Chapter - 535 Episode 535, even if I were to die here!

Oh, my god!

There was a burning pain in my chest.

The bishop's face gradually distorted.

I've always lived with pain and got used to it. Even if someone cut his flesh and crushed his bones, he wouldn't blink an eye.

But the pain in my chest now was different from that simple physical pain. It was a pain that had been hidden for a long time, much deeper.

The eyes of the bloody bishop did not move as if they were fixed on Chung-Myung standing in front of him.

Plum screening?

It's not even funny.

How dare you overlap that weak examination with that plum blossom examination.

Whoever it is.

It was recognized as the most powerful religion.

The dead body of a Christian forms a mountain and blood forms a river in front of his sword. It is the examination of plum blossoms that is like a demon that will not be cool even if you chew with powder all over your body.

He had to admit it because he was hateful and hateful.

It wasn't just his former bishop. During the war, more than half of the bishops of the church were killed by the sword of the plum blossoms. Only one person died at the hands of him.

Even the former bishop was an unparalleled powerhouse. It was the inspection of plum blossoms that blew the neck of such a person and eventually led the current bishop to rise to his post at a young age.


You're overlapping that weak guy with that scared plum screen? How can this be possible without being distracted?


The bishop smudged his teeth.

"You're not gonna die beautifully?"

And he stared straight at Chung-Myung, who was exuding life.

It is no different from how a dog barks. Normally, I would have just laughed the moment I heard that.

But now I can't laugh strangely.

The mysterious creep kept him from laughing.

You're saying I'm on the lookout for that inspection?’

It was totally incomprehensible.

"Hwasan's inspection of plum blossoms is as different as heaven and earth." But how come...

It was that moment.

That buck.

Chung-Myung slowly stepped toward the bishop.

The bishop's face was horribly distorted as soon as he walked in with a sword hanging on the floor in one hand.

In the past, Maehwa inspection, which was approached him, was just like that. A sense of deja vu that was not felt by the other Hwasan disciple was constantly felt by the author.

Again, a throbbing fit of rage.

The bishop clenched his teeth, ignoring the pain in his chest.

"How dare you talk in front of me!"

Shaking up the chaos that shook his head, he let out a frenzy.

But at that moment, a desperate scream came from behind him.


"It's more dangerous! Preserve the jade!"

"You have to think about the world!"

The bishop's face was horribly distorted by the screams of desperate believers.

Normally, or a little while ago, I would never have ignored that remark.

Leaving the rest to clean up, he would have headed back together. But now I couldn't.

I don't want to, but I had to admit it eventually.

The author is dangerous.

The author must handle it with his own hands.


The bishop made a strong stride. Fragments of the badly broken floor flopped into Ho Gong.


He stretched his hand forward with a boiling shout. Fragments of rising rock began to be shot at Chung-Myung like memorization.Chung-Myung twisted the corners of his mouth as he saw pieces of stone flying toward him.

"Fake it!"

After all these years, those bishops have not changed. I can't believe this kind of attack will work on him.

Chung-Myung rushed back at the debris of the flying rock.


His body stretched out, leaving a long afterimage. And without missing the faintest gap between the debris, they dug in and rushed at a tremendous speed.

"Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

The bishop, who carried the Noho Castle, released an explosive maggie from both hands. It was as if a patch had been opened from both hands to hell.

"Kill me!"

Magi from both hands clumped together and soon became a giant beast.

Black market masu-tam blood.

As if the image of the black beast roared, he opened his mouth and attacked Chung-Myung.

It was simply a formidable history.

Chung-Myung's power alone was close to impossible to defeat this enormous history.


Just yourself.

At that moment, Chung-Myung's sword, which rushed to avoid debris of rock, slowly drew arcs in Ho Gong.

It wasn't fast, and it wasn't perfect.

It's just natural.

Beyond punishment and ceremony, beyond science and example, black reaches nature.

Just yourself.

A sword, which seemed to have no strength, was stuck in the head of the beast.


Oh, my god!

A weak piece of sword, just made of iron, lightly parted Masu's head, which was about to devour the world.

The necropolis echoed as if it were tearing its ears apart.

Soon, the tension that had been divided into a long line of tension was trapped in the valley behind Chung-Myung's back.



The huge valley of Dolsan crumbled down, and large rocks slammed into the ground.

The clash between the two was now far beyond the common sense of the ordinary man.

Chung-Myung, who cut off the bishop's ridiculously strong tension at once, rushed forward with his eyes full of life.

A face with no expression and a young chill.

The bishop clenched his teeth without realizing it.

The pain was getting worse and now I felt like I was going to tear my whole body apart, starting with my chest. Magi, who pulled it up excessively, is melting the frozen wound by forcefully opening it up.

However, the bishop did not dare to take care of the wound.

Chung-Myung's piercing eyes grabbed him and wouldn't let him go.

He's definitely just a little boy. In the world disguised as peace, it would have been like a child's prank.

But how does he have evil eyes that live in battle?

Those eyes are so familiar.

Looking into those eyes, I couldn't contain something that kept rising from my chest.


The bishops, screaming like a scream, rushed toward Chung-Myung, sending out magi stalks.

"I'll crush you to death!"

A huge magi, enough to break a mountain, clumped together in his hand. Magi's hand rushed toward Chung-Myung's head.

Oh, my god!

Then Chung-Myung's sword flew into the bishop's inner elbow joint like an island war.


The bishop's lips curled up for a moment.

