Chapter - 477 Episode 477. You're a good person if you feed well! (2)

a space of deep darkness

Only a few small candles were dimly shining. Light is what pushes the darkness away. But the darkness of this space ignored the law and even weighed down the light.

With only the struggling candle flickering, a terrible chill swept around as if to freeze even his breath.

Wouldn't it be like this if ice hell really existed?

In the middle of the gloomy and desolate space, a man lay face down.

What is the greatest respect that humans can express?

This man could have been the answer to that question.

He has a head and both elbows. And with his knees on the floor, he was enduring the gale blowing like hell. As if he was grateful for the pain that the chill caused, he expressed his utmost respect.

A huge cloth hanging from the ceiling fell like a new bird before the man's eyes. The figure carved there was frighteningly bizarre.

Three heads and six arms.

The huge Asura figure of the triceps fluttered as it blew.

No matter how ferrous the soy sauce was, there was no way not to feel fear in front of this figure.

But I didn't feel a bit of fear in front of the figure. There was nothing but piety.

"…Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

An iron-scratching voice came out of the man's mouth.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

How many times have you memorized this phrase?

Thousands, tens, maybe hundreds of millions.

I memorized it and memorized it, but for a long time it was just the wind.

But after all the hard work, it's soon...….


The man suddenly hit his head hard on the floor. Then I pressed the floor hard with my elbows and knees.

The acts that have been repeated endlessly leave traces. How he had repeated the same act, the bottom of his homophilia was carved as if he had been dug up.


It was the moment when the most reverent ritual continued.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

A very small sound of footsteps came from behind.

As if all the nerves were focused on the toes, the careful step was cut off a little far away. Then, a small voice was heard, unable to hide the tension.



When he heard me calling, the man didn't even move.

"…Bishop. I have something to tell you."

He looked up slowly and looked forward, as he worshiped with a handful of his soul until the end.

The shape of the giant Asura fluttered in a wretched way.

The man's gaze was fixed, but it didn't seem to stay there. It was clear that he was looking beyond the figure in front of him and at something behind him.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

The man, who muttered low in a clear and earnest voice, hit his head on the floor again.



Both arms, knees, and head were attached to the floor and crawled back out of the position.

It was a worship that would not even be seen by the emperor.

No one is watching, no one is afraid to keep it, but the man has not forgotten worship for a single moment. He endured pain entirely with his body, not even a handful of his history.

It was not until the man reached the end of the space that he slowly lifted himself up.


The forehead that had been swept on the floor was tearing and bleeding down. However, the man turned his head and looked at the man, who was unconscious.His eyes, which had been immersed in one aspiration all along, were colder than the north wind.

"How dare you..."

Soon, the spirit of his body began to crush his broken tooth.


The whole body of the fallen man is twisted.


The sound of bone crushing leaked throughout the body. But the victim didn't dare to scream. This is because I know that the moment I open my mouth and defile this space, an unimaginable terrible death will wait.

"How dare you interrupt Baal's consciousness. Do you know the sin only when your body is in full swing and your soul is burned with praise?"

Blood leaked out of my mouth and nose. However, the person who was upset was just waiting for the man's disposition without any movement.

An emotionless voice leaked out of the man's mouth as he looked at it with cold eyes.

"Go, if there's anything to say for your life, it's right to listen and kill."

"Bishop, Lord."

"Go ahead."

The ill-suited man desperately squeezed out his voice in pain.

"Black Twenty-seven...…didn't come back."

As soon as the words ended, the pressure that weighed on the whole body disappeared as if it had washed away.


He quickly recaptured himself after falling to the ground in a sudden liberation.

"You didn't return?"

"That's right."

The bishop was briefly silent as if he was lost in thought.

This is a white land.

It's dangerous, but there are no people who can interfere with them.

"What duties did the Black Twenty-seven take?”

"I was tasked with spying on private houses in the North Sea."

The bishop glanced down at the broken tooth.

It's a mission that's not too difficult. Nevertheless, not returning meant only one thing.

As the bishop's worries seemed to deepen, the unfortunate opened his mouth.

"Do you investigate?"

The bishop opened his mouth after much consideration.

"At best, people who don't know the subject came to me after smelling it.….”

His eyes were shining cold.

