Chapter - 469 Episode 469. That's none of my business. (4)

"Open the door!"


"Open this door now! You guys are sick, aren't you? I'm a congressman! I need to see the status, so open the door right now! Come on!"


No matter how hard I tried, the answer didn't come back. Just as Baek Cheon sighed and turned around, Dang-Soso raised his eyes.

"Living quarters."


"Break this down."


"What are you doing? Don't break it right now!"

"Oh, I got it!"


Baek Cheon grabbed the door tightly and forced it off.

As soon as the door fell off, Dang-Soso kicked right in. Baek Cheon, who threw the door away, hurriedly followed.

"Oh, don't come!"

Two people inside shouted scared. A woman shivering like a tree with a buggie in her hand, and another...….


Fire shot out of Dang-Soso's eyes.

"Get out of the way!"

"No, no, no, no, my baby!"

"I'm not trying to hurt you. Get out of my way! She's going to die!”

The woman who was desperately blocking the child flinched as Dang-Soso shouted. Then he looked back and forth at Dang-Soso and Baek Cheon with confused eyes.

"If you don't move, you'll have to force them. Get out of the way if you don't want to be rough!"


The woman shed tears as if confused even though she was terrified. Dang-Soso said, looking directly at such a woman.

"I'm a congressman."


"I'll fix it for you, so let me see the baby."

Dang-Soso slowly pulled the acupuncture out of his sleeve. The woman, who had confirmed the pain with her hollow eyes, quivered and asked.

"Well, are you sure you're a congressman.



"The child is dying even at this time of day.”

Only then did the woman get off and move to the side weakly. Dang-Soso urgently sat beside the child and took a pulse.


The pulse was faint and weak as if it were about to break.

Dang-Soso pulled the child's quilt off with an outspoken touch and began to undress him.

"What are you doing, Soso?"

"You have to check your body!"

"The cold wind is coming in...….”

"Then go and block it!"


Baek Cheon ran like the wind and held the torn door and blocked the entrance. Far away Jo-Gol was also startled and held the door together.

I can't say anything.’

'Shh. Be quiet. You're beaten.'

As soon as he confirmed that the disease might be circulating in the village, Dang-Soso moved as if he had become a different person. Even Yoo-Esul couldn't talk to me recklessly about how brutal the spirit was.

Dang-Soso, who identified the child's body, frowned.

"Redness……a little erythema."

With the blanket covered again, she opened the child's mouth and looked inside.

"……my gums fell down."

It was similar to the man's symptoms that I had just confirmed.

"Since when have you been like this?"

"…a month or so ago."

"What about consciousness?"

"I sleep a lot, but I'm conscious. But recently, I can't come back to consciousness...….”

"How was it before you fell down?"

"Sew, before he collapsed?”

Dang-Soso looked at the woman and said calmly.

"Don't be nervous and think about it slowly. Anything different from usual would be great."

"Yes, yes!"

At the softer voice of Dang-Soso, the woman opened her mouth as if she had relaxed a little.

"It was…… he suddenly became weak and sleepy. And... I had frequent nosebleeds."


"Yes, I was just sitting still and then suddenly."

Dang-Soso seems to be thinking hard and then bites his lips.

"Gather people...….”

Boom boom boom boom!

Then, someone started knocking violently on the door.Baek Cheon looked back at Dang-Soso with embarrassed eyes. Dang-Soso, who was staring at the door for a moment, nodded.

"Open it."

As Baek Cheon and Jo-Gol moved the door sideways, men wearing fur all over the body aimed at the spear with a hideous force.

"What are you doing?"

"How dare an outsider go on a rampage in town!”

His eyes were full of vigilance and liveliness.

Baek Cheon looked at them with a troubled face. Their eyes are fierce, and the spear they are holding is sharp, but they are only good people.

Besides, everyone was suffering from a similar illness, pale complexion, and hands with spears were shaking helplessly.

"Get out of my way."


"Get out of my way."

As the men left and right, the wrinkled old man stepped forward with a cane.

"……what's going on?"

"Are you the chief of this town?"

"That's true. You're outsiders. I don't know what's going on, but get out of town right now."



"Yes, no."

Dang-Soso lifted himself up from his seat when he touched the child's forehead.

"Can't you see? They're all sick."

"I know."

"You don't have to be treated properly and you're going to die if you stay like this!”

"…I can't help it."


Dang-Soso's eyes are wide open.

What the hell is this old man talking about?

However, the old man shook his head as if he knew nothing about Dang-Soso.

"If it is known that outsiders stay, we will all die anyway. If you have any intention of thinking about us, please leave town right now."

It was too determined. Baek Cheon opened his mouth to try to convince him that it was something.

"Lord, we want to cure and help you with this disease…"…!”

"Can you handle the devil?"


"If you don't leave, we're in a lot of trouble."

Then Dang-Soso, who was listening, said with a cold face.

"I'm already angry."


"This bottle is a demon. If we keep going like this, we're all going to die soon! Can't you see? It's not about the bingo, it's about this disease right now!"

The old man sighed.

"That's something a man can't do about it."


"Now there are demons in the North Sea. It's a disease spread by evil spirits, and human power cannot cure it."

"……What do you mean…?….”

Then Baek Cheon whispered softly.

"Don't you mean Mahkyo?"

"…...Magyo spread the disease?"

The old man nodded as he looked at Dang-Soso with squinty eyes.

"It's a disease I've never seen before in my life. As the demons began to appear here very often, this disease arose."


"You can't help it with human power."

"Stop talking nonsense!"

Dang-Soso roared.

"There's no such thing as a disease that can't be done with human hands!"


