Chapter - 516 Episode 516. You've been waiting for a long time, right? (1)

"That son of a b*tc*!"

Chung-Myung grabbed the window frame. As if he would jump out of the window right away.

But at that moment, Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul grabbed his arm from both sides.

Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Baek Cheon.

"What are you doing? Why don't you let me go?"


Baek Cheon said plainly. Then Chung-Myung asked with a puzzled face.

"What can't you do?"

Baek Cheon frowned slightly.

"Wasn't that what you were trying to do?"

"I'm not a fool, and I wouldn't be."

Chung-Myung grabbed the window frame once again and pulled back.

He seemed to have some lingering feelings about his taste again, but he didn't force himself as usual.

Jo-Gol whispered in Yun-Jong's ear at the sight.

"What makes you so obedient?”

"I know. It's weird."

Chung-Myung would have blown Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul at once and jumped out of the window right away.

Then Baek Cheon, who peeked out of the window, frowned.

"How many enemies do you have?"

"A hundred at most. Fifty in sight."

"I'm saying…….”

It wasn't much different from what Baek Cheon identified.

There are more than a thousand warriors in the bingo here. Among them, it would be well over 500, except for those who were injured in the last battle.

No matter how hard they are, it was hard to imagine that it would be difficult to deal with 500.

"Let's see for now. No matter how crazy the Mahists were, they wouldn't have come to beat a 50-year-old fool."

When Chung-Myung heard that, he smirked. Baek Cheon crumpled his forehead slightly.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Living quarters."


"Do you know why I'm not running out now?"

"Because you don't have a sword?"


Surprised by the remark, Chung-Myung reflexively groped his waist.

Oh, my mom.

I almost jumped without a sword.

Anyway…… it wasn't because of the sword that he didn't run straight there. It's a sword. You can just take the bingo guys' and use it.




"How they come out. It's probably a lot different from what Sasook thinks.”


Baek Cheon's expression was slightly serious.

"I was thinking about it. It would be better to have a look with your eyes than to bump into each other blindly."


Chung-Myung took the snow ice sheet out of the Okham he was holding. And without a moment's hesitation, I threw it into his mouth.

"I'm going to cry from now on, so don't take a step outside until I get up here. Never."

"…crying now?"

"It won't take long."

Chung-Myung's eyes sank slightly dark.

"You have to keep a close eye on it instead. Why they're magicians.”

After he finished talking, he went to the center of the room and turned his seat. Before closing his eyes, his last look reached Solso Baek.

"Take a good look at it, too. Who's in the North Sea right now. What the hell are you dealing with?”

The last time Chung-Myung closed his eyes.

His disciples opened their mouths as if they were dumbfounded as they saw Chung-Myung in the rhyme. Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong whispered quietly.

"……That's a real cry."

"Whether the wall is big or thoughtless...….”

"Isn't that the latter?"

"You'd better watch your mouth for now, girl. What you did on the wall last time didn't fit in yet."“…….”

Meanwhile, Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung like that.

Of course, I can cry like this because I trust those who are here.….

"It means that I am in such a hurry that I need to recover my body by eating small pills and exercising.’

I couldn't understand because I couldn't feel it.

They say it's magic, but what can he do with a fool's nest?

Then Dang-Soso pulled him out of his mind.

"Living quarters."


Baek Cheon turned away with a stiff face.

Hwasan's disciples and Hye Yeon all flocked to the window. I could see clearly the black figures standing on the wall.

"Let's see. How great are the Magyo people."

Their faces, which fixed their eyes on the walls, began to stiffen with tension.

* * *

The courtesan looked down with cold eyes at the men of the Bing Palace who began to flock under the walls.

"What a bunch of ants.”

Just as the burrowed ants were rushing out, the warriors of the Bingo were rushing out endlessly.

Although the number is not negligible, the butler's face was as detached as the first time.

What about the middle-of-the-

There was no one in particular wearing a different costume.

"In case you miss the ice caps, don't kill them and capture them alive.”

"Do you catch it unhurt?"

"All you need is to live."


The Butler gestured and said in a majestic voice.

"Show the fear of religion to those who have forgotten it. How false their peace was!"


Along with a cool answer, the marchers, who were standing on the wall, jumped down altogether.

The butler's lips slowly twisted and smiled.

Yosa Hon, who rushed out of the castle, was stunned. We saw a series of groups falling from the walls in unison.


He recognized them at a glance. I had no choice but to. When I was working in the mine, I encountered the marchers several times. They were all dressed like them.

Fifty? No, a little more than that?

'Only that far?'

His face turned red.

He was willing to respond if he tried to hold on to the wall and talk. However, it was a clear provocation and disregard for the foolishness to come down from the wall with only that many people.

Yosa Hon shouted to the bingos with an angry face.



"No conversation is necessary! Those who enter the Bingo without permission with their muddy feet must pay the price! Capture everything alive! You may kill those who rebel!"


The warriors of the Bingo answered in a valiant voice.

Strategy? Tactics?

There's no point in that.