'You're such a fool.’

No matter how fast the sword was, it could not have damaged this body with its weak history.

It was a mistake I wouldn't make unless I was a rookie.

Thinking that he had overestimated his opponent, the bishop pushed more power into his wielding hand. It was to completely break Chung-Myung's head.But at that moment.


Chung-Myung's sword stabbed the same part of his elbow again, faster than the first time.

Kakao Talk!

One more time! One more time! One more time!

At a moment when he couldn't breathe a breath, he was locked in the bishop's elbow a dozen times.

After a dozen stabbing the same spot at the same time without any error.


The wound has been carved.

No matter how much protection I have, in the end, the body. He couldn't have survived a dozen stabs.

As the bishop's inner elbow muscles were cut off and his arm moved, his hand toward Chung-Myung naturally twisted sideways.

Tension narrowly grazed Chung-Myung's head and hit the ground.


A huge explosion caused broken stones to pop up into Ho Gong.

Chung-Myung burrowed in and out in the meantime.

Those who use the sword should widen the distance from the opponent, and those who use the sword should narrow the distance from the opponent.

But Chung-Myung completely ignored that common sense. Rather, he jumped into the bishop's arms and turned his body quickly.

Kaga River! Kaga River!

A narrow space with no minimum distance to swing a sword.

However, Chung-Myung swung the sword by rotating it, not by its arms, with it attached tightly to his body. His sword cut through the bishop's flesh.

Red lines appeared all over the bishop's body.

"You rat!"

The bishop shouted and punched.

One, Chung-Myung's eyes shone coolly before the blow could reach.

Chung-Myung slashed the bishop's wrist at the end of the sword handle.


As a result, the hand holding the horse was pushed slightly to the side, brushing Chung-Myung's body and splitting Ho Gong.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

In that short period of time, Chung-Myung's inspection was cut and cut on the body of the bishop Yeonshin.

It is not necessary to block the opponent's attack from the front. No matter how powerful an attack is, it doesn't exist if it doesn't touch your body.

Just a little change of direction was enough. The power of the opponent to strike and strike That power will help Chung-Myung.

Extremely hardwood.

The bishop's eyes were bloodshot.


At that moment, Chung-Myung's sword stabbed him in the chest and lifted him.

Kakao Talk!

As the bishop flinched, Chung-Myung's eyes shone.

Oh, my god!

A black plum sword struck and stabbed him in the chest one after another.

The ice on the chest, which firmly blocked Chung-Myung's sword, was now shaking whenever it was attacked.


At that moment, the bishop opened his hands wide with a scream.

At the same time, magi spewed out of his body like an explosion swept wildly around him.

After being swept away by the chi storm, Chung-Myung was pushed away with blood spouting through his mouth, but in the meantime, he was focused on attacking the bishop's chest by swinging a sword.

(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

Finally, Chung-Myung's body, swept away by the chi storm, was thrown back far away.


Round and round.

Chung-Myung, who soon turned over, landed on the ground.

Red blood dripped down his lips, but his eyes were as cold as they were at first.

Hit it hard!

Then the bishop looked slowly down, with the ominous sound piercing his ears.There was a huge crack in the ice that was tightly covering his chest.


It was such a blow to the short-lived battle that took place in a short time. A cold sweat broke out on the bishop's back.

'What the hell is he...'

Of course it's still weak.

The achievement is insignificant, and it runs only a handful compared to the bishop.

But how can such a man fight like a beast?

Even threatening his life.

"......I admit it."

I didn't know how long it's been since the word "appreciation" came out of his mouth.

Ten years? Fifty years? No, maybe a hundred years?

But even so, I couldn't help but admit it.

"You're a descent..."

"Close your mouth."

Chung-Myung showed his teeth with an unpleasant look.

"Because you're not the kind to be judged."

The bishop's eyes shook violently.

"......even that arrogance doesn't bother me. You're really great."

"But that's all. Do you really think you'll be able to fight me to the end with just this short battle?"

Chung-Myung did not answer.

It wasn't wrong. His body was already covered in sweat.

Just one stroke will crush your body.

It was not easy to maintain concentration until the end in such an offensive. Of course, he attacked more, but it was him who lost more strength.

"The weak one. I'll compliment you. But the results don't change."


Chung-Myung grinned again.

"That's true. I'm weak."

Compared to the plum inspection of the past, Chung-Myung was definitely weak today.


"But what about it?"


"As you say, I'm weak. But... "

Chung-Myung's lips drew lines.

"I don't win if I'm strong. I'm not alone."

The play.

With the sound of scratching the floor with a sword, someone approached Chung-Myung's back.


As the bishop entered this battle, he felt like his head was breaking down for the first time.

Already collapsed, this is where Hwasan's disciples began to gather behind Chung-Myung.

Their eyes remained the same as they were bleeding through their mouths and noses.

Neither the body that was beaten black nor the leg that was about to collapse seemed to care.

His eyes were burning his fighting spirit at the bishop.

Baek Cheon.





And Hye Yeon.

Not a single person gave up and stood up behind Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung never looked back but seemed to know the whole situation. He said, showing his teeth.

"Listen, ghost of the past."

"This is Hwasan."

Chung-Myung's sword landed on his hand after a single spin in Ho Gong.

"Watch with those two eyes. How Hawsan's plum blossoms bloom!"

The tip of Chung-Myung's sword once again painted a small plum blossom.

Small, very small.

But the plum blossoms are never small.