Chapter - 487 Episode 487. We can now lay mountains. (2)


The negative energy began to permeate the body, which had been drained.

It's really no joke here.

I could see why the ice caps were coming from here, not from the colder north. Cold and negative are similar, but they have different properties. There may be colder places than this, but there will be fewer places with stronger tones.

Chung-Myung grabbed his heart and kept pushing his energy. His history stretched almost like a web.

The maximized sense was directed down and down the valley.


The important thing is not to see much, but to see exactly.

Looking for ice in a valley full of yin is like finding a grain of sand a little bit whiter than any other sand on a white sand beach.

So it's not possible to just skim through.

'There must be.’

But Chung-Myung's face grew darker. No matter how much I searched and searched, I couldn't find any trace of ice.

It was one of the two that the ice sheet was not visible even after looking this far.

One is that, indeed, the seeds are dried up and there is no more ice left.

And the other one...….

I can't find it?’

Chung-Myung's eyebrows wriggled.

Apart from that, it was a matter of pride.

I didn't want to do this.’

Chung-Myung is smacking his lips. Then he opened the door wide open to the sound that pushed into his body.

The yin and coldness penetrated in an instant. At the same time, white frost began to stick in his body.


"Sasook, what's wrong with him? What's going on?"

"…I, let's wait and see for a little longer.

Hwasan's disciples all looked worriedly at Chung-Myung.


Chung-Myung, who assimilated himself during the musical period, was concentrating his whole mind.

If you're in a hot place, you can't tell the colder from the less cold. It's where you have to be in a cold place on your own to distinguish the subtle differences.

The delicate energy scoured the surroundings like a blade.

There must be!’

There can't be no ice caps where there's this much pitch. If the ice caps are all gone, the eum-gi here would mean that the seeds are dry.

So there must be!

At that moment.


Chung-Myung's body was cramping up.

In the cold and gloomy mood of the deep sea.

I could feel a streak of innocence. It's very feeble, but...….


Chung-Myung sprang up.

Then he rushed to the side and punched the floor.


"Sasook! It's here!"

"Did you find it?"

"Yes! Here it is! We dig this place!"

Baek Cheon rushed over with the pickaxe he had prepared.

"Okay, how much do I need to dig?"

"I think we just need to dig about 30 pages (90 meters.”

"Yes, Sam…….What, you son of a b*tc*?"


I said I could lay a mountain, but you're really going to lay a mountain?

"…is there anything higher?"

"I'll look for it."

"…Let's put this on hold for now."

Chung-Myung smiles.

"Don't talk nonsense and open it quickly."


As soon as Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung with trembling eyes, Yoon-Jong pushed Baek Cheon and stepped forward.

"You're saying I can open this up, right?”


"Okay! I'll open this place, and you find another ice sheet! Ten! Ten!

Yoon-Jong started swinging pickaxes with his eyes wide open.Whoops!

The hard frozen earth was not easily cut by a pickaxe that gave it a history.

However, if you can't do it once, twice, and if you can't do it twice, you can hit it ten times.


The ground hit by a pickaxe broke like a piece of metal and began to splash.

"The death penalty! I'll help you!"

Jo-Gol also grabbed the iron pickaxe firmly and began digging with Yoon-Jong.

Whoops! Whoops!

In an instant, the two men, who dug to their waist, swung at the pickaxe with their eyes glistening as if they were maniacs.

Jo-Gol exhaled profanity.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

"Don't straighten your back and work! Pickaxe a hundred times and look at the sky!"

"Sa, the death penalty, it's harder than I thought...….”

"Shut up and kick it!"

Jo-Gol flinched and looked at Yoon-Jong.

'I've lost my eyes.'

This gentleman tastes weird once in a while.

It was then.

"Amitabul, Yun-Jong, Jo-Gol, stop."


Hye Yeon approached them with a stiff face.

"Venerable monk.

"Come out for a moment."


