Chapter - 521 Episode 521. Let's make them remember now. (1)


At Chung-Myung's voice, Yoo-Esul snatched the sword from his waist and flew it to Chung-Myung.

A spinning black plum sword landed in Chung-Myung's hands.


Only then did Chung-Myung take care of his fierce life and turn to Yun-Jong.

"The death penalty."


"You must have freaked out."

Yoon-Jong looked at him with blank eyes.

Are you worried about me?

"Yeah, I almost died.….Thank you very much…….”

"Wow, I forgot I didn't have a sword for a second. I was also taken aback for a moment. You're lucky you lost your tension. If I was a little later, would I have lost my death row neck?”


What, you son of a b*tc*?

Sweat began to trickle down Yoon-Jong's whole body. It hit me that I just opened and closed the door to hell.

"……the primitive world."

"Why are you looking for heaven and John when Chung-Myung saved me?"

"You shut up, shut up.….”

Yoon-Jong pressed Jo-Gol weakly and wiped the sweat off his face.

It's weird.

Nothing has changed, just Chung-Myung finished crying. Nevertheless, my strength was drained from my body as after work. Even though I fully understand that I am not at a safe stage yet.

But it wasn't just Yoon-Jong's feeling.

The atmosphere has certainly changed.

It was just one person who rose from his seat, but the attack of the marchers, which had been raging like a wave, stopped.

Their eyes were naturally fixed on Chung-Myung.


In the midst of a flurry of eyes, Chung-Myung sneaked a peek at the conditions of his disciples. Chung-Myung's eyes became slightly thinner when he saw them wounded everywhere.


If you don't experience it yourself, you can't realize the fear of Mahkyo. There's no way to accurately explain their madness in crude language.

That's why I chose this method.

It's just...

Emotions disappeared from Chung-Myung's face for an instant.


A black plum sword slowly came out. A white sword flashed.

Objectively, it was quite a wonderful sight, but the feelings of those watching him now were more like eerie.

One of the marchers frowned on.

"What is it?"

That way, it's just a little boy who's finished crying. It wasn't because he was a threat that they were focused on that bastard. It's just that he's likely to have an ice cap.

So why did everyone stop? Even themselves.

When I came to my senses, I was looking at the author with my hand in my hand at some point. Without even knowing why.

He clapped his lips, memorizing his words as usual. It was a sign of the start of the attack.

"Heavenly Demon only…….”

Oh, my god!

However, a breaking sound was heard in the ears of the demon.


It was then that I noticed an abnormality.

Words couldn't come out as if their mouths had hardened.

I didn't mean to think about it in my head, I meant to spit it out. But strangely, I can't open my mouth and talk.

All it was was running around in my head.


Soon his vision began to blur rapidly.

Frustrated by the ridiculous Hyun Sang, he tried to move his hand quickly, but his senses quickly faded away.

The whole world tilts sideways.

Even when the world finally flipped upside down, and a familiar yet unfamiliar body came in, he didn't notice that he was dying. That's how I lost consciousness.Tuck.

The severed head crashed to the floor.

The marchers opened their eyes wide at an unbelievable sight.



It was a single sword.

The young master wielded the sword like a joke, and the man in the lead couldn't resist and was cut off at once.

For the first time, the marchers began to panic and panic. But Chung-Myung spoke quietly with a look of little change.

"Keep talking nonsense."

Naturally, the decapitated man could not recite the truth.

Chung-Myung stared at the head of a demon who fell on the floor with eerie eyes. To dare to recite Heavenly Demon's words in front of him should have been a relief that it had been decapitated.

The play.

The tip of the black plum blossoms scratched the floor lightly.

A harsh sound rang out like a warning.

"There's nothing to worry about.”

His mouth twisted up.

"You'll never die that easily."


Park Chan-Chung-Myung literally rushed to the leading horseman like a war of islands.

His eyes shone blue with anger and life.

A fully awake demon waved his hands at him. The long nail-shaped corvina that sprung out in an instant seemed to chop Chung-Myung's body.


This is neither courage nor anything. It's just a reckless rush that didn't expect a counterattack.

At least that's what the Magistrate, who was dealing with Chung-Myung, thought so. And the idea didn't seem far off. His fingernails almost reached the point of tearing Chung-Myung's body to shreds.

All of a sudden.

But at that moment, Chung-Myung's sword stretched forward.

The black, stretched casually in simple motion, burst in through the crack of a corvina scratching Ho Gong fiercely.

The eyes of the Magitans were filled with joy.

If they were the ones they've been dealing with so far, they would have pushed their bodies back and exposed their loopholes at this very moment. However, it was no reason to avoid being stabbed by the marchers.

If you can tear your opponent apart in exchange for a sword stuck in your body, there is no reason to refuse to hurt him.


One. At that moment.


The tip of Chung-Myung's sword seemed to tremble a little, but soon it fluctuated from side to side.

Toong! Toong!

A sword dug between the two hands of a Magiton went in for his wrist. The unexpected attack left and right of the Magitans' arms.


No matter how intense the energy is coming out of the fingertips, it's useless if the arms aren't in place.


Chung-Myung's sword was trapped in the heart of a demon who had opened wide.


