Chapter - 505 Episode 505, my kids are a bit mean.

a horse's bow

As soon as the name came out, a strange atmosphere fell among the bingguks.

It's a name that I want to turn a blind eye to, but it can't be.

They don't have eyes and ears, but how can they not know the existence of a black righteous man who had been invading the palace at the time?

I just tried not to dig in.

However, the name "Magyo" came out of the mouth of Jungwon-in who is standing in front of them now. As if they won't let them turn away anymore.

Then Solchon Sang replied in a flat voice.

"I have no idea what you're talking about.”

"Oh, you're gonna pretend you don't know?"

Chung-Myung grinned.

"Well, that'd be great, too.”

It was a clear mockery.

Solchon Sang twisted his lips and said in an angry voice.

"You! Where are you from?….”

"Oh, that's enough."

But Chung-Myung shook his hand as if he was annoyed and cut off his speech. Solchon Sang's face was more distorted by the truly rude act.

Chung-Myung shrugged nonchalantly as if his reaction was good.

"I've been through this and that, but words don't solve it anyway."

Solchon Sang looked at Chung-Myung with incredible eyes.

What the hell is he talking about?

"You don't want me to say anything right anyway. Then you don't have to talk about it with a nice knife. Don't you think?"


"You can think in hell. By the time you get a knife in your throat, you'll know something's wrong."


Solchon Sang's eyes were bloodshot.

Isn't the little man who's only a latecomer now vowing to cut his throat?

"…I guess the people in the Middle East don't teach manners to children. Seeing that the muzzle is so self-indulgent.”

"Oh, courtesy?"

Chung-Myung smirked really funny.

"That's a funny guy. We're going to try to put a knife in each other's body anyway, so be polite? "Oh, my lord! From now on, a knife will go into your stomach, so be careful.' Does it hurt less?"


Solchon Sang's body is now trembling to the point of a glance.

My whole body was bleeding backwards as I saw the blue little boy talking on his two legs.

"Let's see if you can say such a thing when you're in a state of chaos."

"How can I tell you when I'm sick? You have to think before you say it."

"Inno omg!"

Seol Chan-sang chewed on his lips.

Seeing his lips split and blood spilling out, Baek Cheon smiled pleasedly.

"If I lose, I can't die.”

"I know……. You're going to kill people with your eyes."

Chung-Myung beats with a sword and a horse.

Hwasan's disciples, who have been through Chung-Myung for years, knew very well that sometimes it hurts more to be beaten with words than to be beaten with a sword.

And now Solchon Sang may have learned that.

"To be humiliated in front of so many courtesies.….”

Of course, from their point of view, Solchon Sang is an enemy, but there is a line in the world that goes beyond enemies and allies.

Unfortunately, however, the line did not exist for Chung-Myung.


Chung-Myung, who had been beating Solchon Sang with his mouth all along, looked through the palaces with strange eyes.

"If you pretend you don't, you know who you are."


The courtesies simply avoided his gaze without saying a word.I'm not depressed. I just can't be proud of myself.

Chung-Myung smiled fishyly at the scene.

"Yes, well, if you turn your head away, it doesn't affect your life. It would be annoying to dig into the uncomfortable truth."

A strange silence fell. Everyone had a mouth but couldn't speak.

"But you should know that."

Chung-Myung chewed out.

"If you don't want to cut the festering wound, you'll have to cut off your limbs. If you miss that time, you're dead.


"You'll have to choose now. Are you going to cut your arm? Or are you going to die?”

The complex subtle expressions on the faces of the bingos began to grow young. Baek Cheon, who saw this, said something to calm Chung-Myung.

There is nothing wrong with Chung-Myung's words, but I didn't think Chung-Myung had to bring them up and feel pressured.

Of course, there's a justification for Hawasan, but isn't there Yosa Hon or Hanyi Myung?

Hawasan didn't have to come to the fore over them.

But the moment he opened his mouth, Yoo-Esul pulled his sleeve and blocked it.


