Chapter - 475 Episode 475. There's no such thing as a free lunch. (5)

The sunlight that came through the window shone still on the purple sword.

A slightly wrinkled hand slowly wiped off the optometrics with a white cloth. It's already shiny clean, but I couldn't stop wiping my sword.

As if performing a noble ritual, the polished part was wiped again and the polished part was rubbed further.

"……That'll wear you out."


Hyun Jong coughed low in vain at the brusque voice of flying. But the hand still didn't know how to stop.

Hyun Young kicked his tongue small.

"Do you like it that much?"

"…rather than good…….”

A strange light appeared on Hyun Jong's face, looking down at the self-inflicted sword.

"It would be more appropriate to say that it feels new."

Hyun Young looked displeased, but he didn't blame Hyun Jong any more. It was because I can fully expect what the Hwasan's new name, Jahin Sword, would mean to Hyun Jong, a long writer who is Hwasan.

Hyun Jong put down the white cloth and looked at his own sword.

"But on the one hand…….”


The way he looked at the coroner was profound.

"I'm afraid there's another significance to the fact that the body is back in Wasan."


"Everything in the world makes its own sense. The sword, which had disappeared in the age of war, is now coming back.….”

"Come on. What do you think is so negative? What we can say is that Hwasan, who had been screwed, is back on track to be successful again."

At Hyun Young's words, Hyun Jong nodded quietly.

The purple light emitted by the self-inflicted sword grew in front of him even when he closed his eyes.

This sword has been with the history of Hwasan. It's a sword that's been through a lot with Hwasan, and every time he went through something big, he'd always get all of that commercialization from the front.

"It's said that the body finds its place."


"I hope it ends with an old man's worry."

Hyun Jong finally put down his sword. Hyun Young sighed as he looked at his face with his eyes closed.

He was not easy to understand Hyun Jong's words. It was not easy for him, who had been with him all his life.

After meditating for a long time, Hyun Jong slowly opened his eyes again.

"You still haven't heard from the kids?"

"When did they ever get in touch? No matter how much I nag it, it never gets fixed."

"Hahaha. Where are the kids to blame? I'm sure there's a guy who's been nagging at me without even a chance to send me a letter."

Chung-Myung, who was swarming the children, stood out.

The body finds its place to be...….’

I said it myself, but I felt strange.

If that's the case with the sick, so is the man.

Wouldn't that make sense to have Chung-Myung in Wasan, who was dying of vitality?

"Do the North……."

Hyun Jong's eyes turned out of the window.

The sun was so warm, but the air coming through the window was now cold beyond the cold. The air in the North Sea must be colder than this.

"They'll do a good job, right?”

"You're full of worries. Have Chung-Myung ever let us down?”

"That's why I'm worried."


Hyun Jong shook his head quietly. His eyes sank a little more sadly than usual.

"It's still just children."


"Now that I'm old, I'm embarrassed to call myself a child, but I'm still young, and I'm still old enough to learn more. But those kids are already carrying a huge burden on their backs."Not only that, but even the world is trying to get involved.

As if the predetermined fate had been so, naturally even though it was not intended.


It's a tough and terrible bad relationship.

"Magyo must be different from those whom the children have dealt with so far."

"I suppose so, because it's nothing less than a demon.”

"The children……."

But before Hyun Jong could say anything more, Hyun Young spoke first.



"The person who doesn't trust a child the most is none other than his parents."

Hyun Jong looked up and looked at Hyun Young.

Hyun Young said with strength.

"You'll get through it."

"……Yes, you should."

Hyun Jong rose from his seat. In his hand was a self-made sword that had been prepared.

"Are you going to train again?”

"Shouldn't you do it now that you have time?"

Hyun Young looked at Hyun Jong with new eyes. Recently, Jang's training time has increased significantly. The re-alarm plays its role, and the outside job is to devote the time that the top of the galaxy takes over to training.

"Geo, at an age when your bones are not sacred."

"……still solid."

Hyun Jong smiled lightly.

