Chapter - 519 Episode 519. You've been waiting for a long time, right? (4)

Much different madness has begun to boil in the eyes of the marchers. The momentum toward the bingguks has also become much fiercer than before.

"Stop it! You must stop it!"

Hanyi Myeong's scream broke out from behind his back, but none of the bingos heard it properly.

I'm going to block it.

For what?

What was now approaching them was not human but living death. Those who blocked the front of the building were all in the same shape.

But what the hell do we have to risk our lives to stop them?


The courage, which had somehow been pulled up, was sharpened and blown away whenever a scream rang from the front.

"Hehe, hehe!"

"I, I, I don't want to die!"

Those who have trained all their lives to fight the enemy turned their backs in fear.

This was not something to blame on them.

It was hard from the beginning to order those who had no intention of encouraging themselves, or affection for protecting the Bingo at the risk of their lives to protect the middlemen, who had nothing to do with it.

Hanyi Myeong shouted out loud, but the warriors of the Bingo did not follow his control at all.

"You can't live by running away! Fight back! Don't lose your pride as an archer!"

It was a truly empty cry. Blood vessel Hanyi Myeong's eyes trembled.

"For God's sake!"

If it doesn't make sense, you have to move it yourself.

"Elders! We must lead the other elders and stop them right now!"

"I, I....”


He stroked like a fire at Yosa Hon.

"Wake up! The elder is the one who should lead the fool's way now!"

But even at his words, Yosa Hon's eyes were lost and shaken around.

"No, I don't think it's too much...….How can I stop them?….”


Hanyi Myeong's sharp shout was not heard properly. He just kept mumbling with a pale complexion.

"You're wrong……" This is…….”

It was ridiculous from the beginning.

Yosa Hon was an aide to the former palace leader, not a man of great leadership. If he were truly capable, he wouldn't have been stuck in an ice mine for years.

It was impossible for him to lead the terrorized Binggudos during these exhibitions, not during normal times.

"…darn it."

Lack of ability cannot be a sin.

But the lack of ability of those who lead forces in wartime is a great sin.

'What the hell is going on about this?….’

Hanyi Myeong's face was dimly clouded by despair.

Baek Cheon looked coldly at the view below.

'Now it's too much.’

There is no way to stop Mahkyo with current bingos.

If everyone is full of morale and tries their best to fight back, what will happen again. If the number of troops is this different, it won't be easy to overcome no matter how hard it is.

However, he would not be able to even snatch at the marchers if he ran away with fear.

No matter how disciplined a strong soldier is, he is a mess without a commander. Now there was no one in the Bingo who could unite them and direct them.

If Solchon Sang were the princess of the Bingo, it wouldn't be like this.’

It was Baek Cheon who realized how important the position of Gungju and the position of a long writer of a literary faction was.His eyes were clearly seen as the black ink-like marchers gradually colored the white earth and violated it.

And they were now running straight for here.


The grip of Baek Cheon, who grabbed the sword, was strained.

He stood firm, flexing his feet on the floor.


And he breathed out a short breath.

Don't send enemies behind your back. I had no choice but to realize how difficult and difficult it was to implement the simple task. And there's a guy behind him who's done it so naturally so far.


A demon who shot black magi on the backs of the bingos who couldn't run away jumped up the castle with a stream of madness. It seemed that he was going to break in through the window.

Baek Cheon's blood cooled cold as he saw an enemy climbing at a speed of thread.


Then, at Hye Yeon's voice, Baek Cheon quickly stepped aside.

Hye Yeon, who slightly wiggled her eyebrows, flew a book straight toward the windowed wall.


The front of the wall burst open at once. Hye Yeon quickly stood in front of him and exhaled power down.

Oh, my god!

One of Shaolin's twelve-year-olds, the Arahan Divine, revealed its prowess without hesitation.

The golden game poured down like a waterfall.



As they climbed up the wall quickly, the marchers were thrown from side to side, bewildered by the enormous power.

Those who couldn't avoid fell down without overcoming the power.


Hyeon's mingled disapproval came out of her mouth. Unlike usual, he sounded angry.

The devastating slaughter in front of his eyes made even Hye Yeon, who had lived with mercy as a lifelong lesson, angry.

"The band of evil enemies!"

The sound of his teeth grinding was clear to Baek Cheon's ears.

Ood, wood!

Hye Yeon clenched her fist tightly and stared down with a blade of her eye.


And without hesitation, he punched down one after another.

Shaolin's numerous martial arts, which do not know exactly how many species there are even Shaolin's draws. Among them, the most famous Baekbo Shrine was held.

The power of the divine authority poured from above their heads, sending out blue life with their eyes.

Even though power to crush the entire body was pouring out at once, the marchers climbed the wall at a faster pace, rather than shrinking.


The foot with a history penetrated the wall. He jumped up more than a dozen sheets at once due to the recoil that he gained from the instantaneous release.


Hye Yeon did not lose, but let out a new Arahan right.

