Chapter - 544 Episode 544. Long death. The kids grew up really well. (4)

Solso Baek, who returned to the palace after the banquet, looked very happy.

"I'm glad the story went well.”

"Ex, my lord.

But Hanyi Myeong said with a look of his soul gone.

"Do, monopoly is not something to think about very simply. You have to compete with each other at different levels to benefit from trade. If we give you exclusive rights, you'll be able to pay for the goods at your disposal."

"That's right."

"This is too much damage."

Solso Baek shook his head when he heard Hanyi Myeong.

"I know. Father... No, sir."

"But how do you look so comfortable? Now the Bing-goes are about to be robbed by the gateways of the middlelands."

A light smile hung around his mouth.

"If they were my own people to take over the North Sea, they would have run away from the North Sea as soon as they found out that Mahkyo was up to scratch. Even if you were caught in the ice, you wouldn't have fought for your life."


"It's because the words and actions are rough and unconventional, but I've never seen anything against the agreement."

That's right. That's right.

Except it's been less than a month since I saw them with my eyes, that's all true!

"But my lord...…!”

"Mr. General."

Solso Baek, who decisively interrupted Hanyi Myeong, opened his mouth with sparkling eyes.

"How much stronger do you think Hwasan will be?"


Hanyi Myung, who was about to say something, shut up. And after a brief thought, he answered.

"Hwasan's reputation didn't reach the North Sea until a while ago, but it will soon become the most famous clique in the North Sea. And it's probably the same elsewhere."

"Yes, that's for sure."

Solso Baek and Hanyi Myeong nodded together.

Didn't you see their shockingly high level of ignorance in the first place?

It may not be enough to reach Shaolin, the most powerful civil servant in the midfield. But will that be the case when that Baek Cheon and other students of Hwasan grow up and become the senior of Hwasan?

'At least one of the most powerful literary factions in the Middle Ages.’

Above all, Chung-Myung's presence convinced me of that fact.

Baek Cheon, Yoo-Esul and other Hwasan's students were also talented enough to target the next long-term or the next Moonfaje.

Among them, however, Chung-Myung was definitely different.

It's not just about the dance.

The analytical ability to grasp the situation at a glance, the wisdom to find the best measures, the execution ability to implement decisions without delay, and the boldness and determination to not look back on the outcome.

There was no shortage of anything.

First of all, isn't he leading his students with one hand clasp of Hawasan's students, who don't know where they're going to go because of their uniqueness?

Even if the people behind Chung-Myung were worse than Baek Cheon and other disciples, Hwasan would have no shortage to go after the world's first gate.

However, there's nothing to fear from Chung-Myung as they are supported by such talented people.

"And the thoroughness to rob the depths of the Bingo."

Don Hanyi Myung stole the snow so Solso Baek wouldn's eyes were filled with tears.


It wasn't like you didn't eat anything at all in the first place!You took all the ice that Solchon Sang had stolen from the mine, and you took all the treasure that the Magyo had packed!

No matter how much Solchon Sang's ice crystals are used in the strange grand method of the Magitans, the ice crystals are still frozen. That's not gonna be worth a lot of money.….

'So good, so good.'

It's a matter of being too good!

Solso Baek grinned at Hanyi Myung, who was lost in thought.

"Kites with Hwasan cannot be a loss to the Bingo."


"Of course, right now we may have a little bit of a little bit. But would it really harm the North Sea Ice Palace to form a close friendship with those Wasans?"

Hanyi Myeong did not immediately answer that.

I just looked at Solso Baek with new eyes.

'The Lord of the Palace is now truly out of my hands.’

He is not just following his opinion, but thinking for himself and thinking about the direction in which he should go.

This meant that Solso Baek was becoming the true palace owner of the North Sea Ice Palace, and now he left his arms and stood alone as an unmanned man.

It is a bit bitter to see the shadow of Chung-Myung, not him, behind the growth, but…….

It's not bad.’

Chung-Myung was never a bad person to serve as a courtesan. Only from the point of view of dealing with it makes you feel sick and upset, but if you think he's your superior, you can't be more reliable.

So you have to think of it as a good change...….

"What's more, isn't it what the St. Chung-Myung suggested?"


"It can't be wrong if it's a job done by Chung-Myung! I believe in the Chung-Myung seal."



I think something's going a little wrong.

Hanyi Myeong sighed with a confused face. I couldn't tell whether Solso Baek really grew up or was just dragged into Chung-Myung.

"Isn't monopoly too much?"


"No…, the North Sea…….”

Jo-Gol looked at Chung-Myung as if he had nothing to say.

As a merchant, he knew very well how great a monopoly would benefit.

With nothing to go far, how much money did Hwasan make after winning a monopoly on trade in Unnam?

Even this is not the case with that. Trade with Unnam is a contract signed by Hwasan and the Wild Palace on an equal footing, so the profit was adjusted at an appropriate level.

However, it is hard to imagine how much profit Chung-Myung will make if he can trade exclusively with his Bing-ung fully engaged.

Of course, it won't be a lot of money right now, but the profit will grow exponentially over the years.

"Han is never a stupid man. But do you think he'll get this?”

"That's a strange thing to say, death penalty."


"It's not that I don't take it because I'm stupid, it's that I take it because I'm stupid."


Chung-Myung grinned and said.

"Mr. Han is……"No, the Bingo can't help but take this. And this is never a loss to the Bingo."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I've seen the Bingo with my eyes. What a scary place to be at Mahkyo."


