Chapter - 529 Episode 529. Don't look down. (4)


Hanyi Myeong was stunned and swallowed up the wind.

There is an implicit process in war.

When an enemy is found, those in charge of command set up strategies and strategies. And give speeches that boost the morale of the soldiers.

After all this preparation, it is basic to start the attack in earnest.

In war, each other takes their own lives.

Even though they are fighters who live on sharp food, they need at least time to brace themselves when they are about to fight for their lives.

But Chung-Myung neatly ignored such a basic process.

Without a single sign, without any instructions, he rushed to the marches. As soon as he saw the back of his head, Hanyi Myeong's hair turned white.

'What the hell!'

Therefore, I was confused about what judgment to make for the moment.

One. At that moment.


Solso Baek, who was watching the situation next to Hanyi Myeong, shouted loudly in a clear voice.

"Attack! Don't let the opponent have a chance to take the field!"

Hanyi Myeong, confused by the words, quickly came to his senses.


The stopped head quickly began to spin again.

The enemies are now coming out of the cave. It is, so to speak, crowded in a narrow area.

If the opponent comes out of the cave and takes a wide position, the numerical advantage becomes useless. Haven't you been through it once already?

"What a stupid!’

Hanyi Myung chewed on her lips and screamed her throat out.

"Attack! Now! Now! Attack! Ah! Ah!

Hwasan's disciples were already running after Chung-Myung at a formidable pace.

Chung-Myung, who took the lead, was throwing away the marchers who had not yet been equipped with camps.

"Attack! d*mn it, attack it! That momentum must continue!"

Hanyi Myeong's voice was filled with indisputable irritation and anger.

God d*mn it.

Hanyi Myeong looked back. The bingos were all buzzing over the sudden attack order.

Even the commanders who had to crack down on them and fulfill their orders seemed to find it difficult to control the bewildered bingos.

Why can't the Bingo keep up with that speed?

This is Chung-Myung, who usually talks nonsense like he is out of his mind. However, when he entered the battlefield, it was hard to even chase him.

'Why the hell?'

At that moment.


Solso Baek pulled a sword from his waist with a determined face.


"Turn it all around!"

Then he ran forward without a moment to stop him. As the young palace owner ran out first, other bingos rushed to follow without time to think.


"Follow the Lord of the Palace!"

"Defeat the Magons!"

Hanyi Myeong stared blankly at Solso Baek, who stood there and ran away, and the following Binggudos.

There is no strategy or camp. So, of course, it was a chaotic charge. But the momentum was clearly far different than before.

'That kid, before I knew it...…?’

Hanyi Myeong couldn't take her eyes off the child's back.

He is the son of a former palace owner.

But he was no better than his own son. I was still in front of my eyes when I looked up, calling my father.

That's why this situation was all the more unfamiliar. When did the young, tiny child grow up to lead everyone in the lead of the bingo?In such a short time.

Biting his lips, Hanyi Myeong began to run forward with all his might.

I can't lose either!’

Chung-Myung, who was at the top of the list, and Solso Baek, who was running straight toward him, clenched his sword.

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung's sword split the space like an island war.


In an instant, a demon who lost one arm twisted his face like a demon and swung his remaining hand fiercely.


Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Chae had a deep cut on her wrist, upper arm, and side even before touching Chung-Myung's body. The red flesh was revealed completely.


The Magyo, who was completely cut off from the history, groaned and tried to hit Chung-Myung with his body. However, Chung-Myung's sword was much faster this time as well.

Push! Push!

Dozens of stabs.

The attack, which seemed to have moved at the same time with ten swords, was embedded in the Magitans' whole body. The upper body of the black-unclothed demon was punctured in an instant, and blood poured out.

Whoo! Whoosh!

The last black man penetrated the heart of a demon.


Even though the sword felt a creepy sensation that cut through the heart, the Magistrate did not stop.

He stretched out his dangling arms somehow and tried to grab Chung-Myung by the neck.

Chung-Myung muttered slowly.

"…I'm sure……".”


The sword lodged in the heart was twisted without mercy.


Blood spouted from the mouth of the Magitans like a fountain.

"There must be something great in there. Seeing how desperate he is."

"……처, Heavenly Demon재…….”

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung, who swung the sword stuck in his heart and blew it away as if he had ripped off the upper body of a demon, advanced with an indifferent face.

The blood spilling into Ho Gong spilled over his body like rain. Those who did not know the situation would have misunderstood Chung-Myung as a demon if they saw the scene.

It was as cruel and harsh as that.

But the cruel sight was enough to demoralize his opponent and boost the morale of his followers.

"Bring it on!"

Baek Cheon shouted loudly and pressed the marchers. Plum swords spewed from the tip of the sword were thrown at the enemy, shaking several times more than usual.


Hye Yeon's fist was as strong as he was.

The firecracker, who came out from the tip of his fist, was locked up to the marchers who were busy preventing the plum swords.


Along with a huge binge, the marchers burst out blood and flew back. It was an attack that would turn his body into a mess.

Hye Yeon stared fiercely in front of her with big eyes and bit her lips tightly.

Who else would go to hell if it wasn't me?’

It was impossible to commit murder as a body following the Buddha. Therefore, he has controlled his power to the extent that he will not kill his opponent in any circumstances.

But in this situation the idea is just arrogance.

"Get back!"


Hye Yeon's whole body exuded an auspicious golden aura.