If the difference in number exceeds ten times, any strategy loses its meaning. It's just that you can press it down with overwhelming numbers and power.

Moreover, all the warriors in the Bingo could clearly confirm that there were not many enemies because they jumped from the wall.

I don't know who's in charge, but it's really stupid.’

Yosa Hon had no choice but to think that maybe everyone was too scared by the name of Machyo.

In the past, the day of the assassination of the former palace owner was also taken over by surprise. If we were able to mobilize all the power of the bingo as it is now, the results would have been different.

Thinking this far, Yosa Hon, whose anger soared again that day, burst out."Today, I will pay back the resentment of my predecessor, the Lord of the Palace! Kneel those wicked people!"

As his voice resonated, the warriors of the white-clad bingo marched with courage.

The appearance of people of that size rushing quickly at the same time seemed like an avalanche was pouring from the snow.

Yosa Hon had no doubt that the warriors of the Bingo would wipe out the marchers at once with this momentum.

Warriors of the leading Binggo threw a roar at the fury of their blood. The sense of elation that hundreds of people were running together behind their backs was unimaginable to those who had never experienced it.

Warriors of the Bingo threw swords at the marchers who landed on the floor. The sword was full of confidence.

"Dead, evil enemy!"

"You wicked bastards!"

A dozen swords flew into a person's body at the same time.

And at that moment.


The man who was in the forefront saw.

He suddenly turned his mouth when he saw a sword flying in the air.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of tearing silk with a sharp dagger resonated through the sound of the wind.


The man's body, which was rushing from the front, hardened as it was.

'What is this...'

Strange unpleasantness flooded in, turning into a strong curse from the stomach, and soon began to burn the entire reconciliation body with hellish pain that had no way of expressing it in human words.

"Turn it off…."

But he couldn't even scream. Before that, five red lines were created across the body.

Oh, my god!

Neck, chest, belly, thigh, ankle.

The broken body bounced back like pieces of wood kicked by the child.

Blood spouted violently from rotating bodies, embroidering the blackened sky of the North Sea.

A cold stillness sank.

The march, which was vigorously continued, stopped.

Those who rushed to the front with the spirit of trampling and moving forward if they blocked the front were hardened to the spot as if they had been woven.

The sight of a moment ago was a mess in their heads.

They also learned to be ignorant. There's no way he wasn't prepared to lose his life on the battlefield.

But what they saw now was a sight that would be astonishing to any man, regardless of whether he was unmanned or not.

There is a degree to cruelty, and a limit to extremity. There should be.

At least if you think of your opponent as the same person, you can't kill him in such a miserable way.

Tuck! Tuck!

The fragmented body fell to the floor.

The hand that was cut off from the wrist trembled slightly, and the head with both eyes was stuck upside down on the snowy ground.


A stillness that would make even the sound of breathing sound swept the airway.

What broke the silence was the sound of bones from the hands of the Magitans.


The hands of the Magitans hanging under the black clothes began to turn black.

I love you.

Black swords spewed out from the edge of a sharp sword, and more than one of Asura's toenails grew from the fingertips.

"Kill them all."

The ordered marchers all rushed toward the warriors of the Bingo like wolves attacking sheep.

The red-colored eyes spewed out creepy flesh, and a near-screaming truth came out of the mouth like a song.

"Heavenly Demon, come on! Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"


It wasn't a conflict, it was a massacre.

The devil's claw-like corvina tore the body apart.


It's unstoppable.When he lifted up the sword and blocked it, he split his body with the sword and rushed, tearing up even the tension that had been blown away.

It was obviously an unrefined attack.

There is no sophisticated herbivore aiming for the opponent's gap. There is no fancy skill to fool others.

Just swing, smash, break.

But no one has properly prevented the nothing attack.


The sight of the body of a black and black man blocking his body and throwing his neck away made his heart flutter as if his heart would stop.

His body, which had been cut and crushed halfway, stood and cramped.

Blood was dripping from the crushed body, and half the broken head soared to Ho Gong.

The Hana Martian didn't stop there.

I poked my toenails once again into a body that has yet to collapse, which is now called a body.


Finally, the demon, who tore his body from side to side, moved forward only then.

Eyes shattering with madness and life.

Why are you so happy? Your mouth is wide open as you burst into laughter.

Flooded with the blood of the Bingoes, the marchers quickly turned dark red, literally crushed everything in front of them. The bingos that failed to escape were torn to shreds as if they had been thrown on a giant spinning saw blade.

I'm telling you, it was a split second. It happened in such a short time that it wouldn't be too much to call it that.

And in the short time the mood was completely reversed.


My mouth opened weakly.

His knees wobbled and his body began to tremble.



It's been a long time since I lost the power to think rationally.

In the face of fear beyond understanding, the warriors of the Bingo began to run away with a desperate scream that they had never heard before in their lives.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

No, it was more of a scream than a scream. It was a cry from the body that contained no meaning or meaning.

And then the marchers chased behind them horribly persistently.

Soon after, the toenails of the horse began to ravage the pure white icing.