Chapter - 450 Episode 450. I didn't know we'd meet this kind of person. (5)

A thin stream of water spilled from the teapot into the cup. The subtle multi-scent slowly spread out.

Hyun Jong's eyes were fixed in the teapot that was overflowing in the cup.

The wave that was shaking and shaking soon calmed down and slowly found peace.

It's like Hwasan.

He has recently realized something new.

Maybe everything in the world isn't so different from this teapot. You have to pour the tea to fill it up, and it's bound to overflow and shake for a while.

You can't fill it without shaking.….’

I have lived without letting go of tea ceremony for a long time, but now I see the world in the car.

"Everything in the world is a province.….”

A smile hung around Hyun Jong's mouth.

It would be nice to convey this realization to Hwasan's disciples, but as Hyun Jong finally realized the world in the car after many years, they would have no choice but to save their own ways.

Hyun Jong's role was enough just to keep them from going the wrong way.

"It's a good car is good.

Hyun Jang smiled at Hyun Sang's words.


Hyun Sang, who was savoring the tea, nodded slowly.

"I didn't even know what it tasted like before, but now I know why so many people are discussing tea ceremony."

"I've got some leeway.

Hyun Jong looked at Hyun Sang with a smile on his face.

Hyun Sang was addicted to the war with all the people and only recently recovered from his damaged body. Perhaps because he got better, his expression looked softer.

"The children who left are later than I thought."

"Aren't they the ones who make the work? I'll be back in no big trouble, no matter how long it takes."

"Yes, I should.”

Hyun Jong stared out the window with soft eyes. The blue and clear sky filled my eyes.

"No more days...….”


"……It's Chung-Myung."

"That's right."

In two ways. In two ways.

Despite the desperate screams from outside, the two savored the tea as if nothing had happened.

"What is Hyun Young doing?"

"Today is the day of the top of the galaxy and the settlement. I'm meeting Sodanju."

"Ha ha. Hyun Young's work...….”

"Argh, my lord! Help me! Argh!"

"……, but I feel a little guilty to have tea with just these two."

"I have my own business."

Hyun Sang kicked his tongue.

"And he wouldn't think it was a job. Money is coming in, so what's the point of it? I heard you don't have to go there yourself, but you're making snow. Tsk tsk."

Hyun Jong laughed at his words.

"Yeah, everyone...….”


"Working hard……."

"Oh, my lord! I'm dying!"


"No, I can't do this anymore! Argh!"

Hyun Jong, who couldn't finish his sentence, flinched his eyebrows once and closed his mouth.


Coughing in vain, he jumped up from his seat and headed to the door.


When I opened the door, I saw Hawasan's disciples crawling on the ground. Their groaning and groaning faces were almost mesmerized.

Looking at the iron clumps on his arms and legs, I could fully understand why they were shouting so loudly.


"Save me! Save me!”

While everyone was crawling on the floor, only one person was walking alone."You're exaggerating."


He was grinning down at the children. One of the arms of the garment was empty and fluttering in the wind.

"I didn't do much."

The Hwasan disciples looked up at the ungum with a dying face.

"Lord, you're going to die, Guanju?"

"You know what?"


"I've tried, but people don't die that easily."


Hwasan's face was cramping up.

I couldn't hear it as a joke because it was not anyone else and Woon-gum, who is anyone else. Wasn't he literally the one who came back from wandering around in the middle of a manhaha.

If that party says so, how can I refute it?

Whether he knew how those disciples felt or not, Ungum continued to talk with a smile.

"I've learned nothing all my life, but I've never heard of anyone who died in training. So rest assured."


Who else would have trained like this...…? No, more than anything, would you be relieved to hear that?


All of the disciples looked vacantly at the verse, swallowing what they could not say.


But the ungum said, looking at his disciples with a very nonchalant face.

"It's all for you that I'm doing this right now."


Soon Chung-Myung will be back.

When the word Chung-Myung came out, the faces of the disciples turned blue.

"With the delay, there must have been a lot of troubles."What would happen if he came back and looked at you and thought you weren't trained as well as he thought?"

It's him...

'He's gonna go crazy. With a bubble in the mouth.'

'I don't want to imagine.’

"Oh, my God!"

I could already see Chung-Myung running wild with his eyes open.

"……It's worth a change when a person gains fame."

"How can you be so consistent?"

Ungum, who was looking at his students, smiled.

"So I'm not bothering you. You're right to say that it's actually helping you. Wouldn't it be better for me to receive training from Chung-Myung?"

It was certainly not wrong.

At least he knows that fortune-tellers are not that bad. I think I've started to skip it recently.

"But…… you seem to be having fun considering that kind of concern?"

"He's not wrong, either."

Ungum laughed as if he was having fun.

"They say everything has its own province, and so does teaching. As I teach you from a new perspective, I learn a lot from you. How can I not be happy when every day is new?"


It's a grandiose word, but to interpret it, it means that the students get the hang of this and that and become strong quickly.

The master wasn't like that.’

'It's colored. It's colored. What's wrong with everyone?'

Hwasan's disciples swallowed tears that they couldn't bear to shed.

If the person who can most clearly and accurately see Hwasan's change was Hyun Jong, it was none other than the disciples who experienced Hwasan's change with that skin.

However, even though the Moon faction became rich and famous, their lives became weary day by day.

It was just then.


Everyone's head turned to that side in unison at the voice heard from somewhere.

"I'm seeing Jang."

Ungum opened the door and belatedly found Hyun Jong, who stood there, and he went deep.

"Well, yeah, you're going through a lot."

Hyun Jong glanced down at his disciples still crawling on the ground. Then, the earnest eyes of the disciples poured out toward Hyun Jong."Long-written man!"

Please say something! Guanju has become strange!’