He, who managed a free university during the 70s and the 70s, clenched his teeth and poured his energy into the marchers.

The white earth was gilded by the glow.

'I am not a protected person.’

If he avoids murder, someone has to kill that much again.

If you look at Chung-Myung, who is covered in blood in the front, and still talk about it with your two eyes, it would be like putting off other people's own sins."A-Mi-Ta-Bul!"

Hye Yeon, who resented the mountain, stretched her hands forward vigorously. The tension of free power poured into the marchers like a west light shining through the darkness.

Whoo! Whoosh!

There was a tremendous roar. Those who were beaten by free competence spouted blood with seven balls and fell.

The enormous power shook and shook the whole valley like an earthquake.

"Oh, my God! I should have entered Shaolin!"

"Keep your mouth shut, Jo-Gol."

"No, the death penalty. Look at that. That makes no sense...….Ugh! Do you still wield a sword at the priest or not?"

"Yes! Please shut up, please!"

Jo-Gol, who giggled while avoiding Yoon-Jong's sword, jumped onto the heads of the marchers with his eyes gleaming with frightening eyes.

Papapat! Papat!

It was not long before dozens of sword-making images fell on the heads of the marchers.


"This guy!"

The one who couldn't avoid, and the one who somehow avoided. lastly

"Kill me!"

A black-stained hand at Jo-Gol's lower body.

But the hand he wielded was blocked by the protruding edge of a sword before it touched Jo-Gol's body.

Kakao Talk!

Yun-Jong, who extended his sword to protect Jo-Gol, said, "With his cool eyes, he let out his sword."

"I told you not to jump all of a sudden!"

"These guys need to do this."

"The enemy is a demon."

"I know!"

Yoon-jong, who had been silent for a while, smiled and chewed.

"Yeah, let's die!"

And with his teeth clenched, he backed Jo-Gol and began to fight fiercely.

Chung-Myung, who was watching the scene, thought, wielding a sword with a strange expression.

'Maybe because they're young, every day is different.’

When they first entered the North Sea, they are so different now that they are incomparably different. Experiencing a series of life-threatening battles, the sword became sharper, and the wick became stronger.

Now it was overshadowed to call it a postscript.

Yoo-Esul and Dang-Soso were also paired and driving their enemies at a frightening rate. Yoo-Esul led Dang-Soso, and Dang-Soso backed her up to fill the gap.

"You wicked bastards!"

The successive performances of Hwasan disciples and Hye Yeon drew the eyes of the marchers.


"No way."

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung's sword hit the head of the Magyo right in front of it. As the blood was scattered all over the place, the eyes on Chung-Myung returned in unison.

Chung-Myung grinned curiously, twisting corners of his mouth.

"You almost got upset, didn't you?”

Holding the sword as a reciprocal, he began to run like a bloodthirsty wolf. At the same time, the warriors of the Ice Palace who overtook Solso Baek came rushing like white waves and hit the marchers.


"We've got a lot more! Don't back off!"

"If we don't knock them down, the North Sea is over anyway! Never let a man live!"

Inspired by the performance of the Hwasanians, the warriors of the Bingo swung their swords with immense force, almost as if they had lost their reason.

They've already experienced one win.

Of course, it was devastatingly damaged, and it did little on its own, but it was a victory anyway.

Moreover, there were not as many marchers they had to deal with now than the other day.

So there was no reason not to make it again. First of all, isn't Chung-Myung still strong, crushing enemies in the lead?

"Show me the power of the Bingo!""Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Sue is a force in and of itself.

Narrowly encircled marches in front of the cave were quickly surrounded by the warriors of the Bingo. As the camp, which was already narrow, became narrower, it became difficult to show my skills.

A creepy life came out of Chung-Myung's eyes as he watched it.


The more we fought, the more certain it became.

The venom and cruelty of the past have not been lost, but not so strong. Neither force nor tactics are comparable.

'Heavenly Demon.'

In the end, his existence was a problem.

Markyo without Heavenly Demon is just a fanatic group of fanatics. The madness creeps the beholder, but there are, frankly, a few more social groups in the strong.

However, when Heavenly Demon is added to the social group, Mahkyo becomes the strongest slaughter group to shake up the history of the strong.

For those who serve the living gods, there is nothing to fear and nothing to lose.

These people in front of us are still people, but not anymore when Heavenly Demon is resurrected.


Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung's sword cut off the entire marchers who blocked the front.

"Get out of my way."

It's in there.

From their actions, there must be something going on in there.


Just in time, a demon rushed in with his eyes peeled open. Chung-Myung stabbed a sword deep into its hand and revealed its teeth.


A female sword stuck in her hand advanced and split her arms long.


In the face of the immense suffering, even the Martyrs couldn't help but scream disastrous screams.


Chung-Myung, who showed mercy to reduce his opponent's pain by hitting his neck, moved quickly toward the cave, shinning his eyes.

"Get out of the way."

Blood of the marchers streamed down his face.

Only his eyes shone white in his blood-covered face.

"Or everyone dies here."


Chung-Myung, who quickly turned the sword around, flooded forward.

As it is, a demon firmly embedded a sword in the heart. Then he lifted his cramping body like a shield and pushed it into the cave.


Looking at Chung-Myung, who is pushing ahead without hesitation in the future, the blood-stained marchers greeted him with a scream that seemed not to belong to this world.