Chapter - 550 Episode 550. I'll make sure to protect you this time. (5)

Chung-Myung's head slowly turned sideways.

a great fire

The name does not simply mean the palace of Podalab.

In the chief, the Great Fire is a living Buddha and a presence with more authority than the king. The royal court of Podalab Palace is not respected because of its powerful power, but because of its high illegality, it is respected from the heart of the captains.

Of course, Shaolin's director is also respected by the people in the middle, but it is not even daunted by the way the chief officers look at the great fire.

But the great fire...….

"You're just a kid."


"Mouth! Mouth! You son of a b*tc*! Mouth!"

Whasan's disciples rushed to shut him down, but Chung-Myung pointed his eyes straight and pointed at a child called Dalwe Rama.

"No, he's a big fire!"


"Can you believe it? Huh? Really?


Baek Cheon slipped away, coughing loudly. He couldn't tell the truth, and he couldn't answer falsely.

Chung-Myung stared at the child and turned his head towards Bansol Rama.

"You little boy…" No, boy…"…. No, that's not it, so this is the big fire?"

Bansol Rama smiles and nods.

"That's right."

"Uh, that means...…he's the... The palace owner of Podalab Palace, the capital of Seojang-Milgyo and one of the Saueosa Palace? A great fire that is admired more than the king in chief?

"That's what it is."

Chung-Myung grinned at the answer.

"Ha ha. Shaolin also said, 'Did all the monks enjoy cheating?'" Where is this nonsense coming from?…!”

"Hey, watch what you say!"

"Please shut up...….”

Hwasan's disciples also dissuaded Chung-Myung from understanding the situation and were embarrassed.

What are you talking about?’

If he had been the chief's king, he would have accepted it without question. The position of king leads to blood ties.

However, it was unbelievable that Daehwalbul, the spiritual landlord of the chief Rama monks and the incarnation of illegality, was such a child.

How much would a child like that know if he knew illegal?

Think about it.

What would the world say if the leader of Shaolin was Samcheok-dong?

No one believes in that authority and will try to obey it.

'Bansol Rama himself, I can't help but believe it.'

At that time, Bansol Rama still followed the car toward Chung-Myung.

"Let's calm down.


"Tea tastes good."

Chung-Myung flinched for a moment. Then he took the cup and started sipping the tea.

The Hwasan disciples opened their mouths wide.


Oh, my God, you rule Chung-Myung.

Illegal is infinite.

Before I knew it, Bansol Rama joined together as he watched Chung-Myung drinking tea calmly.

Baek Cheon opened his mouth at this time.

"I'm sorry, but my facts are a bit fiery.….”

"Do not remove your teeth. I think it's hard for people in the Middle East to understand. Maybe even for those who walk through the same fire."

Bansol Rama's gaze reached Hye Yeon. Hye Yeon became class president, memorizing disapproval. He also meant that it was difficult to understand the current situation.

Bansol Rama nodded as if he understood everything.

"Have you ever heard of reincarnation?"

Chung-Myung nodded.

"I don't know the logic of fire, but I know what reincarnation means. When a person dies, he or she is reborn as a person."Bansol Rama nodded with a pleased look.

"You are very smart."

"Hehe. You're not that smart.….Hehehe!"

Looking at the back of Chung-Myung's smiling head as soon as the compliment came out, Hwasan's disciples all sighed deeply.

Bansol Rama grinned and continued.

"Yes, reincarnation simply means that if you die, you will be reborn. When not only humans, but also livestock, and even a single worm die, they are reborn as another life and live again and again.

Chung-Myung's eyes, listening to the calm voice, sank slightly.

"How come?"

"Because I couldn't get out."

"Couldn't get out?"


Bansol Rama slowly smoothed the beads in his hand.

"Life is like a giant spinning wheel. All life lives and lives within it for hundreds of millions of years. Then sin, build merit, learn, and realize.”


"Illegal is so deep that it's hard to realize with just one life's realization. Like that, all life is born and died repeatedly, achieving enlightenment. Buddha became a Buddha after repeatedly reincarnation of Buddha.”

Chung-Myung, who had been listening, looked back at the stroke.

"Hey, what are you afraid of?"

"…It means a long time that I can't even count, Si-ju."

After listening to Hye Yeon's explanation, Chung-Myung looked at Bansol Rama again with a puzzled face.

"No, you, too, Sakyamuni? Isn't the Buddha the greatest Buddha in Buddhism?"


For the first time, Bansol Rama's answer came a little late. The students of Hwasan, who felt this, blushed in unison.

I'm sorry.

'We're ashamed of ourselves.’


Whether it was Bansol Rama or Shaolim, Chung-Myung was Chung-Myung.

Fortunately, Bansol Rama, who left the low-pitched song, quickly regained his composure and continued.

"A man walks through the Buddha to escape the yoke of his reincarnation. When you get out of the wheel and cut off your anguish and ups, you finally give up and become a Buddha."


Chung-Myung's eyes are on a child...…. No, I went back to the Great Fire.

"So what you're saying is that this child was born reincarnated by the great fire of the previous generation? What do you mean?"

"Yes, the Lord is very smart."

"Hehe. Come on, anyone can guess. Hehehe."

He colored his face red and scratched his head with a shy face. His disciples really wanted to stand up and clap. Aside from understanding what that Bansol Rama is saying, I know for sure that he has a great personality.

"Well, by the way...….”

Baek Cheon, who was still listening to the conversation, tilted his head as if he didn't understand.

"Tell me."

"I think this might be a little rude…….”

"That's all right."

asked Baek Cheon, encouraged by the serene and merciful face of Bansol Rama.

"You said that those who have just learned will become Buddha and be free from the cycle of reincarnation."

"That's right."

"If I do…… the Great Fire……….”

