Chapter - 484 Episode 484. Nothing happened. (4)

"Did you say you wanted to dig up the ice yourself?"

I was embarrassed by Solchon Sang's eyes looking at Chung-Myung.

I was wondering what it was because I was applying for an interview since morning. But Chung-Myung suddenly brought up a meaningless story.


Chung-Myung nodded nonchalantly.

Solchon Sang asked, his eyes slightly open.

"Hey, do you know how to dig for ice?"

"I don't know, so I'm going to try it.”


Solchon Sang momentarily lost his words and stared at Chung-Myung.

The Taoist from the Middle East had a knack for scratching people's nerves with every word. It's not something to be offended about, so why am I getting so emotional?

'He's a nuisance.’

From his point of view, it is best for these guys to go back to the midfield and testify that there was no problem with the bingo. The more you poke around, the more troublesome you get.

But on the other hand...….

Solchon Sang opened his mouth as he looked at Chung-Myung with a strange expression.

"Ingjeong is literally a love of extreme negative energy. It looks like a jewel on the outside, but it's neither a jewel nor a mineral.”

"Yes, I know. I've already seen ice crystals.”

I used to watch it using an ice boat when I was making a mixed fabric.

But Solchon Sang shook his head as if he didn't want that answer.

"No, you don't seem to know.”


"What's important here is that ice crystals are made of the energy of the extreme sound. It means the coldest place in the North Sea is where the ice caps hit."

He calmed down his voice as if he were slightly intimidating.

"Furthermore, the cold isn't the only thing you have to overcome to dig up the ice."


"You're also a warrior, so if you stretch out your strength, you'll think you can find it as much as you want. But if it's so easy, why bother digging up the ice in the bing-”

Solchon Sang looked around Hwasan's disciples and said.

"The harsh earth is itself a place of acoustics. It's impossible to find the love of the voice in the land of the voice. You just have to dig and dig endlessly, without knowing where it might be. That's what you're supposed to be lucky with, that's the ice."

The mouths of Hwasan's disciples were wide open.

I never thought it would be so hard to dig up the ice.

"But you're trying to find the ice yourself? Even though I said I'd give it to you if you waited here comfortably?"

But Chung-Myung nodded, grinning at his threats.



Solchon Sang frowned at his too nonchalant answer.


"I thought there would be no end to waiting."

Chung-Myung shrugged.

"If the yield of ice is reduced, it's hard to find. That means you don't know when the ice caps will come out. So wouldn't we be able to find it a little faster if we went and helped?”

Chung-Myung's mouth was full of laughter.

"And it's not my cup of tea to just wait here."

Solchon Sang, who had been listening to it, laughed in vain.

Then he stared at the Hwasan Divine in front of him with a slightly subdued gaze. The eyes looked like they were searching for meaning.

Soon his mouth opened.

"Do as you please."

"Thank you."

Solchon Sang gave a nice smile, which was more than I thought."I'd like to dissuade you from serving guests, but it's not polite to block what they want unconditionally."

"Yes, we feel comfortable there."

Solchon Sang shook his head as he looked at Chung-Myung answering coolly. It was really a mysterious fellow.

When the conversation was roughly over, Baek Cheon stepped forward and seized the gun.

"Thank you for doing me too much."

"It's not too much. It's not that big of a deal."

"I don't think it was a matter of asking for favors from a customer's perspective. I was in a hurry, so I hope you understand."

With a dignified and courteous greeting, Solchon Sang saw Baek Cheon again.

'Good posture.’

Even in his view of Hwasan's disciples, Baek Cheon's attitude was admirable.

Lower yourself, but not lose your confidence.

It was a different matter of speech and politeness. This is the posture of a warrior who walks his own path with confidence in himself.



물러섰던 Chung-Myung이 다시 불쑥 고개를 내밀자 Solchon Sang의 눈가가 미미하게 떨렸다.

‘분명 같은 문파일 텐데.’

You must have learned the same thing and lived the same life, but how can there be such a difference?

What's more, he's not this guy, he's the Hwasan Divine Dragon?

Whether Solchon Sang's expression changed slightly or not, Chung-Myung calmly said what he wanted to say.

"So we can buy the ones we dug up, right?”

"…is it true?"

"Yes, you said you'd give it to me. You said you wouldn't be able to dig it up properly anyway. Then it's not a problem to buy as much as we dug up."

Then he pretended to cover his mouth with his hands and whispered softly.

"It's better if you give it to us at half price because we dug it."

Solchon Sang laughed despondently.


"Hehe. Thank you."

Chung-Myung smiled back.

"I'll give you my own word to guide you to the place where you dig for ice. The departure will be in the afternoon, so rest until then."

"Thank you for your consideration."

Hawsan's disciples took a deep siege and stepped down.

One of the elders who was watching sneaked out of the room and asked.

"Lord, I'm afraid it's the right thing to send them to an ice mine."

"Leave it alone."

But Solchon Sang waved his hand as if it were annoying.

"The mine is not a good place to be seen by others, but it is better to be stuck in the mine than to have them poking around in the bingalows."

"But if you take a lot of ice...….”

The elder glanced around and blurted the end of his speech.

I wanted to say that the North Sea lacks ice. But this wasn't something to get out of someone else's sight. It makes me think of the reason why there is a lack of course.

Solchon Sang skillfully accepted such an elder's words.