"You may think it's stupid to be old, but I still want to be a little stronger."

"I've never thought it was stupid.

Hyun Young knew why he suddenly devoted himself to training.

Certainly, the work of the universal group must have come in a different way to Hyun Jong.

At the end of the day, a long man who had to protect and protect the Mundos was protected by the Mundos. You may be proud that your students have surpassed you, but Hyun Jong did not.

You still want to protect your disciples.’

Hyun Young fully understood the feeling.

What if one day there's a moment when you can't do anything about his dying disciples? What if weakness causes you to just watch them die?

You'd rather die with your tongue in your mouth then. You can't endure the pain with your eyes open.

"By the way, Jang Moon-in."


"If you're going to train, why don't you join him?" He's redefining his studies these days.….”

"…It's okay."

"No, why? Training together makes it easier...….”

"…I don't mind."

As if he had eaten a bitter persimmon, Hyun Jong's face was filled with a rare shudder.

"My bones are not too thin to handle his training."

"You said you were firm a while ago.”


Hyun Jong shook his head and went outside.

When I opened the door, the snow flowers, who began to fall gently from the sky, greeted me.

"…it must be cold in the North Sea."

Hyun Jong closed his eyes slightly.

I don't want you to suffer too much.’

The children will come back stronger.

And welcoming Hwasan should also be a stronger and more generous place than when they leave.

To keep the tired children warm.

* * *

"…how do you like it?"


"The atmosphere.”


Baek Cheon sighed with slightly shaky eyes.

The way Chung-Myung showed yesterday made Baek Cheon anxious for no reason.

It looked very serious.’

When Chung-Myung is properly sworded, it is not his usual insanity. But yesterday's Chung-Myung was like a completely different person.

So you can be anxious...…."Fishing again?"

Baek Cheon, who checked out Chung-Myung while struggling to suppress his anxiety, shouted in surprise.

"Oh, no! I...…what does he treat monk Hye Yeon like?"

Baek Cheon tried to run right away, blaming himself for worrying about Chung-Myung for a moment. But then someone caught him from behind.

"Baek Cheon Si-ju. I'm here."


Looking back, Hye Yeon was really standing clean.

"Huh? Monk?"

"Amitabul. He, fortunately...…but not me."


Baek Cheon looked back at Chung-Myung with trembling eyes.

Even though I confirmed that Hye Yeon was not in the water, I felt more anxious, not relieved.

The monk is here, but why on earth does the fishing rod look similar to the last time...…?

"…...then what do you put in the water to fish?”

"I know."

"I don't think it's an empty fishing rod.….”

The pupils of the Hwasan disciples, who tilted their heads, widened in unison and shook greatly.

"Bae, Baek!"

"Oh, my God! White boy!"

"That crazy guy, come on! Whoops!"

Hwasan's disciples, who had grown attached to Baek-ah in the meantime, ran to Chung-Myung with frightened tears.

There's something he can do and can't do, how cute and adorable!

"Chung-Myung is crazy! Baek, what about our Baek?"


Chung-Myung looked back, flinching, as the Hwasan disciples rushed in unison.

"What, all of a sudden?"

"Baek, what did you do?"

Everyone was desperate for attention. No way, there was a faint belief that even a mere human being, not a Taoist, would not be able to do so.


"Oh, Baek? In there."

Chung-Myung chins at a hole in the ice with a wistful face.


White-faced Baek Cheon rushed in and grabbed Chung-Myung's fishing rod.

"Oh, come on!"

"Hey, you crazy bastard! There's something a man can do and can't do! How could you put that little thing in the water...….”

It was then.

Bubbling, bubbling!

Air bubbles rose wildly on the calm surface of the water, and something huge rose quickly in it.



Oh, my god!

Once again, the water flew like a wave, and a big carp soared up in it.



"Well, what's that?"

It's an exaggeration to say that it's the size of a house, at least it's the size of a cow. It was not strange to say that it was a creature.