Bansol Rama grinned.

"Oh, you were curious about that. Dalwe Rama is the embodiment of the Bodhisattva and the living Buddha. So you can always take off the yoke of reincarnation, but you're volunteering to do it yourself to save the people and lead them illegally."


"As evidence, when Dalwe Rama enters the room, he tells his disciples where he is to be born in advance.""Well, that's....”

Baek Cheon kept his mouth shut.

I almost said out loud, "Does that make sense?"

All the stories I've heard since I entered this tent were all difficult to understand with his common sense.

"We are on our way back to Podalab Palace to find him, as Dalwe Rama taught us."

Everyone's eyes were on the child sitting in the middle.

"Really, that kid...….’

Reincarnation of the Great Fire?

Nothing special was found in the young Great Fire in front of him. The two eyes, which were unusually deep and sparkling, were impressive, and were not much different from the child that could be seen anywhere.

Baek Cheon gazed at Chung-Myung's back.

He couldn't stand it at all and asked if it was nonsense, or he would have talked to a young great fire and started to question it, but now he had no strange words.


'Why does your back look so heavy?’

Or was there anything in this conversation that Chung-Myung would take seriously?

Chung-Myung slowly opened his mouth, whether he knew Baek Cheon's question.


His gaze was fixed entirely on the young Great Fire.

"Does the Great Fire fully remember itself in its past life?”

"Oh my, Bahn Meh Hum."

Bansol Rama shook his head slowly.

"Of course, Dalwe Rama remembers her previous life as well as her previous life. However, those who have experienced reincarnation are not complete because they have to forget their previous lives."


"It's so hard for a man who's been out of trouble and out of his mind to throw himself into an imperfect state and complete the illegality again. Dalwe Rama threw himself into the thorny path to save the people of the world. That's why the llamas regard Dalwe Rama as a living Buddha."

A soft sigh came out of Chung-Myung's mouth.

"…I see.”

I understand, but I don't understand.

But Chung-Myung didn't mean to make any more sense here. Religion in the first place is both absurd and unreasonable for those who deviate from it.

Religion shows a full path only to those who accept and understand teaching.

In their eyes, Chung-Myung's teaching of Doga is also absurd and ridiculous.

At that time, Bansol Rama, looking at Chung-Myung's expression, smiled quietly.

"Are you satisfied now?"

"Yes, I'm sorry to pry you as soon as I met you. I can't cover my head well when I have blood on my head."

"Those who ask end up getting it. Don't mind that the Buddha exists to answer."

"You're really different from Sorim Ddangjoong."


"Why? Is the car stuck in your throat?”

"Yes……. Shizu."

Hye Yeon was crying and groaning, but Chung-Myung didn't even look at him.

Bansol Rama said with a grin.

"I wish we could talk more, but it's already too late at night. Let's call it a day, and let's finish talking tomorrow."

"Yes, you were rude late at night.

"Xi Zhu is very polite."

"Hehe. Thank you."

Excuse me...

Bansol Rama님.

You don't seem to have a good eye for people.…. Is that the kid in the big fire?

Inevitable doubt arose in Baek Cheon's mind.

The Rama monks gave the entire group a large tent. They refused to put up their tents, but they just grinned and went to their tents.

Everyone went into the tent with a little discomfort. However, the discomfort was not overcome by the fatigue that poured in quickly, and they all fell dead before sharing a few words.And deep dawn.

Tadak. Tadak.

Chung-Myung, who was quietly out of the tent, sat in the fire in front of the pond and threw firewood. The spark blew slightly into the dark Ho Gong.

Chung-Myung's mind was complicated throughout the conversation with Bansol Rama.

'Yoon Hoe-ra...'

I shook my head while rummaging through the fire with branches.

It's a different story.’

In the provinces, when you die, everything goes back to nature. Only the good people who have helped themselves become one will climb the line and help the world flow.


What am I, then?

Doga's teachings do not explain Chung-Myung's situation. And the reincarnation that Bansol Rama said doesn't fit his situation either.

Isn't it too strange that Chung-Myung, who doesn't even know about illegal Buddhas, has a full memory when he goes through reincarnation as a living Buddha?

What the hell am I, then?

He looked up at the sky with a deep sigh.

I don't know, long sentence.

I've been trying not to think too deeply, but I've been able to guess the resurrection of Heavenly Demon, and I've been confused since I saw the presence of the Great Fire.


It was then.

His head turned to the side of the stroke.


And as soon as he saw his side, he shrank uncharacteristically.


The young great fire came out without a trace and stared at him. At a distance where I think I'm only a step away.

Surprised Chung-Myung was about to say something and closed his mouth.

I don't fully believe in reincarnation, but I could understand that there was something special about this child.

Chung-Myung hesitated to open his mouth.

"Hey, you know...…you're a real fire…….”

"I can't believe it……."


At that moment.

Transparent tears began to drip from the eyes of the Great Fire, which was joined together.

The face was so sublime and sad that Chung-Myung was speechless for a moment. An atmosphere so heavy that it was hard to speak out that Chung-Myung was crushed.

"How did it happen? What the hell are you talking about?….”


The child's eyes were filled with bitter grief. The great fire sang low in a subdued voice.

"Poor middleborn child. How dare you walk on a rough and rough road. Why are you trying to walk in fear of the earth like a hell of a father? Come on……."



"It's a way we can't get away. How did you escape? Poor, poor, poor middleborn. Why...!"

The voice of the Great Fire, which seemed not to belong to this world, penetrated into the ears of Chung-Myung, who was mesmerized.

What the hell…….

What is this guy talking about?

What the hell…….

A crack began to slowly crack Chung-Myung's face, which had been staring blankly.

Chung-Myung's soul began to scream and wait.

It was a desperate and sad scream.