A demon who was hit head-on by the powerful Arahan Divine Authority fell down with blood. But at the sight, Baek Cheon was rather white-faced.

You don't even scream.’

The sight of the marchers staring at this side with their lifeless eyes even though they were falling was frightening enough to cool off a corner of their hearts.


"I know, brother!"


Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul stood on Hye Yeon's left and right.

Martyrs who broke through the bingos began climbing the walls one after another. Hye Yeon couldn't stop it by herself anymore.

"Oh, my god!"

A horseman attached to the wall shot a series of red eyeglasses from both eyes and soared toward where they were.Baek Cheon hardened his face and poked the sword as long as he had a history.


The sword penetrated the shoulders of the Magitans more easily than I thought.

One, at that moment, the eyes of the Magitans flashed.

Grab it!

Then he grabbed Baek Cheon's sword blade, which penetrated through his shoulder, with a blackened hand.

Although the blade of the Han Cheol-gum was not usually sharp, there was no hesitation in holding it and stretching it out.


Hye Yeon, who was stunned by the sight, hit a dozen books on the body of a demon.

The sound of cutting firewood with an ax rang one after another. Every time Hye Yeon's volume was inserted, the body of the Magician had a big cramp.

Nevertheless, the hand holding Baek Cheon's sword never came off. He even pulled the sword while he was bleeding out of his mouth.

Baek Cheon bit his lips tightly.

Soon after, a sword penetrating his shoulder spewed a blue sword. Then he lifted the sword, which pierced his shoulder, up like a swing.

Oh, my god!

The sword was pulled out from the shoulder. At the same time, red blood spouted from the black hand holding the blade of the sword in all over the place.


Backwards, the madman twisted his lips looking at Baek Cheon. And then it fell down and down again. There was an unknown smile on his face even when he fell.


The whole body seemed to cool down even though it successfully blocked one.

Crazy guys.

When I faced these guys in front of me, I realized why the bingos were running away like such cowards.

to be different

These guys have so far denied comparison to anyone he's dealt with.


Of course, it's strong. It wouldn't have been this easy to push out without the help of Hye Yeon.

But the reason they were truly frightened was not ignorance.

There was an instinctive fear of those who rushed to kill their immediate opponents without caring for their lives.

The madness flowing out of the eyes, its persistence, made those who were faced by that "fang shin" shrink.

But now is not the time to reflect on that in a leisurely way.

Through Hyewon's power, four demonists jumped upward at the same time.

Oh, my god!

Yoo-Esul's unhesitating plum blossoms covered the entire body of the marchers. White walls and pure white earth that filled the view. There were blood-red eyes flying over it.

Crunch! Crunch!

Red blood poured out of the cut, as they proved to be human, too.

But that's all.

Even though the body was being cut and torn, the marchers did not bat an eyelid. Rather, he flew toward them, whispering incessantly as if he had lost his mind.


A golden fireball flashed with urgent disapproval. Hye Yeon's hands, which were sitting together, spread from side to side, and a grand tension swept the front.


Those caught up in tension bounced back. However, those who avoided it shouted horribly and swung black water at his disciples.

Oh, my god!

A terrible earble that seemed to scream was ringing as if it were someone's ears were tearing apart.

Before long, a black magi flew in like a swarm of bees.


Intuitively aware that they should not fight, the three quickly bit themselves back.And


Oh my god.

They eventually landed on the spot where they stepped down.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack.

Blood was trickling down on the drooping black hands. However, he did not pay any attention to the wound, whether he did not feel pain or even the need to stop the bleeding.

They just stared at Hwasan's disciples like they were looking at the game.

Looking at their glistening eyes, Baek Cheon bit his teeth.

I shouldn't have let you climb up in the first place. But now that I gave up my seat, all I had left was a fight for my life.

At that time, the demon who was still staring this way opened his mouth in a creepy voice.

"…Where is the ice boat?"

Baek Cheon smirked.

"Magyo pups must have a bad head. Why do you think I'm gonna tell you that?"

"Yes…. I suppose so.”

The blood-soaked demon's hand quickly turned dark red.

"I'll see if I can get the same answer if my limbs are torn off and my guts are pulled out one after another."

The Magitans rushed toward Baek Cheon without waiting for an answer. Blood light gushed from both eyes.

One, at that moment.


Rather, Baek Cheon rushed to him at the speed of an island war and struck the sword.


There was a roar, and the Magistrate looked slowly at his hand, distorting his face. In his hand, which laid out the black market, the blade was half-stuck.


For the first time, a low groan leaked out of the mouth of the Magitans.


Baek Cheon continued to weigh down the sword with a history.

"They seem to be fighting with their mouths, but...….”


Baek Cheon, who kicked hard in the chest of a demon, pulled his body back and pointed the sword forward accurately.

"Hwasan is not."

Pushed back, the masquerade slowly licked his lips. As if when he had seen his hand, his eyes were fixed on Baek Cheon.

"You die most horribly."

"Try it."


A demon who laughed with a suppressed sound rushed toward Baek Cheon again, memorizing his true words like a madman.