We're going to get sick at this rate!’

Hyun Jong could also see exactly what their eyes meant. He coughed in vain after a brief thought.

"Are you training?"

"Yes, I was so absorbed in training that I came to the front of Jang's house. I'm sorry I didn't think about it, but I'll move it somewhere else."

"No. No. There's no place else in the training. There's no such thing as a place where you can't train in Hwasan."

Gently shaking his head, he took a quick look at the ungum and hinted at it.

"But the training is a little...…I think it's a little too much."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

The eyes of the disciples were filled with hope.

Ungum answered Hyun Jong with a big smile.

"But training is meaningless if it's not hard. Besides, wouldn't your usual training save your children from a crisis? As I felt in the battle against all men."


"You should never neglect training for your children."

"Well, yeah. That's true."

Hyun Jong's eyes briefly turned to his disciples. It was a pitiful glance.

"Long-written man!"

Why aren't you saying anything? Long-written man!

He soon turned his head slightly and turned away from all that gaze.

I'm sorry.

I'd love to help, but I'm behind in my cause. In addition, the ungum, which came back from wandering around once, felt strangely more deviant than before, making it difficult to tell what to do.

"Well, then work hard."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

Like this.

The door closed without hesitation. Hwasan's disciples looked at the closed door with their eyes in vain.

"Come on, long story…….”

Ungum, who confirmed that the door was closed, grinned.

"Come on, let's keep going."


"The way you look at Jang Moon-in seems to have some energy left, shall we add some training?"”


"I'm sorry, Guanju!"

A sound close to wailing broke out.

There was no more hope, no more dreams, no more hope in Hwasan.

'I'm dying. Now Chung-Myung is dying without him.’

'I miss the old days. I really miss you so much...….’


Before Chung-Myung entered Hwasan, his eyes filled with tears at the thought of the peaceful and simple Hwasan.

Unfortunately, however, their suffering did not end there.

"Now, let's do it again...….”



The funeral sword turned its head to one side.


There was a strange sound coming from the far side of the prose.

"Well, it looks like it's here."


"Let's all go to prose. The children seem to be coming back."


Only then did his disciples jump out of their seats, apparently hearing sounds from the bottom of the mountain.

"The executioner is coming back!"

"Open the prose!"

Everyone rushed toward the prose.

The joy of being able to escape this training for a while seemed greater than a welcome to the Chung-Myung group, which had left the road, but Ungum did not necessarily blame such disciples.

"Living room!"

"The death penalty!"

Hawsan's disciples opened up the prose with no energy. Then he stood in a stampede in front of the prose and waited for them to come up.

We've gone a long way. It was beautiful to smile brightly while waiting for the death penalty.

The only thing that bothers me is.


"……but what the hell is this sound?"


Everyone tilted their heads to a mysterious sound.

But at that moment.


"Oh, my eyes!"

"What's so shiny...…. Oh, it's the head."

As if the bright sun was rising from the horizon, round heads appeared at the bottom of the hill."Hi Yeon!"

"Have a safe trip…….”

Those who tried to welcome him with a bright smile all closed their mouths awkwardly blurring the end of their words.


Boom! Boom!

Whenever Hye Yeon showed up on the hill, her disciples flinched back.

'Hye Yeon monk...…right?'

I think it does look like it does it?’

Have you ever been to hell?

Obviously, Hye Yeon is Hye Yeon, but something was quite different from what they knew. When he first left the road, the fearless boy was nowhere, and there was nothing but the wildness that gushed out the light with his eyes.

"…But is that the sound of a cart? The sound of a cart is...….”

"It looks like it's made of iron."

Rumbling. Rumbling.

When Hye Yeon climbed up the hill completely, a large cart appeared behind him. And at the same time, there was a scene of Baek Cheon and his party pulling carts


Wearing half-wrapped clothes and climbing up the hill covered with dirt, they felt overwhelming.

"Sa, Sa-suk."

"…Did you have a good trip?"

Everyone greeted me cautiously. Then Baek Cheon, who was lowering his head behind Hye Yeon, lifted his head.

Glaring eyes.

His eyes instantly swept through Hwasan's disciples.


The corners of my mouth twisted and the grinding of my teeth rumbled.

"You seem to have been well."


No, it's not. It's not.

We worked really hard.

But I couldn't bear to say that in front of them. Just by looking at the dirt on their faces and the condition of their clothes, we could see how exhausting they have been.

"……Look at the clean clothes."

Yoon-Jong will add a word.

"……very good, very good."

Jo-Gol followed.

"Need training."

Yoo-Esul spouted blue venom with his eyes.

"……The executioners should go through some trouble!"

Dang-Soso gritted his teeth.

And as if he had no power to speak, Baek Sang fell down and breathed.


Baek Cheon, who slowly approached welcoming Hawasan's disciples, opened his mouth.

"You must have trained hard while we were gone.”

"……No, of course, the death penalty!"


His eyes gushed a gleam of light.

"Well, let's check it out first. If you don't like it, let's go to hell."


Death penalty?

Why is Chung-Myung not him but the death penalty...….

"You're almost there.

Then Chung-Myung woke up rubbing his eyes on the cart.

"Oh, I'm hungry. I'm going to eat first."

Jumping off the cart, he swung into a leisurely prose. With a white dambi around his neck.


Contrary to everyone's expectation, there was no such thing as nagging.


"Why is that look so mean?"

I know.

"Turn your head around, huh?

Those who inadvertently turned their heads along Chung-Myung turned their heads back to their places because their necks were broken by Baek Cheon's words.


Baek Cheon's face, smiling in time, was bright and evil.

Hwasan's disciples thought the smile somehow resembled Chung-Myung.

"Let's see your skills. How hard I worked."


Deep despair sank in the eyes of the Hwasan disciples.