Chapter - 520 Episode 520. You've been waiting for a long time, right? (5)

Solso Baek's body was shaking like an aspen.

I felt dizzy and suffocated in front of me.

My heart was beating like crazy and I felt like it was about to explode. Faced with the flesh and spirit of the marchers, it felt like their souls were trampled on by mud feet.

I felt like my body was falling endlessly.

I could understand why the warriors of the Bingo were so helplessly destroyed, collapsed, and fled.

I, I, I....’

Then, a small hand came up on his shivering shoulder with a blue face.

I turned my head reflexively. Standing next to him, Dang-Soso was looking at him with a stiff face.

"Don't worry, princess."


"We don't lose."

Solso Baek's eyes shook.

Aren't you scared?’

No way.

It's the same person. Even if Dang-Soso was as strong as him, he couldn't help but be afraid to see those beasts, unless they were the same people.

But how can you not be so nervous?

It wasn't even just Dang-Soso.

The Bingo could not block the bridge even with a waterway of ten times. No, it's not the level that I couldn't stop.

If he fought with all his might and was pushed away by force majeure, he could raise his head confidently, but the bingo did not dare to fight against the demon and ran away.

He gave up on his confrontation and even showed himself that he should not be seen as a warrior.


Hwasan's disciples blocked their way without a step back, despite the fact that it was only a tenth of the demon's

What's the difference?

What's the difference in this result?


Solso Baek struggled to flex his shaky legs. I want to open that door and run away right away, but I shouldn't.

I have to see it.

What's the difference between them?


Black hands and white swords collided in Ho Gong. The sword clashed with the hand, and the sound of scratching the iron rang absurdly.

Baek Cheon chewed on his lips.

His sword was steadily preventing the attack from the enemy. However, as the number of conflicts increased, even this became increasingly burdensome.

a hot-tempered body

The skin stung from the flesh emitted by the Magitans. My heart sank for a moment, and my whole body's fur stood on end.

I felt two things.

The opponent's force is not as strong as he thought.

Of course, it doesn't mean that he's not strong, but it wasn't as much of a fear as he had when he saw the one-sided slaughter of that ice palace. Never

And the other thing is...….

But it's harder to deal with than I thought.’

Science is not everything.

I've heard it so many times, but I knew what it meant the moment I was dealing with the Magitans.

It was horribly difficult to deal with a man who was overwhelmed by madness to kill his opponent without taking care of his own life, regardless of the level of ignorance.

In addition, there was no common sense in movement or momentum, so I had to feel uneasy.

Every time I put my sword together, my physical strength and mental strength were reduced.

He wasn't the only one who would be pushed back like this.


Back Cheon, who stepped forward, pushed his opponent with all his might. At the same time as securing the distance, he conducted a twenty-fourth-penetration test.

As the plum blossoms began to embroider Ho Gong splendidly, the eyes of the fallen Magitans turned blood. The continuous truth stopped for a while, and a voice sounded like scratching iron leaked out."The trick...!"

The marchers rushed into the plum blossoms.


Long-grown nail-like energy tears the plum blossoms in Ho Gong. Just as a giant grotesque bird cuts through a plum field with its claws.

The plum blossoms, which were blooming splendidly, were shattered before they could fly.

It was just then.


Hye Yeon's tension swept through the Mahist's body at a tremendous rate.

Whoo! Whoo!

With the sound of a giant bell hitting him, he was pushed away, spraying blood.



A demon who was flying backwards flipped over and put a nail-shaped corvina on the floor.

Let's go, let's go!

The floor made of hard stone cracked. And in the end, it didn't fall out of the open wall, but stopped narrowly and pulled itself up.

Blood was flowing from the eyes, nose, and mouth of the Magitans who raised their heads. Anyone can tell that he was seriously injured. But he didn't groan even with that much injury.

"…Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

He opened his mouth, where blood was flowing back and forth, and kept spouting his truth endlessly.

Blood flowing from the whole body, a faceless face. And with the addition of the insanity of truth, his disciples briefly lost their words. It was due to the frightening appearance of his hair.

"Heavenly Demon재림…….”

The sound of dragging feet scratched my chest every time a Magician approached me.

Baek Cheon's eyes, which had been determined all along, shook momentarily.

At that time, Jo-Gol's firm voice came from behind.

"Sa-Sook, if you're tired, let's switch!"


Back Cheon, who came to his senses, gritted his teeth.

"Just watch over there, you son of a b*tc*!"

His voice grew louder, but his heart subsided.

He bent his knee again, which had become stiff due to tension, and stabilized his posture. He calmed down his excited shoulders, and his running chest calmed down.

I've heard so many times. Now I don't know what it is, but it's been embodied. But whenever you go into action, you forget and go against it.

Keep thinking and thinking.

Whoever the opponent is, he or she sets "me" right first.

Baek Cheon's sword tip, which had been slightly fluttering, regained its perfect calm.

