huge enough to make the chair look small.

"Come on! This body is the king of green forests that rule all mountains."

a rough beard that looks like twisted wire

A large forearm that looks thicker than most women's waist.

A mobster who literally looks like the goddess of equipment!


"I heard there are two similar people in the world.”

"I should have brought the Lord of the Beast."

"Reunion of Tears."

With the familiar appearance, Hwasan's disciples felt friendly.