It was called "Chenryeo Ilsil." Find it. Find it. Watch it. If their existence ruins the great cause, they will not be able to clean up the sin even if they burn for a hundred hours in hell."

"I'll follow your orders."

After completing the order, the bishop glared at the man who had failed.

"This time, I will forgive you for your fault. Remember, the reason you were able to live is because your rudeness is also from your heart towards Heavenly Demon. I would never have let you live if it weren't for that reason."

"Thank you."


A broken tooth hit its head hard on the floor. It quickly bled out, but it didn't seem to be a problem at all that.

The bishop looked down on him and spoke slowly.

"It's time for the renaissance."

His eyes, which returned to the image of Asura, were flashing with joy and madness.

"It's about time a hundred years of waiting finally paid off. It's only a few days now! "Compared to the long wait, it's only the same time as the moment."

Then, the person who was upset shook his body, unable to control his passion.

The bishop's voice echoed in a dark and cold space.

"The world will be covered with the anger of purification on the day that the right man takes over the earth."

"Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"

"If that day comes, those wicked unbelievers will burn with fear that overturns the world, and those who did not believe in Heavenly Demon's Second Coming will pay the price of arrogance in disguise of faith."The bishop's eyes were filled with joy. Like there's a fear in front of me.

But for a moment, he also cooled his eyes again.

"I will not tolerate any mistakes. So make sure you don't mind."

"I'll keep that in mind again."

After speaking, the bishop looked at the figure of Asura and closed his mouth. The man, who was ill, rose quietly and escaped the same blood.

The bishop, who was left alone, quietly opened his mouth.

"Heavenly Demon시여."

The voice spreading in the cave was filled with sorrow.

"Take this body as a sacrifice, bring it to the world and punish that sinful thing."

The man slowly knelt down. And then began to move toward the center of homophilia.

I put everything down, in a very low position.

* * *


"That's amazing."

When I passed through the white wall and went inside, a strange world that I had never seen before opened up.

Hwasan's disciples were busy looking around Yeonshin with their eyes wide open.

There was a row of unusual-style buildings that were not found in the middle field. It was more of a city than a moonpar.

"No wonder the wall was so big."

"It's like a castle in the middle of nowhere."

It was not exactly a new style, but it was very strange that there was a city of this size in this barren North Sea.

There were people passing through buildings that looked private. They also glanced at Hawsan's disciples the whole time and couldn't take their eyes off them.

"It's been a while since I've seen the cause. It's a very interesting look."

Jo-Gol replied bitterly to Yoon-Jong's

"Isn't it amazing how a person pulls a cart?"


Oh, yeah.

I didn't think of it because it was so natural.

Then Dang-Soso's eyes quickly swept around. Looking at the faces of the people, she asked the warrior of the bingo who guided her.

"Are these all bingos?”

Then the cold-faced man, who was leading the way from the front, looked back at her with his face hardened.

As if he was thinking about something, he quietly opened his mouth. He seemed to have judged that it was difficult to ignore the guest's question recognized by the palace owner.

"Not really."

"So who are these people?”

"These are the people of the North Sea. Binggudo means fighters who learn the martial arts of Binggudo. These are just ordinary people who have been blessed with the grace of the Bingo."

Dang-Soso nodded still. It looked similar to Dangata, where the blood vessels of Dangga live together.

The man who looked at her face brought up something he didn't even ask.

"The Binggung does not hesitate to give grace to those who believe and follow. And all these people here have no doubt in their hearts.”

Dang-Soso's eyes narrowed slightly to disapproval.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, Yoo-Esul quickly pulled the sleeve and blocked it.


Eventually, Dang-Soso reluctantly closed his mouth.

Just as the atmosphere was about to get a little weird, Chung-Myung, who was following from the back, opened his mouth.

"So where are we going now?”

"Of course it's a fool.”

The man looked up and answered, looking at the castle rising high.

'Cause you're guests of the Bingo.'


Chung-Myung smiled slightly as if he was having fun. A white child stuck to his neck rubbed his head against his chin.

It was only after a long walk to the center of the village that I could finally get to the bingo.

"The guest has arrived!"

When the leading man shouted, the tightly closed door opened wide from side to side.

"Let's eat."


