Chapter - 530 Episode 530. Don't look down. (5)


Chung-Myung pushed his enemies with a drooping body pierced through a sword as a shield.

"Hey, stop it!"

"Don't back off!"

The marchers tried to stop Chung-Myung somehow, but there was nothing they could do about the power created from a history of purity.


Chung-Myung shook his sword at them and threw the body away. The sudden move caused the marchers to step back.

Plum soil salt, which is a test method for plum blossoms.

At the same time, a snake's tongue-like sword poured at them.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch!

The whole body of the marchers quickly turned into blood. Even as they poured blood all over themselves, they somehow rushed to stop Chung-Myung.

It was impossible to stop Chung-Myung with an injured body.


Chung-Myung, who blew off the head of the horseman at once, jumped into the air and stabbed the bodies of his enemies.

In the meantime, his eyes were on the war.

This is certainly taking the initiative. But things are starting to change elsewhere. Although the marchers were pushed back once by force, there was no reason to continue to be pushed back unless there was a difference in their skills from the beginning.

"Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"

"Kill the unbelievers!"

The place where the warriors and marchers of the Bingo faced each other began to be pushed back little by little.

Such an open space was filled with horsemen pouring out of the cave.

But Chung-Myung smiled and showed his teeth at the sight.

'That's right.'

Surely they are clumsy. They know what to do, but they don't know how to do it. It's the same that they haven't experienced a proper war.


Chung-Myung, who released tension to the front, once again lifted himself up. His eyes clearly showed a loose front.

As those who came out of the cave entered the empty space, the front of the cave became so weak that they had to concentrate and stop.

"Hye Yeon!"

"Yes, Shizu!"

Back there, Hye Yeon answered loudly and flew toward Chung-Myung.

"Stand at the head and clear the way! Accident! Support Hye Yeon's left and right!"

"Got it!"

Baek Cheon came running, and Yoo-Esul was already standing next to Hye Yeon without answering.

And Jo-Gol, Yoon-Jong, and Dang-Soso found their place, even though they didn'

In the back, Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Solso Baek and Hanyi Myeong.

"Leave it to me!"


Solso Back answered with a great deal of clamor. Hanyi Myeong also nodded, biting her lips.

The important thing is not to defeat the Magistrates, but to stop the resurrection of Heavenly Demon.

"Piercing, ddung!"


Hye Yeon rushed forward with a gold mine. It was like a scene of golden frost separating the earth.

Followed by Hawasan's disciples in black suits, roaring with a roar.

"Don't look back, move forward! I'm in charge of the backside attack!"

Chung-Myung shouted and jumped forward.


The tip of his sword shook like a kite, and soon the red plum swords were shot out. In an instant, the plum blossoms poured from side to side of the Hwasan disciples who pierced the street.



The plum swords are familiar to the marchers who have been in the ice, but they have never dealt with Chung-Myung before.

How can you not be embarrassed when a black sword, which is shaped like a flower, suddenly falls like rain?Hye Yeon, who had been loosened to block and avoid, drilled from the lead.


Whoo! Whoosh!

Those who blocked Hye Yeon's front were pushed back with vibrations like hitting a giant bell.

The heavyness of the head weighed on their whole body and crushed them.


The body, which could not overcome the pressure, complained of distress. Blood flowed not only from the mouth and nose, but also from the eyes and ears.

Of course, the marchers did not easily back down in the midst of it, but the attack left a number of gaps.

And of course it was Yoo-Esul who didn't miss the moment.

Oh, my god!

Yoo-Esul's sword, which bounced out like an island war, was quickly rammed into the hearts of the oppressed marchers.


The blood spouting out of his heart soaked Yoo-Esul's face. But she didn't blink an eye, and stabbed the sword indifferently. At first glance, the sight of killing an enemy's life with a faceless face was frightening, but it was also incredibly reliable.

"You wicked!"

The marchers' flag flew in for Yoo-Esul's whole body.


But at that moment, Baek Cheon, who ran, quickly blocked it for her.


Nevertheless, the tip of the nail that was not completely blocked cut through Yoo-Esul's upper arm. She cut off her opponent's breath with an indifferent face without distorting her expression as if she had no pain.


