Chapter - 476 Episode 476. You're a good person if you feed well! (1)

"If the silver craftsmen go away, we will not be comfortable."

Baek Cheon grinned as he looked at the crowd of villagers.

"I'm grateful for that. But I can't stay long because I have work to do, so I hope you understand."

"But if you go away...….”

Everyone was so sad and grateful that they didn't know what to do. In particular, the chief looked at his disciples with an almost ecstatic look.

He cured the disease, and he must repay it, but they have given away all the grain left over, let alone received anything.

With such help, even the bingo was threatening, tears almost covered my face.

"I ask you to forgive me for not recognizing the silvers at first sight."

"…Don't do this, old man."

Baek Cheon dissuaded the chief from bowing his head.

Although they were wary, they had been more than middle-class people since they opened their minds once.

It's just...

Baek Cheon's face turned slightly dark as he looked behind the chief.

'As expected, the complexion is not very bright.’

Of course it was.

How did you treat the monster, but that didn't mean the situation in the village was better.

The pulmonary diseases that occurred to them were eventually created by the situation in the North Sea.

If the situation in the North Sea did not improve, it would not be strange if something similar happened anytime.

Even if there was no lung disease, there would have been only one situation where he could not eat properly.

Baek Cheon looked at them with a heavy heart and bowed his head deeply.

"I'll be on my way."

"Yes, Eungong. If you go north from here, you'll find the North Sea Ice Palace."

"Thank you, then…….”

The villagers spoke out as Hawasan's disciples grabbed the cart.

"Take a look!"

"Thank you so much!"

"When you come back, please stop by. I'll treat you really well then."

Hwasan's disciples waved at them and began pulling the cart.

For a long time after starting, Dang-Soso looked back at Yeonshin as if he couldn't relax.

"Will it be all right?"

"…I'm sure it won't be a big problem for a while. Yesterday, Baek-ah had a hard time and filled the warehouse."

"…I didn't think we'd look alike in that.”

I only praised him a few times because he was good at catching big fish, but Baek-ah, who was inspired by the compliment, jumped into the water and asked for a big fish one after another.

Then, he repeatedly looked at everyone with his eyes, "Why don't you compliment me more?"

"I don't know if I'm smart or stupid."

"Similar to who."

Baek Cheon sighed.

Anyway, thanks to Baek-ah, I was able to fill up a warehouse.

"It was a pity that monk Hay Yeon's face was getting sadder."

What can you do? What you claimed to be.

Anyway, in order to eat fresh raw food, villagers will have to fish themselves in the future, but fish in the warehouse alone will not have much trouble filling their stomachs for a while. It's cold, so there's no danger of going bad.

"I heard that the chief distributes the fish he caught to other villages."

"Well, that's a good thing."

Baek Cheon nodded quietly. In this barren environment, Hanyi Myeong's words came to mind again: "We can't live without helping each other."

"But there must be a limit to that, too. Amitabha Buddha."

"That's right."

At that time, Yoon-jong, who was listening to a worried conversation, quietly opened his mouth."Is there anything else we can do?”

"Again. That's another bottle, that one!"

At that moment, Chung-Myung poked his head through a small hole in the cart's tent.

And below the chin, Baek-ah also stuck her head out triumphantly.

"Why? You're sitting right here!"

Oh, my gosh!

"……No, it's not that…….”

An animal and a man...…. No, one person was at the same time doing the same thing.

"Why? Are you going to sell your sword again? It's an iron sword, so it's going to be very expensive?"

Oh, my gosh!

"Well, why are you bringing that up again.

Yoon-Jong's face turned red in an instant.

"I'm just... I was just wondering if there was anything we could do to help."

"I can't help you."


Yoon-Jong was a little surprised by Chung-Myung's low voice and looked at Chung-Myung.

"Well, it's not hard to help."


"But it's a moment. It won't be long before it's the same."

Although his voice was husky, Chung-Myung's face was as serious as ever.

