Chapter - 549 Episode 549. I'll make sure to protect you this time. (4)

Shaved hair.

And a purple-like red cannon around the body.

It was definitely a monk's costume, but there was a clear difference from Hye Yeon's.


As soon as Baek Cheon tried to look back with questionable eyes, the middlemen from the tent began to sing in unison.

Then the leader looked at them with a smile.

"Oh my god, even passing by is meant to be, and meeting in a place like this is meant to be. It's really nice to meet you."


Baek Cheon, who was momentarily speechless in embarrassment, quickly came to his senses and seized the gun.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Baek Cheon, a great student of the Hwasan faction in the Middle East. And these are my death penalty and my qualities."


Rama-seung mumbled quietly and twinkled his eyes.

"Seeing the noble men."

And once again, he put his head down, putting his arms together. In response, Baek Cheon also captured it more deeply.

I don't know what's what.’

It is embarrassing that monks suddenly popped out of the meadow, which seemed to have nothing to do with Buddhism, and it was absurd that such fluent Chinese words came out even though it was not the appearance of the Middle Ages.

Lamar-seung smiled brightly, as he noticed a number of questions on Baek Cheon's face. And he gave the answer coolly.

"We are monks of Podalab Palace."


Baek Cheon exclaimed in one-word exclamation.

I never thought I'd meet the people of Podalab Palace here.’

I'm on my way back to the central area after visiting Bukhae Binggung Palace, which is one of the Saueosa Palace, but I can't believe I'm seeing other people in Saeneosa Palace.

It was a coincidence.

"There is no master in the meadow, but the man who came first cannot stand behind him. Why don't you go inside. I'll serve you warm tea and food."

"Well, then I will."

Baek Cheon nodded his head.

Although he is not in a difficult position to be treated well, it is also rude to refuse in this situation.

"All this way……".”

The gaze of the man trying to guide Hwasan's disciples inside suddenly reached Hye Yeon. He joined forces with a pious face.

Hye Yeon also answered his greeting with a serious look on her face.

"It's a great pleasure to meet Bigoo, who seeks teaching on the road, because Jajong is not only in a comfortable temple."

"How else is there under the teachings of the Buddha? It's an honor to meet people who are well-disciplined."

Ramaseung grinned at Hye Yeon's answer.

"Please come this way. I heated it up in the tent."

They led Hwasan's disciples toward a large tent in the middle. Baek Cheon grabbed Chung-Myung's shoulder as he tried to follow suit with a sour face.



"Are you sure? I've never heard of Podalap Palace, one of the new royal palaces, coming and going to Mongolia. I don't want to be involved...….”

Chung-Myung smirked at Baek Cheon's concerning remarks.

"I'm already involved. What do you want me to do?"


"And if you decide over there, you can't run away anyway."


"I'm glad there's no malice."

Baek Cheon momentarily lost his mind listening to Chung-Myung.

Just listening to Chung-Myung's words, they seemed to be highly.

Of course, it wouldn't be strange if someone else said this. However, there was no way not to be surprised when Chung-Myung, who looked down on the elders of all the literary factions, the writers, and even the bishops he faced in the bingo, said this."Let's go. Keep an eye on it. I think there's a big shot in there."


The Hwasan disciples entered the tent with a slightly tense face.

Standing in front of them, Rama-seung opened his mouth, united toward the inside.

"Lamar, I've got guests here. They're the civil servants of the Hwasan faction in the Middle East."


Meanwhile, Hawsan's disciples were quite embarrassed by the way they spread out before them.

"What is it?"

There was a strange sense of alienation.

In fact, it was a tent with nothing special. There were only two Ramasung and one child sitting around the fire in the middle, except for Ramasung, who led them.


Baek Cheon was able to quickly identify the incompatibility he felt.

There is something called "in place" where people sit. And the most important seat in this tent is the opposite side of the entrance, or the deepest.

But the person sitting there was not an old man, but a little boy who thought he had just grown up.


The first person to greet was not a child, but an old monk who sat next to him.

"…Thank you for your hospitality. Thanks to you, I was able to take a break from the long journey."

"Don't mention it."

No-seung smiled at Baek Cheon's words. It was a very kind and gentle smile.

Baek Cheon has already met Shaolin's old monks. However, the people in front of me were clearly different from Shaolin's monks.

Is it because I don't have a beard?

Unlike Shaolin's old monks whose long-grown white beards were impressive, the lama monks did not have beards. Wrinkled faces without beards created something alien to the viewer.

"Please sit here."

"Oh, yes……."



"Give me the car. You must have cooled off from the long trip.”

"Yes, llama."

Old Seung smiles without a trace. I should not let my guard down, but I felt strangely relieved to see the smile.

"Oh my, Bahn Meh Hum."

Noh Seung, who memorized the six-syllable words as if he were singing, smiled and opened his mouth.

"It's a pleasure to meet the students of Hwasan. I'm a believer in Buddha's law, and Podalab's bilgus call me Bansol Rama."

"Oh, yes…….”

"Bar, Banseon……!”

"Bansol Rama!"

Baek Cheon, who was calmly trying to answer, burst out a frightened voice behind his back. Baek Cheon peeked back.

