Chapter - 460 Episode 460. I'm a professional. (5)

How to start a journey with a single step.

As long as you keep going, one day you'll reach the end.

However, if it is not a thousand ri, but two thousand ri, the words change a little, and if it is three thousand ri, the words change again.

And when it's about six thousand li, it becomes a completely different category of story.

"……This, is it possible to arrive?”

"We'll be there one day."


Since Chung-Myung's appearance in Hwasan, his disciples have been constantly infused with what it is to never give up. Therefore, I was able to continue my journey somehow.

However, they have faced another problem that cannot be solved just by grit and coming.



Jo-Gol rubbed his face with trembling hands. Even that was frozen and I couldn't feel my senses properly.

"My nose is about to fall off, death penalty."

"……I'm in my hands……I have no sense."

There was a subtle tongue-short sound, as if the tongue had frozen.

The strong wind hit his face, literally.

It's cold, it's cold. You never imagined it would be like this.

"What kind of wind blows like this!"

"……why are you arguing with me about it?"

My teeth trembled and hit each other, and I felt like I was about to break them.

I can understand that the temperature is low. Because I expected it to be cold if I went north.

But didn't you say it was this windy?

I felt like I was being cut by a knife all over my body, and my eyes were about to freeze and break.

"This is a sharp wind."

"The knives of the cubs of all men were knives."

Jo-Gol shuddered and looked sideways.

"Sir, are you all right?"

"…That's all right, Shizu. I…….”

"You must be colder because you don't even have a head."


Hye Yeon looked back at Jo-Gol with a look of 'What kind of b*tc* is this?' However, Jo-Gol's expression of genuine concern made me a little sad rather than angry.

"Death, Accident……"Is it supposed to be this cold here?”

Dang-Soso, who has lived his entire life in the warm South, has not adapted to this situation in particular.

The whole body was wrapped in fleece and covered with leather, but the fierce winds were leather and moths, making everything useless.

"…I don't know."

Yoo-Esul murmured quietly, barely moving his frozen mouth.

"It's amazing. Here's a mountain...that…"

"…I know. I don't think I'm in my right mind, accident."

Everyone was cringing little by little in the great cold of their first time in life.

"…Are we almost there?”

"I don't know."


Jo-Gol looked around Baek Cheon with his eyes wide open and couldn't beat him and opened his eyes again.

"What should I do if I don't know about private life?"

"Have I ever been to the North Sea? I'm just guessing."

"But I'm sure you've heard something."

"……I hope we'll see something by now."

Baek Cheon turned his head and looked at the cart, paused for a moment, and tilted his head.

"But where did Chung-Myung go?"

"What? There it is...….Huh?"

Jo-Gol frowned still with his eyes open.

"Where'd he go?"

"Didn't you drop it on the way here?"

"……Where is he going to fall? He's a man who can't go to hell in his life."

"That's true. So where the hell is he...….”

Then Yoo-Esul put down the handle and approached the cart. Then he jumped up and began to skim off the piled-up luggage from side to side."Accident?"

Yoo-Esul, who dug into the luggage as if a rabbit were digging an oyster, pulled his head back and frowned.


"Huh? Nothing?"

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

Does it make sense that they're not even in there?

"Where'd he really go?"

"Didn't you really drop it on the way here?"

"It won't fall off. Would that leech ever fall?"

"It could have been frozen and dropped."

"Huh? I never thought of that."

Jo-Gol's eyes shook greatly.

But while they were squabbling, Yoo-Esul squinted and looked around. Then, at some point, I stared into one place.



He grabbed a large pile of bags and threw them up at once.

"Death, accident? All of a sudden...….”



But the bag thrown over the luggage moved subtly. Baek Cheon's mouth opened blankly.


Baek Cheon, who ran like an arrow, grabbed the sack and snapped open. The remaining wool, leather, and blankets were entangled in it.

Baek Cheon quickly pulled out the wool and leather inside.



Baek Cheon's eyes flashed at the alien sensation that soon touched his hand.

"But this bastard!"

He burst out and pulled out what he had in his hand. Then a familiar head (?) showed up.

"He's pulling a cart in the cold wind with his private lodgings and death rowers!" Now you're in the sack? Aren't you going to crawl out right now?"

But there was no immediate return answer. Chung-Myung, who should have taken action at this point, raised his head slightly without any response.

After a while, a small trembling voice came out.

"Do, brother."


"It's cold."


"You, it's so cold. Ugh."

Chung-Myung quickly picked up the fallen wool and crawled back into the bag.

Baek Cheon, who was staring at the scene in a daze, hurriedly grabbed Chung-Myung again.

"Come out!"

"It's cold! It's freezing!”

"How dare you do that! You don't even look like a human!"

Whasan's disciples muttered, looking at the two bickering.

"Do people usually think of going in bags? No matter how big the bag is."

"It's Chung-Myung."

"That's true, but...… no matter how cold it is, do you think about going under your luggage? Isn't it heavy?"

"Because it's Chung-Myung."

"……that's all-around."

In any situation, it was amazing that the name Chung-Myung was somehow understood.

"Won't you crawl out right now?"


"Now he's doing the mandibling! Go crazy!"

"…Not me."


Baek Cheon looked into the bag with puzzled eyes. Then, between the wool, a fur ball whiter than the wool raised its head and revealed its teeth.



Baek Cheon's eyes at the scene looked like a man who lost his country.

"…...I can't handle everything, but now I have two...…. No, both of them turn people upside down."

What did I do in my past life?

What the hell are you guilty of?….

Baek Cheon was rotten to the core, but Chung-Myung was also full of excuses.

"Ugh! What the hell is this place?”

In the past, Chung-Myung has reached the point of insensibility. The chill dared not steal his body because he was full of energy.But that's an old story!