The carp, which soared to Ho Gong as if a dragon ascended to heaven, twisted its body and soon plunged onto the ice.


The carp that fell on the ice fluttered violently.

But the carp didn't catch the eye of Baek Cheon and his party.

Of course, carp that look bigger than humans are rare. But even if it was a double-sized carp, it would not be more rare than a small ivy, which proudly pressed down on the head of a giant carp.

Chung-Myung said with a look of no surprise.

"Uh, don't kill me."


"Save me and get me."


The white baby, who was weighing on the carp with her front feet, shined her black eyes and nodded quickly a couple of times. And I shook my wet fur hard.

Leaving the carp unattended, Dodo quickly ran to Chung-Myung's feet and his face was full of cuteness.


With his small tongue, Chung-Myung put his hand on Baek-a's head and gave her light energy. Then the wet fur dried up in an instant and became softer than usual.“…….”

The bizarre sight left everyone speechless.


That was a creature.

It has been quite a while since it was used as a stove and muffler for Chung-Myung.

"Hagiya, come to think of it, he used to beat me up the size of a house.’

Chung-Myung of the animal kingdom. No, was it Chung-Myung in the world of wildlife?’

It was a moment when I was worried and worried about it was overshadowing.

"One more?"


When Chung-Myung asked, Baek-ah stepped on the floor with her hind feet as if she didn't like something.

"I'll give you two pieces.”

As soon as the horse fell, a white child, who opened her eyes, turned around and jumped into the water without delay.


Wow…… look at that brave thing.

Jo-Gol, who was staring blankly, muttered.

"Does Dambi usually eat fish?"

"Since the original Taoist doesn't break his head, doesn't it matter? No, I don't care if it's all gone...….”

"……That's a wise answer."

At a loss for words, Baek Cheon looked blankly at the ice hole where the white baby had disappeared and asked Chung-Myung.



"…Is Baek-ah good at catching fish?"

"But you're a genius. What can't you catch?”


I understand that.

Come to think of it, Baek-ah was the one who bothered and hit the famous creatures of the Namman Beast Palace so much that Maeng So, the Beast Palace owner, begged to take them.

What can't a man like that catch?

But at this point, there is a new question.

"……Then why did monk Hye Yeon put it in the water?"

Chung-Myung frowned at Baek Cheon's question.

"No, I'm going to take it and catch a big fish, and it's not a human thing to do, and I'm not supposed to get out of the human way too much," he said, "and I'd rather go into the water.”


"That's why I told you to. I heard that you can grant the wishes of the dead, but you can't grant the wishes of the dead."

Baek Cheon looked back in silence.

Hye Yeon was looking up at the sky with a look of emptiness as if the world had lived. Somehow his eyes seemed moist.


Baek Cheon shook his head for Hye Yeon, who shouted his disapproval of comfort.

Where did it go wrong?

Is it wrong with Dambi, who goes underwater and catches almost all kinds of fish? Is it wrong to be willing to throw yourself into the ice to protect such a Dambi?

Let's just say Chung-Myung is wrong.

That's the most comfortable part.

At that moment, the water shook again, and the white baby ran out with a bigger carp in his mouth.

Throwing a huge fish in his mouth, a white child who flew next to the fish he had caught earlier rushed to Chung-Myung. Then he turned his stomach and showed off.

"Yes, you're better than Ddangjung."


Baek Cheon smiled delightedly at the sight.

I'm not surprised anymore.’

I don't care how it comes to an end. d*mn it.

"……But why all of a sudden?"

"There are other villages."


"I'm sure you don't have the strength to hold a spoon because you're weak, so you should hold it in moderation."

Chung-Myung pointed his chin at the carp.

"If they're as big as him, they won't freeze easily, so pack them in moderation and they'll be fresh until they get to another town. If you do this, we have nothing more to do.”

Baek Cheon blinks for a momentarily. I swallowed my dry saliva."What do you mean?"

"Yes, that's right."

Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Let's go now. North Sea Ice Palace or something. I need to see what's going on with my eyes."