Chapter - 543 Episode 543. Long death. The kids grew up really well. (3)

The last thing I want to see.


"Oh, my God! This is nice! Ah! Ah!

The blood on Hanyi Myeong's face is gone.

What kind of alcohol is that?….’

Seollojeong ( 설).

This is a drink that only a few upper-class people can drink in the Bingo. Even the former court lady savored it with a small specially made glass when she drank it.

But now the man in front of him was blowing the precious drink out of a bottle.

"Hey, this place is a good drinker. One more bottle!"

"Here you go, stamp!"


However, it was not Chung-Myung who drank Seolojeong like water, but Solso Baek who was sitting next to her.

Where the hell did the authority of the palace go?….’

It was fortunate that there were no other bingos here.

"Wow. It tastes good."

Looking at Chung-Myung emptying the bottle one after another, I wondered whether he was a master or not.

It's too late to think about it now.

And next to Chung-Myung, a bunch of white fur was tearing off the stretched meat.

Chop chop chop chop!

"It's eating all of mine.”

Chung-Myung shook his eyes fiercely, but soon released his head and nodded.

"Yeah, well... You've done a good job this time, too.

Baek-ah, who heard that, stood up close and stretched out her chubby little belly.

"Yes, eat, eat."

Two... No, a man and a beast emptied their liquor and meat again.

Then Jo-Gol, sitting next to Hanyi Myeong, looked back at Baek Cheon and asked.

"By the way, boarding house."


"But he's still a patient, can he drink like that?”

"Leave it alone."

"Are you feeling better than I thought?”

"No, he'll die like that."


What kind of conversation is this?

Hanyi Myeong shook her head with a stunned look.

Now I don't know.’

Seeing Chung-Myung's behavior made me feel frustrated, and listening to his disciples made me dizzy.

"Let's see."

Finally, Chung-Myung, who put the bottle aside, opened the booklet in his hand wide.

It was a booklet with a list of assets in the bingo.

'Lord of the Palace...'

Hanyi Myeong closed her eyes without realizing it.

Solso Baek, who had been polishing elders and cracking them down to see the list of properties, stood out.

Write down everything you've got left! Everything! You understand?

It's all my karma.

Solso Baek, who was a good boy until he became a palace master, has now become a person who prays the elderly with a double wick in his eyes.

Of course, how responsible would Hanyi Myeong be for the change?….

"Hehe. I've been looking into everything."

"Wow, the princess knows something. I'm very happy.”

"Thank you, stamp!"


It's a double-decker.

Although it is inevitable to bury soot where there is black food, in Hanyi Myeong's view, Chung-Myung was not a black food but a river of ink.

It's like throwing people into a river where ink flows and dyeing them. How else would you explain the change in Solso Back?


Whether or not he knew how Hanyi Myeong felt, Chung-Myung was focused on looking at the list of properties of the Bingo with a more careful eye.

However, as the pages of the book went over one by one, Chung-Myung's face became noticeably more seductive."……Sobaek."

"Say Lord of the Palace! You little tiger malko!"

"You're the one shaming the moon!"

"Don't call me Dongryong!"

"Sasook, that's not it right now.

"Oh, really?"

No matter what he said next to him, it couldn't be heard by Chung-Myung. He looked at Solso Baek with a look of perfection.

"What have you been digging for?”


"……No, I shouldn't talk to you."

Chung-Myung sighed and put down the booklet in his hand on the table.

'This isn't a single man, this is a list of property of one clique.’

It's no different from Hawasan when he first arrived. No, it's more than Hwasan given that there's a lot more to be responsible for.

It was only natural to think about it. What would make money on this icy land?

In the past, only products from the North Sea would have made money by trading with the Middle East and supplied grain. However, even Solchon Sang, the idiot, cut off trade with Jungwon, and his finances got worse.

"Oh, yeah.

Everything in the world has a price.

Considering what Chung-Myung did to the North Sea, it was not too much to say that he would pull out the entire pillar root of the North Sea Ice Palace.

The problem is that there was no pillar-spraying in the first place on this gate, and the walls that only supported the ceiling were worn out and about to collapse.

Chung-Myung handed over the booklet with stunned eyes.

"…12 carts. A dog sled is 31 years old. There…… a dog that'sir?