"What kind of talent do young men have to dig for ice?"

A fishy smile formed around his mouth.

"When you're young, you have to be brave. Everything looks easy in the eyes of those who have less bitter taste in the world. But reality is not as easy as you think."

He said with a slight tilt of his head.

"They've been on a roll in the middle, so you're not scared of anything. But the land of the North Sea is a place where those who are not strict to themselves cannot survive. It wouldn't be too bad to tell them that."

Solchon Sang's lips glanced up as he looked up at the ceiling.It was a smile that I could make because I didn't know that there was one of those youngsters who had too much of the bitter taste of the world.

* * *



"If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."


Blood vessels rose on Songwon's forehead, which stood silently.

"Why me?"

Songwon was recognized for his skills even in the North Sea Ice Palace, which is full of coriander. He was able to become the head of the Bingo's security at a young age thanks to his outstanding skills.

But why does he have to guide these little bastards?

Of course it is true that he promised to guide. But that's what's inside the glacier, and I had no intention of guiding them to an ice mine.

"What the Lord of the Palace is thinking...….’

But the order is absolute. Songwon had no power to reject this order.


"You're more free than I thought?"


It wouldn't have been this heartbreaking if it wasn't for the guy who was scratching his nerves.

"Let's go."

Seeing Song-won who flatly ignores Chung-Myung, Hwasan's students were all amazed.

It is not easy to ignore Chung-Myung's sarcasm even for those who are very well-disciplined. Isn't that already proven by many people in the midfield?

But this young warrior in the Bingo was doing the hard work.


'Well, he's a tough guy.’


As the eyes of Hawsan's disciples poured out, Songwon was stunned, unaware of the English language.

I don't understand any of the fighters in the Middle East.’

But I think the merchants who stopped by the North Sea for trade were normal…….

"Please come this way."

He led his disciples to the back of the Bingo.

"Where are you going?"

"Aren't you going to the mine.

"Then we'll go out through the gates. Why are you going back?"

In question to Baek Cheon, Chung-Myung said with a tilted head.

"That sounds like crap."

"…but this bastard?"

"No, it's like real crap."


Baek Cheon, who clenched his teeth, looked at Chung-Myung with a face that asked what he was talking about. At that time, his ears also heard the sound of Chung-Myung speaking.


"......Huh? What a load of crap.”

Suddenly the barking of a dog...….

Their questions quickly came to light.

Crying! Crying!

In the vacant lot in the back, a couple of people were tied up with large sleds and dogs that they could ride.

"……what dog?"

"It's a dog sled. Dog-drawn sleds are the fastest in the snow where horses and cows can't get around."


Everyone admired the wonderful-looking dogs that were not seen in the midfield. The rich fur and sharp eyes were impressive.

"Wow, that's cool!"

Jo-Gol approached the dogs with an excited face.



At the moment, the dog bit Jo-Gol's hand. He freaked out and stepped back.

Song-won laughed at his foolish appearance.

"You'd better be careful. They may look like dogs, but they are the blood of wolves. It's almost like a wolf.”


"As long as you stay calm, everything will be fine.


Listening, Chung-Myung smirked.

"That's a dog, by the way."


Before Songwon could be dissuaded, Chung-Myung swirled toward the roaring dogs. The dogs tied to the sled all raised their bodies and revealed their teeth to Chung-Myung.

Song-won laughed at the sight once again.

Of course, you won't get badly hurt by a dog because you're a warrior, but you'll be humiliated.But then something he never imagined happened.


The neck of Chung-Myung's clothes seemed to be shaking and wriggling, but a white dambi soon came out of his face.


There was a sharp cry that didn't match the cute face. He even showed his teeth.


Songwon laughed out loud at the absurdity.

By the way, a shocking sight unfolded before my eyes.

Oh, my god!


Songwon raised his eyes wide.

The dogs, who were about to rush toward Chung-Myung, freaked out and rolled up their tails. Then he started to tremble.

There were even things that were completely frozen and peed.

"No…… What the hell is that…….”

The wolf's blood dog gets scared by Dambi?

Does this make any sense?

"What's wrong with you guys!"

"Wake up, boys!"

The sledgers who dragged the dog pulled the dogs in embarrassment at the incomprehensible situation. But the dogs showed no sign of calming down at the touch of a familiar sleeper.


At that moment, a white baby who escaped from Chung-Myung's clothes gently landed on the floor. Then he looked around the dogs and looked at them.

The dogs flinched, shoving their tails between their legs.

"No, they're...….”

How can ordinary dogs handle a monster that kills a great tiger as much as a house? Even if it was a complete wolf, not a dog, the situation would have been the same.


Baek-ah, who hit the ground with her front foot as if the dogs were funny, turned around. Then, he looked at Chung-Myung proudly and straightened his body.



But the response was not returned. The sullen Baek-ah climbed Chung-Myung's legs and crawled back into his clothes.

After watching the series of processes, Song-won looked at his disciples, unable to hide the absurdity. They didn't seem surprised and nonchalant.

"Aren't you going?"

"…I have to go.”

Song-won pointed at the sled with a sad face.

"Get in."

Hwasan's disciples split into two or three and climbed on a sled. Songwon climbed the leading sled.

"I look forward to your kind cooperation."

When I saw Chung-Myung smiling and talking, I felt emotional.

Let's see how long that smile lasts.’

He gnashed his teeth and set off the sled.