Hye Yeon, who earned time with the help of Yoo-Esul and Baek Cheon, boosted her energy and flew the white card forward.


One more time!


The Baekbo Divine, which flew one after another, devastated the camp of the marchers. And finally the front of the cave was pierced.

"Follow me!"

Hye Yeon ran first with a loud uncharacteristic roar. Then Yoon-Jong, Jo-Gol, and Dang-Soso protected his back.

It was not long before Hwasan's disciples rushed into the cave at a formidable speed.

…...except for one.


Chung-Myung, who was left alone in the back, stared at them with blank eyes.


Why don't you take someone with you?


What? Guys?

"My my."

Chung-Myung shook his head a couple of times and often started running toward the cave.

He looked back at Solso Baek, who had just cut down the horsemen who were rushing.

Even though he didn't say anything, Solso Baek nodded with a determined face. As if to defeat the remaining marchers.

"Anyway, these days."

It grows fast too.

Smirking Chung-Myung flew into the cave. Before he knew it, blue naturalization was rising from his eyes.

'It's not up to you as long as I'm here.’

* * *


The cavity vibrated.

The bishop's eyebrows slightly wriggled at the great energy of the outside. His face, pretending to be indifferent, began to shake subtly.

I've been waiting for a hundred years.

There really isn't much time left.

But heaven is putting them through the ordeal to the end.

No, maybe even heaven is trying to stop the resurrection of Heavenly Demon somehow.

But it's useless.

Heavenly Demon's desire to revive cannot even stop heaven. Soon that sky will fall and a new evil sky will open.

It was then.


Someone rushed into the joint.

"Madong is the entrance of unbelievers!"The bishop replied briefly without turning a blind eye.

"Stop it."

"Choi, I'm trying my best to stop it! But it's more than I thought, so I can keep them out of the way.….”

"Stop it."


The urgent voice calmed down before the eerie voice from the bishop's mouth.

"We don't have much time left for Heavenly Demon to come to this land. Even if your life is lost, don't let the feet of the filthy unbelievers touch this sacred place."

Soon there was a terrible venom in the eyes of the Magitans.

"Heavenly Demon재림! God bless you! God bless you!"


Impressed by the compliment, the demon ran out in silence with a grim face. The willingness to die came out from his back.

Throughout the process, the bishop's gaze was never to fall from the image of Asura alone ahead.

"…Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

I know.

Allowing entry into the cave means that there is a strong man among them who cannot be stopped by the power of the congregation alone. Even if it takes time, it will eventually be pierced.

But there was no other choice.

The most important thing for him is not to protect the congregation.

Living in a world without Heavenly Demon to the congregation is worse than death.

If only Heavenly Demon could be resurrected, they would be willing to sacrifice their lives, too.

"Heavenly Demon시여. Don't turn a blind eye to the blood and resentment of all these believers."

It's been a long time.

But the wait was finally coming to an end.

Heart beating.

The sound of the heart, which has become clearer than before, was even ringing the bishop's heart.

"Ah……. Ah…….”

And at that very moment.


There was a loud vibrating sound in the background.

At the same time, someone's scream was heard.


The vibrations that echoed the entire cave gradually got closer.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

Blue flesh flowed from the bishop's eyes.



Hye Yeon's fist is stuck in the jaws of the Magitans. At first, the Magitans, whose jaw bones were crushed, had cramps and slid down to the floor.


But Hye Yeon ran forward without giving a glance to the fallen. Hwasan's disciples quickly chased him like that.

One. At that moment.

A margarian lying on the floor reached out and grabbed Baek Cheon's leg.

Surprised, Baek Cheon looked down.

Despite the internal organs flowing out of the cracked ship and the jaw completely crushed and crumpled, he was stretching with blood in his eyes.

The power in the hand was never strong. It's just a touch, without a history.k.a history.

However, the young desperation in his hands was so cold that his heart was chilled.





Baek Cheon, who cut off his opponent's neck, turned his head when he could not bear to see the person falling. Even though his life was cut off, his hands, which held the dance of his trousers, did not lose strength.

