Chapter - 527 Episode 527. Don't look down. (2)

The icy gaze was placed in the empty space where the master of the house should be.

The bishop's eyes, who was looking at the shoulder, which was black and dead, were transferred to the box he was holding.


The butler looked at the bishop with a determined face and opened his mouth.

"We failed to keep the order to retrieve the ice boat taken by the people of central China, but fortunately, we found the ice boat hidden by Solchon Sang and recovered it."

The bishop's eyebrows wriggled.

He seemed to be thinking of something without saying a word, but only after a while did he slowly open his mouth.

"Losing half of the believers."


"You've come back with barely one life."

"…I'm sorry."

The bishop, who was looking at the butler, nodded slowly.


At an unexpected remark, the butler raised his head and looked up at the bishop.

"There must have been something unexpected, but you have completed your mission. You were absolutely brilliant."

He soon began to tremble. Then he closed his eyes tightly as if he was in a passion.

I felt rewarded for everything by the bishop's word.

"Give me the ice."


However, even though the death toll fell, the butler held an ice box in his arms and did not even move. He only looked at the bishop with determined eyes.

The bishop frowned at this.

"What are you doing?"


The butler slowly nodded. It was a desperate move.

"Please do not turn a blind eye to the small request of those who have risked their lives to save the ice."


The face of the bishop who understood the request was distorted. Staring at the butler with disapproving eyes, he slowly opened his mouth.

"Don't you know that nothing can be prioritized over his resurrection?"

It was a voice with creepy flesh. If he didn't like the content of the answer, he was full of will to cut his throat in one go.

The housemaster, Hana, calmly accepted the spirit with his whole body.

"It can only be achieved with the presence of the bishop."


"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok. "Bishop, do not turn a blind eye to the small request of those who have followed in support of that will."

The bishop, who looked down at the Butler with disapproving eyes, eventually breathed a low sigh.

"You're such a fool.”

He unwrapped his forelock.

The butler, who looked up at his chest with his shirt completely removed, chewed his lips.

A slightly blue-colored, rather than clear, ice with a strange atmosphere covers everything from the left chest to the right side.

It was a curious sight that anyone could not help but be surprised.

"Give it to me."


The collector took out two ice sheets from the box and held them out politely. But the bishop picked up only one of the ice sheets and brought it to a chunk of ice in his chest.

Shake shake!

The ice boat dug into the ice. At the same time, the white ice began to glow more and more blue.


Perhaps because of pain or coldness, a gentle groan came out of the bishop's mouth. On the contrary, however, his pale complexion gradually began to turn red.

"Are you ready?

At the bishop's question, the butler grabbed the remaining ice in his hand.

The disappointment in both eyes did not completely disappear, but I knew better than anyone else that I had to step down from this level.

On his knees, he put the ice tablet back in and politely handed over the box.

"Here you are."

The bishop's fingertips were shaking slightly.

His eyes were filled with passion after checking the ice crystals.


His hand grasped the box tightly.Finally, the final conditions for the resurrection ceremony are in place. Soon the world will see the resurrection of Heavenly Demon with its own eyes.


The bishop, who was about to run to the ceremony, stood there and looked at the butler as if he had taken root.


The butler smiled pale and said in a weak voice.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok. The resurrection of Heavenly Demon is the long-cherished and mission of all believers."


"But don't forget that any long-cherished desire is meaningful when the bishop is safe."

"You're an ungodly fellow.….”

Despite the angry scolding, the master of the house smiled.


His head slowly turned downward.



And soon all the movement stopped completely. The bishop, who was still looking at him, who had stopped breathing, slowly closed his eyes.

It was a great thing that he endured it with his whole body. He led his body to this point where he should have died just by his willingness to meet him and deliver the ice.

"You were excellent."

The low murmuring bishop shook his hand lightly at Ho Gong.

Then a white flame rose from the body of the housemaster who died in a sedentary state. The fire, which began to burn furiously, quickly engulfed the body of the housemaster.

The bishop, who saw it for a moment, turned around and moved to the depths of his homophilia.

