Chapter - 479 Episode 479. You're a good person if you feed well! (4)

What else are you going to do?

Hwasan's disciples, who saw Chung-Myung's smile, couldn't hide their anxiety.

The liver has grown enough to eat and drink calmly at the North Sea Ice Palace, which is a small number of them, but the situation in which Chung-Myung's snout made even their hearts cringe.

They looked nervously at Chung-Myung, nervous enough to break into a cold sweat on their back.

But Chung-Myung just grinned whether he knew how they felt.

No, I don't think so.

"But I have an idea.’

They tried to calm down their slightly trembling hearts. No matter how much he says Chung-Myung, he can't cause trouble here...….

"They told me to go to Sorim.”



……He was a man who would have gone to the extra mile.

All raised the game in unison.

'You can't say that out loud, you lunatic!'

"My prime minister. Please! Please! Come on!

Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha.

Hye Yeon rolled the elongated beads with trembling hands.

Chung-Myung was so nonchalant even though the eyes of the party with open eyes flew away. If I cared about it, it wouldn't be Chung-Myung.

But the most embarrassing thing here is...… It was Solchon Sang.

He looked blankly at Chung-Myung.

"What's this guy?"

Of course, if you don't expect Shaolin to send them, he's not qualified as a princess.

But I never thought I'd say it nonchalantly. This would not have been expected even if grandfather came.

"…in Sorim?"


Solchon Sang desperately managed to keep a straight face.

"Why did the forest send you to the North Sea?"

Chung-Myung smiled and looked at him.

"Oh, I don't know the details.”


"I heard that Shaolin sent a man to spy, but they died.”


Baek Cheon spat out all the water he was drinking.

Everyone's eyes caught on, but Baek Cheon stared blankly at Chung-Myung, not even thinking about wiping his mouth.

"Is he really crazy?"


If anyone here doesn't know Chung-Myung is out of his mind, shouldn't there be a degree of madness?

Everyone was nervous and looked at Solchon Sang's complexion.

Solchon Sang replied slowly in a slightly subdued voice.

"…what does that mean?"

"Come on, we don't know. I guess it's because Shaolin says so.”


"Actually, we can't even ask a Shaolin boss about this and that, right? You know."

"He, he is."

Hye Yeon's face, which I had been listening to, began to cramp.

I asked you a question!

No, the expression of asking is not enough.

Chung-Myung would be the only one who would bump into Shaolin's boss Bop Jeong like that even if he searched through the midfield. After the skillful Bop Jeong freaked out and lost his words, what?

Can't you weigh it?

"Mouth watering...…!”

"Hahaha. Monk! Have some of this!"

Jo-Gol quickly stuffed Hye Yeon's mouth with stir-fried vegetables.

Solchon Sang looked like he didn't know what to say.

"Is he really a thoughtless man?"

That can't be true.

Aside from the fact that he is a rising master who is known as the Hwasan Divine Dragon in the midfield, the leader of Shaolin could not have sent a thoughtless man to the North Sea.

So how the hell should we understand this situation?"So you're here to check it out?"



Solchon Sang tilted his head as he looked at Chung-Myung, who answered naturally.

"Then what?"

"We just came because you told us to go. What power do we have to refuse to do what Shaolin asks us to do? You have to peel it if you have to peel it.

His students, who didn't hear, bowed their heads in guilt.

I didn't expect you to feel sorry for Shaolin.’

Did he leave his conscience in the middle?

'It's not supposed to be.'

Chung-Myung, who couldn't shake off Shaolin in return for coming to the North Sea, pulled out half of the root of the pillar. If a person has the least conscience, he shouldn't say that.

Baek Cheon peeked into Hye Yeon's eyes.

He looked calm with his eyes closed, but...….

"Venerable monk.


"Don't cry.”


Hye Yeon stole moist eyelashes with her hands.

Chung-Myung shrugged, ignoring all this resentment.

"That's why I'm here. I wanted to see what kind of place it is and expand my knowledge."

"Well, I see."

Solchon Sang nodded as if he had understood.

"That's why I'm asking, what does it mean that the sender from Shaolin is dead?”

Solchon Sang smirked at Chung-Myung's nonchalant question.

"I don't know why you're asking me that. How long did it take you to get here?"

"It took more than a month.”

"Yes, the North Sea is that far from the middle ground, and it's a very large place. No matter how much I'm the archer of the North Sea Ice Palace, I don't know everything that goes on in the North Sea."

"You do."

Chung-Myung nodded as if he understood.

"And, by the way, isn't Shaolin the one who sent a watchman to another Munpa an outrage?"

"Oh, I can relate to that very much. Shaolin has that side. These guys don't care what others do to them, they don't get mad at them. Tsk tsk tsk tsk……."


Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong smiled and pressed Hye Yeon's victory.

Calm down, monk. Calm down.

'It's not like he's doing it because he has a bad feeling.…. No, it's not just bad feelings.’

Chung-Myung grinned and checked again.

"So you don't know what you're talking about, do you?"”

"That's right."

"That's enough."

Chung-Myung nodded at Solchon Sang's words.

"Since the Bingo is innocent and Shaolin is suspicious, we will stay for a few days and look around the Bingo. If the Lord of Binggo is proud, can't we prove his innocence to Shaolin?”

Then Solchon Sang said without changing his face.

"You're going to look around the ice cream?"

"Can't you?"

"There's no reason not to."

Contrary to everyone's concerns, Solchon Sang nodded coolly.

"Stay at ease. I happen to have a question for you, so it could be a good time for each other."

"Wow, you're big! Here's your glass!”

"Ha ha. You're a very funny person."

