Chapter - 537 Episode 537. I knew this would happen. (2)

In no time, the bishop's body, which seemed to collapse to the ground, faltered and fell back.


Blood spouted out of his chest. As if his energy was flowing back, his Chilgong also shed tears.

"Turn it off..."

There was no one standing.

His disciples exhausted all their strength and fell to the floor, and the bishop could no longer stand up.

Even Chung-Myung was kneeling down, barely standing his upper body using a female sword as a support.


A heavy breath poured out of Chung-Myung's mouth.

The play.

Pressed down on the sword, he struggled to lift himself up. Then he hobbled towards the fallen bishop.



Whenever the bishop coughed convulsively, blood poured out of his chest and mouth.

It was enough for anyone to know. Now, even if the Daerasin is coming, we can't save the author.


The same was true of Chung-Myung, who ran out of energy.

Chung-Myung, who was approaching the bishop with a sword as a cane, reverted to the spot as if his strength had been loosened. There wasn't enough strength left to walk with the broken leg.


But with his teeth clenched, he pushed himself back up with his trembling arms. The eyes were full of deadly venom.

Chung-Myung approached like walking, dragging his legs.

To cut the bishop's throat.

One. At that moment.


The bishop's hand gripped the floor tightly. And he leapt up like a lie.

Chung-Myung opened his eyes wide.

Free time?

No, it's not.

There was no focus in the eyes of the bishop who raised his body. He just woke up as if he had been possessed by his faint eyes.

It was a flash band. Just as the candle burns brightest just before it goes out, the last vitality has returned to him who has run out of life.

As Chung-Myung grabbed the sword and tried to get back into position, the bishop turned desperately and stumbled toward the cave.


"You son of a b*tc*..."

When Chung-Myung tried to catch up, the marchers, who had just reached through the interruption of the bingo, stood in front of it. And desperately guarded the bishop.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bishops! Argh! Argh!

Their desperate cries pierced their ears eeriely.

Chung-Myung desperately felt that he would protect the bishop even by abandoning his life without hesitation.

Chung-Myung gritted his teeth.

Doesn't this make it as if he's become a villain?

The bishop spoke in a cracked voice.

"Please... please... please..."

"Go away!"

"We'll stop them! Go away!"

Soon he wailed into the cave.

'Heavenly Demon......'

Chung-Myung's face is horribly distorted.

His purpose was not to kill the bishop, but to stop the resurrection of Heavenly Demon.

No matter how much he drove the bishop to death, if Heavenly Demon resurrects, the whole process is in vain.


But he didn't have the power to push through them anymore. It was just standing there with the spirit.


Chung-Myung grinned at one point.

"I'm a moron, too. I can't believe you said no.”

There is something in the world that must be done.

And of course this is a matter of no choice.

Chung-Myung was about to lift the sword.


With a desperate cry, someone jumped in front of him and began attacking the marchers.


Chung-Myung stared blankly at the scene.He looked familiar. It was Songwon, the captain of the guard, who once guided his disciples to the mine. He rushed to the marches like demons with a blood-stained body.

"Piercing the road!"

A desperate cry rang out in the valley.

"You morons! How long are you going to leave fate to foreigners and keep your hands behind your back? If there's anything to protect, I'll protect it with my own hands!"

It wasn't just Songwon.

Solso Baek, who had already rushed, rushed to the marches with a sword.

"That crazy!"

At the scene, insults poured out of Chung-Myung's mouth.


"Lord of the Palace!"


A black flesh field flew in front of Solso Baek. Fortunately, however, Hanyi Myeong, who ran not too late, blocked the front of Solso Baek.

"What are you doing?"

His yell was at the bingos.

"Put your life on the line and make a hole in the road! Open the path of Chung-Myung's seal with blood from the North Sea! If you still have the spirit, prove it here!"

The eyes of the Bingo fighters were filled with venom.

This was originally their fight.

