Chapter - 517 Episode 517. You've been waiting for a long time, right? (2)

Those in the front struggled to escape.

But there was nowhere to stand down. The camp, which had been narrowed by rushing at them in unison, did not make room for them to run away.

"Argh! Get out of the way! Get out of the way, you bastards!

"Get out of my way!"

The terrorists were blind to nothing to see.

He grabbed his colleague's shoulder and pushed him toward the marchers, trampled on those who were embarrassed, and jumped over his head.

The one who tried to jump.

He stopped in panic.

He who runs back in fear.

The military forces, which had been moving perfectly for one purpose, began to twist and mess up.

"Chi, calm down! Wake up! What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't turn around! d*mn it, don't turn around!

The military owners, who had been mixed up in places, screamed to control the situation somehow, but it couldn't have worked for those who faced fear they had never experienced before.

"Get out of my way, you son of a b*tc*!"


He put on a crocodile and pushed it out, tearing it apart. He even turned the sword's end toward the enemy to his allies.

Indeed, it was an abyss.

There was no way to explain this situation without that.

The fear of those who saw "the sight" quickly spread. Those who did not see the scene in person because they were in the background were frightened and white with fear from their colleagues.

In the midst of their confusion and confusion, the nails of the Magitans penetrated fiercely.

Kaga gaga gak!

The man's body was split and torn with the sword he couldn't let go of.

I couldn't deal with them even if I faced them head-on, so the result was so clear as I turned my back on them.

The eyes of the marchers glistened with madness. There was no hesitation in the movement of putting premature energy into the spine of those who turned their backs on them and penetrating the heart with their black hands.

In the meantime, their constant low-key memorization further stimulated and inflated the fears of the Bingoes. It seemed that the truth muttered in a creepy voice was everywhere.

"Hehe, hehe!"

The warrior of the Bingo sank to the spot.

The black hand sticking out of a colleague's chest was clutched with a heart that had just been pulled out.


Blood from the white steaming heart soaked his face.

"Ah……. Ah…….”

He who holds a sword is always in contact with death.

He has also lived thinking that he is prepared to die. But the vivid death I encountered before my eyes made me realize how loose the idea was.


My pants got wet wet.

These guys are not human.

Humans can't do this. It is impossible to kill people so brutally unless they are surras who have climbed up from Surado Island.


Oh, my god!

But fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't have to suffer from fear for a long time. A person whose head is crushed whole can't feel fear.

The man who blew the head of the Bingo Island laughed with his mouth open to other Bingoes who dare not breathe. As soon as they saw their blood-soaked teeth, their hearts sank as if they had stopped for a moment.

"Heavenly Demon재림…….”

A little truth leaked out of my mouth, which would be hard to hear if I didn't listen carefully.


The masquerade stole his face with his hands.

It was an act of removing blood from his face or applying blood from his hands to his face.The bingos could not understand or interpret the behavior of the Magitans.

In other words, it is an unknown area.

What is incomprehensible is terrifying.

"There is no land for the unbelievers to live and breathe. Our mission is to purify the land for the great to come."

The Magitans blinked and quickly rushed toward the warriors of the bingo, exploding a large ore.

Yosa Hon trembled with astonishment.

As I was at the back of the line, I couldn't see the massacre happening in front of me.

But I can tell. I had no choice but to know.

It was like a huge wave rushing into the white sand, the symbol of the ice palace.

However, as soon as he hit the white sand beach, the dark foam began to splash. Fibora flew, and the white waves crumbled and turned red.

"This…… This…….”

His beard trembled.

It felt like the blood was cooling cold.

Ten times more troops?

It was an illusion. At least it doesn't mean anything at this moment.

No matter how many sheep there are. But, you can't do anything about the one wolf that's dug in between.

At this moment, the warriors of the Bingo were only one sheep, and those marchers were like wolves, or more unknown beasts.

'This is the magic...'.’

I didn't know a thing.

Even though I ran into him several times, I never understood what kind of place he was and how insane he was.

Of course it wasn't Yosa Hon's fault.

Who could have imagined that those gloomy and quiet people would change with such a revealing tooth?

a horse's bow

Fearful and fearful being, fear-calling being.

Yosa Hon belatedly understood. Why stories about them have been told only in unclear and superficial language.

It was not a sight that could be translated into words.

No eloquent speaker or historian could explain what they were in words and in writing.

It was Yosa Hon's mistake not to know it, and it was a bingo mistake.

Yosa Hon was now shivering like an aspen.

My head turned white and I felt dizzy.


His eyes shuddered with fear and confusion.

"Come on, Elder!"


"Elders! Instructions! We have to do something! Elder!"

As the situation reached its worst, more and more people called Yosa Hon around. But he couldn't say anything, as stiff as a statue.

My white lips were smudged.

"Elders, you need to wake up! Elder!"

True courage is how everything comes to light when it all falls apart.

Although the icy reason is now almost lost, there were certainly people who possessed the spirit of the warrior.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way! You son of a b*tc*!"

"Argh! Argh! Argh!

They pushed their way through the station like crazy waves. I could see the horrible bodies of my colleagues who were thrown away by the Ocebun.