'…...the crowd in the middle must be stronger than I thought.'

The butler was able to come back with no life until he even used his birth certificate.

It was absolutely impossible to do with those bingos.


The bishop grabbed the ice that covered his chest unconsciously.

His face was distorted like a demon.

'Those wicked men in the middle...….’

If it weren't for this wound, I'd have left this place myself and killed all the unbelievers who had tainted the sacred land that Heavenly Demon would have taken over.

This scar, left by a terrible war that took away everything of the church, kept him from escaping the coldest land in the North Sea.

a hot-tempered body

The wound has cooled horribly.

The face of the bishop, who bit his lips tightly, was filled with inevitable resentment and anger.

When I closed my eyes, I could clearly see the evil man who was still cutting into Heavenly Demon's chest.

I should have died there.’

Didn't you see the devil's sword touch Heavenly Demon because he didn't die there.

More than a hundred years later, the scene stuck in his mind like a painter, still driving him into vivid pain.


"The nightmare is over."

The bishop, who took a firm step, soon reached the deepest point of the cave. A huge cavity and a huge Asura-shaped painting hung there caught my eye.

The face of the bishop, who grabbed the ice, was filled with indescribable joy.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok!"

The world will know soon enough.

What the real fear is.

* * *

"Here you are! I've brought all the snow ice sheets left in the bingo."

"Eat one at a time. This medicine works well. Oh, there's one left for me, too."

"You can put this on your wounds! It's the best gold pill you can get in the Bingo!"

"Oh, this smells good. It's high quality, high quality!

"Think of it as my home before you leave and make yourself at home! I'll prepare the best meal for you.""But do you have any more alcohol?"

Baek Cheon smiled delightedly at Chung-Myung, who added a chime at every end of Solso Baek's words.



"…We were in a hurry, weren't we?"

"It's urgent."

"……You don't seem to be in a hurry at all.”

"Hey. How could you say that? I'm in such a hurry right now. My stomach is burning.”

"That's because you drink like water, you son of a b*tc*!"

When Baek Cheon tried to jump at Chung-Myung with a bubble in his mouth, Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol naturally grabbed him by the arms and held him back.

"Phew, private lodging. Please calm down. It's not like it happened once or twice! How can you do this every time?"

"That's why you're doing this! I know! How many times do I have to tell you!"

"The Lord of the Palace is watching."

"Oh, yeah.

A princess?

That's more of a problem!

Baek Cheon looked at Solso Baek with an incomprehensible look.

Solso Baek was glued to Chung-Myung, as if he had become Hwasan's disciple, after Baek Cheon expressed his intention to join the Mahkyo faction last night.

All right. Let's just say that's good enough. That could happen.


"Do you have any more alcohol?"

"I'm getting it now!"

"Wow, they're good at making alcohol. Is it because they live in cold places? It's a hot drink, a mouthful of...….”

"Come on, you son of a b*tc*!"


Unheard, Baek Cheon grabbed Jo-Gol and threw him at Chung-Myung. But Chung-Myung simply escaped Jo-Gol by flipping around.


Jo-Gol stuck in the wall fell down.

Chung-Myung clapped his tongue at the sight.

"Why are you throwing him? If you did something wrong, I'd say it. You can't just stick to violence, Sasuk."

"Giggles…" "Sar, the wound…….”

"Calm down, Sasook. And then the wound opens."

"...Stop drinking, man!"

Solso Baek sighed over the increasingly chaotic accommodation.

It was hard to believe that the people who were pushing Mahkyo and those in front of them were the same.

'Hwasan people aren't all like this, are they?’

It was Solso Baek, who was holding useless hope for no reason.

"Amitabul, Lord Baek Cheon, please calm down."


Hye Yeon, who had been silent, opened her mouth with a warm smile.

"I fully understand that we are in a hurry, but it's not just us who are in a hurry that's not going to solve it. It will take a full day just to heal the wounded and reorganize the rest to get ready to fight the demon."

Baek Cheon sighs deeply in his heart.