The two came out of the pit without a murmur. If it was Chung-Myung, it was because Hye Yeon couldn't have done anything useless.

Hye Yeon said with a heavy face.

"At that rate, we can't sell it to the point of ice even if it takes 10 days."


"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon, who closed her eyes and left dislikes, suddenly opened her eyes. The blue eyes shone uncharacteristically.

"If the ground is as hard as iron!"

Whoo! Whoosh!

It was not long before a golden flash began to erupt from his body.

"and destroy the iron! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Hye Yeon's brilliance was colored with a dazzling gold mine. Hwasan's students, who had seen the scene before, unknowingly opened their mouths wide.

"Oh, the Arahan Divine Book?"

Whoo! Whoosh!

Shaolin, who is regarded as one of the world's most famous civilizations, is proud of his uniqueness. The Arahan Theocracy, one of Shaolin's 70s, was fierce in the cold weather.


세상이 지진이라도 난 듯이 떨리고, 바닥이 산산조각이 나며 튀어 올랐다.

그 위력이야 말해서 무엇 하겠냐마는…….

“……저걸 땅 파는 데 쓰네.”

“소림의 방장이 보셨다면 뒷목 잡으셨을 것 같은데.”

"But the effect is superb."

While Hye Yeon may not be able to follow Hwasan's disciples, it was impossible to compare them with breaking and breaking.

The ignorant history and enormous power crushed and crushed the iron-hardened land like tofu.

"Dig it up!"

"Let's go!"

Baek Cheon and other disciples each rushed into the pit with a shovel in their hand. Then he quickly dug out the crushed soil and stones and quickly came out of the pit.

"Oh, oh, oh!"


Hye Yeon lost her right to Arahan again. At the same time, the valley shook.

"…What's that thing doing?”

"Oh, my God."

The frightened workers looked at the scene with trembling eyes.

They were also unmanned, but it was the first time in my life to dig in that way.

"What the hell is the monk doing, and after the flash, does the earth crumble? Is it Shaolin?

"How strong does it have to be...….”

The same was true of Song-won, who was watching from the side.

Are all the postscripts in the Middle East capable of that?

I have heard that the middle ground is excellent in martial arts. However, the North Sea is also heard to be second to none. However, the scene in front of him was shocking.

If the monk's ability is that great, how strong is the Hwasan Divine Dragon, who is holding his back there?"Amitabul!"

Hye Yeon's eyes burst out whenever she shouted "dislike."


It was amazing to see him wielding his power and destroying the floor.

But Hawsan's disciples had a completely different appreciation of the look.

"Sir, don't you look excited?"

"…I'm sure you had a lot of piles.”

"I think I know what Buddhist monk Hay Yeon is thinking about."

Hye Yeon's power, which was seen in the past at the arena, was calmness itself. Shaolin's book, which kept its weight and middle ground. It was literally a Buddhist book.

But now...….


"That's outrageous."

"……You've abandoned your personality.

They stole tears around their eyes as they gazed faintly at the rocks and dirt that splashed excitedly on Ho Gong. They are the only ones who can understand Hye Yeon's mind right now.

They all worked together to help Hye Yeon dig down the ground.

Everyone looked at the scene in wonder, but there were those who simply could not be surprised at the situation.

"Come on, Elder."

The warrior of the Binggo, who was leading the prisoners, called the Bangpyo in a trembling voice. Bang-pyo turned his head in a flinch as he looked at the scene with puzzled eyes.

The warrior of the bingo asked carefully.

"Do you mind?"

"……Well, that's surprising."

Although the ark of Muhak is said to be different, Hye Yeon's history and the high-altitude of Kwon have embarrassed even him, the elder of the Bingo.

"But it's meaningless."

The ticket soon shook its head firmly.

"Who would suffer if they could dig through the ice quickly? That is just a meaningless waste of power. Of course, if you repeat that many times, the chances of finding ice will be slightly higher, but you can't continue that as a human being."


