Chapter - 465 Episode 465. What kind of neighborhood is this? (5)


The shooting by the archers of the North Sea Ice Palace was strong and sharp enough to match the word "northern wind Hanseol".

It was not much better than what Paenga had seen before.

Of course, what they saw at the arena was used by inexperienced latecomers, so they could not be called the true Fanga Province.

But anyway considering it, he is also Paenga's province. Just being comparable to him has proven enough to show that the Bingo Warriors are very good at dancing.

They were the warriors of the North Sea Ice Palace, one of the five palaces of Saeoeo.

Unfortunately, Hwasan Ogum's ignorance is now easily beyond that level.

That play!

The sword pushed away the flying doe with fright.

'Oh, my God...'.’

The face of Cho Gyeo, who leads the Binggudos, quickly hardened.

Basically a weapon heavier than a spinning sword. If a man of the same power deals with it, he will never be pushed back by a sword. But that sword, bent as if it were about to break, was now pushing his way out.

'Oh, how?’

The power transmitted across the province was enormous.

His opponent didn't even seem to have put much effort into it, but his province was pushed out without a hitch.

"Hey, you!"

Cho Gyeo, who instantly gave strength, tried to shake off the sword and widen the street. However, Han and his opponent's sword were not pushed away no matter how strong they were, but rather crushed him.

"No, what's going on?….’

Both strength and strength are ahead of each other.

This was totally incomprehensible considering that the face of the person you are dealing with now is young.


Cho Gyeom, who pulled up his history, managed to push the sword and then rolled back out.


I lost my rough breath in my mouth. Just by exchanging agreements, I have used up enough energy to sweat down my forehead.

"……who are you?"

Unlike the first time, when he asked in a tense voice, Baek Cheon, who was aiming at the sword, shrugged.

"I don't think that's really important. It's more important if you're willing to keep fighting."

"You're a cocky one!”

Cho Gyeom gritted his teeth.

That is a statement that puts him completely below.

"Do you think being strong would make a difference? I'll let you pay for that arrogance."

At that moment, the white frost began to grow young at the end of the island that Cho Gyeo was holding. It has raised the characteristic of the North Sea Ice Palace to the extreme.

Feeling the chill from the end of the province, Baek Cheon corrected his posture.

"First of all…….”

Then he calmly opened his mouth with a subdued

"There must have been a misunderstanding, and I've never looked down on you. I just don't want to fight if I can.”

Cho Gyeo's eyes wriggled slightly.

However, Baek Cheon's subsequent words completely turned him upside down and left him in ruins.

"And I'm not that strong in our Munpa. I think you'd better get yourself in shape.….”

"You little turtle!"

Cho Gyeoom, who burst into anger enough to turn his eyes upside down, rushed madly at Baek Cheon.

"Why are you so angry?"

Baek Cheon sighed and swung lightly as if he didn't understand.Bite!

As soon as the sword and the province collided, a loud explosion broke out.

If it had been in the past, the sword would not have been able to withstand such a powerful attack head-on. At least the blade would have gone bad, and even more it would have cracked.

However, the newly produced plum-blossom, which was produced in late life, neatly received even this powerful attack without a scratch.

All right.

It is as light as ever and as strong as ever.

I could understand why that Chung-Myung was singing that he should use a good sword.

And the advantage of this sword was not limited to defense.


The sword, which prevented the attack, moved quickly after Cho Gum. At that tremendous speed, Cho Gyeom twisted his body reflexively. However, he could not avoid the sword brushing his shoulder.

The thick clothes with cotton on them split in an instant and blood sprang up.

Back Cheon, who quickly recovered his sword, hurled a series of swords at Cho Gyeom before the blood splashed into the Ho Gong fell into the snow.


Cho Gyeom quickly swung the do to stop him from stabbing. However, it was difficult to keep up with the speed of the sword and roads that were seriously ill.


At this rate, he thought he would be beaten without even using his hands properly, so he pushed his history into the province as much as he could and wielded it. Even if one or two places were penetrated, the move was intended to hurt the other's body.

But as soon as his province moved, Baek Cheon stepped back, opening the streets without hesitation.


Thanks to that, the province broke the Ho Gong in vain.


a hot-tempered body

At the same time, with a dull shoulder pain, Cho Gyeom looked blankly at Baek Cheon.

Looking at the eyes of the low-sinking opponent gave me chills and goosebumps all over my body.

"I don't think you've even made it yet, but how can you be so calm?"’

It's a sword that's not sharp, but it's soft and relaxed for Baek Cheon, who actually uses it.

Where are these guys...….’

Then Baek Cheon lightly lowered the sword down.

"Are you going to continue?"


"If you don't want to fight, go back now. I don't want to make a problem."

"……the problem has already arisen."


Baek Cheon nodded as if he couldn't help it.

"Then don't curse at my sword because it's heartless."

Baek Cheon hit the floor, narrowing the distance from Cho Gyeo at once.

Kakao Talk!

Yoon-jong, who flicked out his head, opened his eyes slightly.


Han Cheol-gum added more power to their sword, but the reason why his sword is more relaxed now is not limited to just Han Cheol-gum.

'My lower body is tense.’