Baek Cheon, who was forced to tear off the hand, clenched his teeth and ran after those ahead.

'That's awful.'

The marchers did not take care of their own lives and blocked them, just like the mother of an oyster guard. Now, even Baek Cheon, who understood some of the followers' tendencies, was so desperate that he shuddered.

What the hell is Heavenly Demon to them?

Such a terrible fanatic.

Baek Cheon couldn't understand them in any way.No matter how religious I am and who I value more than myself, how can I abandon my life so worthlessly?

Can the existence of Heavenly Demon be important enough to risk one's life?

I don't know.’

A deep hatred crawled all over my body. Now I understand why Mahyo and Jungwon fought with hatred toward each other.

I'm sure it's the same person.’

What the hell…….

"Empty your thoughts."

Then a low voice came from behind his back.

"It's enough to think later."


Baek Cheon pushed his strength into the leg, accepting Chung-Myung's words.

"In front of you!"

"I saw it!"

With his teeth clenched, he stared ahead. I could see a faint light leaking from the end of that cave.

Over there!

I could tell by intuition. It's happening right there.

"Let's go!"

Baek Cheon, who shouted to calm his trembling heart, soon jumped to the front and spurred speed. It was fast enough to make the cave walls feel like they were collapsing.

In time, they reached a large cavity in an instant.

"Ee, this?"

"……what is it?"

Hawasan's disciples were all astonished at the sight before them.

There was a cloth large enough to fill the front, and there was a statue of Asura.

The ominousness of the sight, which had never been seen before, made even those who had survived the death row flinch.


The first eye was on Asura's figure, but the last stop was in front of it.

the aged

I didn't know that everyone's eyes would fall on the back of the old man, who sat alone in a large cavity.

Except for being slightly larger, he was just an old man, nothing unusual. The white frosty hair is fixed with an obliquely inserted binaut, and the red-colored tarp looks worn out.

No matter how you look at it, it was just an ordinary old man.


'What the...'

Baek Cheon bit his lips.

It seemed as if an ominous and shady energy was crawling up my ankle. I've been so repulsed that I want to tear and scratch my whole body.

I just caught that back in my eyes. Nevertheless, there was a sense of crisis as if he had put his neck out to the beast's huge gills.

'The author...'

Hawsan's disciples held their breath unconsciously.

Bishop, who leads the remnants of the Mahist.

I could tell even if I didn't have to mix words or hands.

The interest is different from the level seen so far.


It was different from any enemy they had ever seen.

I've never even felt this much presence from Bop Jeong, Shaolin's master. As proof of the fact, Hye Yeon's face was white without blood.

It was at the time when everyone groaned at the shock of the existence of the bishop.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

The old man, who had loosened his seat, slowly lay on the floor of his pupils.


The old man, who had not even looked at them in the back, raised his body slowly, very slowly, to the statue of Asura.

And then slowly turned and looked at them.


It was just eye contact, but Hwasan's disciples flinched unknowingly.

"……you shouldn't have stepped in here."A blue light streamed out of his eyes.

"The sin of defiling the sacred space where Heavenly Demon resurrects. I will not pay you back with that life."

A cold sweat from my forehead fell on my chin.



The moment when everyone's head is blank.

"The old man has lived so long that he's gone crazy. Resurrection of what?

A calm voice came out from behind their backs.

Walking out with a straight face, Chung-Myung faced the bishop.

"You don't seem to know.….”

I love you.

Then he smiled and pulled out a sword to aim at the bishop.

"It's something you need my permission to do."


A gentle smile came out of the bishop's mouth.

The smile grew bigger and bigger and soon turned into a big, ear-splitting mineral.


In the cavity, the bishops' ore echoed as if to burst.

The bishop's whole body was filled with black magi, like black water. Hawasan's disciples clasped the sword reflexively at the sight of the evil god as if he had arrived in the world.

"Not a single strand of flesh will be left in the world! You filthy unbelievers!"

The Ma River, which the bishop sowed, swept through the cavity like a storm.

A bishop of the Mahism who trampled on the world by becoming the limbs of Heavenly Demon a hundred years ago.

The power is now beginning to be reproduced here.