Chapter - 534 Episode 534, even if I die here! (4)

The tip of the raised sword was shaking slightly.

The legs that supported the body also faltered.

But Baek Cheon made it through. In front of the bishop staring at him with a clear look.

"......Bek Cheon from Hwasan......"

The bishop's mouth is twisted.

"Do you know what the word means?"

The bishop's lively eyes stared penetrating Baek Cheon. As the black flames flared up, Baek Cheon bit his lips unknowingly.

"Do you know what the two words "Hwasan" mean to those who gave everything to the bridge in support of "Heavenly Demon"?

Baek Cheon forced the corners of his mouth up and chewed on.

"I don't know about that, but I know one thing for sure."

Then he grabbed the sword to break it.

"that our forefathers have struck you in the neck of God."

"Oh, and now that your neck is going to fall."

The face of the bishop disappeared completely.

Did you say that when anger reaches its peak, you don't get angry anymore?

Instead of raging anger, a downward, black, sizzling anger was fired at his disciples, including Baek Cheon.

"Heavenly Demon Adventure Manmaangbok."

The bishop opened his mouth.

"Answer me, hateful Hwasan disciple."

"Hwasan lost his power. Your spirit has fallen to the ground, and you can no longer see the mighty power that even the church was wary of."

Baek Cheon laughed in vain at this situation.

Spirit and strength.

It was funny.

The midfield doesn't recognize Hwasan.

Even Hwasan's disciples had forgotten their pride in saving the world against the devil.

However, the bishop of Mahyo, who was the greatest enemy, discusses the power and spirit of Hwasan.

So how can it not be funny?

"You, who call yourself Hwasan's disciples, are weak and feeble enough to not dare to call him a successor."

"And you dare to stop me? With that weak force?"

Baek Cheon laughed at the look of contempt that seemed to be looking down.

"Weak. Yes, as you say, I'm weak as can be."

"That's why you can't back down! I'll remain weak for the rest of my life if I walk away and run away like this!"

Baek Cheon's voice, aimed at the sword, grew louder and louder and louder and louder.

"Hwasan's regular?"

"Check it out with your eyes! I'll prove with this sword that Hwasan's spirit is not broken!"

The bishop stared silently at Baek Cheon.

'Yeah, that's the kind of eyes.’

In the past, Mahyo and Jungwon fought a war.

Hwasan's fighters, who blocked the bridge from the front more than anyone else, all had those eyes.

Not fearing but not backing down, not giving up even though you know your weakness.

"Hwasan is Hwasan?"

The bishop, who had been reciting quietly, finally revealed his teeth again.


Oh, my god!

A moment of quiet energy swept through his entire body.

"It doesn't mean anything. Even if the period is not cut off, Hwasan is no longer the former Hwasan. You have not been able to keep up with the power of Hwasan."

Magi's brave wind soared in the shape of a black black dragon ascending to heaven. At the same time, the pressure squashed everywhere.

"I'll let you know that nothing is meaningless in the face of overwhelming power!"

Holding onto the sword, Baek Cheon's hand began to twist back under pressure. The whole body complained of intense pain and the soul screamed.

Nevertheless, he did not back down, but rather stretched one foot forward and lowered his posture.'Don't back off.’

I never back down.


Under strong pressure, the sword was bent as if it were broken, and all the blood vessels in the hand that grabbed the sword burst and the skin died black.

Even though I clenched my teeth, I couldn't help myself trying to be pushed away.

And at that moment.

The warmth touched his back.

Baek Cheon looked back reflexively.

"Living room!"

"The death penalty!"

Yoon-Jong and Yoo-Esul were supporting him on the shoulder. As always, very naturally. And naturally.

Back Cheon turned his eyes again and faced immediate despair.

I think I've fallen to hell.’

I felt certain again.

How his predecessors fought against the fearful in the past. What a great achievement to defeat them and finally cut off Heavenly Demon's neck.


Back Cheon, who swung the sword hard and pushed back the pressure, slowly took the upper hand.

"I am..."

If I were alone, I might have already thrown a sword and run away.

But now he wasn't alone. Behind him were those he had to protect. There were people pushing his back.

Not as a warrior, Baek Cheon. As Baek Cheon, Hwasan's great student, he couldn't take a step back here.

"I'm connecting Hwasan!"

Baek Cheon's sword tips began to paint a sagacious plum blossom.

small plum blossoms

It was a plum blossom that looked too small and weak to deal with a black magi that fluctuates like an ominous evil dragon.

One plum blossoms do not bloom alone.

Another one. And another one.

A plum by Baek Cheon was added to a plum by Yoo-Esul. The plum blossoms painted by Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong, and even the plum blossoms desperately created by Dang-Soso, all overlapped.


A huge forest of plum blossoms emerged.

Like plum blossoms in full bloom in the springtime of Hwasan.

Everything in the world seems to be covered in plum blossoms.

The bishop chewed his lips unknowingly at the spectacular sight. Blood trickled down from the torn lips.

'That's... '

How can I forget?

That hateful and terrible sight.

In a moment, the whole world was full of plum blossoms... and after that...

a hot-tempered body

The bishop grabbed his chest without realizing it.

The memory of not being able to escape for a single moment was due to him.

Because he seemed to be in front of the hateful man who rose like an island in the flowers that bloomed without knowing the end and cut off his chest.

'A plum inspection... '...'

It clearly occurred to me that Maehwa was cutting off his chest with a cool look.

"How dare you..."

My teeth are chipped.

Anger soared all over the body as if it were burning my head white.

If he had then stopped the inspection of plum blossoms there, it would not have happened that Heavenly Demon ascended to heaven again.

a hundred years of lingering regret And a hundred years of regret.

