Chapter - 494 Episode 494. We've already come too far. (4)

"Ha ha!"


Dang-Soso's knee is slightly more bent. Her sword, which was lowered like a poisoned wildcat, went after her opponent's neck in a ferocious manner.


The face of the opponent, who managed to block his neck in a hurry, was deeply frustrated.

It's never easy to show my skills in real life. Unlike when you swing a sword while maintaining your normal state, you'll always get excited in real life.

His sword may take the life of his opponent, and he may lose his life to his opponent's sword.

In such a situation, it is actually too much to keep calm as usual.

However, inspection should always achieve that ridiculous condition.

"Relax your wrists, tighten your toes."


If you can't maintain your immobility, at least keep your body as usual. It was several times better than half-baked grit.

Dang-Soso soothed a slight shortness of breath.

I'm not good enough yet.’

Other death penalty cases have been catching swords since childhood. Just because Chung-Myung completely reversed Hwasan's practice does not mean that the training they have done for a long time disappears.

Ungum also valued the basics, and the time of the training remained intact on their swords.

But Dang-Soso is just a process of building the foundation of a sword. No matter how talented he is, Yoo-Esul and Chung-Myung teach intensively, he has not been able to catch up with other death penalty yet.

'I know!'

That's why she didn't fret.

Trying to jump over the death penalty at once was arrogance towards oneself and neglecting other death penalty. None of Hwasan's disciples are lazy to train, and none are serious about the sword.

'Whether it takes ten years or twenty years, we can catch up one day.’

One day Chung-Myung said.

None of the plum blossoms bloom on a plum tree at the same time.

Some flowers bloom early and some bloom late, but late does not make it less beautiful.

Don't be sorry to smoke late.

Dang-Soso's sword slowly began to relax. The movement is as fast and sharp as ever, but the impatience lurking in it has disappeared.


Yoo-Esul whispered low and took one foot to the side.

Just one step apart. The distance was Yoo-Esul's confidence in Dang-Soso as a test.


Dan-Soso, who understood the meaning of the street, bit his lips.

To stand by didn't simply mean to protect her.

a party food

a member of the Medicines Party

It's all her, but none of it is her.

I'm Hwasan's examination.’

The end of Dang-Soso's sword has still produced clumsy plum blossoms. It's not clear, it's not determined. But it was obviously plum blossoms, even if it was clumsy.

Even if hundreds of millions of plum blossoms bloom, none of them is the same. At this moment, Dan-Soso's plum blossoms bloomed for the first time.

Yoo-Esul's mouth trembled slightly.

It was a big smile for her without a real expression.



Yoo-Esul's feet grazed the snowfield.

There was no reason to suppress his sword to watch the newly blossomed plum blossoms. She's still not good enough. The opportunity to draw a sword in real life does not come very easily.Unlike Dang-Soso, a soft and flexible sword flew around embarrassed opponents.

Crunch! Crunch!

He poked into the gap of the black opponent who flew softly like the moonlight that lit up the darkness.

Just a drop of simplicity.

Her sword resembled her, but it was different.

Simple but soft, sharp but relaxed.


Han Cheol-gum, who hurriedly blocked the sword and pushed it gently, climbed up the opponent's shoulder and quickly.

Crunch. Crunch.

Having cut her wrists and knees in a flash, she moved forward with an indifferent face. Her sword didn't stop for a moment.

For those who watched from afar, it would have been a terrible sight, but for those who had to take the sword with their bodies, it was fear itself.

One on the sword.

In addition to the fantastic censorship, the cold voice of Yoo-Esul stuck in Dang-Soso's ears.



Dang-Soso clenched his teeth and ran toward Yoo-Esul.

The one who has to protect my back is none other than Dang-Soso.

"……what the hell is this?"

Ko Jin-ak's eyes shivered as he looked around.

It's lagging.

No, it was one-sided, not backed up.

How could this happen?’

I've used up all my energy to run all the way here, but does it make sense that I'm unilaterally behind a handful of young people?

Of course this situation did not mean defeat.

The numbers were overwhelmingly large on this side, and they would not be able to deal with all of these people as long as they were human.

However, the fact that Seung-gi was completely taken away, even for a short period of time, shocked Ko Jin-

How could the Wasans be so powerful?

I didn't even hear his name.

But the idea didn't last much longer.


There's no one who can think about anything else when a sword flies right into his face.

Go Jin-ak freaked out and tilted his head to the side. But it was impossible to get away with it completely, and his cheeks cracked long and blood spilt.

The burning pain burned my thoughts. Ko Jin-ak quickly turned and corrected his posture.

"I'm not weak enough to care about something else."


Baek Cheon fixed his eyes on him with a cold face.

"You'll have to think about yourself before you think about your men. Otherwise, you'll fall before your men."

Ko Jin-ak's face cooled down at the words.

"That's all I've got to say."

"With all due respect, I've never been arrogant. I just told you the truth.”


Ko Jin-ak, who was turned upside down due to a scratch on the inside, clenched his teeth and pulled up his strength. Soon the white frost on his sword began to grow young.

