Chapter - 528 Episode 528. Don't look down. (3)

Troops in white unclothes marched.

The white troop line-up on the white earth made the viewer feel a kind of reverence.

But the disciples of Hwasan, who are at the forefront of the military, were feeling a strange sense of incompatibility as they watched the warriors of the North Sea Ice Palace following them.

"Living quarters."


Baek Cheon nodded low at Yoon-Jong's low call.

I don't feel any fraud at all.’

I'm on my way to the horse school.

Even if everyone is full of morale and raises their enthusiasm, it won't be enough. But there was subtle confusion and anxiety behind it. Apart from the solid leg.

"……It's a problem."

At Solso Baek's instruction, Yosa Hon stepped down from her seat as an elder. Although he was not ousted from the presidency for merit, he was no longer able to represent the elders.

So he was just serving in the background as an ordinary elder.

Therefore, the current bingo was led by young Solso Baek, and practically Hanyi Myung, who represented him.

Hanyi Myeong served as the president of the Bingo, but compared to Yosa Hon, his reputation and performance had to be lost.

It is never good news that the weight of the leader is reduced in a situation where he goes to deal with the worst enemy.

Jo-Gol, glancing back, whispered softly toward Yoon-Jong.

"Isn't it strange, the death penalty?"

"What do you mean?"

Yoon-Jong turned his head slightly at Jo-Gol's out of the blue. His eyes were already filled with distrust. If you say something weird, I'll bury you.

"You know. The reason why the morale is down is because Elder Yosa Hon stepped down, right?”

"Probably so."

"Then shouldn't you have objected when you were ousted from your position in the first place?"


"When you're pushed out of your old seat, you follow without a word, and you're anxious because you're not there. I don't know what this is about."

There was a bitter smile around Yoon-jong's mouth.

Unlike Jo-Gol, it was a sharp point.

While Yoon-Jong was silent and unable to find the right answer, Baek Cheon said instead.

"Because he does not take responsibility for himself."


He nodded quietly.

"If the same thing happened in Wasan, anyone would have given their opinion. And the consequences of his opinion would naturally have been the responsibility of him."

Yoon-Jong nodded and agreed.

"Isn't that obvious?"

"……No, but on second thought, I don't think it's obvious. Shouldn't I be responsible for what I didn't do in Hwasan? We're going to take care of what happened to him!"


It turns out that...….


Baek Cheon, who coughed in vain, continued with a straight face.

"But that's not the case here. All you have to do is follow the orders from above. Then you don't have to take responsibility for it even if you have complaints."

"… shouldn't you be?"

Baek Cheon shook his head at Jo-Gol's questionable voice.

"How can we judge whether we are right or wrong? As we live in the middle of the world, we judge and understand the ways of the North Sea. It's just arrogance to talk. You just have to look at it and feel it for yourself."

"All right, Sasook."

Jo-Gol seemed still full of complaints but nodded for now.

"That's true, though, with a blue child as a courtesan...….’

Even if a child is a princess, he just follows.At first glance, you may think it's loyalty. But to interpret this, it meant that Solso Baek was being held responsible for all the crises the North Sea Ice Palace is facing.

Jo-Gol was absolutely disgusted by that.

Solso Baek was on the back of Hanyi Myung, who was running in front of him. Of course, he must have lived in hiding and taught Solso Baek martial arts, but it is a harsh path for a child anyway.

But the child was holding out without a single complaint.

"The death penalty."

"Why, again?"

"……I didn't say anything, so why are you so annoyed?"

"Okay, talk to me."

"Oh, that's enough. I'm not going to."

"What the f*ck?"

When Yoon-Jong glared, Jo-Gol shrugged and cringed.

"Oh, no. It's not normal to bring in a student. That little boy....”

"Princess, man! Princess!"

"……Yes, that's what I think when I look at the princess."

Then Dang-Soso, who was listening to their conversation, snorted softly.

"Just because the Jo-Gol death penalty felt it was worth it to come to the North Sea."

"I agree, Soso."

Baek Cheon glanced back at the death penalty and gave a low laugh.

'These guys.’

It was a way for Hwasan's disciples to relax in their own way. The growing number of trivial puns and other things was like proof that he was that nervous.

That's understandable.

Isn't Baek Cheon so nervous that his muscles feel stiff? Even that Yoo-Esul was a little more expressive than usual.

Fear of battle and fear of witchcraft.

While everyone was under pressure, there was only one person in the world who was easygoing.

"Oh, I'm freezing! Is it far from here? Why is it so far? Are you sure you're on the right track?"


Chung-Myung, who had already become smart with bear skin, screamed.

It was amazing that he could be so angry even though he was shaking endlessly.

"Is he really three times as liver?"

Other people are nervous and can't even speak properly, but they're getting angry because it's cold. Whether to call it bold or thoughtless.



Baek-ah, who took out her head from Chung-Myung's front, cried sharply as if she was cold, too.

It was absolutely unbelievable.

"Where was that thing that came from?’

You couldn't see my nose when I was fighting!

Anyway, really!

Deeply lamented, Baek Cheon sighed and opened his mouth.



Chung-Myung turned his head.

"I think you're out of morale, are you all right?"


Then he looked back and smirked.

"Don't worry. If you don't want to die, you'll fight."

"…That's very clear."

Baek Cheon realized once again. It's useless for Chung-Myung to talk to him about something.

A cold blizzard beat his face mercilessly.