Chung-Myung filled Solchon Sang's glass with alcohol.

The two collided with each other and handed over the drink at once.

Solchon Sang, who laid down the glass, said with a nice smile.

"So you've been pushed all the way to this far place as a result."

"Oh, not necessarily."

"Huh? Then what?"

"We also have something we want to get from the bingo.”


Solchon Sang slightly frowned at the unexpected remark.

"Yes, it's ice cream. I really need this. Bingjeong is skinny in Jungwon right now. Can't we get him out of here?""…I'm an ice man."

A subtle look appeared on Solchon Sang's face. He sighed after a brief thought.

"I don't know if it's right to tell this to foreigners...…I'd be right to do that, since you've told me honestly telling me. There's not enough ice in the North Sea right now.”

"…And in the North Sea?"

Chung-Myung nodded as he tilted his head.

"The ice caps themselves are not so easily available. Like digging into a gold mine and saving gold, if you dig into a fountain ice, you'll find only one. That's how precious it is."


"But I don't get that much these days.”

"So you can't get it?”

"Can you do that?"

Solchon Sang smiles.

"The North Sea never treats its guests. I can't send a guest from far away empty-handed, so I'll hand over the ice boat as soon as I get it."

"Wow! As expected!"

Chung-Myung grabbed Solchon Sang's hand and waved it.

"You're generous! As expected, the palace owner of the North Sea Ice Palace must be in such a good mood."

"My my."

Solchon Sang slipped out of his grip with an awkward face. Then he slipped up from his seat.

"Anyway, that's enough for today, let's take a rest and get rid of the travel. You must be tired because you've come a long way.”

Baek Cheon jumped up and captured Chung-Myung before saying anything else.

"Thank you, Lord Binggoong, for your consideration."

"I want to talk to you longer, but I'm so busy that I can't take a long time. I'll pick a fight with you, so feel free to talk to me if you need anything. They'll figure it out right away.”

"Yes! Thank you."


Binggoongju smiled and turned away from the banquet hall.

Chung-Myung grinned, confirming that all his signs had disappeared.

"You're a good man, aren't you?"”

Yoon-Jong whispered in a small voice, "Does that make sense?"

"Hey, dude, how nice of a man to kill my brother and take over the throne of the princess!"

"He's a good man if you feed him well!"


Yoon-Jong lost his words and closed his eyes tightly.

What else is there to say? The listener is Chung-Myung.

Baek Cheon, who was sitting silently at the time, opened his mouth.

"I don't know if he's a good man...…You're more calm than I thought.”

"Yes, it felt different from the heads of the Munpa I've seen so far. I don't know if I should say it's soft."

"……really that man…….”

Baek Cheon blurted the end of his speech as he looked at the door where Solchon Sang went out.

Of course there was no guarantee that what they saw would be Solchon Sang's true self. But anyway, so far, he has not appeared to be the one to join hands with the brutal demon.



"What do you think?"

"What do you think?”

Chung-Myung's eyes showed signs of significance.

"I don't know now. For now."

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

First, there was no maggie in the body.

I checked his energy a while ago when he held the Bingoist's hand, but I couldn't feel the shadyness of the demon.

That means that he has not entered horse school.

"There's only one thing we need to do for now."

"Yeah, what's that!"

Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung with determined eyes.

Then Chung-Myung nodded to his front with meaningful eyes.

"If you don't eat the meat, give it to me."


"Ghosts who eat and die look good, they should eat first."



Yeah, that's true.After finishing the meal, Hwasan's disciples headed to the room under the guidance of a quarrel.

Seeing where they were staying, they looked around the room in surprise.

"……It's really nice here."

"I know. I've fixed my white market a lot, and now it's really better, but I feel shabby looking at it here."

The bingo is splendid. It was spinning in front of me.

Whasan, however, sought as frugal an appearance as possible in order not to deviate from the province's duty, but they did not hesitate to show off their wealth and strength.

If you compare it, you can compare it to the splendor of this place, but it is also a place with a long history, and it was not this luxurious.


But Baek Cheon was not blinded by the splendor of the room. He looked directly at Chung-Myung and asked straightforwardly.

"What are you going to do now?"


"You're not really going to do anything for a few days, are you?"

"Well, that's not bad either, but...….”

Chung-Myung tapped his belly and laughed.

"I'll have to do what I have to do.”

"What's your goal?"

"Obvious. Information."

The determined answer seemed to have already thought it through.

"I can't believe anything they say, and we don't know anything about it. So let's gather the information first."

"Yes, that's right. But what are you going to do when you don't have a way?"

"What are you asking me?"

Chung-Myung, who shrugged, strode toward the luggage that had been moved in the room in advance.

"Not this one either. Well, not even this guy."

Then he started looking for something, scrambling around his luggage. Baek Cheon looked at him with a curious look at him like that.

"What are you doing...….”

"Oh! I found it!"

Chung-Myung took a small bundle from the pile of luggage he had been rummaging throughout. It seemed to have been packed directly when departing from Hwasan.

"I've heard something special there...….”

Before he could finish his sentence, Chung-Myung pulled something black out of the pile. Baek Cheon's eyes became as big as a candle.

"That, that crazy guy!"

You brought that thing all the way to the North Sea?!

"Why would you do that again?"

"Cher, Chung-Myung! Calm down! This is the North Sea Ice Palace!"

"Please live with common sense, please!"

Whasan's disciples freaked out and stopped him, but Chung-Myung was adamant. There seemed to be no room for compromise like a needlehole.

"Since ancient times……."

Chung-Myung put a black mask on his face that he had taken out of the bundle and shook it proudly holding a black night suit.

"This is the only way to get information!"

No, you crazy...….