Of course, the opponent is strong and bizarre. But that's not why Baek Cheon can't use all his strength.


There are qualities behind the back. Now they'll be looking at his back. I could not help but realize how burdensome that is.

Don't cry.

Nevertheless, Baek Cheon's eyes became firm and firm without any water leaks.

Not just a few quills, but one who leads the whole of Hwasan to the back. But how can you save face when you're in a crisis like this?

The marchers, who broke through the defense of the ice palace, were still rising.

It's already six.


Six, ten, I don't care!’

"Not a single one is going through!"

As Baek Cheon's sword moved resolutely and began to paint vivid plum blossoms, Yoo-Esul's plum blossoms were also in full bloom ahead.

It was like a scene like Hwasan in spring.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

The marchers weren't just watching either. Every time they swung their hands, the devil's toenail-like black corvina tore apart the plum blossoms, and the original black tension in the dark made the petals wilt.

However, there is no reason to back down just because it is pushed back.

Plum blossoms bloom over the fallen petals.Ten thousand plum blossoms of the twenty-fourth plum were spread at the sword end of Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul. It was an attack filled with soul.

The plum blossoms quickly covered the whole front.


A bewildered empty air leaked out of the mouth of the world's Magitans.

But there was no time for them to be surprised. It was because the swollen plum blossoms seemed to shake, and quickly attacked and listened to them.

The marchers squirted light from their eyes. Black horses sprang from their bodies as they rushed toward the forest of plum blossoms.

The Japanese apricot swords penetrated the body, but the more violent they were, the more they rushed forward. He chose to rush, protecting only the center of his head and body, because he could not prevent all flying petal-like swords.

Crunch! Crunch!

The plum swords cut their limbs and pierced their thighs, but the marchers did not reduce their spirits at all, even though they were bleeding.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok!"

Finally, a man who pierced the forest of plum blossoms with his body poured blood out of his mouth and waved his hands toward Baek Cheon's head.


However, the sword that Baek Cheon flew penetrated the heart of the Magitans first.

It was a situation in which a person should resign.

However, the marchers did not take a single step back. Even though the sword was getting deeper and deeper in his heart, he continued to move forward, bleeding through his mouth.


Baek Cheon is no longer embarrassed by this look. However, not being embarrassed did not make it easier to deal with.

He quickly pulled back one foot and tried to pull out the sword.

But at that moment.


The Magician tightened his chest muscles and held Baek Cheon's sword tightly. Han Cheol-magnetized and dug into the wound, but there was no sign of pain in the eyes of the Magitans.

Baek Cheon opened his eyes wide.


"You…… crazy!"

And in the meantime, other marchers jumped over Baek Cheon's head.

Yoo-Esul and Hye Yeon were also fighting on both sides of Baek Cheon, making it difficult to stop them immediately.


Hye Yeon shouted out her urgent disapproval and punched the leaping tooth. But it was an attack that didn't No matter how Hye Yeon was, she could not deal with all of them at the same time.

The sacrifice of a demon.

A sacrifice that is not known what it is worth.

Based on that, the Martyrs succeeded in completely destroying the camp of the Hwasan disciples.


Yoo-Esul clenched his teeth and blew the sword. Quickly and accurately, only after the opponent's gap.

Her sword was as efficient as ever, but against those who didn't back down even if they were hurt, the power had to be halved.


With Yoo-Esul's sword on his shoulder, the Magitans swung their nails. Three vivid red lines appeared on the side of her neck.

And soon the thick blood flowed out.

But she didn't care about the wound, and she dashed her sword down and scraped her opponent's wound.



As soon as the Magitans faltered, Yoo-Esul's feet stuck in the opponent's abdomen. She kicked her opponent and flew it away, but she used the recoil to lift her body back.

Her sword rose to the ceiling and soon scattered plum blossoms across the backs of enemies heading for Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong.

Crunch! Crunch!

Everywhere the plum blossoms touched, their bones were exposed with a deep cut on their back. But their spirits didn't diminish at all."Where the f*ck are you!"

Jo-Gol was the first to greet the marchers who rushed in with a more brutal atmosphere as the highlands were just around the corner.

"Do I look like a scarecrow?"


Jo-Gol's brilliant sword cut and stabbed the marchers. At that unexpected pace, the marchers were startled for a moment, but the pace of their rush did not diminish at all.


The margarian waved his hand with a beastly cry. The corvina from the end was about to tear Jo-Gol's whole body apart.

Crunch! Crunch!

But this time, Jo-Gol's sword was one step faster. Jo-Gol, who made relentless holes in the heart and stomach of the Magitans, pulled his sword and rolled back.

Kaga gaga gak!

Almost at the same time, the bottom of where he was was dug deep. The five deep scars were enough to make the fur stand up for those who saw them.


A groan broke out of Jo-Gol's mouth. It was hard to avoid it completely, but my back was burning and the pain poured in.