The anger that had been weighed down and suppressed is now on the verge of burning him all at once.


I could tell for sure.

These are descendants of plum blossom screening. You're the one who inherited that hateful sword!

"I'll kill you all! Whoosh!

The swirling magi began to clump together. And soon it began to pour like a torrent at Hawsan's disciples.

Suracheon Salma River Mara Waterfall!

Portrait serenheit, which can only be mastered by bishops of Mahyo, was finally being reproduced here over a hundred years.Hundreds and thousands of black spectres seemed to be intertwined and gathered and rushed into preciousness, a truly terrible sight that could not be seen without hell.

A torrent of black spectre hit the forests of plum blossoms that covered the world.


The noble plum blossoms soon broke apart, failing to withstand the vast black runoff.

"Gasp... "

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth, clenched his sword tightly with his shattered hands.

I felt like I was going to lose my mind at any momentarily.

Hang in there!

He bit his tongue and forced the distancing consciousness back.

There are priests behind him. And beyond that, there is a man you must never lose.

I don't care if you die here!"

I'm never backing down!


A magnificent wave of golden came from behind his back.

Hye Yeon's free-of-charge capability permeates through the plum blossoms, creating a golden atmosphere.

Black turbines.

red plum blossoms

And the golden pacing was intertwined and swirling.

"Come on, you f*cking bastard!"

Baek Cheon's loud shout was quickly buried by the massive outbursts that followed.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

The energy that had been entangled burst out, and huge shocks swept everywhere. Everything that was standing was blown away, and the whole floor was turned upside down and soared to Ho Gong.


In a scene where the world seemed to be collapsing upside down, the bishop standing alone burst into a light. Blood came out one after another from two eyes that almost let go of reason.

"Heavenly Demon재림! Manmaangbok!"

Leaving himself to madness, he blew his tension at random and began to crush everything around him. The mountain shook and the ground screamed.


Black magi spread out, destroying the world as if to announce the end of the world.

the right and the right.

Right and right.

"What are you talking about?"

I kept hearing strange noises.

I couldn't understand that.

But... that was all. He had no will or power to identify the sound.

It's just... it's blank in my head.

It's getting farther away.

It's blurry.

The deep sea seemed to be infinitely rich. As if he had thrown away his body, his body lost its strength kept being pushed somewhere.


I think I can be completely calm without that annoying sound.

And at that moment.


I felt a terrible pain in my fingertips.

Suddenly, Chung-Myung stared at Ho Gong with his eyes wide open. The blurry eyes quickly regained focus.

What is this...?

A ridiculous, embarrassing sight greeted him.

Broken rock fragments were scattered from all sides, and pieces of ice were pouring down like arrow rain.

Chung-Myung turned to his hand where he still felt pain.

Something white is biting his hand until it bleeds.


Chung-Myung, who was staring blankly at the scene, unknowingly lowered his gaze downward. The long marks left by his body were clear.

Chung-Myung looked at Baek-ah again.


It would be hard to understand the animal's feelings just by looking at its expression, but I could see what this animal was saying now. That desperation was fully understood.

a ravine breaking apart

a bishops running wild


The students of Hwasan who are bleeding down over there.

At that moment, his eyes were filled with blue life.

"This…"In the midst of unconsciousness, he grabbed the black plum sword, which he never let go of.

"The Heaven of the Horse shall be upon us!"

The voice of the mad bishop rang loudly.

"No one of the unbelievers will survive! Heavenly Demon will purify the world and open a new sky! Don't you dare leave your head alone, little bastards..."


At that time, the bishop, who burst into laughter as if he had lost his reason, stopped talking for a moment.


He stopped as if his body had stiffened.

But even the bishop didn't understand why he stopped talking.

Oh, my god!


Then the bishop grasped the pain in his chest like a tear.

A chill was coming from the ice that covered the chest.

It was unbearable pain like cutting out the wound with a knife and digging. Just like the time when the first plum screening split his heart.

'Why all of a sudden...'

This wound won't heal.

It's a wound that no god could ever heal. Therefore, it has been frozen on ice, stayed only in the coldest place, and prevented the deterioration of the wound.

I already knew that if I overworked myself, the wound would come out and die. Didn't the Consul beg him to use the ice he had sacrificed his life to save first, not Heavenly Demon?

But I've never felt so much pain in this wound before.

Oh, my god!


The bishop, grasping his heart, tried to suppress the pain.

Did I overdo it?

I couldn't find any other reason. The bishop with his lips crushed glared at the disciples of Hwasan in front of him.

"Before I get any more limits on my body, all of them..."

But his thoughts didn't run out.


I felt something cool behind my back.

Different from the coldness of the North Sea, different from the coldness of scratching and squeezing his chest.

Something was approaching, rather than cool, to call it creepy.

The bishop's head slowly turned sideways.

In the distance, a man lying on the floor slowly stood up.

The bishop frowned, unaware of the English.

If it was just him, what was the creep he felt? What the hell was wrong with that dying man standing up?

But the bishop's eyes soon grew as big as they were torn apart. Magi's dull, red pupils shook relentlessly.

The vision of the inspection of plum blossoms in the past overlapped with the figure of a person raising his body with his head bent down.

The image of the plum-blossom inspection of the time when he was young man's chest.

The bishop trembled with his eyes wide open at this incredible hallucination.

Chung-Myung, who woke up completely before he knew it, slowly raised his head and opened his eyes.

A look penetrated the bishop as if it were too cold to freeze his soul.


Chung-Myung's new lips leaked out as if he had returned from hell.

"Don't ever think of dying nicely."

At the end of his sword, a blood-red sword gushed out like a wave.