"It's not others who change their lives, it's themselves."

Everyone looked back at Chung-Myung with their mouths wide open at the words.



"I can't believe you're saying this out of the blue.”

"The sun rose in the east."

"But these things?”

Chung-Myung looked up.

"……Tsk. There we go. What's the point of saying it? Just run."

With his tongue clipped, he hid his head back inside the tent.

Hawsan's disciples all exchanged glances with strange faces.

He's a weirdo.

When I met with a masquerade just two days ago, it made my heart so creepy, but now I was acting as if nothing had happened.

Baek Cheon, who laughed in vain, encouraged the priests.

"I've lost too much time. We should go first before those tied up the other day reach the bingo. Let's move fast when we rest.”

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Okay, death penalty."

"Let's go!"

Everyone began to pull the cart more vigorously.

* * *


"I think that's right."

"…It was long."

"That's exactly what you said when you said Binggung."

Hwasan's disciples exclaimed as they looked at the large building in the distance.

a dazzlingly white outer wall

Over the large wall, which felt overwhelmed just by looking at it, I could see a castle rising without knowing that the sky was high. Looking at the citadel built in a completely different style from the style of the Middle Ages, I realized that this was the North Sea.

If the castle in the Middle East was large and magnificent, the North Sea Ice Palace was relatively sharp and high. Like the outer walls, the white castle looked like an ice castle, blending with the surrounding scenery.

"That's great, that's a building in a place like this...….”

"I know."

Given this cold weather and barren terrain, it would never have been easy to build such a castle. Just by looking at that castle, I could realize how powerful the North Sea Ice Palace is in the North Sea.



Yoon-Jong opened his mouth as if he had been slightly weighed down.

"I feel a little scared. I think I'm losing my nerve.….”

Jo-Gol burst into laughter at the uncharacteristic appearance.

"Ha ha, death penalty. What kind of building are you talking about?”

"What does a rich son know?"


Yoon-jong turned around with his ax open. Jo-Gol flashed his eyes at the distant mountain.

It was the same for Baek Cheon to look at the castle with renewed admiration.

"This is the North Sea Ice Palace."

After a brief glimpse of it, he stopped the cart and cracked down on everyone."Be on your toes, everyone. Even though the Beast Palace Lord has told them in advance, no one knows how they will come out."

"Yes, boarding house."

"In the worst case scenario, we may have to run away. Remember and be careful."


The faces of the Hwasan disciples were tinged with tension.

The relationship with the Bingo is not sure what will happen, but even the magic is intertwined. Of course, I had to be nervous.

"Come on, then……..”

"Ugh. It's cold."

At that moment, there was a rustling sound, and Chung-Myung, who wrapped himself tightly with fur, jumped out of the cart. Then he walked forward, swinging.

"It's like a real ice castle.”

Chung-Myung, who left an insincere sentiment, looked back at his students.

"What are you doing? Let's go."

"Come on!"

Whasan's students, who smiled, soon moved on to the foolish palace with determined determination. Thanks to the snowstorm, the white outer walls looked even bigger and grander.

Standing in front of a large gate in the middle of the outer wall, Baek Cheon knocked on the door.


Boom boom boom!

Usually, the main gate of a gate of this size is a memorial service to guard the gate. But maybe it's because of the cold weather, or there's no one coming all the way to the North Sea. Perhaps because it was considered, no one was seen guarding the main gate.

Boom boom!

"Hello! I've been to the Bingo for business!"

There was no return answer.

It was a moment when Baek Cheon was frowned upon and about to knock on the door again.


A loud sound of iron came in and the door slowly began to open.

Yeah, yeah, that play!

A huge iron door moved and a warping sound came in. Everyone distorted their faces automatically at the sound of a subtle scratch on a person's nerves.

Finally, a man in white unclothed clothes appeared through a half-open door.

'These people love white.’

The building is white and even the clothes are white. On top of that, my skin was pale, so I felt a little strange.