However, the people in the middle, who had nothing to do with them, sprayed blood on their behalf and even risked their lives to fight.

If you are not ashamed of this desperate fight, you are not a human being, and if your blood is not boiling after seeing this desperate fight, you are not a warrior.

If there had been a single reprimand, if there had been a rebuke, I would not have been so ashamed. But they just fought against the enemy without saying any accusations.

That fact made the bingos unbearable.

"Open the way!"

"Make way for the Chung-Myung seal!"

"Don't spare your life!"

The warriors of the Bingo began to push the marchers with a different attitude than ever before.

He was in a hurry to deal with it and hesitated because he was scared.

He poured out his life and rushed in with a hatchet. And without fear of getting hurt, he only stared at the opponent and attacked.

I'm trying to get through the road as fast as I can, even with the risk of my body being cut off.

Grab it.

Both shoulders of the faltering Chung-Myung were gripped by Solso Baek and Hanyi Myeong.

"Let's go!"


Chung-Myung looked at the two supporting people and nodded.

And ran forward without hesitation.


"Dead! Dirty demon seed!"

"This is the North Sea! Things like you are nowhere to go!"

Even if the boat is pierced by a masquerade, it does not back down and cuts off the opponent's neck by swinging a sword.

Change comes to everyone.

Nothing can be achieved by putting off responsibility to others and taking care of their own safety. Rather, there will be greater sacrifices.

Those who saw it with their own eyes have now begun to create a path for Chung-Myung without taking care of their own lives.

Martyrs who had been fiercely resisting were gradually pushed from side to side. The road to the cave opened faster than Chung-Myung ran.



Some of the people who were leading the way joined Chung-Myung as if they were escorting him.

"Let's go!"


Chung-Myung didn't bother to check the back.

All that was left was leave to the North Sea Ice Palace and leave to do what he had to do.

The elite of the Bingo and Chung-Myung entered the cave.

There was still a way in, though it had collapsed everywhere. I don't know if it's good or bad.

"What about the bishop.

"I wouldn't have gone long with that body!"

Obviously, he stumbled without even writing the meridian, so even if the distance had widened, he could quickly catch up at this speed.However, they soon realized that the catch-up process was not so easy.

"What is it?"

"There's something in front of you!"

The marchers were no longer supposed to be in the cave, but they felt something moving inside.

It's not just one, it's the majority.

Sensitive people clenched their teeth in the cold from the front.

Hanyi Myeong stared at those approaching with his eyes wide open.


Songwon chewed his lips.

A married man, whose eyes were out of focus, was walking toward this side.

"Cho, General!"

"Don't hesitate to attack!"

Hanyi Myeong exclaimed blood with a distorted face.

"It's not a man! That's... that's not a living person! d*mn it!

The attire of the married was clearly unique to the North Sea.

'I heard a man went missing...

It is clear that these dogs did something to capture the North Sea people. People who don't feel any signs of life are walking on their own.

How could you have done such a terrible thing?

"Is it ice skating?"

Chung-Myung murmured softly.

Everyone vented their anger over this terrible thing, but Chung-Myung keenly noticed that the coming Binggang poems all had slightly different vibes.


That's not a bull's-eye for the hands and feet. It was clear that he was catching people for something and repeated the experiment.

One Chinese ghost is Chinese ghost. It is no exaggeration to say that Binggang City, which was created with the coldness of the North Sea, is a cursed creature.

"Go away!"

Songwon shouted firmly at the party.

"Don't delay! I'll take care of it! Go away!"

Hanyi Myeong bit her lips and nodded.

"Open the way!"

At the same time as that, the bingos rushed forward.

The Kagaga River!

The sound of swords and tension hitting the bodies of the Bing River poems echoed. Then came the sound of the hands of steel-like gongshis tearing apart the flesh of the bingros.


The bingos shrieked desperately and pushed the bulls from side to side. The Izzy Chinese were busy beating and biting the ice-caps in front of them, regardless of what was being pushed away.