"Oh, I'm freezing!"

Rather, it was more problematic that it was impregnable with Chinese characters. Having lived without the cold for decades, I couldn't adapt to this situation at all.

No, if I put out my hand now, it's like I'm cutting my hand with a knife. How am I supposed to hold this?

"If you can do it, you'll be able to do it! You son of a b*tc*!"

"You can't do that, you know!"

Chung-Myung screamed.

His history is the purest and most pure in the world.

What that means is...…which means that the output is tremendously high, but the amount is as small. If you warm yourself up with that history, you'll have less of it'

Where are we to waste our history like that? I don't know if they'll come after me with a knife.

"Come on, d*mn it! Why did you build up this history for nothing?"

It's good for nothing but good for fighting! Nothing!

"Argh! Argh! Argh!

Meanwhile, Baek-ah slapped Baek Cheon's hand, which came into the bag, with a sharp claw. Then he quickly hid himself in a pile of wool.

"Excuse me…… Private lodging."


"Isn't white ivy originally an animal that lives in the cold?"

"That's what I think."

"But what's wrong with him?”

"Do you understand? Living in South Bay, I guess I'm a bit off."

"…I'm full after living in the warm south."

Baek Cheon sighed deeply.

It's him, it's him, it's him!

Taking advantage of Baek-ah's nerves, Chung-Myung dilly dug into the wool and leather and began tightening the opening of the bag again.

"Come out, you son of a b*tc*!"

"I'm freezing to death!”

"Frozen to death, son of a b*tc*! Are you going to be like this all the time in the North Sea?!”

"Living room!"


"Nice to meet you!"

"Get out!"

When Baek Cheon didn't back down, Chung-Myung screamed and pulled his neck out of the bag. And I checked the surroundings of the neighborhood.

"All I see is a blank one."

Snow field.

It was a vast snowy field with no end in sight. Even if it wasn't this cold, it would have been a spectacular sight. However, the cold wind that penetrated the armpits throughout the entire time beat him mercilessly, making him look like a white hell.

"The North Sea Ice Palace or whatever, you crazy bastards. What the hell are you going to pick up and eat in a place like this?”

"…I never thought I'd agree with you."

I think I know why there is such a thing as Han-cheol and Bing-jeong. If you get beaten for thousands of years by this wind, the railroad will be bad.

"I'm sure it's about time we got there, though.”

"It's still a long way off. I can't see the sea."


Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Baek Cheon.

"What sea?"

"It's the North Sea. No matter how cold it is, the sea doesn't freeze. Then you have to see the water, but you can't see it yet.”


Chung-Myung twisted his neck around and shook as if his stomach were bursting.

"Hey, you ignorant man! Is the North Sea the sea?”

"…Don't you?"

"Lake, lake! A big lake in the north!"

"Why is the lake called the North Sea? Then shouldn't we call him the Northern Lake?"

"It's a lake that's huge enough to look like an ocean!"

"Oh, so?"

Baek Cheon nodded as if he had now understood.

"Oh, the lake is freezing."

"That's right."

"Then find a big frozen lake...….”

Baek Cheon looks around and looks at Chung-Myung again."……How?"


All you can see is a white plain.

The word "frozen snow field" was "frozen" in the desert.

Chung-Myung, who was looking around without saying a word, scratched his head with his hands pulled out.

"Shouldn't you look for it?”



"Get dressed and come out. If you don't want to die."


It was a moment when Chung-Myung crumpled his face like he was told to die.

"Living room!"


"Isn't that a man?"

"Huh? People?"

Baek Cheon's head turned.

Before arriving at the snowy land, it was rare to see a man-made hut through the northern meadow. However, he did not even see a shadow after entering the snow field.

What do you mean, a person all of a sudden?


"Hey! Hey!"

Baek Cheon looked very closely in the direction Yoon-jong pointed.

'Where is a man...….’


His eyes became thin.

There was definitely a black dot in the distance.

"Aren't you a bear?"

"I think he's a little small for a bear."

Baek Cheon agonized for a moment before nodding.

"Let's just go. Whether it's a man or a bear, it's better than being here."

Boom boom!


Baek Cheon, who turned his head, distorted his face.

This lunatic crawled through the baggage he had dug up, knocked it down and hid away.

"Live like a human being, you son of a b*tc*! Like a human being!"

"…Please give up now, Sasook. It's not a day or two, is it?"

"You're doing this because it's not your day or two!"

"…and so is he."

Baek Cheon, who had his teeth glued, eventually sighed deeply and jumped out of the cart. The look of grabbing the cart's handle was determined.

"Let's go!"


Hwasan's disciples dragged the cart and ran fast. Fortunately, it was a plain, so it wouldn't be too hard to drag a cart...….

"Argh! My legs are so tight!"

"Sasook! The wheel is buried in snow and won't go out!"

"Argh! There was a stone!"

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

How does that sound?

Are we really going to be able to accomplish this mission and get back safely to Hwasan?

"North Sea, North Sea. I've only heard of it...….”

It was just amazing that such a place existed in the world.

After a long ordeal, Baek Cheon, who approached what seemed to be a human being, unknowingly put the cart handle down.

The same was true of the others.

"…Oh, my God.

"This, this is all...…?”

There is a scene in front of them that they have never saw before.

Transparent ice.

Clear and transparent ice that shines white in the sunlight spreads endlessly.

It was like a desert of ice. Hawsan's disciples opened their mouths in dismay.

"……then, is this the frozen lake?"

"How big is the lake?”


The ecstasy and stunning sight never seen in the midfield, all of Hwasan's disciples exclaimed.

But then.

"Sasook! Excuse me!"


A bear sitting on the lake or a human being slowly turned his head toward them.

"Is that a serious cause?"

Baek Cheon's eyes widened. It was a familiar Chinese word.