Chapter - 497 Episode 497. I'll let you remember. (2)

Todoro, todoro, todoro!

The short legs quickly lay on the snow.

Run with all your might, then stop, look around and run again.

Baek-ah, who looked around quickly again this time, played with her short legs again...….


Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung kicked Baek-ah. Baek-ah, who soared to Ho Gong, quickly turned around and landed without showing any signs of embarrassment and took a defensive stance.

"What the f*ck, I've been running for three days! Are you sure you're going straight?"

When Chung-Myung tried to rush in with his eyes fluttering, Hwasan's disciples rushed and grabbed him and hung on.

"Hang in there! Hang in there, Chung-Myung!"

"Why do you have a temper for animals?"

"Animal and stupid!"

A cold sweat broke out in the back of Baek-ah's head, which stopped like a stone.

"You're definitely on the right track, aren't you? You're not going anywhere, are you?"


"Go where you want to be diligent."

Chung-Myung's eyes were bright.

"If you don't find it properly, you'll be adding a Dambi scarf to the Wasan property list that day."

Baek Cheon shook his head as he saw Baek-ah sweating more and more.

"Hey, Chung-Myung. You're right, how do you find a man with a smell in this vast North Sea?"

"Can't you?"

"Of course I can't."

"You've been eating because you can't do that?"


Chung-Myung shouted as if to listen to Baek-ah with his eyes wide open.

"If it wasn't for the creature, it would have been a scarf! I fed him and put him to sleep, but if he doesn't pay for it, he'll be back in place."

"…where is your seat?”

"What did you hear earlier? Of course it's a treasure trove!"


Baek Cheon, who eventually gave up answering, grinned.

'It's not a matter of mastery or anything.’

No ordinary person does this. How can a personality be so dirty from beginning to end, not an evergreen in the personality world?

"No, Maeng So he's big and he believes in protecting, but he's cheating. What kind of creature is this? All I'm doing is shivering and eating!"

"…You caught a lot of fish.”

"That's very good, man!”

Yosa Hon, who was watching Hwasan's disciples doing, coughed in vain and hinted.

"…Stamp, I don't think it's a good idea to change the way you do it now…"….”

Guards and the men of the former palace, who threw the ice sword table steadily down the cliff, hid as one of the hiding places in the past to repair their bodies.

But Yosa Honman refused to go with them and stuck with the Wasans.

It was important to lead them, but finding Solso Baek's whereabouts was several times more important than that. Whasan's disciples had no choice but to allow him to accompany him, for that is true.

It was one thing to find Solso Baek in the first place, and to persuade him and Hanyi Myeong to bring him to the Bingo. It was certainly helpful to have Yosa Hon.

"That's what I think, but...….”

Baek Cheon scratched the back of his head slightly embarrassed.

"Isn't that a different way not appropriate?"

Then Yosa Hon sighed deeply.

"Dojang, don't get me wrong and listen."

"Yes, go ahead."

"Hanyi Myeong was a very capable man."

Baek Cheon tilted his head slightly in wonder at what he said."If he wanted to hide himself properly, it wouldn't have happened for the stamps to find him."

"Yes, that's what we think."

You tried to find them with intent. That was already said among Hwasan's disciples.

"Now he's hiding from the pursuit of the Bingo. You can't find him unless he tries to show himself...….”

Hey, hey!


All eyes were on Baek-ah.

Baek-ah was pointing to one side with her front feet, banging the ground with her short hind legs.

"…wait a minute, front paws?"

Yosa Hon opened her mouth wide.

What kind of Dambi is pointing at with his front foot, not his snout.

Hwasan's disciples also muttered with a bewildering face.

"I don't think that's Dambi.”

"It's a creature."

"No. Even if it's an animal."

Even if it's an animal, it's an animal.….

But Chung-Myung was twinkling his eyes, not paying attention to it.

"You found it?"




With that confident nod, Chung-Myung smiled pleasedly and stroked Baek-ah's little head.

"If you're lying, you're gonna make a real scarf.”

Despite the terrifying threat, Baek-ah nodded confidently.

"Let's go!"


Baek-ah began to run out at an island speed.

"Chase me!"

Before instructions fell, Hwasan's disciples sprinted after Baek-ah. Left alone, Yosa Hon dazed at them with a puzzled look and ran faster behind them.

And I thought.

"Are you out of yourselves.

I can see that Dambi is extraordinary.

But this is the North Sea. It would have been faster to find a grain of sand in the endless desert to find a person by smell in this vast North Sea.

To be honest, it was clear that Solso Baek would not be able to find the urine that he had packed even if he visited for a month, not three days.

Did I trust them too much?’

Their dance was certainly worthy of enchanting Yosa Hon. The sword they showed was strong and powerful enough to break the doubt that the few people would be of great help in an instant.

But nothing is nothing. Experience is experience.

'I overlook that these are still inexperienced young people.….’

"There's something ahead."

"Don't be ridiculous!"

At the moment, Yosa Hon shouted. Then, the disciples of Hwasan, who were running in front of him, looked at him in wonder.

Yosa Hon looked away by bowing her head unconsciously.

I can't believe it.’

It's not some kind of dog, but Dambi is looking for people by smell?

There's a degree of irrationality!

'Oh, no. Not yet.’

Even if you find something, there is no evidence that it is Solso Back. Maybe he just found someone who was passing by.

There was no reason to be so embarrassed already.

I guess you've lost track of your thoughts since you've spent too much time down the valley.

Feeling at ease after thinking this way, he coughed his head up.


"That's him!"

"Oh! People! Real people. I think there's a private house, too.