She whispered softly as he turned around with a curious look.



"Back, face."

At her words, Baek Cheon peeked back.

A row of soldiers in the North Sea was seen.

Apparently, a little while ago, they were very nervous to see more than double the number of warriors in the Bingo than they were. No matter how hard I risked my life, I ran all the way here.However, the difference in power that I checked with my eyes can only be burdensome.

But now...… something has changed. It wasn't a relaxation, but there was a mixture of subtle self-esteem in the nervous expression.

You're saying this is justification?’

I have a hunch.

Warriors from the North Sea gathered here to defeat Solchon Sang and raise Solso Baek to the throne of the palace lord.

But it couldn't be a perfect justification.

Although Solso Baek is the enemy's pain in the North Sea, it is not an act of separating good from evil to see who is the right enemy's pain.

But horsemanship is different.

If I had heard the name "Magyo" at least once, I would not have known how terrible it was to hold hands with him. This is an indisputable sin.

Now Chung-Myung has given an unwavering absolute justification to those behind him. When a person has a firm cause, he or she has confidence.

Baek Cheon's eyes are on Chung-Myung's back.

'That guy's....’

Now he is confident that he has learned enough about Chung-Myung, but Chung-Myung still showed a new side.

He naturally leads them in front of many people without having to show himself or raise his or her voice.

Baek Cheon had no choice but to stick out his tongue. It was something I wouldn't dare imitate.

That back.

How many people is that back leading right now?

Whenever I realized that, Baek Cheon felt a bit unfamiliar while making me look reliable and reliable.


Solchon Sang raised his voice when he noticed that the atmosphere was not good.

"What do you know about the North Sea?"

It was a voice full of venom.

"The North Sea is a barren land. What do you people who have lived in the warm and rich fields know?""That's a strange thing to say.”

But Chung-Myung laughed again this time.

"Whether rich or barren, there are things that can be done and things that should not be done. If you were going to make excuses for being barren, you shouldn't have driven out the former palace.”

Solchon Sang's face was distorted like a male demon when the word "Jeondae Palace" came out.

"This guy…….

Then Chung-Myung turned his head slightly.

Yosa Hon, who exchanged eyes with him, nodded forward. The board was laid out by Chung-Myung, so it was his turn to retrieve it.

Yosa Hon stares at Solchon Sang with cold eyes.

"Solchon Sang."

Solchon Sang, not a palace master.

In one word, it was a clear representation of the fact that he did not recognize Solchon Sang as a princess.

"You have committed three crimes."


"One is the sin of attracting those who should not."

Yosa Hon's voice spread heavy.

"The two dared to join hands with them and attempt the former palace and rise to its place on theirselves. And the third is the sin of giving up the North Sea people to their grasp and causing everyone to suffer."

Although the part that can be called "cheekbu" was revealed to everyone, Solchon Sang's face was gradually becoming calm.

"I, and we! I will condemn you here today and place the true successor to the palace lord. And I dare to drive those filthy things out of the North Sea that have invaded the land of the North Sea!"

Yosa Hon's voice echoed through the walls.

His scintillating gaze soon turned to the Binggudos, not to Solchon Sang.

"The same goes for you. How long are you going to live with that wicked man? Here's the true enemy of the North Sea! The real pain that can rebuild the collapsed North Sea!"

Yosa Hon slanted to the side.

Then a small child standing in front of Hanyi Myeong was revealed.


Everyone could tell at a glance.

Anyone who remembers the former palace lord looked so much like him that no one could deny that he was his child.

A person who is agitated one.

The one who shakes.

And those who clench their teeth.

The walls began to heat up quietly like a raging furnace.

"I can correct the wrong! At least stand on the right side and help defeat that evil enemy. Then you'll be able to put everything that's twisted back in place!"

Yosa Hon's voice contained a soul.

It was a will that I had never lost while enduring for many years in that painful ice mine. It was an old warrior's belief that one day he had vowed to bring down Solchon Sang and return the Bing-go in the right direction.