"I changed my mind. Even if I surrender, I will never let you live!"

"Nothing seems to have changed. I didn't mean to surrender in the first place.”

"Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

Ko Jin-ak, who shouted as hard as he could, quickly stabbed the sword and came in.

Unlike his super-excited face, his black had sunk cold and cold. Seven swords were fired at Baek Cheon in an instant.

Then he picked up his face, abdomen, shoulders and legs at the same time.


Just yourself.

Baek Cheon wasn't a pushover either. The tip of his sword seemed to shake lightly, and soon a dozen buds bloomed in Ho Gong.

Can! Kakakang!The flowers accurately blocked the flying sword.

It wasn't a spectacular rush. He didn't even aim for the enemy sharply. It was just a proper defense, not to add or subtract. It was the most efficient qualification with no waste.


Ko Jin-ak's sword crossed Ho Gong without giving up.

A fierce sword, like a wind, ripped through the atmosphere and poured toward Baek Cheon. He cuts, pokes, and swings all the dizzy snow as if he were relentlessly breaking it.

Cold inspection theory.

Go Jin-ak was the most confident geomcho and the cutting point of the North Sea Ice Palace's fencing and ice age transplantation.

A pale white sword swirling fiercely over Ho Gong looked as if there was a white gust of wind.

But there was no fear in Baek Cheon's eyes when he faced it.

'No, you don're not.'

No matter how colorful or complicated the black grass is, this is not enough to satisfy his eyes.


Fine gaps exist everywhere in fierce swords like swirling gusts.

It's not like this.’

His sword is different.

There is no empty space while flying unparalleled swords. Compared to the despair he felt when he faced the sword in front of him, this is not enough to shake his hair.

Baek Cheon pushed the sword forward firmly.

The love of the blood pressure!

A sword with a white light penetrated between the gusts of the sword, sharp as sunlight shining through the clouds.


When Ko Jin-ak saw a white sword pushing through the sword, he rolled over in fright.

After rolling over the snow field, he stopped and looked at Baek Cheon with incredulous eyes.

Shame was now in his head, even though he avoided Baek Cheon's sword in the way that the warrior was most ashamed of.

There were only vague questions.


So far, I have competed with countless people with swords, but this is the first time in my life. Even when confronting a strong man, he may have been weighed down by a stronger force, but he has never been destroyed by the sword.

Having swallowed his dry saliva, he soon jumped to his feet.

This was not a bimu. Even if asked, the other person would not kindly explain it, and there was no guarantee that his neck would not fall off in the meantime.

Abandoning his contempt, he clenched his teeth and rushed back at Baek Cheon.

"Inno omg!"

Baek Cheon's eyes sank coldly at the sight.

Big pay for all the people?

No, not a chance.

Although the Bingguo may not be worse than the 10,000 people, at least Go Jin-ak did not reach that level.

This is not enough.’

We need a stronger opponent. To grow further.



Before Ko Jin-ak could reach, Baek Cheon's sword was fired at him.



A heavy sword hit Go Jin-ak's wrist with a strong force.


One more time!


And one more time.

Ko Jin-ak, who was rushing at him, slowed down.


Hundreds of plum blossoms rose in front of his eyes in an instant with the sound of the wind blowing.


It was a splendid and magnificent sword and candle. Go Jin-ak was mesmerized. In a very short moment, it is not too much to say.

And Baek Cheon didn't miss that moment.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

Lightning struck through the divided plum blossoms. In the blink of a black eye that pierced the plum blossoms, Ko Jin-ak's sword was blown away.It was stuck in a spinning black floor soaring into Ho Gong.


Ko Jin-ak left his hand and looked at the sword embedded in the snow.



Baek Cheon's sword was already penetrating Go Jin-ak's shoulder.

The cool eyes of Baek Cheon and the bloody Ko Jin-ak met each other in Ho Gong.


"Well learned."


Ko Jin-ak kneeled down to the spot with Baek Cheon's greetings. Baek Cheon inadvertently swung the sword he pulled into Ho Gong.


The blood on the sword scattered over the snow field. Baek Cheon caught a glimpse of Ko Jin-ak, who had fallen down, and moved on.


When Baek Cheon spoke calmly, the bingham tables all flinched and took a step back without realizing it.

"The Lord, the Lord...….”

"It's too, too strong.”

Back Cheon, who had completely taken the lead, moved quickly with the determination to end his opponent.


Chung-Myung patted Baek-ah with a clumsy touch as he watched the performance of his disciples from a distance.

"Dongryong... won. Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol are good at fighting.Not to mention Lee Seol's accident, Soso is good at fighting."

My my.

Like this...

"…I don't have anything to do.”

Usually, I'll deal with it in moderation, but when I start to get pushed back, I'll come up with a "Ta-da."….

No, it's...

"Did I raise you too much?"

Chung-Myung, who was in the middle of his life, squatted down in his seat. Then he became sullen and muttered.

"…I should have brought something to eat.”

It's cold to stay still.

Oh, it's cold.