Chapter - 443 Episode 443. What kind of bandit is this? (3)

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.


No, Im Sobyong drank water cheerfully and stole the mouth.

How can I put it?… by the way…….

It looks like Chung-Myung is drinking.’

'What do you mean, drink water so cheerfully drink?'

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm trying to do something I haven't done before. Oh, my God."

Im So-yong, smiling, spoke in the same tone as the first time, as if his dignified appearance was a lie.

This made Hwasan's disciples even more confused.

"Then…… you…"…. No, you...….”

How should I call you?

But without particular consideration, Im Sobyong answered neatly.

"Yes, I'm the green forest king. It's called Im Sobyong."

"Then the cough I had earlier...…?”

"Oh, that's true. I'm inherently weak."


At that time, Janghan, who was posing as King Greenlim for the first time, rushed in and gave Im Sobyong a sweet medicine.

"It's time to take your medicine."

"You should have brought it before drinking water! You little bear!"

"…I'm sorry."


Im Sobyong picked up a bowl of potion with irritated eyes and gulped it down at once. Then he handed the bowl back as if he were throwing it.

"Ugh, really. How many times do I have to tell you to add more licorice!"

"…You say that too much licorice makes the medicine less effective."

"For God's sake, I'm dying of sickness before I die of it."

Im Sobyong stirred his hands as if he didn't even want to talk to him.

"Get out of the way. There's a customer."


Janghan was rather back and built.

Hwasan's disciples stared blankly at the figure and tried to clear their minds.

What the hell is going on here?’

So you're saying that King Green Rim is not the kind of Beast's brother, but the seosaeng who won't be weird if he falls down and dies soon, right?

Im Sobyong grinned, as if he had guessed how they felt.

"You were surprised, weren't you?"

"Oh…… Well…….”

"I'm sorry about that. Because this is all about making ends meet.”

Jo-Gol, who couldn't resist his curiosity, asked secretly.

"But…… why are you doing this…"….”

"It's a good question. That's a perfect question.”


Im Sobyong, who spread the fan, covered his face halfway.

"Before you came in here, what kind of person did you think King Green Lim would be?"


Hwasan's disciples drew what they thought was King Green Lim.

a huge body

A cheerful voice.

Rough beard and leopard...….


"That's it! That's it!"

Im Sobyong shouted in an exasperated voice.

"There is a form that people want from King Noklim! But when I met him, what if I came out with a dried anchovy and said, "I'm the king of green forest?"

"Uh……. I think you might think it's a little weird."

"That's ridiculous! Funny!"

Im Sobyong couldn't overcome his frustration and pounded his chest.

"It's not like I'm going to pick the King of Green Rim! He thinks it's so ridiculous that he's a little small and skinny!"


Hwasan's disciples nodded vacantly as if they had understood.

"The bandit is big and not just wearing leopard print!"

At that time, Chung-Myung, who was still listening to Im Sobyong, smirked.

"But that's usually what happens when bandits grow beards like that and wear animal skins."

Im Sobyong shook a ragged fan as if to cool off."Otherwise, they won't be able to open. But you're telling me to dress neatly, but I'm going to have to listen to you...….Aing! Changing each one of these……. Ehhhhhhhhhhh! Come on! It's f*cking pollen. Cough! Cough! Cough! Hahaha!

He coughed as if he were about to spit out a lung. Coughing with his mouth shut, he grabbed the bottle and drank water roughly.


Then he calmed down and calmly continued.

"Anyway, that's why I had no choice but to put the right green-rimmed guy on the table.”

"Oh, that's him?"

"Yes, it's one of the ten greens…"….You don't have to know that."

Everyone's eyes naturally turned to him, so Jang Han. Standing behind Im Sobyong's back, he was like a kidney.

'It's definitely greenish over there.’

You said you were afraid of prejudice.’

Im Sobong, who folded the fan in a thud, looked at Chung-Myung as if he was interested.

"But how did the seal know that I was the king of green forests?"

"Well, there's a lot of reasons.….”

Chung-Myung looked shrugged.

"The strong don't have to bow to the weaker."


Im Sobyong's eyes became sharp at the momentarily.

"I saw through my power...….’