"But there are still demonists in the world. And when one diocese works, it means the other can work at any time.""He, that's right."

"But the Bingo doesn't have the power to stop it."


Chung-Myung shrugged.

"I spent too much energy in this war. And the new princess Solso Baek is too young."

"That's right."

"It takes time for the palace to grow and train the new warriors to have the same strength as before. If something happens in the meantime, the bingo is ruined. I couldn't even use my hands."


"So what I'm saying is...….”

At that time, Baek Cheon, who was listening silently to their conversation, opened his mouth.

"The ice palace needs a roof."

"That's what it is. As expected, you're a colleague. I understand what you're saying."

Baek Cheon, whose veins stood on his forehead as if to shout, sighed deeply and said.

"It's not wrong. Proprietary rights may be burdensome, but it's also not easy for the bingo team, which has already lost a lot of power, to deal with the forces in the middle of the country who will rush like Seung-nyang."

"That's…… again."

Jo-Gol nodded convincingly only then.

Merchants are greedy. And if you are visiting a shopping mall to trade, you must wear a proper door-to-door wave.

It will be troublesome and difficult for such people to handle the campaign that they will drop, which can no longer show the same status as before.

"In order to buy time to regain the power of the gate faction and to grow the palace, above all, to protect the bing-gung from the claws of the demon, which may emerge again and again, we need the gate faction to be a shield."


Chung-Myung nodded with a satisfied face.

If it were in the past, it would have been necessary to explain it one by one, but now they find the answer on their own without saying a few words.

In addition to his ignorance, his knowledge was growing.

"I understand, but I feel something's wrong.”


"Don't you think that Hwasan appears to be a gatekeeper who can protect themselves from other gatekeepers in the Middle East?"

"Right. What about it?"

"No. Well……..”

Baek Cheon smiled awkwardly.

Only a few years ago, he was suffering from debtors and almost gave up his seat. It was so proud and awkward that such Hwasan became a reliable place for Binggung, one of the new royal palaces.

"I don't know if they'll take all this into consideration right now, but if you take the time to think about it, you'll end up with only one conclusion.”


Baek Cheon smiled in vain at Chung-Myung's imposing voice.

It seems that he was thinking of a bigger one because he didn't want much wealth.

"You're saying it's good for Hwasan, right?”

"Of course."

Chung-Myung nodded.

"The Bukhae Binggung Palace is one of the Saueosa Palace, and it is a Munpa with history and potential. You'll eventually regain your past status if you just act a little smart.


"Then we have a strong friend."

"…In the meantime, we're trading some money."

"I'm helping. Each other."

Baek Cheon grinned at Chung-Myung like that.

I don't think it's for each other.’

Anyway, it doesn't matter, so let's move on.

"But what I don't understand is...….”

"What else?"

Doesn't that mean we're going to have to defeat the other gatekeepers who are going to eat the ice?

"That's right."

"But can we do it right now? No matter how strong Hawsan is, it's not easy to handle the grievances of other old men.""Living quarters."


"I thought I'd become smarter, but I'm talking nonsense again."


"Why do we do that? There are kids who have to keep an eye on the bingo and make sure they don't get hurt.”


"After all this work, they have to take care of the consequences. What a conscience! If there is! Huh?!"


Everyone's head turned to one place at the same time.

"Oh, well. Amitabha!"

And Hye Yeon's face turned red.

Chung-Myung snorted.

"Of course, I'm going to let Shaolin come forward. If you don't want to lose all your beard. And Namman Beast Palace will help you. It's no problem if you pressure me in the name of Saeweonsa Palace.”

"Oh……. There's a beast palace."

Everyone nodded, recalling the Beast Palace Lord Maeng So. Chung-Myung added in a determined voice.

"Most of all, it's all over when a fool joins the Heavenly Union. Hwasan's name may not be enough to handle Goofa yet, but the Heavenly Fellow isn't."


Everyone's face lit up little by little at Chung-Myung's words.

"When the Heavenly Fate is launched, we can declare that the Bingo has decided to participate in the League of Heaven. Then it'll be hard to nitpick about trade coming and going within the same alliance."

"That's a good idea."

Baek Cheon, who understood everything Chung-Myung had in mind, opened his mouth.

"That means that you're going to put the blame on Shaolin and Chun Woo-men, and you're going to get him out of here. With all the ice cream and season that Hwasan needs the most now?"


"As expected, our quality is Chung-Myung. The devil is going to cry.”

"At this point, we need to think about the demon and who is worse."

"I vote for Chung-Myung."

"Then I'll vote for the death penalty with the accident.


Baek Cheon shakes his head.

'He's a great guy. Anyway.'

What began with a few light words from the Beast Palace Lord grew bigger and eventually even the Bingo became associated with Hwasan. I don't know where the hell that was his plan, but the result is the best.

"So you're done organizing?”

"Only the choice of the Binggo is left. Whatever the result is, it's settled now. All that's left is cleaning up.”

Chung-Myung said lightly and tapped Baek-ah's chin on his shoulder.

"…It was hell."

"I will no longer turn my head toward the North Sea."

"…Don't talk so clearly as if it's over, the death penalty. There's still a way back to Hwasan.”

Dang-Soso spoke voluptuously, but the others were just laughing.

"Now I have to go back."

"Yes, boarding house."


To their homes that they've longed for.