Blood trickled down from the crushed lips.

'You warts.'

Words don't do.

Those who are once discouraged cannot be calmed down with any words. The only way to turn them around is to show that they can face each other.

Oh, my god!

My shoulders bumped against each other.

The warrior of the Bingo, who clenched his teeth and stepped forward, pushed his history into the sword as it was.


Then, he took advantage of his colleague's collapse and stabbed him with a punch.Push!

The warrior opened his eyes wide.

The sword he stabbed stuck in the belly of the Magitans.

He was more embarrassed than he expected to succeed in the attack so simply.

One. At that moment.

A demon who slowly raised his blackened hand grabbed the blade of a sword stuck in his belly.

Then he looked up and stared at the warrior of the bingo.


A face distorted like a demon was creepy and bizarre, but it must have come to mind...It was a laugh.


The blade of the sword in the hands of the Magitans was broken.

The bingo island, which was pushing the sword with all its strength in the wind, was reeling.

Grab it.

The masochist reached out and grabbed him by the neck.


The body of Binggudo, which had been struggling with his tightening hands as if he was about to break his neck, gradually hardened.

While staring at the warrior of the Bingo in his hand, the Magan pulled out the blade of a sword stuck in his belly with his left hand.

"……a bug."


Then, he stuck it in the heart of Binggudo.

Push! Push! Push! Push!

A dozen quick cuts made the upper body of the Bingo Island egg and mop it. As soon as he threw his breathless body to the floor, the Magitans trampled on his skull.


The horrors were not to be seen with the eyes.

The courage of Binggudo was certainly excellent. But the courage eventually made his colleagues even more frightened.

The Magician wiped the blood from the wound on the stomach with his hands. There was thick blood on my fingertips.

As if to confirm the red blood to everyone, the demon stared forward again with an innocent face. And he began slaughtering the Bingoes with the same momentum as before he was hurt.

Nothing changes even if you get hurt. Even though he's obviously a man of red blood.

It was despair itself that the fact brought to the Bingo.

It's collapsing.

The dark clouds brought by the marchers were blackening the pure white castle.


No one was able to open their mouth easily.

Hwasan's disciples, who looked down through two small windows, stiffened with shock, and only occasionally sounded tense breathing.

Like this.

Sweat from the tip of Baek Cheon's chin permeated the floor.

It wasn't just Baek Cheon who was sweating.

I was confident I'd made it through hell, but I've never seen a hell like this before. The faces of the Hwasan disciples were as white as a sheet of wax.

"……Sa, Sa-suk."


When Dang-Soso opened his mouth with difficulty, Baek Cheon bit his lips without saying a word.

'Is this magic?….’

Now I can understand.

What Chung-Myung meant.

Surely this would not have been known without seeing it. No wonder I couldn't understand this sight without feeling it with my body.

'That's not a person.’

It wasn't a matter of being strong and weak.

Even if the shaman's ignorance was low enough for Baek Cheon to cut down with a sword, the creepiness in his heart would not have diminished at all.

Chung-Myung said the Mahogans were all crazy.

There is nothing wrong with that remark. No, I just couldn't express them in words like that.

"Amitabha Buddha……. Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha……!"

Hye Yeon memorized her dislike. Anger appeared at the end of the disapproval, which began with prickliness and embarrassment.His eyes closed tightly with a white face was so pathetic that it was hard to look at him.

"How... How can a person...…!”

Yoon-Jong also gritted his teeth with a shiver.

"The death penalty. Calm down."

Jo-Gol grabbed such Yoon-Jong by the shoulder and tried to calm him down. But Yoon-Jong's anger didn't go away easily.

"…I can't be like that. People shouldn't be like that!"

Of course, the bodies of the ice-ball warriors, who had become gonjuk, were still increasing.

There were only about 50 people.

A poor number of horsemen were literally destroying the Bingguo, which had been going through hundreds of years of years.

Now I can clearly see why I had to work together to block Mahkyo, which is just a religion, not only Jeong and Sa, but also Sae.

Why Chung-Myung trembles when the name "Magyo" comes out.

Screaming of people running away in fear.

The last terminal that you tear off.

How can this not be a sound coming from hell?

"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon became the class president and shouted no.

"Other than this hell shouldn't unfold in the world. This shouldn't happen. Oh, my God."

Trying to continue something more, he shut his mouth tight. He seemed unable to cope with the overwhelming emotions.

"The death penalty."

Yoo-Esul, who had only kept silent at that time, opened his mouth.

"It's collapsing."


Yes, I could see it clearly in Baek Cheon's eyes.

Warriors of the lost battlefield were running away in fear.

"What do I do?”

When asked by Dang-Soso, Baek Cheon turned his head and looked at Chung-Myung.

"Not yet?"

I'm sure. It hasn't been long since I started exercising.

"…a little more. Let's wait a little longer."

It was the moment Baek Cheon bit his lips.

A man was seen jumping from above the wall.

A battlefield with nothing but blood and death.

On the ground stained with torn bodies and blood flowing down, a man wrapped in black blood walked lightly like a walk.

Like a sura walking on a demon's earth.