"And if you dig like that, even if there is ice, it will definitely turn into powder."

"That's right."

"Leave it alone. They'll pay you well for what they've done.”

Bang-pyo, who finished his speech calmly, secretly swallowed his dry saliva.

'Yes, there's no way to find it.’

He who lived in the North Sea all his life couldn't do it, and those who just came from the midfield can't do it. No, you shouldn't be able to do it.

Sadly, however, things didn't go the way he wanted them to.

"Stop! Stop there!"

When Chung-Myung shouted, his muddy disciples raised their heads.

"Why? I think we still need to dig more."

"Is there anything you can do to get rid of all the ice?”

Chung-Myung jumped down a deep hole. Then he got off on the floor, squinted like a cat and looked around.


Smells. Smells.….


Chung-Myung의 허리춤에서 암향매화검이 뽑혀 나왔다. 더없이 날카로운 보검이 휘둘러지자, 쇳덩이처럼 단단한 땅이 찰흙 갈라지듯 갈라졌다.

서걱! 서걱! 서걱!

땅을 네모반듯하게 자른 그는 자른 암석을 통째로 뜯어냈다.


Hawasan's disciples saw it and all came rushing in unison.

"Are you there? Are you on ice?”

"I think I can feel the chill."

"……It's naturally cold here."

"Oh, yeah."

Chung-Myung laid the rock he had ripped surrounded by them on the floor. And I broke it very carefully, slowly with both hands.

Crack, crackling.

The hard rock fell off like a pile of dry soil. Many times to tear rocks off with such a careful touch.



"There's something!"The glacier hiding in the rock was completely revealed.

A white jewel, the size of a child's palm, radiated a delicate blue color.

"It's an ice cube!"

"Found it!"

"Oh, my God, there really is."

Hwasan's disciples looked at Chung-Myung with frightened eyes. I didn't expect you to find it so quickly.

Chung-Myung poked the ice boat into his sleeve with a triumphant face.


"Hey, Chung-Myung!"

"That's amazing. How did you find this?"

"This really happens once in a while to something I don't understand.”

The corners of Chung-Myung's mouth twitched at the pouring praise. As I tried to press it, I had a cramp.

"Well, you've done something great job. This is nothing."

"Let's go up first."

Hwasan's disciples climbed up the pit wall with a bright face.

Baek Cheon tapped Chung-Myung on the shoulder and laughed.

"You're useful once in a while."

"…Dong-ryong has grown up a lot.”

"I was originally taller. Now, let's find the next ice cap! Where are you? Where should I dig?"

"Oh……. That's a bit of a problem."

"Don't worry! I can sell everything!"


Chung-Myung smiled and pointed to the side.


"Huh? Where?"



Baek Cheon's eyes moved on Chung-Myung's fingertips. Before long, his gaze reached the cliff that formed the valley.

"…...Excuse me?"

"Yes, I think I just need to sell 50 tickets.”


"FYI, they can't sell it like this. If a cliff collapses while hitting, the gods will not be able to survive."

"……then what should I do?"

"What are you asking?"

Chung-Myung smiles.

"I'm going to carefully dig in every step at a time."


"Go ahead. I'll be done by today."

Baek Cheon grinned at Chung-Myung's refreshing remarks.

I thought it was somehow easy.’

That's right.


"Let's get started without dragging our feet!"

Looking at Yoon-jong rushing to the cliff with a shovel, Baek Cheon sighed.

"You should die before you get sick."

The old man's ticket to the Ice Palace looking at Hawasan's students trudging along was a mess. At that time, he heard a voice scratching his nerves with his ears.

"What are you doing?"

Surprised, he turned around and saw Chung-Myung smiling at him.

"I think we're going to have to be busy from now on to prepare meat and alcohol for everyone here."


Where are you betting on me? I'm going to die.

giggle giggle