"Even if you have diarrhea like that, it's not acceptable to give up. It's not about anything else, it's about life! Don't be ridiculous about the demon. Gentleman does not step down from his illness."

Dang-Soso's eyes stared straight at the old man.

With those burning eyes, the old man gave a low groan.

"……We've tried hard enough. One……."

"It's not done yet."

"Are you sure you can cure it?"

"Even if I can't cure it, I won't let go like an old man."The eyes of Dang-Soso and the old man intertwined in Ho Gong.

The old man, who had been looking at her for a long time, eventually sighed first.

"…Are you sure you're up for treatment?"

"I'll do my best.”

"For the best……."

The old man suddenly turned his head and looked up at the blue sky through the open door. It stopped snowing before I knew it.

"…I haven't heard that in a long time. In this North Sea.”

The old man, who looked at the sky as if he was a little bitter, opened his mouth quietly.


"Yes, Chief."

"Tell the villagers to get the message from Rep. Lee. Tell them to cooperate whatever they can."

"Ha, but if I did...….”

"It's the same as death and death.”


"Do as you're told. I'll take responsibility."

"…I see."

The old man looks back at Dang-Soso.

"If you have a problem, come see me."

"…Thank you."

"Please, save the people of my town."

"I'll try."

After hearing Dang-Soso's answer, the old man nodded quietly and turned and went outside.

Hawsan's disciples let out a sigh unknowingly. But it was also for a while, and soon there was a firm resolution in their eyes.

"Soso! What am I supposed to do now? Ask me to do anything, I'll do it!"

"Living room!"


"Bring Chung-Myung to death. Now!"



Isn't that too much to ask from the start?


People have their own roles.

Farmers should be good at farming, swordsmen should be good at wielding swords, and scholars should be good at learning.

And by any stretch of the imagination, this wasn't his thing to do.


Chung-Myung murmurs with a half-deaf face.

"…is this something I must do?”


"Do I have to?"


"Do you have to?"

"Oh, it's distracting, so please be quiet!"


Chung-Myung, who closed his mouth at Dang-Soso's cry, looked up with a little sad eyes. However, all they could see was not a blue sky, but a black, dark pot.


Chung-Myung shouted, grabbing the pot on his head.

"Do you leave the fire and make soup? Why should I be heating this up? Why would I!"

"It's different from the middle ground, so there's no big brazier to hang!"

"There's a brazier in the house!"

"It's supposed to break a chimney! And it's not a place to put up a pot!"

"Then we can make a brazier!"

"Oh, that's a lot of talk! Come on!


Chung-Myung looked at Dang-Soso with a puzzled look.

"Ee, above and below…….”

"Hwasan, where's the top and bottom, man!"


She chocked the beat Chung-Myung's eyes.

Long sentence death penalty.

I live like this.

I live like this!

Well, that's not wrong.

"Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Is that what you're talking about?”


"Oh, yeah.

Chung-Myung bowed his head.

I'd rather die than suffer.

Dang-Soso said, putting medicinal herbs in a pot.

"I can't control the fire with a straight-made furnace. The only person who can hang medicinal herbs with the same firepower for a day is the death penalty!"


"It's about saving people. Please do me a favor. There's really nothing but death penalty. Or all the people here will die. It's only possible if it's the death penalty!"

As she continued, Chung-Myung's shoulders subtly rose slightly.

"What... did I say I wouldn't do it?"Chung-Myung straightens the pot.

"It doesn't matter if it's two days, not a day, so let's get started!"

"Thank you, death penalty! I'd like to warm up the pot for now.

"Come on!"

Chung-Myung pushed the heaters into the pot. In an instant, the pot heated up and the water inside began to boil.

The group of people who watched the scene from afar gave a series of exclamations.

"You're good at it."

"You're so gullible."

"I should've done that.”

"Amitabha. Dang-Soso is a poet, but isn't Chung-Myung a human being?"

"Oh, that's not it."


That's the way Dan-Soso took it, it's not easy, it's great.

Chung-Myung is a grossly vulnerable person to praise, but I can't bear to compliment him when I get to know him in detail.

Especially for Hwasan's disciples, if anyone else knows. But how can you be so naturally complimenting and bossing me around like that's it.….

"By the way, if you see the medicine hanging, have you figured out what the disease is?”

Yoo-Esul shook his head at Jo-Gol's question.

"I don't know yet."


Baek Cheon sighed and replied instead.

"They say we should use supplements to cheer us up because we're in a hurry. It's not a fundamental treatment."


"It was fortunate that I brought a bunch of medicinal herbs from Hwasan. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be able to use my hands”

They were Hwasan's disciples, thanking Hyun Young for his preparedness.

"But…… you can't cure it with supplements."

"Let's put out the urgent complaint and find out the disease."

"…It could be a disease we don't know about."

"Even so, you have to do your best."

Yoon-jong, who was still listening to the conversation, opened his mouth with a slightly subdued voice.

"Those who take the typeface lightly are not entitled to carry Hwasan's sword. He who does not seek to save the man in front of him shall discuss opposition and reason!"

"……No, I'm not asking you not to…….”

Jo-Gol sighed and said.

"Most of the villagers had symptoms...… Isn't this an epidemic? If we ever get sick, this trip to the North Sea...….”

"That's enough."

But Baek Cheon firmly cut off his tongue.

"You may be right, but I don't want to say that in front of Hwasan's youngest, who does his best."

"……Yes, boarding house."

Baek Cheon closed his eyes more gently to Dang-Soso, who poured medicinal herbs into the pot and devoted himself to it.

I hope he doesn't get hurt.’

The burden on Dang-Soso's shoulder was too heavy.