Baek Cheon squinted his eyes and pushed forward. And asked Hanyi Myeong.

"Are you still far away?"

Then Solso Baek, carrying him on his back, answered in a much more nervous voice than usual.

"Do you see the mountains up ahead?”


"There's a place deep in the mountains called the White Wall. It's a small pond that's frozen all year round. It's also the coldest place in the North Sea.""Then……."


Hanyi Myeong nodded with a heavy expression.

"I questioned the man who was delivering the ice, and according to him, the marchers are there."

Baek Cheon's face hardened in a flash.

Keeping this pace would have taken less than half an angle to reach the mountain range.

He looked reflexively at Solso Baek on Hanyi Myeong's back.

The child whose lips were blue from the strong wind was looking forward with a determined face.

Strangely enough, I laughed when I saw it.

The hope of the North Sea.’

Baek Cheon suddenly remembered Hyun Jong. Now he seemed to have a similar expression to Hyun Jong when he saw him.

There is always hope if the future generation has a firm will, even if the predecessor does not stand up properly. If Solso Baek doesn't lose himself, a new spring will come to the North Sea someday.

But to do that...….

'We must defeat those masquerades.’

Baek Cheon's eyes finally relieved anxiety and determination. A loud voice broke out.

"Not much time left! Let's go!"


Hawasan's disciples increased speed thanks to Baek Cheon's voice.

* * *


A black, unclothed madam rushed toward the bishop, who sat with his feet crossed. And he turned upside down on the spot.

"I'm reporting you! Now, a group of bingos and bandits in the midfield are rushing here quickly. We're getting the exact number now, but it looks like at least three hundred for now."

Despite the urgent voice, the bishop could not even move.

He was simply closing his eyes reverently, turning his cross-legged toward the figure of Asura, which is located in the front.


The man who reported did not dare to rush him any further.

Even if his stomach was burning, waiting was all he could do.

After a long wait, a slow voice came from the bishop's mouth.

"…Did you say the people in the middle?”

"Yes! That's right! Bishop."

"Stop it."

The bishop's eyes slowly opened.

A series of creepy bloodlights flowed out. The mysterious combination of red eyeglasses and expressionless faces made the viewer feel as if his soul would freeze.

"The ceremony was almost accomplished. Three. No, two at the most!”

As if it would be a big deal if I took my eyes off it, the bishop's gaze toward the front was fixed and I didn't know that it would fall off.

Under the image of Asura, a strange pattern was newly drawn.

At first glance, it looked like ink, but anyone with a good eye would notice right away. It's a painting of human blood.

In the middle of the oddly twisted patterns, where the circle and the circle face each other and seem to be swirling around each other, there were ice sheets one by one.

A white chill was slowly drawn into the black shadow behind the figure of Asura in a pattern drawn around it.

It's really bizarre...…it was an ominous sight.

The bishop, who was staring at the scene, chewed out.

"Put everything on the line and block it. At least at the cost of his life! If they can't stop them and the world is in disarray, a hundred years of waiting will collapse. That should never happen."


"The sky of Mado will open. Even death is a joy!"


The Magitans smashed their heads on the floor with a look of admiration.

"Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"

Then he turned around quickly and ran outside.The bishop did not turn his head even once in the course of the process. Everything about him seemed to depend on the sight that was now laid before him.

He slowly fell to the ground and showed all the respect he could show.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

Heart beating.

Someone's small, slow heart echoed quietly in a cold-filled cavity.

It was never the sound of the bishop's heart.

"Heavenly Demon시여. The Great Heavenly Demon...….”

Tears streamed down the bishop's cheeks. Freezing drops of water broke down at the bishop's chin before it even fell.

"It's been such a long wait. Heavenly Demon시여. God of the devil. Return to the earth with the desire of this little man, and punish this sinful man."

Heart beating.

The heartbeat coming from somewhere became a little faster.


The cold wind blowing into the cavity was mixed with the coldness emitted by the ice sheet and pushed into the coldest place.

The cloth with Asura's figure flapped like crazy and the scene behind it was slightly.

a seated tooth in a white white suit

The only thing that doesn't look like all the cloth has been lifted is the bottom, but only the long black hair and the pale hands on the knees were clearly revealed.

"Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"

Blood came out of the bishop's eyes.

"Punish the unbelievers who have been tainted with sin, and condemn those who have failed to believe in the coming of Heavenly Demon to the end! Heavenly Demon시여! He will put the world under his feet!"

His scream began to fill his pupils.

* * *

"Is it here?"

A large pond, frozen white, appeared.

It was more like a lake than a pond, but I liked it now.

At the entrance to a large cave at the end of the lake, the now-familiar armed men in robes showed up.


Baek Cheon chewed on his lips.

"You're stuck in a place like them."

Chung-Myung grinned and took a step forward.

"The death penalty."


Chung-Myung slowly pulled up the sword.

"Can you feel it?"

"…what do you mean?"

When asked by Baek Cheon, he rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"Something's going on in that cave. It's so creepy, you've got it right."


Baek Cheon opened his eyes slightly and looked toward the cave. But I still didn't feel anything special.

Only the will of the devils, who are close to the original poison, has been clearly conveyed.

"…That's unusual."

"It'll be different from before. If you let your guard down, you'll die immediately."

"I see."


Blue flesh sprang from Chung-Myung's eyes.

"Let's go. What the hell are you doing?"

As soon as the low words were over, his body shot forward like a ray of light.