On a fierce sword day that penetrated the middle of his chest, the Magitans opened their mouths with blue eyes to live in.

"Kill me..."

But even that remark didn't last much longer.

Push! Push! Push! Push!

Swords that were laid down one after another without giving a moment pierced the heart of a demon more than a dozen times in an instant.

The mouth of the Magitans opened wide at the enormous pain of being penetrated throughout the body dozens of times.


Then the female sword was stuck in its open mouth.


The sword that went into the mouth escaped behind the neck. The body of a lost-breather was sagging with the sword at the end.

Chung-Myung looked at him with an emotionless eye.



He swung out the sword and kicked the body of the Magitans.Whoosh!

Along with heavy drinking, the body of the Magitans bounced violently.

The body, already dead and unable to protect itself with energy, was too weak to withstand Chung-Myung's attack.

Blood flares spread, bursting throughout the body. The marchers, who saw the body of their colleague flying at a fast pace, instinctively bit them to the side.

And it was a mistake that should never have been made.

Just behind the body of a colleague who barely grazed the side, Chung-Myung soared like a beast attacking the prey.

In front of the moment, I could see Chung-Myung's eyes staring at him.

His eyes looked as if he had cut out his emotions. But the fierce hostility and anger burning behind the indifference swept through the body.

My whole body was cramped as if my heart had frozen.


Chung-Myung's sword flew in after exactly that neck.

However, if he had the ability to be obediently beaten, the marchers would not have ruled as a symbol of fear. He managed to avoid leaning back for a moment.



I couldn't avoid more than an inch of cleavage just below my Adam's apple.

The burning pain came in, but the fact that the pain was felt was evidence of being alive. The blood of the Magitans, who felt that the scythe of the envoy had passed him, cooled cool.


Chung-Myung's sword, which cut off the Magitans' neck shallowly, stopped at Ho Gong.


The tip seemed to tremble lightly, and soon the plum swords, which were as red as blood, began to shoot out.

Plum blossoms that bloomed in Ho Gong poured down like heavy rain on the Magyo.

Bloody red petals, which could not be blocked or avoided, burrowed into the body of the Magitans.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

The sound of penetrating the body was clearly heard by the Magitans. Just as a storm cannot be stopped, so can the petals swirling from all sides.

Even before the sword was taken out, a prominent man fell to the floor.


Every time the heart that couldn't stop moved slowly, blood spurted from the pierced neck.

White steam gushed out of the hot blood. And the surrounding air cooled to a crisp.


The blood splattered from the tip of the sword, which was casually wielded, colored the white stone floor red.


In an instant, three horsemen lost their lives.

Martians, who slaughtered the Bingoes like demons and quickly brought Hwasan's disciples to the brink of death, were decapitated and exiled during a period of time to breathe or take a few breaks.

The colder air swept the hall than the blizzard that drove toward the pierced wall.

The voice of the indifferent Chung-Myung leaked through the heavy, cold silence that no one could open their mouth.

"I think you've enjoyed it quite a bit so far."

Chung-Myung showed his teeth and twisted the corners of his mouth.

"Now you understand? Who's the prey?"

a hot-tempered body

The marchers clenched their teeth.

The flesh coming out of that young man seemed to tear the skin apart.

"Why are you scared?”

Chung-Myung's eyes flashed for a moment.

"They're all going to die anyway.”


Chung-Myung walked carelessly, stepping on the bloodstained on the floor.

Hye Yeon and Yoo-Esul unconsciously opened the way for him. Meanwhile, Chung-Myung's gaze was solely on the marchers beyond Baek Cheon.

Chung-Myung, who passed Baek Cheon, stood in front of the marchers. A tense atmosphere flowed from them, holding a knife.

“…….”Baek Cheon bit his lips tightly.

'Don't disturb me.’

I can't help Chung-Myung with my humble skills.….

"Living room!"


Baek Cheon flinched and looked at Chung-Myung at his call. But Chung-Myung continued without turning his head. As usual, his voice sounded natural and natural.

"Accident! Death penalty! Soso!"

"Come on!"

"Yes, death penalty!"

"Back up. I won't miss a single one!"

"Got it!"


"What are you doing, you punk!"

"Oh, I see!"

Hwasan's disciples were all lined up left and right of Chung-Myung.

Waiting for them, Chung-Myung said in a slightly smirky voice.

"They seem to have forgotten because they're smart, so let them remember from now on."

He giggled and laughed for a moment, and shouted with strength.

"Where did you put those dog-like witches in hell?"

The shoulders of the Hwasan disciples were strained.


The eyes of the Hwasan disciples carrying the two letters were nothing like they had ever been.

There are countless clans in the world, but there is only one place for that demon to fear.

The sacrifice of Hwasan, who had so far been nothing but their own pride.

Sometimes resentful, sometimes proud. But the sacrifice, which no one recognized, was supporting their backs endlessly at this moment.




Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Here we go! Hit them all and kill them!"


Chung-Myung, who was in the lead, rushed without looking back. And his death penalty responded with a single breath.

a cold land in the North Sea

In the dark magi of the marchers, Hawasan's plum blossoms rose redder.