"I heard it's a great dog."

"…I'm going crazy."

The soul escaped through Chung-Myung's mouth.

I can only get dust out of it even when I try to shake it off. On the contrary, the items brought to the North Sea had to be selected.

How do we manage this in the future?’

There was pity in Chung-Myung's eyes when he saw Solso Baek.

Hyun Jong had his own experience, and he himself had a strong affection for Hwasan. So how could you have survived those tough days. But this young man is different. How in the world can we afford this terrible financial situation?

Thinking about what Solso Baek had to go through in the future, I felt like my eyes were getting wet.

"……That's enough."

"What? Don't you like anything there?"

"No…… it's not like that. Anyway, that's enough for now."

"I'll make sure there's nothing missing."

"There you go, there you go."

Chung-Myung waved his hands and broke into a cold sweat. Hwasan's disciples tilted their heads in unison.

"What's wrong with him, Sasook?"

"Well, that's not enough. Maybe he wants to eat something bigger."

"Oh…, yes, of course. I thought he didn't give up eating because he was afraid of the ice."

"Hahaha. That's the funniest and funniest story I've heard in years."

"Right? Hehe."

No... but those bastards?

Chung-Myung has blue veins on his forehead.

"Oh, yeah. I'll stop talking."

Chung-Myung, who shook his head, looked at Hanyi Myung sitting over Solso Back.

"Madam. No, Mr. Han."

"Yes, stamp."

"So what are you going to do now?”

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"What are you going to eat now? Apparently, we're all going to starve to death.

A bitter smile crossed Hanyi Myeong's lips.

It's not wrong.Solso Back would not have felt much after seeing that list. However, in his eyes, a former president of the ice court, the finances of the ice court were clearly visible.

"I was thinking about it. I didn't think Solchon Sang would have ruined the fool's ass this much.….”

The Bingo is not just a gatekeeper.

Binggo is a representative Munpa in the North Sea and a local loser who takes care of the lives of the North Sea people. Therefore, the bingo should be responsible for the livelihood of the North Sea people as well as the bingo islands.

The North Sea people are also suffering from severe hunger due to the violence of the Magyo and Solchon Sang. Until this winter, it was clear that the food would run out completely before the next harvest season.

Hanyi Myeong thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

"North Koreans have high expectations for the newly changed palace. But if we don't solve the food problem, it won't take long for that expectation to turn into disappointment."

"I guess so. First of all, it's all about making a living."

"That's why I'm telling you...….”


Looking determinedly at Chung-Myung, Hanyi Myung said.

"I would like to resume trade in the North Sea with the Middle East, which had been suspended.”

Chung-Myung nodded calmly. It is true that it is best right now.

It's just...

"But do you have anything for sale? Looking at this, I don't think there's anything left."

"……That's the biggest problem…"….”

Hanyi Myeong sighed one after another with a death face.

I don't think Solchon Sang is good enough to chew.’

The palace position is not just a place where one can take on as a strong athlete. Especially in places like the Bingo. Those who do not have economic ideas should never be princesses of the Bingo.

Isn't that why Solchon Sang was not able to finally become a princess even though he had a better military presence than the previous court lady?

"……so I think I'll have to ask you a favor.



Hanyi Myeong took a deep breath and brought it up.

"I have no shame, but could I borrow some grain from Hwasan?"


Chung-Myung's eyes, which had been sullen all along, began to shine as if they had found something funny.

"There's nothing I can give you now that the warehouse is empty, but after a while, the ice will fly again, and we'll be able to supply and demand another railway. And if we can trade North Sea specialties, we can pay you back in no time."

"I guess so."

"So…… if you can afford enough food for this year, we'll try to pay you back as soon as possible."

After speaking, Hanyi Myeong bowed his head.

They have already received a lot of grace from Hwasan. Nevertheless, it was shameless to ask them to borrow grain.

But now the Bingo had no place to lean but Hwasan. By unilaterally suspending trade with the central court, all relations with existing trading lines have been severed, and non-new allies are also in a tight situation, if not as busy as the bingo.

The determined voice of Chung-Myung stuck in Hanyi Myeong's ear, waiting for an answer with a nervous heart.

"Come on. That's not it."



He sighed slightly with a bitter face. And I tried to apologize for asking for no reason.

