Chapter - 547 Episode 547. I'll make sure to protect you this time. (2)


"Yes, boarding house."

"I'm sure I told you to return most of the gifts."

"I did."

"But what's all this?"


Hawasan's students, who each packed up early in the morning and came to the cart, were all stunned. So did he, the cart was piled up like a mountain.

"You could stack it up as much as I did you?”

"That's the cart that's gonna hold out?"

"I'll hang in there. Anyway, isn't it a cart made of rock iron?"

"……I think it's a little too much, though."

Even if the height of the stacked luggage was not high, it would be a chapter. Thanks to this, it was completely out of the shape of the commonly thought cart.

"You've taken out all the tents you've set up.”

Baek Cheon looked back at Yoon-Jong with a blank face.

"……what happened to this?"

"I definitely gave it back."


"……do you ask me something stupid? Chung-Myung asked me why I gave him back the gift he received, and Jo-Gol asked me if I had a father-son disease after playing with him...….”

"All of a sudden, I'm like, why...….”

Jo-Gol, who was beaten out of nowhere, protested with a pouty mouth, but no one listened.

"……that crazy guy is so."

A deep sigh burst out of Baek Cheon's mouth. That's why Chung-Myung told me to give it back to him before he sees it.

"So where is Chung-Myung?"

"Well, as soon as the sun came up, he carried his stuff out."

"You've been making such a fuss that you're going to freeze to death that you've even set up a tent for me. It'll be twice as cold on top of that high load, so what can I do...….”

It was that moment.


Baek Cheon, who was lamenting, saw a small gap between the piles of luggage.

"No way…?"

He rushed into the cart and pushed his hand into the gap.

Sure enough, something round was caught inside. Baek Cheon crumpled his face and snatched it out at once.

"Come on, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Oh, my head! My head!"

"He's not even a weasel! Now, do you put oysters in between your bags?"

"Oh, it hurts!"


Humans like weasels and weasels like humans rebelled at the same time.

Baek Cheon, who forced Chung-Myung out of the cave, sighed deeply for the earth to go away.

"The Taoist is full of greed!"

"What? Why? Is there a law that says you have to starve? I didn't steal it, but why would I refuse to give it to them!"

"Yeah, that's not wrong. 'Cause I've got everything else I've got!'


"Think about it, too. How can I take this to Sanseo Castle? I'm going to fight a horseman and drag him before he dies, and he's going to die!"

"Oh, my. Sasook, you're talking nonsense again. When do you say you're going to train harder?"

"……that's the story of training."


Chung-Myung looked scary.

"I'm going to train my life! When do you get stronger after training? That's why the modern ones!"


I really wish I could die.

What are ghosts doing? I'm not going to take him.

Whether or not Baek Cheon crumpled his face continued Chung-Myung's words.

"And, you know, you're not supposed to say no to gifts. It's a special treat from the Bingo. How sad would it be for the person who gave it to you if you refused. I'm not doing this because I'm greedy.….”"Chung-Myung아."


"Please shut up...….”


Their squabbling was brought to a halt by a group of people heading this way just in time.

"Are you all set?"

"Lord of the Palace."

Baek Cheon nodded as he saw Solso Baek and Hanyi Myung approaching.

"Yes……. I've finished it roughly, but what kind of gift is this…"….”

"Hwasans are benefactors of the North Sea. People in the North Sea forget their grudges but never forget their grace. If I were to send my benefactors empty-handed, everyone in the North Sea would point fingers at me, so how could I neglect my treatment?"

When Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol heard that, they whispered softly.

"Well learned."

"……It's a problem because I've learned too well."

Why don't you think about someone who has to go a long way with this luggage? Why!

"But I think it's a little too much.….”

In order to take the load off somehow, Baek Cheon carefully opened his mouth, and Solso Baek deeply captured it first.

"So please do not reject the sincerity of the North Sea Ice Palace."


Baek Cheon stared at such Solso Baek and peeked back at Chung-Myung. When our eyes met, Chung-Myung looked at the distant sky and whistled.

You planned it.

I planned it.

No, how long have these people been seeing each other?

Chung-Myung is also Chung-Myung, but Chung-Myung, who would have resistance if he were an ordinary person, was not a normal person.

However, if Solso Baek, the palace owner of the North Sea Ice Palace, comes out here, there is only one thing Baek Cheon has to say.

"…Thank you for your consideration."

"That's enough."

"If you look at it, it's not very useful compared to the grandeur of words."

"Shh. I can hear you."

I've already heard of it, you bastards.….

Baek Cheon looked up feeling defeated. At that time, Hanyi Myeong, who was one step behind, stepped out and spoke.

"Winter is not over yet, so why don't you stay for a few more days?"

"Thank you for your words. Just……."

Respectfully speaking, Baek Cheon smiled more broadly at his disciples, who were struggling to secure their luggage.

"I don't have the confidence to stop people who are excited to go home. Of course, I'm excited, too."

"Hwasan seems to be a really good place."

"I don't know if anyone else would think the same. But at least for Hwasan's disciples, Hwasan is nowhere to be compared with anything."

Solso Baek, who heard it, shone his eyes.

"Now that you mention it, I'd like to go there. Will I be able to go to Hwasan someday?”

Baek Cheon smiled and nodded.

"Hwasan will always welcome the princess. After the North Sea is cleared, please stop by."

"I'll remember that for sure."

Solso Baek, who ended his conversation with Baek Cheon, approached Chung-Myung. Chung-Myung, looking at Jim with a simple face, turned his head toward Solso Baek.


"Stamp…….Go this way….….”