Blood dripped down from his long split back.


"Never mind, death penalty! I won't die!"

Jo-Gol screamed. Yoon-Jong looked at the wound and finally nodded, biting his lips.

Both eyes turned to Chung-Myung at the same time.

Chung-Myung, who was playing kabujwa, looked calm as if he were completely out of touch with the situation.

"Oh, you're such a jerk, anyway."


Jo-Gol and Yun-Jong, who grumbled little, turned their swords as they saw a demon rushing back.

"I can't even touch my finger!"

"Put your life on the line and block it!"

Meanwhile, new pagans were climbing through the perforated walls one by one.

I know.

It's impossible to stop them all with their power alone.

But it doesn't matter.

One more second!



A demon's black flesh pounded Jo-Gol's sword. Jo-Gol, who couldn't overcome the power, sprouted blood and bounced back.


Jo-Gol, who confirmed that Chung-Myung was behind him, momentarily twisted his body, inserting a sword into the floor. Thanks to this, I avoided colliding with Chung-Myung, but I couldn't defend myself and had to get stuck in a wall.



Blood burst out of my mouth. Jo-Gol cried out for no time to steal the blood.

"The death penalty!"

"I know!"

Yoon-jong spread the sword and blocked Jo-Gol's opponent at the same time.


A rough breath came out of his mouth.

As I was fighting in the background, I could clearly see the battle in front of me.

Hye Yeon was shaking off those who were entering the area by blowing their stretching tension. If he hadn't stopped the entrance and reduced the number of enemies, he would never have been able to hold out as he is now.

Baek Cheon was also struggling.

He wielded a sword in the middle and seemed to have been hurt here and there. There was blood stains all over the place.

But he didn't back down a single inch. As if he would not let his enemies go back, even if he held his trouser crotch and stretched out.


Yoon-Jong clenched his teeth.

Next to Baek Cheon, Yoo-Esul was cutting the enemy with a cold face. Her unclothed half was wet with blood from her neck.

Everyone's fighting to the death like this, but...….

God d*mn it.

It was pushed back a little by little.

Those guys were oddly skilled.

Knowing that they were trying to protect Chung-Myung, they were relentlessly after Chung-Myung. When I blocked it, my hands and feet got twisted and I was in a hurry.Whoops!


Yoon-Jong's sword, which was dealing with the two marchers at the same time, was pushed back because it could not overcome the power that poured in at the moment.



The pedicure's toenail swept through the empty chest of Yun-Jong.

"I swear!"

Jo-Gol's desperate shout penetrated the ear, but Yun-Jong kicked his tongue inside.

Why are you making such a fuss that you've torn apart?

The wounds Chung-Myung suffered while dealing with the universal crowd were severe, and the wounds Ungum suffered could not even be compared.

"Come on!"

Yoon-jong uncharacteristically roared and shook his sword once.

At that moment, a sharp dagger flew from behind to the marchers with a blue aura. It was Dang-Soso.

Cao! Cao!

The marchers instinctively swung their hands and bounced off their dagger. And Yoon-Jong didn't miss the gap.


The plum blossoms created by Yoon-jong's sword covered the marchers. And Jo-Gol, who flew like a bolt from the blue, added a fierce sword on top of it.

'Push me with this... '….’

At that moment.


Yoon-Jong saw a strange sight.

In the forest of plum blossoms made by the two, something black penetrated slowly, very slowly.

What was truly bizarre was that the black hands only seemed slower to Yun-Jong's eyes.

And it wasn't just the hands that were slow. The plum swords he created, and the swords of Jo-Gol, who covered them, were also slow. Even the private quarters, accidents, and horsemen seen beyond were moving too slowly.

'This is...'

The hand soon flew into his neck.

It seems too slow, but even if I tried to avoid it, my body wouldn't move a bit.

This must be…….


The demon's hand, embracing the energy of death, reached right in front of his neck.

Yoon-Jong closed his eyes without realizing it.


At that moment.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

Suddenly, a huge explosion broke out and Yun-Jong's body leaned back.

"What, what……."


He looked forward with a bewildered look on his face as he was thrown down and fell on his hips in an instant.

"What is it?"

I stuttered my neck reflexively, but it was still intact. I'm sure there's a hole in the air.

Rather, the demon who was aiming for his neck was thrown far away and lying on the floor. It literally became blood rice cake.

A low voice came to Yun-jong's ear, who didn't understand the situation.

"You've been waiting a long time, haven't you?”

Yoon-Jong looked back there with a blank face.

Chung-Myung, who got up before he knew it, was staring at them.


The moment of strength escaped from Yun-Jong's relaxed body.

"You guys……."

Chung-Myung, who twisted his neck once, twisted his lips and laughed.

"Don't even think of a single man alive."

Fierce flesh began to flow out of Chung-Myung's eyes.