The bridge that supports the floor allows the sword to be used more widely.

Now, with the history of the completely melted Jasodan, the strength that has been steadily trained, and the lower body that seems to be able to support even a good sword and a mountain, his skills seemed to have doubled in a short period of time.

And most of all...….

"Kill me!"


"Do you train people this much when you're in action?"’

The experience of going through the battle with all the people was permeating inside him.

He would have cringed once when he faced a life-threatening challenge like he is now. But not now. I was able to remain completely calm by looking at the sword.Snap!

Yoon-jong, who did not stay in the block but stretched out his feet, stabbed the sword in advance toward the opponent's reach.



The unflinching province could not exert its power. The thin tip of the sword completely overpowered the heavy one.

It feels like the world has opened up.

I felt like I was looking at both the back and the left and right, even though I was fighting against the enemy in front of me. With that ecstasy, Yun-Jong breathed low and tried to calm himself down.

'I've become stronger.’

I didn't realize that there were so many monsters around me.

Not to mention Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul were far from following. And in fact, Jo-Gol alone has now surpassed Yoon-Jong in terms of skills.

Therefore, he humbly acknowledged the fact and tried to settle for the role of supporting them. But like this, his sword was steadily getting stronger. As if there are still more ways left.

Yoon-jong rolled up the corners of his mouth slightly and pushed his opponent away.

"I'm gonna be a little stronger…….”

It was then.


Yoon-jong, who was trying to chase his exiled opponent, stopped there and looked back at the stroke. Jo-Gol, who was facing the enemy from the back, was rolling the floor to avoid the opponent's wrongdoings.

"……what are you doing?"

When Yoon-Jong asked as if he was dumbfounded, Jo-Gol jumped up and complained.

"Sa, the death penalty, it doesn't work!"

"…What nonsense is that?"


Jo-Gol looked back and forth at my sword and enemy with a rather embarrassing face.

"Well, when I try to do something, it keeps popping out! It is!"


"Oh, that! That! That!”

Oh, that.

Yoon-jong looked up at the sky slightly.

When will that become a person?

Every time the sword was swung, plum blossoms naturally spread.

Even if they are not aware of it, they should be praised for the fact that the prosecution is melted into the sword, but the problem is that they need to hide their identity now.

"Hey! What kind of swordsmanship would you make!"

"……you have a reservation for a mouthful for now.

If your ancestors heard it, they're saying something that's going to hit you with plum blossoms!

In fact, it is not easy to identify the identity of other literary circles just by looking at them. Basically, prosecution is almost the same on the outside.

But where else would a gatekeeper use a sword like a flower?

"Basic swordsmanship, basic swordsmanship! You're so frustrated.

"I'm trying to, but I can't! Whoops!

Jo-Gol rolled on the floor again after a flurry of shots. Yoon-Jong closed his eyes tightly.


What the hell works out for you?

He sighed deeply and turned his head.

'I can't.'

It would have been faster for him to be strong than to push that bastard.

Yoon-jong, who made up his mind, raised the sword firmly.

"Are you all right, Father?"

"…I, I'm fine.”

Hong Yi-myeong watched the battle unfold before his eyes with trembling eyes. Although he intended to avoid the child and jump back in, the current situation was quite different from his expectations.

'I thought they weren't out of this world.’

This was beyond his imagination.

It is not because Hong Yi-myung was stupid. I knew they had a sharp energy, but it was hard to think that they would be this strong considering their age.Especially that examination.….’

Looking at Baek Cheon, who was lightly dealing with Cho Gyeo, I was surprised and dumbfounded.

Who is Cho Gyeo? The North Sea Ice Palace has its own level of force. Age alone would be 20 years older than Baek Cheon.

However, he was not even able to exert himself on that young prosecutor, Baek Cheon.

It wasn't even just Baek Cheon.

Collar fluid!

A cheerful sword, like a butterfly dancing, climbed up the road and cut its wrist shallowly.


As soon as you hear a groan like a wind falling out, a sword pokes your shoulder lightly, and a spinning sword hits your opponent's head.

The sequence of processes was surprisingly light and swift.



Yoo-Esul, who unwittingly stared at the faint and fell on the floor, walked slowly toward his next opponent.

The voluptuous movement was remarkable enough to make the beholder admire it.

Every single one of them is a peak test.’

Not only Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul, but Jo-Gol, named Yoon-Jong, was also a very strong test.





A dazzling gold mine flashed and one person bounced off to Ho Gong.

There was no more unrealistic sight in the world. Hong Yi-myung's mouth opened blankly.

What the hell is one of them?

The twin-headed woman's ability to fight by taking on one warrior of the Binggo alone was certainly blinding, and the guards around her were so unknowingly strong that she looked relatively weak.

The young fighters gathered here are powerful enough to overwhelm the courtiers of the bingo.

"How can these people...….”

But it was then.

"Oh, come on!"

The head stuck out of the cart's luggage compartment again.


Chung-Myung, wearing a bear skin, screamed with all kinds of irritation with his head sticking out.

"Let's get this over with, you morons! What are you doing?"



What the hell is he doing?

Hong Yi-myung fell into extreme confusion when he saw a kind of human being he had never seen before.