"I know that, but...….”

I was in a hurry. No, I couldn't express it just by saying that I was in a hurry.

The resurrection of Heavenly Demon.

Who doesn't know the weight of that horse?

But the weight was different now from when I heard it a few days ago. There were two reasons.

First, as soon as I realized how strong and insane the Masitans were, I began to realize how terrible the existence of Heavenly Demon would be.

And secondly...….

'If they're plotting for Heavenly Demon's name, it's not just nonsense or bravado.’

The dead come back alive.

At first, I couldn't get rid of my doubts about whether it would be possible.

But now I can be sure. It was clear that something had been found when I saw them running around like crazy.But how can you calm down and calm down?

"If we drag on, we may not be able to turn back! Shouldn't you be in a hurry up.

When Baek Cheon asked with a serious face, Chung-Myung put down the bottle he was holding in his mouth and shrugged.

"Let's hurry up."


"But it's not up to us to decide."


Chung-Myung turns his head slightly and looks at Solso Baek.

"It took this much sacrifice to catch a butler and defeat some of the marchers. But there's a bishop in there."


"Of course, he may not be a proper bishop, but the position of bishop in the masochism has no more meaning. Most people can't even name themselves bishops. Probably…… a monster.”

A heavy silence hovered between the Hwasan disciples. As they were stunned, they held their breath as they looked at Chung-Myung.

Have Chung-Myung ever held a particular person so highly? Isn't it Chung-Myung who looked down on most things in the world?

Even Shaolin's chief did not get that evaluation from Chung-Myung.

"If you prepare poorly and run into it, you'll be wiped out. So stay calm, Sasook. The more urgent you are, the more sober you have to be."

Baek Cheon's shoulders slowly drained.

Chung-Myung smirked and threw one Sulbingdan brought by Solso Baek at his disciples.

"Eat and cry. We'll have to fight again when we open our eyes."

"…I got it."

After controlling their urgent mind, they put the Sulbingdan given by Chung-Myung in their mouths and turned the kabujwa on the spot. When Hye Yeon started to cry, the room became quiet in an instant.

Chung-Myung looked at them quietly.

When did you grow up so much? The little chicks have now grown enough to lead another clique.

'Is this the 'proud'

Chung-Myung, who scratched the back of his head, looked at Solso Baek and said,

"You should get some sleep, too.

"I'm fine."

"I know I haven't slept a wink since yesterday. Now you have to fight again, so don't be stubborn and go to bed. Taking care of the body is also the virtue of the leader.”


Solso Back settled in the corner without a second refusal. And before he breathed out a few times, he quickly fell asleep.

Listening to Solso Baek's low-pitched breath, Chung-Myung looked at everyone with pitiful eyes.

Thinking that the posterity was suffering from things that the predecessor did not solve properly, I felt like I was digging with a knife because I was heartbroken.

'If I had been a little stronger, this wouldn't have happened.’

After eating Sulbingdan, the resistance grew a little stronger. But he was still not fully assimilating the senses of the past and the body of the present.

Without that sense of incompatibility, we would not have missed the Butler.

'You have to be stronger.’

We need to regain our original dignity any sooner. No one gets hurt, no one gets hurt.


That's ridiculous.

Chung-Myung clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

I'll end it right so you don't talk about it again.’

And I closed my eyes slightly on the spot.

It didn't even take a rhyme to control this level of internal injury.

How long has it been that long?

knock, knock

Chung-Myung slowly opened his eyes at the knock on the door.

"Come on in."


At his permission, the door opened and Hanyi Myeong entered with a stiff face.

"We're ready to go.""Well."

Chung-Myung looked back before answering.

Hwasan's disciples and Hye Yeon, who had already finished crying, were looking at him with beautiful eyes.

There was no prevailing urgency or nervousness. His eyes were just full of determination.

Chung-Myung asked with a smile.


"Of course it's over."

He nodded at Baek Cheon's reply.

"Okay, let's go! I'm going to break the head of the demon.”

The corners of my mouth curled up eeriely.