There's no way he could have acted like this without even hiding it.

In addition, what he learned in the first place was ignorance that did not reveal its physical prowess. It's not easy for even a master to notice his dance...….

You mean that little cowman saw through it?’

His mouth twisted up.

"This, from the beginning, has become like acting cute on Buddha's palm. Ha-ha. What a shame."

But contrary to what he said, he didn't seem a bit ashamed.

"You said there were many reasons, may I ask you for another reason?"

"It's not much. It's not a big place to say that you're a green-rimmed king. But he didn't look very smart."


Im Sobyong glanced at Chung-Myung with strange eyes.

"Hwasan The Dragon…….Hwasan the Divine Dragon. People praise Hwasan Sinryong Chung-Myung's high-altitude and potential, but now that I see it, he's a real master. See the essence without being misled by the appearance. That's the nature of those who follow reason."

Baek Cheon's eyes trembled.

There was a deep misunderstanding here now.

"All right."


Im Sobyong opened his fan and twinkled his eyes.

"I don't know how long it's been since I met someone who knows who I am. Now that I have a precious guest, I should treat you that way. What do you want?"

Chung-Myung smiled as if he was excited now.

"That's what we' It's nothing, but I'd like to try a few things together."


"Before that."

Chung-Myung shrugs his shoulders.

"Is there a map or something to check exactly where the mountain houses are located?”

"…Did you just say map?"



Im Sobyong leaned back on the chair with a slightly troubled face. Then the fake green forest king behind him screamed.

"What do you think you're talking about? What would happen if I gave you all the locations of the living quarters and it went into the coffin...….”"Get it, map."


"Get me a map."

"No, King Greening! It's……."

"Hey, shit!"

Im Sobyong's eyes were scathing, and the fake green king flinched and nodded his head.

"I'll get it right now! Please wait a little longer."

Then, he ran away at a speed that was not suitable for his size. Im Sobyong grinned with a slightly tired face.

"Please understand. He's a natural born man, but at times like this...…for being so stupid."

"I think you'll be frustrated to take her around."

"Well, that's a bit of a thing, but what can I do? But each person has different needs and uses. But it does help a lot."

"That's true. I'm too lazy to carry one of those around.”

Chung-Myung peeked back.

"What? Why are you looking at me?"

Chung-Myung shook his head as Baek Cheon became angry.

"I'll just have to live my life."

"I agree."

It was frustrating and unfair, but I couldn't stand to be alarmed because of the situation. Meanwhile, Baek-ah, who was on Chung-Myung's shoulder, kept glancing at this side, which made him more angry because he seemed to be smiling strangely.

"Hey, here! I brought it here."

Geohan, who ran back inside, unfolded the map in front of them.

"Hm. As expected."

After checking the map, Chung-Myung glowed his eyes as if he was having fun.

"If you look, the living quarters are only in places where it really matters."

"It's only natural. Sanchae is meaningful only when people go to and from the mountains. But wouldn't people try to go back another way if rumors spread that a mountain house had been built?"

"That's right."

Im Sobyong grinned.

"That's why the neck is important. It's important to know how good the living quarters are. Even though we know we have a bandit, we need to settle down at the point where we think it's better to pass even if you give us enough money than to go back to avoid this place."

Chung-Myung nodded with a satisfied face.

"In other words, the main point of logistics in the Middle East is all green vegetation, right?”

"That's right, that's right. You're quick to understand."

This means that in the future, ghost doors are more likely to pass through greenhouse mountains even when moving things.

"Let's change the terms."


"Not only do you have the power to pass, but also the living quarters as accommodation."


Im Sobyong's eyes grew big as if it were totally unexpected.

"You're going to use the 70 greens like a guest cup?”


"……No, what do you mean…….”

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue as Im Sobyong blurred the end of his speech with a blank face.

"Our express carriers are quick on their feet, but they're not good at martial arts.”

"…so what?"

"The most dangerous times for those people are when they rest and when they sleep. My feet are so fast when I'm running around, so I don't have a problem running away, but if someone is willing to take a break, I'll be stuck."


"There won't be anyone like that at first, but there's no way that flies won't twist when it's rumored. Shintuni robbers could stick together in droves."