In the eyes of Solso Baek, who is as bright as a puppy in tears, Chung-Myung snaps back.

Did I see something wrong?

Oh, my God, Chung-Myung stepped down.’

'There's a thing about him that's hard to deal with.’

Chung-Myung, who looked at his eyes filled with tears, eventually closed his eyes and tapped Solso Baek's head lightly."But it's not that easy to cry when you're a princess."


And I looked at the little princess with serious eyes.

"Do the best you can. You have to do it properly so that the North Sea can stand upright."


"And if you've done enough and there's no answer, shake off your hands and let go."


"Always remember this saying."


Chung-Myung said firmly.

"It's not your responsibility."

Solso Baek's mouth, which had opened slightly, closed tightly.

"One princess doesn't have to do everything. After all, it is not the archers of the North Sea that have to change the North Sea and lead the North Sea.


"Authorities are responsible. If you hold on to your authority as a princess, you will have a lot of responsibilities. You're smart, so you know what I'm saying."

"Yes, stamp, I understand."


Chung-Myung grinned.

"You'll do well."


"So relax your face. Some people might think it's a farewell forever. There will often be work for you to come to the midfield from now on. I'll see you then."


As Chung-Myung nodded to Solso Baek, who was a little brighter, moved to Hanyi Myeong.

Then, he quickly moved away from the side and created a space to talk to Chung-Myung alone.

"I'm going to hold a thunderstorm soon, and I'm going to officially.”

"It means that the North Sea Ice Palace should also officially participate in the opening ceremony."

"Yes, I'll send someone separately at the right time to arrange the timing, but you'd better prepare it in advance.”

Hanyi Myeong nodded silently.

"We'll be ready without a hitch, so feel free, the seal."

The negotiations on Chun Woo-men have already been completed in due course. On the spot, Binggo decided to join the Heavenly Union with Hwasan, Dangga and the Beast Palace.

With the exception of the petty clans under his command, these four clans would, in effect, be the center of the heavenly alliance.

"Come on, then……..”

Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Hwasan's disciples.

"Let's go!"

clear sky

And all the white buildings.

From the castle symbolizing the North Sea Ice Palace, the warriors of the Ice Palace lined up on the left and right sides of the central boulevard, which stretched straight to the large outer wall.

The white warriors lined up on the white earth were simply spectacular.

They lined up with oh without a single inch of error and were waiting for someone to show up soon without a word being spoken out.


Cyrillic. Cyrillic.

Finally, a black cart with piles of luggage appeared in front of them.

It was a pretty embarrassing look, but no one in the position laughed.

He just watched his disciples with reverent and determined eyes.

"…a lot of people are here."

"Why would you do this when it's cold outside."

Hwasan's disciples walked awkwardly scratching their backs.

And it was just then.

That buck.

Song Won, the captain of security who was guarding the center, took a step forward. Dressed up in conquest, he exuded a sword-like spirit of the North Sea.

Taking a low deep breath, he shouted at Hawasan's disciples.

"The North Sea never forgets grace!”

At the same time, the armed men of the North Sea, who had been lined up, repeatedly roped in unison.

"North Sea never forgets grace!"

Raising his head, Son once again roared at Hawasan's disciples."Thank you, my benefactors!"

"Thank you, my benefactors!"

Warriors in the North Sea fell on one knee on the floor, holding gun control all at once. It was the highest respect that could be seen as an unmanned person. Hwasan's disciples couldn't bear to say anything and closed their mouths.


"Living quarters."

When Baek Cheon tried to answer something, Chung-Myung tried to stop him.

"In times like this, you just go without saying a word."


"Let's go."


Baek Cheon pulled the cart forward.

Every step forward, the warriors of the North Sea expressed respect and gratitude one at a time.

"Thank you!"

"Please stop by again!"

"North Sea will never forget Hwasan."

Hwasan's disciples shot face to face while pulling carts.

Even residents of the North Sea waved at them and bowed their heads.

"Thank you!"

"Thank you so much, Hwasan!"

"I will deliver the name of Hwasan to the North Sea!"

Consultation is not about asking for a price.

Baek Cheon has always lived with the word deep in his heart. But at this moment he seemed to have discovered another meaning of the word.

It's not that I don't want it, but maybe I don't need it. No wealth or honor can compare to this sincere gratitude.

After finally reaching the gates of the North Sea amid thunderous cheers and pouring praise, Hwasan's disciples left and right, leaving the cart briefly.

Baek Cheon, who was at the forefront, took the initiative as a representative.

"On behalf of HWASAN, thank you for your consideration in the North Sea. Whenever the North Sea comes back to looking for Hwasan, Hwasan will come running without hesitation!"

"Thank you!"

"See you again!"

Hwasan's disciples, who waved their hands in a face-to-face manner, stood in front of the cart cheered.

There was no lingering regret left.

"Come on, let's go!"


Leaving the gates cheerfully, they began to run out on the dazzling white earth.

"I'm going nonstop to Hwasan!"


After a while, the cart they pulled grew so far that it was invisible. Solso Baek, who stood and watched until they were completely invisible, quietly opened his mouth.

"He's gone."

"Yes, he's gone."

There was a great deal of regret.

"There must be a lot of work to be done from now on, sir."

"Yes, my lord. It's going to be very busy.”

The North Sea will change, too.

The ice will never change, and snow will fall as hard as it used to...… At least the wind in the North Sea, which swept over the ice caps, must have a light plum scent.


Solso Baek smiled and captured.

"Good bye, Chung-Myung. And Hwasan."

The sunshine of the North Sea was gently pouring over the place where the cart passed.