Baek Cheon answered as a representative and looked back at the party."Don't be on the lookout."

When Chung-Myung gave a low warning, he shook his head and kicked his tongue.

"Tsk tsk. They're not children.



"You, you."

"Do you think there's anyone else in the world who's as cautious as I am?”

"…I'm sure there shouldn't be another guy like you."

That's destruction. Destruction.

Baek Cheon, who sighed, put down the cart and stepped forward. Hawasan's disciples followed him into the Bingo.

After a while their mouths were all half-blank.

"……That's brilliant."

"I know."

The corridor leading inside was all glamourously decorated. The walls were decorated with fabrics of luxurious material at a glance, and the decorations in between looked valuable and precious to them, who were outsiders.

What's more, everywhere in the hallway is decorated in this way.

His disciples, who grew up in the city on the basis of simplicity, had no choice but to feel a subtle rejection of the brilliance.

And it seemed the same for Hye Yeon, who grew up in Shaolin.

"Amitabha. It's too fancy indeed."


"The money to decorate this place will help more people.”

Everyone nodded as if they agreed with Hye Yeon.

But then.



I heard an explicit snort behind my back. Hye Yeon turned around with a sour face.

Sure enough, Chung-Myung was looking at him with the same face.

"Shizu……. What's wrong with you again?"

"No, well, other people might, but it's kind of funny that you say that."


"Do you know how much a gold statue of Buddha in Shaolin is? What? Is it fancy here? Hey, if you sell a big hall, feed a village! A village!"

"He, it's....”

"How dare you speak ill of others for this? Do you think there will be a more wealthy clique than Shaolin in the midfield? It's better here! You've piled up dozens of useless gold statues, what? Glamorous? Come on!

When Chung-Myung's harsh words poured out, Hye Yeon, who was sullen, stretched her shoulders. Chung-Myung shook his head and wedged in.

"Anyway, humans don't see it in my sight!"

Baek Cheon, who couldn't hear it, sighed and dried it.

"The statue was not even made by Monk Hye Yeon, so why are you blaming Monk Amy Hye Yeon?"

"That's why Shaolin's boss is so hard on you!"


Come to think of it?

Baek Cheon shook his head and came to his senses.

"Well, be quiet, anyway. This is a bingo."

"Well, it's a silly thing."

"…Please shut up that snout, please!"

Baek Cheon distorted his face as if he were burning with fire inside.

Do you mind if I take him to meet the Bingo Lord?

I'd rather go back now...….

Unfortunately, however, Baek Cheon's idea is already too late. As soon as I thought about it, the hallway was over, and soon a huge war emerged.



The eyes of the Hwasan disciples were wide open.

He wouldn't either.…a large jade in the middle shone white and brilliantly.

"Well, is that platinum?"

"Oh, my God, platinum jade.”


The last word, of course, came from Chung-Myung's mouth.

Chung-Myung glows his eyes as he looks around Yeonshin. Like a hawk for food.But unlike him, the other disciples reacted a little intimidated by the splendor.

just then

"The Lord of the Palace will eat!"

With a loud voice, the opposite door of the door they entered opened wide.

And a burly man with white bear skin walked in proudly.

'That's the bing-go-zoo.’


He was an impressive man with a solid build, white skin and a long scar across his face. He walked straight towards the Chung-Myungs.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

The momentum has never been lacking compared to the absolutes of Hwasan's disciples so far. It seems that the palace of the North Sea Ice Palace is not a free meal.


Why do they keep coming?

How far is he coming?’

I thought I'd be heading for the throne at a reasonable distance, but the man kept coming this way in a straight line.

That buck.

In time, a man approached Baek Cheon and Chung-Myung and shot them with a cold face.



Cold tension flowed. It was suffocating.

But then.


The man's face relaxed gently and smiled as if he were looking good.

"Who is the Hwasan Divine Dragon?"

"It's me?"

When Chung-Myung answered, Bingguo-ju suddenly reached out and grabbed his hand tightly.

"I've heard from my Beast Palace Lord! Welcome! The Bingo welcomes the Wasans with all its heartily.

Bingguongju smiled brightly and waved Chung-Myung's hand loudly.


It's different from what I thought.

……Is he a good man by any chance?

No way.