There was only silence in the son-in-law.

Few responded to the old warrior's bloody cry.

There was no shouting in response, no shouting in enthusiasm. It was just a cold silence full of death.

There was a look of embarrassment on Yosa Hon's face.

"…Don't hesitate!"

He spoke up more and more.

"If you're with us now, I won't accuse anyone of anything! I'll bury everything. Only to revive the ice-pierces...….”

"That little boy?"

At that time, Solchon Sang's voice inadvertently snapped at Yosa Hon's boiling cry.

"Or a female elder, no. Yosa Hon, you mean?""……Solchon Sang."

There was a sneer hanging around Solchon Sang's mouth.

"I wondered what a great plan he had to come down here with. And you believe that's the only thing that's ever happened to you?

"This man is truly the enemy of the North Sea."….”



Solchon Sang shook his head as he looked at Yosa Hon, who seemed speechless.

"Foolish fellow. If the young man is the enemy of the North Sea, so am I. I'm also following the blood of the tongue. And I stood here, at least on my own feet."


"What the hell is there for that young man? Did you think everyone would follow him just because he continued the blood of the tongue? Did you think that the fact alone would be so bloody that you would point a knife at me, the court owner? That's pathetic."

"Don't blabber on about it, you son of a b*tc*!"

Unlike the furious Yosa Hon, Solchon Sang is completely relaxed. The situation has turned upside down.

"Those who are hardened in their minds tend to believe my thoughts like truth. That's why you lose."

"What is this wicked man talking about...….”

Then Chung-Myung stepped in with a cold face.

"That's enough."

Yosa Hon glared at Chung-Myung with a furious face. It's Yosa Hon, who knows better than to do so, but there was a strong voice because of the situation.

"What the hell happened to you said.

However, Chung-Myung just smiled lightly while dealing with the resentment.

"You're quite naive, old man."


"I don't know what's right, don't you think? You know what's right, but you didn't come forward. I don't want to die, I don't want to get hurt. But for that reason, would the silent ones suddenly take sides with the weaker ones because the situation has changed a little?”

The calm and gentle words of Chung-Myung spread.

"For those who believe they're on the right side, they feel their value is great. But if you stand across the street and look at it, it's nothing. To someone, that value is nothing more than a thorn stuck in my foot."


I've had enough of it.

War makes people show their bare faces.

A friend who discusses friendship abandons his colleague to live. The man who discusses Chung abandons the man who serves him and runs away. Those who supported the consultation knowing everything turn a blind eye to those who sacrificed for the sake of the midfield, and take care of their own interests.

Chung-Myung saw and experienced all this.

Do I blame him?

Of course I resent it.

A weak self who has lived through his own values but has not survived until the end.


Chung-Myung slowly pulled out the sword.

"The thing about consultation is."

His face, which showed teeth and smiled, was strangely eerie.

"When I don't have the power to carry it through, I feel powerless more than anything in the world.”

And it was surprisingly Solchon Sang who agreed.

"That's true."

His derision was directed at Chung-Myung.

"But that doesn't apply to you, does it? I don't think I can do it anymore."

"Don't be mistaken."

A creepy voice came out of Chung-Myung's mouth.

"Nothing has changed."

At the end of the sentence, Hwasan's disciples began to fill Chung-Myung's left and right.

Like Chung-Myung will be with you no matter what.

Feeling Hawasan's disciples around me, Chung-Myung twisted his lips triumphantly.

"Let me show you."

His eyes shone blue.

"Hwasan now has the power to carry out his beliefs!"


The Hwasan disciples pulled the sword in unison."Lodge! Accident! Death penalty!"


"I'm coming!"

Chung-Myung's feet hit the floor.

At the same time, Hwasan's disciples and Hye Yeon also hit the floor and rushed straight toward the warriors of the bingo.

Enemies lined up to the point where there is no end in sight.

Seven black dots stuck like meteors toward the numerous warriors of the North Sea Ice Palace, which looked like a white snow mountain.