Chung-Myung ran along the open road, sending out a chill with his eyes.

Son of a b*tc*!

The hatred and anger that boiled to the limit seemed to burn my heart.

The battle against the Magyo has always been this way.

"There's another one ahead!"

At the cry of Binggudo, Hanyi Myeong's eyes were bloodshot.

"Go! Chung-Myung stamp!"

Even this time the numbers are pretty good. Hanyi Myeong said with a determined face.

"We're going to risk our lives to drill through it! Go away!"


"Go! Stamp!"

In Chung-Myung's hesitation, Solso Baek shouted with a more determined face. Chung-Myung finally nodded.

'You've become the face of a warrior.’

War makes a child an adult.

It's sad in a way, but now here we have to recognize this child as a warrior.

"Open it!"


All the remaining fighters of the Bingo rushed toward the Bingang poems. Then he roughly pushed and slashed the bulls to open the way.

It was only a gap for one person to pass, but Chung-Myung kept moving forward, squirming between them.

Ddo-ok. Ddo-ok.

Blood dripping down his hands dripped to the floor. The front of my eyes kept getting blurred, and I couldn't feel any more sensation in my hand holding the sword.

Now, even the pain has disappeared, and the body is forced to move and walk somehow.



Chung-Myung's head slowly heard the sound of an animal coming from somewhere.I could see the ice river poems approaching again in front of me again.


You're very meticulous.

Chung-Myung had a twisted smile.

"I'm sorry... but I've never given up."

Chung-Myung forced a sword heavier than Cheongeun by moving his disobedient arm. But then, in my ears, I heard a voice that I had gotten quite used to.

"Go, go, go to the store.

Chung-Myung looked back blankly.


"Those who can't find a place to die are bound to be ugly. Now I've found a place to die.”

Chung-Myung looked blankly at Yosa Hon. The old man's face was indifferent.

"I'm sorry."


"Go to the store. What can we say?"

Perhaps it is wiser to leave Chung-Myung behind and go through Yosa Hon Hall.

But Yosa Hon didn't think so.

All he has to do is stop the revival of Heavenly Demon and...

Regaining the spirit of the lost North Sea.

In order to do that, someone like Chung-Myung, not the same person, should remain here.

The tension that Yosa Hon blew pushed the ice sheets roughly. But this time, perhaps because there were fewer people in front of him, a considerable number of Binggang poems rushed toward the back of Chung-Myung, who had penetrated the road.


"Go! Don't look back!"

Yosa Hon desperately stopped those ice poems.

Listening to desperate shouts coming from behind his back, Chung-Myung walked and walked forward.

It's weird.

The cave, which didn't feel so long when it first came in, was now so long that there is no end in sight.


Every time he moved his feet, his body became as heavy as if he were running a pendulum.

My vision keeps getting blurred. All I could hear was a breath and a heartbeat of his own that was about to go out.


Chung-Myung, who eventually fell on his knees, grabbed the floor like scratching with his bare hands.

Don't be ridiculous.

It used to be many times harder than this. It was more painful than this.

Chung-Myung clenched his teeth. Then he raised his body to the point of drooping.

I'm Hawsan's plum inspection.’

He dragged his stationary legs and began to advance again along the narrow, dark road.

How much longer did he walk like that?

A ray of pale light finally began to appear in his eyes as he walked on the road that seemed to last forever. It was about reaching a common ground.

The shape of the giant Asura and the back of the bishop kneeled down in a wreck below it were clearly seen.

"You son of a... "

The play.

Chung-Myung staggered toward the bishop, dragging a sword.


The bishops' hard words poured into his ears like magic.

"Heavenly Demon시여....... Heavenly Demon시여. Take the blood of this body and bring it to the world. It will be a business that will burn the world before long."

There was no time to block. Blood flowing from the bishop's wrist splashed on the patterns on the floor and quickly permeated.

Soon after, the pattern began to emit a huge blood-red glow.