"What do you want to do to knock on the door of the Bingo?….”

The warrior, who was talking, checked the faces of the Hwasan disciples and hardened his face.



Chung-Myung peeked back at Yoon-Jong and asked.

"Do we smell anything? How does he know we're outsiders just by looking at his face?”

"…Wouldn't no one dress like you throughout the North Sea?”


Whether they talked or not, the warrior's distorted face could not be straightened out.

"How dare an outsider knock on the door of the Bingo, not enough to step into the North Sea. You must really want to die!"

When he raised his voice, a crowd of white fighters came from inside, even though there was no order.

Chung-Myung asked again.

"Are they waiting in that cold place? Wow, I really have nothing to do."

"……Chung-Myung아. Please……."

Yoon-Jong suppressed Chung-Myung's desire to hit his mouth. What the hell's in his head that's why he's so nonchalant about asking this question?

It was Chung-Myung that I couldn't tell no matter how long I looked at it.

The fighters who rushed outside surrounded the cart and surrounded it.

Chaeng! Chaeng!

Then he drew a sword in unison and aimed threateningly at Hwasan's

"Now, wait a minute!"

Baek Cheon raised both hands to show he had no intention of fighting. And I said urgently.

"We're right, but we didn't come in without permission. We are here after being introduced by the Lord of the Southern Beast!"

"…The Beast Palace?""Yes."

The warrior in the lead frowned.

"How can the people of the Middle East be introduced to the Beast Palace? It doesn't make any sense to talk!"

"I'm telling you! Check it out and you'll find out."

When he insisted again, Musa stared at Baek Cheon with suspicious eyes.

"I'm sure that's what you're saying.”

"Of course."

"If that's not true...….”

It was then.

"Oh, come on in and check it out! I'm going to freeze. How long are you going to leave it here?”

His head turns sideways.

As Chung-Myung squatted halfway and trembled, Musa exhaled as if she was speechless.

But Chung-Myung's mouth didn't stop.

"I don't think you're in the position to make a decision on your own anyway, so don't waste your time and hurry up and go."

It was hard to live light on the man's face.

Baek Cheon closed his eyes tightly.

I should've knocked on that before I knocked on the door.’

Why didn't he keep his mouth shut in advance? Why!

It was too late a regret.

But the warrior nodded and put the sword back in.



It was too obedient of a provocation. Before Baek Cheon's curiosity could go away, Musa turned and went inside.

"......he listens more than I thought.”

"Of course."

Chung-Myung replied with a sour voice.

"If the North Sea Ice Palace is like an imperial palace in the North Sea, the palace's princess is like a king to them.”

"That's right."

"A soldier cannot handle what he might have decided upon hearing from the king of another country. If you do that, you'll lose your voice right away."

"Oh……. That's what you're saying."

"Then what did you hear?”

"I just thought you were swearing."


Chung-Myung's eyebrows twitched slightly, but Baek Cheon stretched his shoulders proudly. He was proud. This is not his fault. Even if it's the same thing, it depends on who says it. It is natural for Chung-Myung to say the right thing but it does not sound right.

Then Chung-Myung said quietly.

"Living quarters."


"Be on your toes. If you don't hear any good news from the inside, you'll have to use the knife right away."

At that, Baek Cheon nodded. All the other students also had a strong complexion.

A moment has passed.


The man who went inside rushed out the door.

"Everyone, collect your swords!"

At his command, soldiers in the North Sea quickly delivered the sword.

"Open the gates! The Lord of the Palace accepted them as guests of the North Sea!"

Warriors ran toward the gate and began to open the door wide.

"Excuse me. Let's go inside."

"Oh, thank you."

It was when Baek Cheon, who thought things had gone well, breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're telling me to come into the tiger's den."


Chung-Myung was seen twisting the corners of his mouth.

"Good, I'll have to see if I'm going to be food or if you'll be leather.”

Chung-Myung, who laughed bitterly, calmly moved toward the main gate of the open bingo.