Jo-Gol's mouth was wide open enough to show his Adam's apple, and Dang-Soso, who sat behind him, was clasping his mouth with a fist of water.

"What is it?"

Then Chung-Myung suddenly opened his mouth.

"How did your man get here? You must have a heavy butt."

"Hey, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Speak, you son of a b*tc*!"

It's SoSo...

It's the death penalty, but this guy...….

Let's just say Geol-ah is, and if you are...….

Baek Cheon, who was ridiculously in the position of defending Chung-Myung, tilted his head as he looked at the face of the white Dang-Soso. What the hell is Bansol Rama doing to them?

Then Kang-Soso, who approached on his knees, clung closely to Baek Cheon's back. And whispered very softly in his ear.

"Bansol Rama refers to the interest of Podalab Palace."

"Oh, I see...…. What?"

At the moment, Baek Cheon looked at Dang-Soso again and opened his eyes wide to tear.

Lee Inja?

Two-factor in Podalab Palace? So you're saying you're a boo-goong drinker?Baek Cheon's eyes, the size of a candle, turned towards Bansol Rama.

"This guy?"

It was weird no matter how much I looked at it.

Shaolin's old monks certainly felt dignified. No one could deny the dignity of high illegality and ignorance, regardless of the good will toward them.

Just looking at it made me feel the deep discipline.

But Bansol Rama, now in front of him, could not smell the depth of that discipline.

To be honest, it was so normal.

It looked like a country road that could be seen anywhere except for its body-wound and shaved hair.

Recognizing that the mogul Chung-Myung was talking about was this old monk, Baek Cheon blinked again and again.

"Why are you here at Podalab Palace?"

Chung-Myung opened his eyes and asked, as if he would solve Baek Cheon's question.

"I don't think he's coming to this far place for no reason."

Then Bansol Rama replied with a relaxed smile.

"Everybody has a story."

"Can I ask you that story?”

"It's not that great."


An interesting smile was drawn around Chung-Myung's mouth.

Then a man named Chain turned the cup to them and picked up a brass pot on the brazier. The movement along the car was very neat and polite.

Follow, follow.

The hot steam came out. Feeling a little relieved by the nose-piercing direction, Chung-Myung sipped his car. When Jang Moon-in, who always offered him tea and was disappointed, it was a sight to hit his heart.

"Oh, that's great."

"I'm glad you're getting smacked."

It was a very easygoing appearance.

Even after identifying himself, Bansol Rama's attitude was no different from the beginning. Even though there is an incomparable difference between Hwasan's young student and Bansol Rama at Podalab Palace.

"If it's hard to say, I won't ask you any more questions. I didn't mean to pry.”

Listening to Chung-Myung, Bansol Rama opened his eyes slightly wide and soon smiled.

"There must have been some misunderstanding. It's not that I can't say it, it means it's not a great thing. Everything is a relative law. Things that are absolutely important to us may not matter to the city owners."

Bansol Rama, who joined forces and left the song shortly, looked at the Chung-Myung group one by one.

"If you're curious about one thing, you don't have to hide it. I'm just playing my part, and they're following me to help me with Podalab's event."



Bansol Rama smiled plainly.

"Everyone who walks on the Buddha at Podalab Palace must pursue their own illegality and strive to save the people of the world. One person named Bansol Rama should do something else."

All eyes were on him alone. Bansol Rama spoke calmly in a quiet voice.

"It's looking for Dalwe Rama."


Looking for Dalwe Rama?

When Hwasan's disciples, who did not readily understand, tilted their heads, he kindly added an explanation.

"Dalwe Rama, the king of Podalab Palace, is not a place to climb through performance. It may be hard for you from the middle ground to understand, but the Dalwe Rama will be determined from birth."

"From birth?"

"Yes, Dalwe Rama is like that. And Bansol Rama refers to the person in charge of finding the Dalwe Rama. It's not until we can recognize Dalwe Rama who was born again through repeated practice that we can be Bansol Rama.Baek Cheon's eyes shook greatly.

I guessed one thing from this conversation.

What else is there for Bansol Rama to go from a chief farther than the North Sea to here?

"That, that's what you're saying, by any chance...…?”

Bansol Rama nodded coolly as if Baek Cheon had guessed right.

"Yes, it is."

Then I smiled and looked at the little child sitting next to me. The eyes were hardly just looking at the little one.

There was no more respect and conviction.

"This is Dalwe Rama, the embodiment of the Bodhisattva of the Bodhisattva and the living Buddha."

"Da, Daloe…….”

Baek Cheon shut his mouth as if he were suffocating.

I heard the name Bansol Rama for the first time today, but I've heard the name Dalwe Rama countless times.

Great fire.

The King of the Law of Podalab Palace, who protects that chief, and an illegal incarnation called the Living Buddha.

"He's a big fire?"

Chung-Myung, who is not easily surprised at all, also opened his eyes wide and looked at the small child sitting in front of him.

The child's eyes were indescribably deep and mellow.

With those eyes that didn't suit his age, the boy was still looking at Chung-Myung. He looked like he couldn't guess the meaning.