"I don't think it's too hard for you to find them and punish them.”

"It's about efficiency. It's not like I don't have anything to do, and it's not a hassle to go around and beat up every time that happens. It's better to be careful in the first place than to fix it after it happens.""…...that's all true."

So the idea is, you're going to use green forest as a guest?

'No, no. This is surprisingly reasonable.’

Except for the repulsion that comes from the name Sanchae, there is no place as safe as it is. Famous masters don't try to fight green forests in the mountains.

So maybe the safest living quarters in the mountains and fields are living quarters.

"And if you order it in my name, my family won't covet it?"

"That's the point."


The green vegetation is spread throughout the world. As the sealer said, those who are quick will not have much trouble running hard for three days and stopping by the mountain quarters to rest.


Im So-bong, who burst into laughter, suddenly rose from his seat and approached Chung-Myung. Back there, Baek Cheon and his party flinched slightly, but Im Sobyong clutched Chung-Myung's hand with his sparkling eyes.

"I thought you were a bunch of old ladies because you said you were a master, but you're telling me such an interesting story. I've seen you again, Lee."

"Hehe. That's a preconceived idea.”

"Wow! That's right, that's right! I've been suffering from preconceived notions all my life, and I've had them in reverse. I'm ashamed as a soldier!"

At that point, Hawsan's disciples exchanged glances.


'That's what he says.'

What's wrong with the bandit?

If a bandit is a gunman, is a pirate a dragon king?

I didn't dare to get involved in the conversation between that pseudo-doctor and the pseudo-sanitor.

"So we just need to provide protection and shelter.

"There will be times when you come in with a tail, but please take care of it."

"Then will the seal give us a reasonable reward?"

"We have to do enough to satisfy each other."

"That's reasonable! That's very reasonable! The seal is a very reasonable person who is not like an unmanned person. Hahaha... Cough! Cough! Hey!

Im Sobyong, who held his waist and coughed, and Hwasan's disciples looked at him with blurred eyes. Meanwhile, Hye Yeon kept memorizing whether the collusion between the Taoist and the bandit in front of her was terrible.

"Hm. Hm!"

Im Sobyong, who controlled his cough by clearing his throat, soon grinned.

"By the way, I don't think that's the only reason the seal is proposing this job?"

"Well, we'll talk about it later."

"Do you want to taste it?"

"Isn't it the same for each other?"

"That's true. Giggling."


Overshadowed by the brief tension, Im Sobyong and Chung-Myung smiled at each other.

What's this conspiracy against?

You're a perfect match.’

Im So-yong, who was laughing out loud, suddenly stopped laughing and turned away. Then he went back to the road chair and leaned back with a languid face.

"All right. Very good. It's so nice to meet someone I can communicate with after a long time. It's not a bad suggestion because we only have to make money. Just……."

A smirk grew on his face.

"That's what greenness is all about. They seek benefits, but rationality alone does not solve them. At times like this, the law of greening is very simple. Strong John. The strong are right."


"How is it?"

Im Sobyong's voice, which raised the corners of his mouth, changed as if he were someone else.

"Are you confident that you deserve to work with this green forest? And do you have the courage to prove it?"His body exuded a formidable spirit.



Hawsan's disciples flinched back.

The instantaneous rush of absolute masters was too brutal and wild for them to handle.

But at that moment.


Chung-Myung shook his hand lightly. Then, the surging spirit was dampened and it became easier to breathe.

Chung-Myung said, staring at the green-rimmed king.

"What's the law of greening?"

"It's the strong zone."

"That's an interesting thing to say."

The corners of Chung-Myung's mouth rolled up.

"Hwasan happens to be the same.”

"No, you crazy bastard!"

"Hwasan is a family of provincial family! What kind of strong zone is that!"

"Oh, it's noisy.

Chung-Myung, who was finally unable to resist the group's uprising, spoke to Im Sobyong.

"If I have to prove it, I'll prove it to you. But you'd better be careful. I don't know how to be gentle."

Baek Cheon smiled delightedly as he listened to Chung-Myung.

You're going to break my head.’

Oh, our Chung-Myung.

Now you know how to change the subject.

I'm proud of you.

……I'm proud of you.