But then I heard something completely unexpected.

"We're nobody else, and how much grain are we going to lend them? I'll just give it to you!"Hanyi Myeong's head flashed.


"I'm just giving it to you. There was only a surplus of grain anyway."

"Dah, if it's food to feed all the North Sea people by the next year, it's me, not a small amount of food.….”

It is not enough to say that it is not a small amount. Indeed, it is right to say that it is an enormous amount.

But you're not lending it to me, you're just giving it to me?

Hanyi Myeong's bewildered eyes shook at a loss. Chung-Myung shrugged out his belly.

"I guess you don't know, but I have a lot of money.”


"Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't have any other ideas. The North Sea and Hwasan are friends now, right?"

"No, of course, stamp!"

Tears welled up in the eyes of Hanyi Myeong, who replied hastily.

I couldn't say much, but I couldn't sleep well after checking the financial status of the North Sea.

At this rate, shouldn't we have watched countless people starve to death?

But you're giving them food for nothing!

I misunderstood the Chung-Myung seal.’

Come to think of it, Chung-Myung was never a bad guy.

Only rough and rude in his words and actions, didn't he lead them out of Solchon Sang, take the lead, fight with the Magyo, and save the North Sea from the crisis?

In terms of its achievements, no adult can be like this.

"Thank you. Thank you very much, stamp."

Hanyi Myeong, who jumped from her seat, bowed flat on her face.

"Hey! What's wrong with you all of a sudden!"

Chung-Myung also rose in a hurry to raise Hanyi Myeong.

"What's the big deal about this? Wouldn't it be natural for friends to help each other in times of need?”

"……Yes, it is. That's right, stamp."

Hanyi Myeong wiped tears from her sleeves.

I misunderstood this good man.….’

Chung-Myung, with his arm resting on Hanyi Myeong's shoulder, smiled quietly. And he said.

"That's why...….”


"We're friends now, aren't we?"

"Of course! Who in the world would be friends if Binggo and Hwasan weren't friends? The friendship between the two clans will never change."

"That's right, that's right. Of course I should."

Looking at the welcoming Hanyi Myeong, Chung-Myung's face was filled with a bright smile.

"By the way, sir…."


"That's what friends are for, isn't it? Helping each other.”

"That's right."

"But for example, my friend opened a bar in my neighborhood, and how does it feel to see me go somewhere else and drink?"”

"…I'm sure you'll feel bad…"…?”


"He, of course. But why are you saying that all of a sudden?….”

Chung-Myung brought up the subject with a really dazzling smile.

"No, it's not a big deal, but Hwasan has a small top. While we're at the top, let's deliver some. Anyway, what is it, I'm focusing a little bit on the trade side of taking things off and selling them…….”


"I thought it would hurt my feelings if my friend made a deal with another top. We're friends. We're friends."


Hanyi Myeong's face, which was deeply moved, hardened. My cheeks began to tremble.

"He, I mean...….”

"Hehe. It's not much, is it? You said you were going to trade anyway. If you can do it with us, it's good for each other. It's annoying to make it complicated by interfering with other people. Don't you think?""So, I mean, monopoly……. Are you asking for exclusive rights?”

"Come on. It's so stark and tight to say that. I'm just saying let's make a deal between friends first. We're not even going to hit the price, so wouldn't this be comfortable for each other?”


"Don't you think?"


"Aren't you?"

I felt like I was stuck in my head with a clear and clear. Hanyi Myung nodded in a hurry as she saw Chung-Myung with his eyes open and radiant. A cold sweat ran down my spine.

"Well, then…….Yes, of course, seal."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As expected, it's Han! You're talking to each other!"

Chung-Myung tapped him on the shoulder and grinned loudly.

"Friends can't argue with each other! I'll talk to the long storyteller and I'll send you as much food as I can!"


"Why are you looking at me like that? Is there a problem?"

"That… hahaha…"…. No, I'm just wondering."


"Exclusive…" No, I mean, until when are friends trading first…….”

"Hey. You're telling me the obvious.”

Chung-Myung smiled broadly at the cautious question.

"Until I die."


"As long as your life is attached, friendship is eternal!"


"Betrayal will kill you. Just."


It was Hanyi Myeong who wondered if starving would be better.