Yosa Hon's eyes twitched.

I could see something dark moving in the distance. It looked like a human being at a glance.

'No, I don't think that's Hanyi Myeong.….’

I opened my eyes to the point of blood, but there was no way to identify the person in sighted. How can you tell who is covered in thick fur even with his face to avoid the cold wind?I don't think so.

It was just when they got close to it.

"Oh, my God! Aren't you the servants of Hawsan? What a coincidence!”

The man who found them belatedly jumped up and approached this way with open arms. Then he quickly skimmed the fur around his face.

It was Hanyi Myeong who greeted them with a bright smile.

"Yay! See you again!"

"It's really nice to meet you. One big cooperation!

"Ha ha ha ha. How nice of you to be here.….”

It was an emotional reunion.

But there were others who didn't enjoy the beauty of the reunion at all.


Yosa Hon looked at Hanyi Myung with a soulless look. Although he was a little different from his face as he grew older and suffered, that person was definitely right Hanyi Myeong.


You're looking for someone by solving Dambi? In this vast North Sea?

That doesn't make any sense! This is!

Whether she knew Yosa Hon's idea, Baek-ah, who found Hanyi Myung, was proud with her stomach sticking out almost to the point where her waist fell back.

"Wow! The king of the beasts!"

"I'm not jealous of Dambi, who raised her well!"

"Great! Great!"

Hwasan's disciples clapped and poured praise.

Hanyi Myung found Yosa Hon watching the sheep they were doing with blank eyes. He rushed over with his eyes wide open.

"Ee, Elder Il! You're an elder!"

Then he approached and talked to me.

"Oh, no, what the hell are we going to do here...What's wrong with your expression? Elder Il?"

Yosa Hon quietly opened her mouth as she looked at Hanyi Myeong with enraptured eyes.



"…I was thinking about how absurd the world is.”


Hanyi Myeong's eyes slightly frowned. His eyes seemed to say, "Is there a new senility that this gentleman has never seen?"

Yosa Hon stole the moistened eye without saying a word.

"…That's the kind of thing."

Steam rose from a glass of Hawasan's disciples.

It was bland boiling water, which was hard to call tea, but just drinking something warm made my frozen body melt.

Hanyi Myeong stared at Yosa Hon with a stiff face.

"I'm sorry, Elder. I knew that many comrades, including the elders, were going through rough times, but I...…I couldn't do anything."

"What are you saying?"

Yosa Hon shook her head with a determined face.

"We were just living without doing anything. If someone who has defended the North Sea's only enemy from them says that, where would Bobborough like us face?"

"…the elder."

"You've been through a lot. You did a great job.”

At the words, Hanyi Myung grabbed his thigh as if he were choked up. A lot of hard work seemed to pass my mind.

"It's been a long time...….”

"Oh, you can take off the p*n*s later."

But the moment of emotion that would never happen again, unfortunately, meant nothing to Chung-Myung.

"It's urgent right now. Let's get to the point. Where's the kid?"


Hanyi Myeong's face smeared with absurdity. But for a moment, Chung-Myung quickly replied with a resigned look.

"Prince Seol is here."

"It looks like you're not the only one here. Everyone seems to be having a hard time."

Following Hanyi Myeong was a valley between large snow mountains. Whasan's disciples, however good-looking, would not have found a hiding place here if it were not for white children.Inside the valley, people's habitable houses huddled together, and dozens of people who looked quite strong stayed.

"This is one of the hiding places for those who fled in the past when a rebellion broke out in the Ice Palace."

"What about one?"

"Yes, it's not just here. There are a dozen more places like this in the North Sea."

Chung-Myung shined his eyes.

It's a little more than I thought.’

It seemed possible to have a match with that bingo if all those who escaped from the valley and those scattered in the North Sea could be gathered.



"You all heard me, right?”

Hanyi Myeong nodded instead of answering.

"What do you want to do?”


When asked by Chung-Myung, Hanyi Myung spoke in a quiet voice.

"We're fugitives."


"We once claimed to be the elite of the Bingo, but now we are old and weak. I was so busy surviving that I couldn't train steadily or learn new martial arts. Solchon Sang is a heinous, but not a man of limited ability. Perhaps the North Sea's power is too strong for all of us to be gathered."

Chung-Myung's eyebrows are frowned upon.

It was a natural reaction because he hated defeatism.

But just as he was about to say something, Hanyi Myeong continued without giving a break.


Unlike a while ago, he stood up with a very determined expression.

"There is such a thing as siun in the world. If we miss this opportunity, the North Sea will fall into their hands forever. And we'll have to watch those wicked marchers invade the North Sea!"

Hanyi Myeong's eyes sparkled.

"I'll fight. And everyone who agrees with me is willing to fight."

Chung-Myung raised the corners of his mouth and lightly splashed his fingers.

"That's enough."

And he said firmly.

"It's a war of time, it's a war of time. Gather all the people who share the will right now. I'll beat a fool and regain my place as a princess!"

"Will it work?"

"What can they do if they run out of the palace now? If you block it, beat it until it's clear. If you don't listen, beat it until it's clear! What's the big deal? So, here we go, first of all...…!”

A little embarrassed while Chung-Myung glared and explained his plans for the future, Yoon-Jong whispered to Baek Cheon.

"Living quarters."


"…isn't this a traitorous conspiracy.


"No matter how bad we are, we are planning to take over other people's Munpa's palace.….”



"We've already come too far to argue that now."


Baek Cheon grinned and glanced pleasedly at Ho Gong.

"Be as you please, d*mn it."


Private lodging.

Don't say things like that with a smile.